Late Entry

The Winds of Eternity

posted in OHC716 on Jun 30, 2022

This track is based on a repeated 3/4 phrase that doesn't change apart from dynamics. The rest of the track is built around that featuring big choirs and pads, also playing mostly drone based material, and a string section with a 4 chord sequence, which is accented by the bass and bass piano line. There is also some techno like drums for movement, some wind based stuff out of noise channels and a vibrant solo halfway through just to keep things exciting whilst not loosing the feel. Took me a while to perfect this one, but overall i think it's a really neat idea. Hope you enjoy!

Aquatic Beats

posted in PRC449 on Jun 29, 2022

I was meant to submit this a while ago, but the website went down, so i couldn't do anything for quite some time. But thanks to a kind extension from Bundeslang here we are. It was all ready before the deadline, the website happened to be down that's all.

The main bulk of the remix is basically expansion. Taking a 1 minute loop into something resembling 6-7 minutes. I also included some new funky parts to keep with the spirit of the composition, as well as add some breakdowns to avoid it being too consistent all the time. The drums are 3 layers of breakbeats, and a drum layer of just kick and snare, because the breaks were more percussion than full on drum grooves. I had a lot of fun on this, and was vibing hard to the mix. I also used this opportunity to try out a new VST i just got my hands on, which i mostly used for the lead sounds. All in all, hope you like it!

New York Rain

posted in 90MC075 on Jun 28, 2022

Rain samples + Drum Machine Beats + Funky Bass + 3 Layers of Pads + 3/4 Arp = City Wide Smooth Chill Downtempo. Breakdown in the middle for a bit of relaxation, before we slowly bring back the funk. Yeah it's a simple track, not much going on, but that's deliberate, as i didn't want this to be a detailed piece. Your walking in the New York Rain right? What's complicated about that? Anyways, enjoy!

Cosy Cottage

posted in OHC715 on Jun 23, 2022

I made just basically pure chill. Beautiful melodies, soft beats and a whole host of smooth groovy fun. I wanted this to be very emotional, to coincide with the excellent images (Which coincidentally i've used before). This one is probably the most beautiful i've done so far, i actually managed to make something fitting. There isn't anything major that sticks out, it's not a detailed track, as it's all in the subtleties. I had a lot of fun on this, hope you enjoy!

I’m The God Of Chillfire

posted in OHC714 on Jun 16, 2022

This project was composed on IOS GarageBand whilst TVG is on a special vacation for around a week. I can’t tell you anything in regards to that, but it does mean I’m absent, and will be using this DAW to make music with. The track is mostly a very relaxing number with a lot of hardcore drums thrown in for a bit of a cool twist. It also sadly means, I won’t be following the theme, but it is nice to share some music. Next week it’s back to normal. See you next week!

Note: I threw in a rap sample from YouTube, that sadly features a lot of swearing in. Just putting this out there if you are sensitive to that kind of stuff.

Across The Universe

posted in 90MC073 on Jun 14, 2022

Its a bit of an obvious choice, but turns out I had to cut this one short, so it became more of a 30 minute compo. I didn’t really give this one justice as much as I should, but when your strapped for time, what do you do? I don’t know if I will make it to the party, I did this on mobile, so take it as you will. If you do see me at the party, it’s because I made it home on time.

So of course this is a Beatles cover, I’m not sure if I’m the only one, it’s that obvious, however I’m working to time limits. It’s pretty much pure synth, not acoustic instruments, to match the space theme. Long story short, enjoy!

Late Entry

Ancient Groove

posted in MnP133 on Jun 10, 2022

Took the source in a funky 80's kind of style. It sounds a tad bit different from the original style, but it's definately in the realms of MnP, especially since it's in the same key, and bpm, and uses the same melodies. Everything in the middle of the piece, is my own stuff, to account for the 1 minute runtime of the original. This includes new chord progressions, and a breakdown with just drums and a bell. The difference between this and the original source is also the 80's styled beats, and the rich bassline to make it really funky. I enjoyed making this, so i hope you enjoy listening to this!

Late Entry

An Afternoon At The Park

posted in OHC713 on Jun 09, 2022

I missed 30 seconds, because of time lol. Calm Samples + Thick DnB makes for a cool combo. I've done these kinds of blends before, but this is probably the most sample reliant out of them all. It's basically loops that form the melodies, whilst the beats adds a bit of rhythm to the party. I really like the relaxing sampled loops, despite it being of the more simple variety. I didn't use loops from a sample pack by the way, these are taken from actual musical records, chopped up to form melodic ideas. Really loving what i've done here, hope you do too!


This track comprises of various noises made from the sounds of glasses clinking, Ice Cubes dropped in water, as well as the sounds of soda being poured into a glass. It's Found Sound basically. Everything made bar the processing for the sounds, was made using only the sounds, which i got from a YouTube video. Only the processing, such as reverb and EQ were used to modify the sounds. Hope you like this one, it was a fun experiment!

No Energy

posted in OHC712 on Jun 02, 2022

I nearly did a cover, but then i thought no, it needs to be more than simply being warm. I also tried doing more 1 chord like material, but something clicked halfway making that track. I'd remembered i made a start on a Psychedelic like piece (Or at least closer to what Psych music is, compared to my previous efforts). I listened to it, and while it's a little to energetic for the theme, the vibe is perfect, and i couldn't bring myself to not use it, so i did. I just merely expanded upon it, added more instruments and melodies, and just overall make it into a fully fleshed piece of music. It starts off already warp like, but slowly and surely it gets even more messed up, whilst still retaining a coherent chord progression and melodic idea. Like this one a lot, sounds fun. Hope you do too!


I tried to channel my inner Bach for this, so it's going to sound very different than what i normally do. I did remix the composition, i took essentially the main melody, and parts of the harmony, and tried to make 3 voices for it, as kind of a fugue attempt. I also expanded upon a 1 minute piece, by adding new melody ideas both at the start and the end, turning it into around 2:30. It's not something you might have heard from me yet, but it was a fun exercise in creativity, and the original does heavily feel like it's inspired by Bach, so i tried that mindset. Hope you enjoy!


TheVideoGamer teaches you how to make the perfect Fish and Chips, at home using simple ingredients and a whole load of flavour. Soundtracked by a custom jingle for my show, and some old projects from past Compo Rounds. Hope you get something fun out of this, i'd figure it fits the story telling aesthetic. Enjoy!

The Pirate Life

posted in 90MC070 on May 24, 2022

I tried to make my best approximation of a Sea Shanty, with what tools i have. The main melody is the lead voice, while the piano and synth is the response, to the call and response. Not much in this one, just something different. Hope you like it!

Who's Ready For Some Chiptune Gabber

posted in 2HTS425 on May 22, 2022

If the theme is Monochrome, then so is the music. Now Monochrome means 1 colour, and i'm not going to spend 20 minutes using one sound, it fits the theme, but it's lazy producing lol. But i did try and make Gabber using only Monochrome type sounds, or at least limiting myself to the sounds of the NES aka 8-bit. I don't know lol, this is what i felt from processing the theme, go nuts haha. Hope you like it!

Biosphere (TVG Radioactive Remix)

posted in OHC710 on May 19, 2022

This is literally the same images as OHC Round 658 lol. So i might as well rework that tune i did, into something new. I'm not lazy enough to just upload it, so i remixed it instead. I did the remix for obvious reasons, i mean why should i not?

In comparisons to the original, there are 3 things that are completely different than the original:

  1. I added more chopped breaks in this one, compared to before.
  2. There is more of a stronger chord progression in this one, than ambient flourishes.
  3. There is more of a looser structure, with more breakdowns than last time.

All in all, i spent a good amount of time on this, so hope you like it!


If i remembered about the deadline, i might have done something more fancy, but alas i didn't, so i scrambled together a quick Genesis cover. Not the most creative, but when you run out of time, it's difficult. I know it says 3 hours to spare, but i have to leave at some point during the day, so i had to submit it now. I hope you at least get something out of it!

69. Nice

posted in 90MC069 on May 17, 2022

This track is basically a more minimalistic kind of number, with the focus being on rich dynamic reverbed pad chords, followed by some very syncopated beats, that could sound like they belong from a 2-step garage record. I didn't have time to finish it, so i left the ending very open, and almost....ambiguous if you catch my drift. All in all, i hope you like it!

It’s All Too Much

posted in OHC709 on May 12, 2022

Unlike my other Beatles covers which involved a MIDI and an acapella , this one was made entirely from scratch, using nothing but GarageBand and good hearing. I tried to be as 1:1 as I could, whilst also giving room for interpretation. I know it doesn’t follow the theme, and I know it was made outside of OHC hours, but I wanted to send something in both to say hi, and because I like challenging myself in using different DAWS. I’m currently vacating abroad, my first time in 2 years! Thanks Covid….and when I’m away, I usually make music on GarageBand in my room to pass the time. Despite its limitations (In my opinion), it’s actually good for some compositions. I like it as a way to challenge myself. Long story short, I did this, because I wanted to do this particular cover, and I figured now’s a good time as ever (As well as share good music with you all). I’ve talked way too much lol, see you next Thursday where my track will be back on FL Studio again! 

Techno Stuff Im Out

posted in 90MC068 on May 10, 2022

I can’t make it this week, but I’ve decided to share something I made this morning on GarageBand. Not much, it’s just mostly 150bpm techno type stuff, utilising GarageBand’s parameter recording tools. See you next week, hope you enjoy!

Double Flame (Featuring Juice WRLD)

posted in OHC708 on May 05, 2022

For the most part it's a 80s styled beat, but soaked in reverb, for a really hazy feel. I actually wanted to make Psychedelic music, and this is the closest i ended up going to. I wanted to go further, but because of time, i ended up doing this instead, so it's more semi-psych. I also opted to endlessly loop 3 chords, as an experiment in minimalism. No changes, because it wanted to try as little as possible in my approach. There is also a long-ass solo in them middle for a bit of fun, and vocal contributions from Rapper Juice WRLD (RIP), who coincidently made a song entitled Candles. I felt it was fitting to the track, and added some depth to it. I just merely stretched and pitched it. Surprisingly monotone in melody, but then after all it is rap. All in all, might not be everyone's cup of tea, but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless.



I treated this as if it was a sample, and flipped it into a lo-fi hip-hop like beat, but with the addition of some new sounds, like a choir, a chilly bell sound as well as some sound effects and other stuff. I didn't want to take away the properties of the original, so i tried to make sure it was as minimal as possible. Anything else i added was merely a supporting element, not a big change that ruins the flow. After all, the beat should pass through no problem, without it being too intrusive. Whether this all works is up to you, but the idea was very cool nonetheless. I felt this needed to be expanded upon, hence why it's not a mere 1 minute, but a good 4-5 minutes. All in all, hope you like it!


I know it sounds similar to last week's entry, but i was accounting for the lack of time, due to my incompetence in not realizing that this compo exists lol. The one difference that sticks out, compared to last week is the addition of amen breaks, and SFX. Other than that, i just reworked last weeks entry. Have fun!


posted in OHC707 on Apr 28, 2022

As basic as it can get. Solo Piano, nothing more. Tried adding other stuff, but it took away the qualities of the piano, so i ended up leaving it as is. Really liking how i've made this to be honest. Yeah it's all drawn, no live playing, but it's kind of playable and arguably beautiful when i looked at it again. Really it just felt right for the theme. Hope you like it!

Late Entry

A 20 Second Crisis

posted in MnP132 on Apr 28, 2022

Man a source this short is not easy to expand into 3 minutes without looping, and that's kind of what i did. I did a drum only intro, then the main source in question, then a bassline breakdown, it was just not easy expanding something so short. It's also not the best mix, because i was struggling to figure out how to make it longer, so in the end this is the best i could do. It's more in the rave style sure, but it's in the realm of MnP and fits the guidelines. Not the best, but i hope you have fun with this anyways!


posted in 90MC066 on Apr 26, 2022

This is a fantastic theme, i need more images like this! But alas it was also not easy, as it's also a more simple image. I tried to do drone music, but it was hard restraining myself to extensive amounts of repetition/little change so i ended up thinking back and forth. In the end, this is the result, so take it as you will. Love the chords though, might do something with them in another track. Enjoy!

Beanstalk Rap

posted in 2HTS421 on Apr 24, 2022

I made a very simple and minimalistic beat, that i was intending to fill in the gaps with through rap. Mostly because i didn't have a lot of time to finish the beat, and also because i needed to justify a bit of the genre. I obviously can't rap, or know any rappers so i used Text to Speech for this. It is a bit wonky in some areas, but i was juggling the lack of time. I had an hour for this compo, not 2 hours like most people have. Oh well glad you like it anyways!


posted in OHC706 on Apr 21, 2022

Were getting an awful lot of city themes in these OHC's lol. I can't remember the last time i did a jungle track, but i decided to follow in that style for this one. It has a lot of calming atmospheric elements, going against smooth sub basses, and thick Jungle breaks. It's almost meant as a laid back piece, designed for you to chill out with, whilst retaining that high energy you might find in the city. I really like what i've done here, it's very smooth. Hope you enjoy!

Solar Synther

posted in PRC444 on Apr 20, 2022

Because the source in question is only really 20 seconds long, i had to make sure i exercised full creativity within my remix, that's why i opted for a long intro and ending of some source, both to properly introduce the piece, and also because of my style and genre choices. It's also a great way to slide into the melody. I also expanded on the sounds, since it was only a bass pattern and a melody. So in this case i added an acid synth, a pad, piano chords and a more breakdown like finished. For only 20 seconds, i feel like i've added enough to make it last. I hope you enjoy this!

Ignited Destructor

posted in 90MC065 on Apr 19, 2022

It's pretty much extremely noisy industrial, with a experimental glitchy kick, specifically in the first part, which runs for like 2 minutes. The goal here, is raw provoked anger, designed to assault your ears with as much loudness as possible. It does not pull any punches, i hope you enjoy!

Crystal Shores

posted in OHC705 on Apr 14, 2022

This track has the synthetic ideas you might associate with trance music, but infused with a breakbeat tinge to it. So it's breakbeat, mixed with trancey elements. Although it's a very peaceful almost calming kind of image, it actually has a bit of that space like atmosphere to it, so i didn't want to just make happy music. I also wanted to try and have 2 distinct sections, that still play off each other, whilst sounding different. In a way it's part space music, part beach like music. All in all, i hope you get something out of this, i like what i've done here.


posted in 90MC064 on Apr 12, 2022

Depending on how you approach this, the minimalism could be seen as extreme, but i was really putting in the focus and concentration one might have from a well inversed game of Chess. It's primarily beat driven, with the ever so slight chord that comes in, and vocal snippet. It might not be for everyone, but i hope you have fun with this!

Late Entry

What is this Place

posted in OHC704 on Apr 07, 2022

It's best if you follow along the story to get the maximum benefit. Me telling you the process won't really do much, because seeing is believing. The whole experience is really unsettling, and perfectly describes the concept of a new place. I took a while on this one, because i wanted to be as of an immersive experience as i could. I love the idea here, might try it again but with something different. Enjoy!

Wherever the Waves Will Take Me

posted in 90MC063 on Apr 05, 2022

I don't wanna say generic, because i do love making this kind of music, but yeah it is a generic ambient number in C Major, which you've heard a lot from me in the past year. I also added in some wind and ocean sound effects, just for that theme accuracy. But fun!

Flight of the Synth

posted in PRC443 on Apr 05, 2022

Great source pick APZX! Very melodic, and kind of has scope for plenty of different styles. In this one, i was feeling the mood for some 80's synth music, so i tried as much as i can to go in that direction. Even though it's only 50 seconds, i actually had a fair amount of ideas for expansion, so i got 4 minutes worth of music out of it. I also like that the sparse drum arrangement, allowed for me to experiment with different drum machine styled sounds. There is also a long solo in the middle, which is accompanied by solo drums and bass, as well as a fade out ending for some closure. All in all, i hope you like it!

Elephant Rave

posted in 2HTS418 on Apr 03, 2022

What’s the difference between an African elephant and an Indian elephant? About 5000 miles.

I couldn't keep it to a simple drum jam, so i had to add some basslines and some chords to the mix. I still tried my hardest to make sure it was as minimal as possible, because the goal here is to get the drums to come through as possible. It's predominately tribal, with extreme amounts of swing, and drum layering. It's kind of experimental, and honestly i don't think that's a bad idea. I mean the Dad Joke i got kinda sucked in my opinion (It's something probably your 80 year old grandpa would say lol, no offense.). Then again, the whole premise of a dad joke is that it's meant to be bad lol. Anyways, enjoy!

Night Life

posted in OHC703 on Mar 31, 2022

I tried for what i can only describe as some kind of mobius loop thing going on. Basically i made a chord progression, and then transposed that progression throughout the piece, based on the relevant major or adjacent notes or things like that. That's really what i was exploring in this piece. Nothing really changes, as the melody remains the same, as do the chords, it's really the key. We also have of course drums and bass, as well as a section B, which has the same transposing idea, but with different chords and sounds. It's kind of a different, yet fun piece, i hope you have fun with it.

Sea Stream

posted in 2HTS417 on Mar 27, 2022

Sidechained a bunch of ambient samples, not sure where it went, but it's very relaxing, yet very weirdly high energy. I've done a similar concept before, but this is where things become more ethereal, than simply experimental. Hope you like it!


Instead of my usual structure and programming, i decided to let loose, and simply click record instead. So whilst i was recording, in real time i was manipulating sounds/adding new melodies/drums etc, all within the recording. The result sounds very unstructured, and really lends itself to a jam. It's not me tweaking live synths, but rather working to a single pattern/region whilst messing around with stuff. That's also why i went for techno, because i felt this would be the best idea for this kind of setup. I don't think you've heard me live yet, or at least what i constitute live, but this is the best you're gonna get. I might do it again, but for something from a less repetitive genre. All in all, i hope you like it!


posted in PRC442 on Mar 23, 2022


There's a bunch of bad distortion in the end, that i didn't have time to fix, i'm sorry :(

As you can tell, this tune is awesome. Ristar's music is so uplifting and cheerful, and really brightens up your day. It's also packed full of really cool unique grooves, you'd never find in a game of this magnitude. This one is also packed full of varied melodies and solo's, makes it rife for remixing. I did this in technically 2 parts, but they all bridge together as one. Think of it as, the main composition in general, and then an extended coda of some sorts.

So the first part is the standard Ristar composition, but with a lot of synth upgrades, rather than going for the Latin feel. The second part, is me going crazy with the intro brass, and making it almost like some tropical paradise or something. It's also where things get a little loud, both because i ran out of time to fix it, and also i because i ended up doing a lot of corrections/reworks to fit my idea. It's a very cool idea, that in the future i might work on, to perfect. Even if it's not perfect, all in all, i hope you like it!


posted in 90MC061 on Mar 22, 2022

I couldn't progress this any further than a minute, i guess that's what beat-block does to you.

It's pretty much a synthwave/80's styled tune with a intricate chord progression and a synth lead. Hope you like it!

Looking Through my Old Family Photos

posted in 2HTS416 on Mar 20, 2022

Yeah this one is pretty emotional, and kind of contradicts the silly video, however i wanted to do something sort of new and different, and i just felt like making emotional piano music, with strings and other oddities. Hope you like it!

Late Entry

Chrome Groove Zone

posted in MnP131 on Mar 20, 2022

I should have made gabber, so i can call it Chrome Gabba Zone haha.

No but seriously, this tune is why Sonic music is often held in high regard. It's funky, lots of syncopation and really has some dynamic melodies. I didn't want to go away from that feeling, because i feel it just works. The one thing i did do, that's major, is the addition of the main metroid melody, which is blended in section B, as a way to bridge the sources together. I also surprisingly didn't need to change much of the melody, because it actually fits unironically. I also included an intro and an ending, because the original just jumps right in, without any warning. All in all, i like what i've done here, hope you do too!


I used a number and text generator to generate:

  1. The Polyrhythm i'm going to use for my main mallet motif's.
  2. The key signature of the piece
  3. 3 time signatures for each of the main drum hits, making this unstable groove.
  4. The tempo of the project
  5. Whether it's in a Major Key or a Minor Key
  6. The time signatures of the remaining drum hits.

So what you have here is a piece made entirely out of LUCK

Corroded Alloy

posted in 90MC060 on Mar 15, 2022

Synthetic Sequences + Reverbed Metal Sounds + Industrial Beats + Sound Effects really make for a somewhat interesting combo. Industrial Music is the best approximation here, have fun!

I only had time for one

posted in 2HTS415 on Mar 13, 2022

Normally i would make a 3 beat, beat-tape, however i was so pressed for time, plus the lack of ideas, i ended up doing one. I like it though, although i wish it wasn't a single minute. Oh well.....

Late Entry

How Good Are You At Counting Time

posted in OHC700 on Mar 10, 2022

I have made an original composition. Your task is to identify the BPM of the piece, as closest as you can. The person who is the closest is the winner. Thanks to everyone for this incredible experience, probably the most fun i've had in ages. I always look forward to compo, it's a blast. Shout out to everyone! Answers will be submitted tomorrow!!

Space Funk

posted in PRC441 on Mar 08, 2022

Excellent choice OneUp, this tune is sooo groovy! I couldn't expand upon it, it's already a perfectly complete tune. I'm struggling to see what else i can add, especially for it's 4 minute runtime. The only extension i did was really...a proper fade-out ending. I really can't see what else there is to do.

In terms of music also, there is nothing to do. I can't really change it, because to me the track is already complete, i just made sure to upgrade the sounds, and emphasise more of the funk aspect, that the original is hinting at. Drums come from breakbeats (Reconstructed), and the chords/melody/bass remains intact throughout the whole thing, mostly synthesized stuff. It's what i felt was right really. I was grooving out the whole time, it's a lovely tune. Had a lot of fun with this one, hope you do too!


posted in 2HTS414 on Mar 06, 2022

I got Murder Spree as my theme, so i tried my best to put together this track. I ended up not having a lot of time to make this, as i was out for a meal, but i'd managed to make it in time. Wasn't expecting a 3 minute track out of this, but then again, i did do some copying and pasting. It starts in 200bpm gabber territories, before a brief interlude of calming hip-hoppy like breakbeats then a return to gabber. It's very dark, almost like Sci-Fi horror or something. This idea was extremely fun, i would love to do a variation on it, someday. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Incandescent Precipitation

posted in OHC699 on Mar 03, 2022

I went the Dark Ambient route today, based off the subject matter, the mood and the object in question. It's a rather simple track, based off stretching a lot of samples, and layering them. The goal is to make it as moody and spacious as possible, to reflect the pouring rain. The main sounds come from flickering lights, rain and the sounds of faulty bulbs. It's meant as a background like piece, than a serious listen. Even if it's a simple one, i had a lot of fun, and really like the result. Hope you enjoy!

GarageBand Drum Jam

posted in 2HTS413 on Feb 27, 2022

Im out vacating this week, so I messed about with an distorted 808 drum machine on GarageBand in a form of a mini jam. Its not much, but I just wanted to say hi. Have a good one, see you next week!

Out at Sea

posted in OHC698 on Feb 24, 2022

A rather simple track today, because it's more of the simple genre. I decided to stretch out some intricate chords for quite some time, making this very slow and long developed ambient piece. There is also bells for that melodic factor, a running bass (Playing mostly one note), and the occasional strings and motif's. It's a very relaxing piece, just like it is relaxing on a boat in the sea. Hope you like it!

Barista Beats

posted in 90MC057 on Feb 22, 2022

This track emphasizes a start and stop motion. Every now and again the music stops, the cafsoundscape continues, and then the music will resume, in any given point. The track itself lends to a more loosely defined, maybe even experimental techno. Now i actually tried doing Jazz originally, but ideas weren't coming through. Eventually an idea came to my head based on the sounds of a running caf and the end result, becomes this. Hope you enjoy!

The Video Gamers Mini Beatape Vol 8

posted in 2HTS412 on Feb 20, 2022

The Last beat had to be cut short for the 3 minute rule, so i'll share the full thing on my SoundCloud.

This is number 8 of my series. Man that's a lot lol. I didn't have a lot of time today, so this is the best i can do, have fun!

Late Entry

Target Practice

posted in OHC697 on Feb 17, 2022

This track encompasses mostly samples side-chained to the extreme and soaked in reverb for something experimental. The track is minimalistic to a dree, but that's because the sidechaining is an instrument in itself, not an effect, and because of how extreme it is, it makes for some cool combo's in my opinion. The only other thing to mention, is some pad chords, some kicks and percussion, as well as slow changes to new sections. I hope you enjoy!

Beach Rave

posted in PRC440 on Feb 15, 2022

Finally got around to submitting again woo!

Now this source is lovely, and of course a classic, so i went into this with so many ideas, hoping it would be a lot of fun.....turns out i couldn't be more wrong, because of boy i didn't realize just how complex the time signatures were. That took up a lot of time, trying to mould it into 4/4, because of the style i was trying to go for. Why must Tim Follin make such a potential banger into a very weird time signature tune. Still awesome sure, but so much missed opportunity here...

Now you can probably tell what i went for, i am a bit of a clichehead sometimes, but i do feel it was needed, especially for chords these epic. It's basically a techno/trance kind of vibe, with heavy sidechaining, large drums and synths, as well as breakdowns and build-ups. It's what you would expect in that realm. The ending is just a drum breakdown to the finish, to soften things to a close. All in all, i hope i've done it justice. Enjoy!


posted in 90MC056 on Feb 15, 2022

These images are incredible. I don't even know how beautiful these images are ;-;

These are my favourite kind of images. So abstract, so enchanting, so pretty. My track encompasses all of this.

It's pretty much a piano piece, with maybe a slight bit of assistance at the end, mostly as texture, not so much to enhance the melody. As usual it's not something meant to be played live, it's more of a duet if you were to break it down, i was really just trying to make something beautiful. Hope you enjoy!


posted in 2HTS411 on Feb 13, 2022

I've done a few metal tracks in the last few rounds, because of the themes. In this one though, i've decided to mix it up, and make it more of an electronica focused metal track, than a metal focused electronica track if you catch me lol. I didn't want to use the same sounds, because it feels then like cut and paste almost. It's good stuff, i hope you like it!


posted in 90MC055 on Feb 08, 2022

Mainly an ambient piece, with varying chords, basslines and the works. Very slow, and very relaxing, because well...the theme is. We seem to get an influx of sea themes in this compo lol, so i did something of that sort. Hope you enjoy!


posted in 2HTS410 on Feb 06, 2022

Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody

Late Entry

Kingdom By the Summit

posted in OHC695 on Feb 03, 2022

This track is mainly heavy string/choir based stuff, mixed with live drums. Or at least, live with what i've got. It's more or less meant to sound epic basically.

The track takes one idea, and tries to run with it, whilst still giving new sections, as a breath of fresh air. All in all i hope you like it!

Sunny Vegitation

posted in 90MC054 on Feb 01, 2022

The image is beautiful, i love stuff like this. I went for a very calming, yet high energy approach.

This track is pretty much ambient breakbeat kind of thing. And yes i said ambient, because the melody parts are very spacious and grand. Take the beats away, and it becomes pure ambient music. Love this one, hope you do to!

Snow Ride

posted in OHC694 on Jan 27, 2022

Somehow it devolved into a track about wolves on a sleigh rather than angry wolves, oh well lol. I guess i was too much into the snow part of the theme than anything else.

This track is mainly relaxing melodic ideas stacked on top of techno beats and rich basses. Also there is a lot of vibrant chords and melodies, designed in a more free-flowing way. Maybe too happy for the theme, but all in all i really like what i've done here. Hope you enjoy!

Explosive Volcano

posted in 90MC053 on Jan 25, 2022

I went based off the mood and feel of the images, so there is going to be some loud and experimental things going on. Not saying it's a bad thing, it's more so....listen at your own risk. I did this because i felt it matched the images, and my musical leanings. Honestly it just felt appropriate to me, and i did enjoy making it. It's kind of like a melodic undercurrent, that's kind of calm, but very unerving whilst having a very distorted smear over the top, that turns it into something kind of industrial. The main break is 4/4, while the rest is more or less 3/4. Hope you enjoy!

Summoning of the Gods

posted in 2HTS408 on Jan 23, 2022

This theme was asking for another Metal track, which honestly i'm kind of glad i got to do, because it was a change, and i liked how the other one turned out. Now this is obviously not real metal, i don't have the capacity to do that, especially with my tools, but i did make somewhat of an good mock-up, i mean i was just going by what sounded right. Hope you like it!

Late Entry

The View

posted in OHC693 on Jan 20, 2022

Made a orchestral inspired number using a combination of synths and strings, Very majestic, meant to provoke a beautiful sense of wonder, based on the images. It's not accurate orchestral music, i'm using what i have available, but nonetheless it's very intricate indeed. I like this one, it's different but yet still familiar to my style. Hope you enjoy!

Spring Meadows

posted in 90MC052 on Jan 18, 2022

Now this is ambient. Surely CotMM and Misael.K would agree right? lol.

No but seriously, the images felt very warm and vibrant, and i didn't feel like going beatless for this, because the images weren't calling for anything of that sort. Put it simply, i wanted something on the relaxing spectrum. Hope you enjoy!

I Love You (Ft Ariana Grande)

posted in 2HTS407 on Jan 16, 2022

I had absolutely little time, so i had to expand and polish an old project. I like it, because not only is it fitting, but it's sort of humorous, and really combines the cute nature of the theme, with the sort of light-hearted fun sampled sounds. Hope you enjoy!


posted in OHC692 on Jan 13, 2022

It's primarily an ambient track first and foremost, but done in a rather experimental way. First, everything is in 3/4, including the drums. Second everything is routed to mostly 2 chords, but because of the ambiguity of the notes, it gets blurred as this thick texture. Lastly, it's more of a slow developing track, like minimalism, but without the boring stuff. The only other thing to mention, is that it's soaked in reverb. Either too much, or too little, end of the day, i was experimenting (And preying my DAW wasn't crashing lol) Hope you enjoy!

G-Force Original Soundtrack

posted in PRC438 on Jan 12, 2022

I don't have the space or the time to upload the whole thing, so here is essentially a slightly condensed version. I ended up biting off more than i could chew lol. It's also in a very low bitrate so the quality might not be good. I'll post a HQ version later on the OCRemix forum, when i get the chance.

I was originally going to try a Metroid type soundtrack, but my initial efforts resulted in a techno track, than dark ambient. I guess i'm just not cut out for ambient lol. Anyways.

So what we have here is essentially my take on a Contra styled fast paced Run n' Gun game, where swarms of enemies are coming from all directions, while you walk through different stages. It's all fast paced, no time for sitting, hence why the music is fast and violent. Taste is personal, so it may depend on how well you take this music.

More info can be provided if needed, but the story goes, that a man has invented a powerful ray that can destroy anything in sight. He plans on ridding the world of it's electricity so he can come in, and set up his own universal generator, thus saving the day. He is an evil genius, and the generator has a suspicious trick up it's sleeve, causing everyone to be hypnotized to his power. You must destroy the generator, before he manages to shut off all global electricity for planet earth. (I mean these plotlines, aren't exactly detailed, it's me just trying my hand at making OST, to help boost my music making skills. Last thing i worry about is the plot.

So what do we have here?

Well the tracklisting is as follows:

  1. G-Force Activated (Opening Screen)
  2. Ready and Waiting (Character Select)
  3. Mind Machine (Stage 1 - The Base)
  4. CPU Rave (Boss Theme)
  5. Controlling the Universe (Stage 2 - The Computer)
  6. Sunken Waters (Stage 3 - The Caverns)
  7. Metropolitan Beats (Stage 4 - The City)
  8. Technological (Stage 5 - Space Station)
  9. The Generator (Final Boss)
  10. Congratulations (Ending)

That's all. I hope you have some fun with this. If i had more time, i would have done a bit of cleaning and polishing, but so far it's fine for now. I just hope you enjoy it.

Froggy Type Game for the NES

posted in 90MC051 on Jan 11, 2022

I usually use Famitracker for my chiptune stuff, but in this case, i ended up using my DAW VST. I mean it's the same deal, but there's more flexibility in Famitracker. Honestly it's a rarity for me to make 8-bit stuff, so go figure lol.

I made it almost cute sounding, probably fits a Frogger clone or something. Oh well, have fun!

My Shift is Over

posted in OHC691 on Jan 06, 2022

Something i don't think you guys have heard yet is Jazz. More specifically slow jazz, with a lot of solo's present, and a funky triplet groove. It's mostly electronic sounds, because i can't replicate real jazz, but it's in the same framework. I also tried some cool rhythmical techniques in this, while the drum groove remains at an 8 bar loop. All in all i had a lot of fun on this, i hope you do too.


posted in 90MC050 on Jan 04, 2022

Took a simple idea, and tried to see how long i could stretch it for. The result of this, is something very minimalistic, but very atmospheric, almost like a drone. The beats are playing in a super slow 3/4 with distortion, almost like a perc loop. The rest is mostly white noise SFX. Enjoy!

🎨 👽 ✌

posted in 2HTS405 on Jan 02, 2022

I spent 2 hours on this. Don't ask me what i was doing for the length of the duration (Well actually i was out for probably an hour and a bit, so maybe that's why lol). This one was seriously hard though, so i settled on this. I used what time i had, and what ideas i had to make a ambient/breakeat/hardcore-ish track all centered around space. It's not bad, but definately needs expanding upon. I might do it in a free moment i have. Hope you enjoy!

Late Entry

Time Crusaders

posted in OHC690 on Dec 30, 2021

I made a track that for a while got stuck on 2 minutes, but i ended up switching things into a more darker build up, in the second part, before it smashes back into the first part. As a result of the 6 min rule, i ended up chopping of the tail resulting in an abrupt end. Not happy with that, but i only just realised after rendering, and it's the rules i need to follow.

It's mostly ambient mixed with fast techno/hardcore combined with orchestral passages, choirs, breakbeats and lead solo melodies. I like this one, although i might have gone a bit too far with the middle bit, a bit too carried away if you will lol. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Late Entry


posted in MnP129 on Dec 30, 2021

I'll explain about my absence on OCRemix, but for now here's my entry. Since there's only 2 entries, i decided to throw mine in. I actually had it ready ages ago, but because of problems, (Plus due to Christmas, i was out a lot of the time), so this was a little later than expected. Don't worry, i haven't forgotten about this.

Ok so this one is the composition in its fullest form, but with a switch-up to an electronic edge at the end. The melody is still there, but we now have 2 breakbeats layered on top of each other, an acid synth, and a slightly more vibrant structure. I was working to the best of the source's ability. Hope you guys enjoy!

Enjoy the New Year

posted in 90MC049 on Dec 28, 2021

As Ive said before, if Im not in chat, chances are Im out or celebrating Christmas. This time its a holiday vacation. Using the time spare, I worked on this from an oldie on GarageBand. Its a mix of distorted beats and thick reverbs pads. Hope you like it!

Festive Jewels (Happy Christmas)

posted in OHC689 on Dec 23, 2021

It's currently Christmas Eve at the time of uploading, so i both followed the theme, while also adding a touch of X-Mas sparkle, because you know, i'm big into Christmas and all that. It's both festive, relaxing and also high energy, it's quite unique too, since everything except the pads, are in 3/4. I wanted to explore beautiful sounds in the most unique of places. I also added some voices from YouTube to sort of seal the deal in the land of Crystals. All in all, i really love what i've done here, very beautiful stuff, hope you do too.

X Mas Jumpers

posted in 2HTS403 on Dec 19, 2021

I'm getting too reliant on old projects for some reason. Maybe i'm going through another writers block phase, who knows.

I settled on a trance number that was original ravey, but i modified the chords to make it more sparkly/christmass'y, while also retaining the rave. It was basically, more happier than the original. Add in some sidechain, and reverbed bells, and i have something that sounds good, although i didn't have time to expand or add more to it, because it took so long even finding something i liked. Hope you enjoy!

Late Entry

I Am The Walrus

posted in OHC688 on Dec 16, 2021

For all you Beatles lovers out there! I settled on this, because it was the most fitting, and the most Humorous. Hope you like it!

News Story

posted in 90MC047 on Dec 14, 2021

Im still out as I celebrate Christmas across the country, so this is another GarageBand submission. I also couldnt follow the theme this time, because this one made me leave for the whole day so I made this in the morning, within the limit, whilst also going slightly under 6 minutes, so its all good. Its primarily experimental ambient and noise music mixed with beats, all because i wanted to be a little different. Anyways hope you enjoy!

P.S: Sorry about the length, I forgot i made a long one. Hope youre not mad about that.

Lil Zucki

posted in 2HTS402 on Dec 12, 2021

If Im not here in chat, theres likely a chance Im out, all my projects are on GarageBand, and in this case I have a few Christmas things going on.

This one is a Trap record, with all the 808 booms in youre face. This one does loop a bit, but I was trying to structure as a rap like song (For some weird reason, this is what Imagine Mark to sound like) No vocals, because Im out. Enjoy!

Late Entry

Ocean (Featuring Miley Cyrus)

posted in 2HTS401 on Dec 05, 2021

I got Deep Goldfish, so i made essentially a deep sea track with it lol.

Mostly a looped chord progression on a kind of hip-hop beat, topped with ambient music. Also a surprise appearance from Miley Cyrus

Tired of Being Pushed Around

posted in OHC686 on Dec 02, 2021

This track is as angry as it gets. I was initially gonna do a metal track (Or at least a close proximation), but it didn't work out, because i wanted it to go really hard.

And i don't just mean basic distortion, i mean so much it's just pure screech, while still retaining a structure, an arrangement and a melody/chord progression. The distortion was soo much, even my DAW couldn't handle it haha. In the end, it's either too loud, or not loud enough...

As for the melodies, it's mostly chord stabs, a full on progression with a choir, acid synths, riffs and other oddities. Tried to navigate through a really laggy daw for this, there was soo much amps going lol. All in all, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, it was certainly a different and fun way of making things. Hope you enjoy!

I Am Impact for the Genesis

posted in PRC436 on Dec 01, 2021

Aside from the goofy nature of the piece, i was really struggling to make something out of it. Maybe it's the instrumentation or just how overt the voice is lol, but despite it being a lovely tune i couldn't really get anything major out of it, and for a while i really was struggling.

In the end i figured i'd do another Sega Genesis remix. I mean after thinking long and hard, this was probably the one idea that would actually work out in the long run. I was expecting this to bee a nice rock/pop tune, turns out to be almost a full orchestra, especially in the MIDI, however in the end i think it worked out ok.

All FM sounds were created on VOPM keeping in line with the theme of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. I essentially have a custom created sound bank based on GM that i go to, for all my instruments.

Drums come from real Genesis games. This is not a 1-1 cover, so it's not squeezed into 6 channels, because otherwise a lot of important details would be missed, so it's not really doable.

All in all i hope you like it!


Tonight's Theme is: Imaginary Friends.

Featured in 2hts 190.

I randomly generated the theme, i didn't generate anything else, i just made a track as i normally would do.

I know it says Event 85, but as far as i'm concerned it doesn't exist in a literal sense, so i picked an old theme and took that as the "theme" for event 85.

It's pretty much uplifting music, but i went in the unusual sense to combine it with harsh hitting drums, both slow hardstyle like kicks, and fast DnB beats. Fun for sure, and i hope you like it.

Family Get Together

posted in OHC685 on Nov 25, 2021

I went for the Thanksgiving theme, because it was easier lol.

This one is kind of unique, in that we have rich jazzy chords going against distorted, almost hardstyle like drums. I don't know how to describe it, other than it's kind of cute sounding and fun. This was going to be longer, but i ended up with quite a bit of a writer's stump, so i could only get 3 minutes out of it. The theme wasn't easy to be honest lol. Hope you like it anyways!

Late Entry

Feeling Alive

posted in OHC684 on Nov 18, 2021

Started of as Solo Piano, but then i felt the need to add more, because i wanted more ambient textures. It's very much a beautiful piece. Also took me a while, because of the fact i went for more of a piano piece structure, than repetition.

I'm also probably the last entry lol. Hope you guys like it!

The Beauty Estate

posted in 90MC043 on Nov 16, 2021

After much darting between ideas, i settled on a piano piece that i had worked on earlier, as an old project, but it was left unfinished, at merely 10-20 seconds. I fleshed it out to 3 minutes. This piece ended up being so good, i might end up making it a 6 minute OHC entry in the future. But as of now, enjoy!

Apart from thick reverb, nothing else has been added, no additional instruments, just a pure piano. I've been trying different piano's out, and none of them seem to match the tone i'm looking for (Some sound very mechanical, which does not work at all for this piece). In the end, i settled for my default piano, which sounds fine. Anyways.

Dyson Sphere

posted in OHC683 on Nov 11, 2021

No offense lol, but the images are super low quality. It's like they were exported from MS Paint haha.

No but seriously, these photos are spaced themed, which was good, because i did fancy doing space music. It's very open ended, with lots of cool fragments, so i made sure to emphasize that in the music. That's why this track is both airy, and atmospheric, but also light and sparse, for that perfect contrast. I also wanted to add some movement, and so i feel DnB was the perfect genre to blend it in. I really like this one a lot, it's a very well produced idea. Hope you do too!

Final Fantasy on the Genesis

posted in PRC435 on Nov 10, 2021

The tune was better than expected, when i listened to it, so i thought this was going to be fun, but when i actually loaded it up, it turned out to be the opposite lol. It ended up being quite hard, because of all the complexities (Especially the time signature changes in the second half). In the end, i decided to do a Sega Genesis cover, because i thought it would be something different from me, and honestly it actually sounds really good. It turned out to be better than expected. It really sounds good.

In terms of sound, everything you hear was made using Genesis sounds.

All the drums come from Sega Genesis games, and all the FM synths, was made using VOPM.

It isn't a full 1-1 genesis cover, because if i reduced it to 6 channels, it would sound super flat, and bare. It needs all them channels for that thick sound, if you know what i mean. Anyways, hope you like it.

Foaling Around

posted in 2HTS397 on Nov 07, 2021

My theme was pretty much a baby horse. I know it says Babylike, but i really just made a song about baby horses (Well i produced a song based of the idea). The result is something extremely dancable, but extremely uplifting. It's like the most cutest trance number you'll ever listen to lol. I mean the theme needs it, i refused to make minor chords for something, well...cute. I like this a lot, have fun!


posted in 2HTS396 on Oct 31, 2021

As Im out celebrating Halloween, instead of sitting indoors making music, I decided to share a GarageBand project I was working on earlier since I wont make it to the party. Its not much, bit simple, but its at least something to say Ive entered. See you next Sunday!

Watching Me

posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021

"Oh um...hello, i don't think we've ever met. Sorry for startling you, my name is Keith. Hope i didn't frighten you. Are you ok? Huh? seem awfully quiet. Is something troubling you, did i do something wrong? Are you nervous? You seem confused. Hello? Hello? Why is she not answering? Hello? She's acting very strange, I don't like this. Look i'm just gonna walk past ok? I didn't intend to scare you. Why are you following me? I don't mean you harm, i just want to go to my house. Please don't follow me, you really are scaring me. Wait why is blood dripping out of your mouth? And why do you have a knife? Oh god no...noo......nooooo...noooooooo!!!"

This track started out with me messing around with bass synths. At first i thought, maybe i might do another ambient piece, but then i realized, it will just be the same as Round 679, so i wanted to keep the same idea, in a different context. I tried a 4/4 pulse, but it was too predictable for me, so i time-stretched and the end result is a 3/4 triplet on a 4/4 pulse kind of thing, except every aspect of the drums is in 6. So we feel it in 4, but it's written out as 6. The kick is designed in a way, to feel like one big boost in low-end, where you don't necessarily hear the kick. This is all topped off with weaves of sound, including risers and swooshes, vocal snippets of Jim Carrey, pad chords, mallet instruments, and of course percussive sounds, soaked in reverb. The whole thing is designed to where it mostly comes in and out of the background. I love what i've done here, because despite it's minimalism, the groove works so well, and the developments are super interesting for it's run-time. Hope you enjoy it too.

Interdimensional Arcade

posted in 90MC040 on Oct 26, 2021

I'm calling it ambient synthwave. Or at least it has an 80's styled drum machine, who knows. The key here, is the lush almost weird textured pads, making it very spacious, atmospheric, but also quite unusual. Top that with beats, bass synths, a melody and we have a pretty unusual track, that i'm happy with. Hope you like it!

Dracula's Metal

posted in 2HTS395 on Oct 24, 2021

It's not often that i make Metal, and when i do, it sounds absolutely crap lol. This one is actually not bad, it's not usually something i do, and i were to do this genre, i usually combine it with gabber to combat all the stuff that i can't really do. This time, there is no gabber, and i've tried to make it as metal as i can, without compromising on stuff. It might sound very compressed as a result, but i was being as genre accurate as i can, so take it as you will. All in all, pretty good stuff, even if it needs to be improved upon.

Late Entry

Shostakovich Prelude in C Major

posted in OHC680 on Oct 21, 2021

I'd thought i do something different today, by covering the Prelude's and Fugue's from Shostakovich. This is the first one in C major, and this is the Prelude. It was either this, or struggle to make a track for 50 minutes. Honestly it kind of works. Hope you enjoy. Each one was essentially electrified in my style.



Content Warning:

The following remix is a 14 minute, very repetitive, (At least to the specifications of what i might consider repetitive) very fast, very violent and quite synth heavy. Although this is not meant to be taken seriously, and i'm mostly goofing around, it can be quite challenging to listen to, because of the length and assault in sound. I was mostly just messing about with sounds, having fun, and wasn't intending this to be a serious listen. I know it sounds like it's a bad thing, and that i hate what i've done here, but that's not the case. I'm just explaining that this is long, and repetitive, and to those who aren't a fan, to take caution. Please listen away, if this does not bother you.

I won't bore you with the specifics really, because it's just taking up description space, but i essentially did this:

  1. The original track was 150bpm. I boosted it to 185bpm.
  2. The drums in the original were standard trance like beats (I believe it's trance, some peeps might disagree). I instead opted for distortion and room reverb on my drums for heavier dance beats.
  3. The original is 7 minutes. This one is 14 minutes.
  4. I added an build up and a outro. The original had an intro yes, but this one essentially is the build-up to the intro if you catch my drift lol.
  5. I added a few heavier synth sounds, in contrast to the original, even though most if not all sounds remained the same.
  6. Vocal samples are rife in this remix.
  7. More emphasis on risers and FX are placed here, in contrast to the original.
  8. And lastly, certain sections that are more background material, get emphasised in this remix.

That's it really, hope you like it (Or at least have fun. I was really just messing around at this point lol)

Snake Eyes Genesis Style.

posted in 90MC039 on Oct 19, 2021

All FM was made using VOPM.

Drums ripped from Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games.

I wanted to make it longer, but i wasn't really feeling it. Tried to do covers of other songs, looking for old projects, but this one was the only one that seems to work the theme best, and since i'm struggling to expand it, this is the best your gonna get. Hope you enjoy it, it's a quite a neat Genesis tune.

The Battle of the Disintegrator

posted in 2HTS394 on Oct 17, 2021

This track encompasses everything about the the video and the word Disintegrator. The video felt epic to me, and i haven't been on a ambient gabber streak, so i thought why not. I also threw in some metal in there. It might be a boomer type beat sure lol, but it was what i was feeling at the time. Oh well. Have fun!

They're Out to Get Me

posted in OHC679 on Oct 14, 2021

"Come on man, just a few more steps to go, i hear there's a really colourful lake above them trees over there. I know it's a bit misty tonight, not exactly the perfect weather, but this lake is going to be worth it. Some say it's the most beautiful lake ever imagined. Come on, keep up, i don't want to loose you now. Come on, you there? Hello, Mike? Mike? Your not hiding from me now are you? Mike? MIKE!? This isn't funny any more, MIKE!!???? Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All silly descriptions aside, this track is made up of heavy soundscape ideas, to match the images essentially. There's not really any other musical genre for me, that best fits the images, than spooky soundscape music, i just can't see it. Most of it, is soundscape patches, modified, as well as the occasional hit. This kind of music needs to be 10 minutes, however rules are rules, All i can say is, enjoy the spookiness.

I Don't Know You

posted in 90MC038 on Oct 12, 2021

I apologies if it seems a bit too lengthy for you, but i had to make a climatic ending, which added about a minute, i intended this to be 5 minutes. 3 seconds under 6 minutes though, so it's legally in the limit, anyways onto the track.

Obviously people know about the weird viral meme, where people rate "EAS" alarm systems, which i don't even know how legit some of these are, they could just be made up. Despite the purpose of signalling when there is something important, like a nuclear attack. People rate them, using weird funny jokes, i don't know, i don't get the point. One thing people gloss over throughout the whole thing, is how good some of these sound, in the context of music, and for this theme, i had found the perfect one, which i bounced 3-4 times and changed octaves for each one. It was then slavered in reverb for the ultimate in scary atmosphere. The rest is just pitch bending sinewaves in reverb, a pulsating bass, a tom (Covered in distortion) that acts as both a kick and a timpani like hit. And lastly the FX on the whole thing. I like what i've done here, it is one of my simpler tunes sure, but it was fun. Hope you like it too!

Coffee Type Beat

posted in 2HTS393 on Oct 10, 2021

I won't make it again tonight, because i'm not 100 percent. So here's an old project i made, that kind of seems fitting. It's like uplifting house or something. Hope you enjoy!

Jazz Hands

posted in 90MC037 on Oct 05, 2021

A combination of funky chords, heavy dance beats, and vocal samples to really show what the feeling of a good handshake is.

Late Entry

Cut Your Solo

posted in MnP127 on Oct 02, 2021

I called it solo because of it's middle section. I felt like doing a Doors "Light My Fire" inspired middle solo, but more synthetic. It's very wild sure, but i feel it helps elevate the looping nature of the song, since it only lasts for about 30 seconds in total. I also decided to add a intro to hype you up into the song, as well as a simple fade out ending to bring it to a close. It isn't anything major, in terms of revolutionary sound, it's just more of a mere upgrade, however the solo is the whole point of this composition, kind of what brings it together. All in all like what i've done here, hope you enjoy!

Iced Fantasy

posted in OHC677 on Sep 30, 2021

"Welcome to Dairy Queen, valued customer, may i be willing to take your order? A Single Cone and a Double Cone? Ok no problem, that'll be $7.99 please. Thank you. One moment, i'll have it ready for you"

Limited my self to 2 instruments. A piano and a pad. This is a very expressive composition, mimicking that of a piano player. It's also very simple and minimalistic, sort of like the image. My brain was telling me not to expand it no more, and keep it as it is. All in all, it's a ton of fun, i hope you like it!

The Final Rave

posted in PRC433 on Sep 28, 2021

This remix is split into 2 parts, both held together by a transition. The first part follows the original arrangement, albeit with synthesizers rather than orchestral sounds, since i don't have the tools to do so (Nor the space). It still retains the marching drums, and the cheery tune. The second half goes in a 180 direction, turning the uplifting tune into a dance track, complete with thick punchy beats, piano stabs, and juicy basslines. The melody is retained, but the remaining elements have been replaced with more synth heavy/dance beats. This is also where the arrangements comes to life, as this is the climax of the whole piece. The ending slows it down for the final chord.

I love this source, as i do with a lot of VGM, but i'm not well versed in constructing realistic sounding Orchestral music, so this is more geared toward electronica, and honestly i think it sounds great. I hope you also enjoy this arrangement.


I'm pretty sure we already had this theme for 90mc. I know this, because i remembered an image similar to this (Round 009, after researching). Now funnily enough i did a loud noise piece for that round (Even though we also had an image of a lizard), but as much as i wanted to repurpose that, for this round (Since it kind of felt similar), i choose not to, and not because it felt like the lazy option, but also because i wanted to make a sort of follow up to it, where instead of a drone, i decided to take a sampled breakbeat on a ride for 5 minutes. This is why it might be too experimental for you guys, since the breakbeat isn't edited, but sliced into a irregular time signature, and looped consistently. It's also extremely noisy, and probably hard on the ears. This is in part based on the image, which is forcing me to do harsher styles of music. Long story short, hope you appreciate it.


posted in OHC676 on Sep 23, 2021

This track encompasses 3 ideas i had. Something light and airy, something aggressive and fast and something that provokes a feeling of being airborn. While skydiving is not something i would find particularly fun, since it scares the hell out of me, it is a once in a lifetime experience that can last, so i made sure the music reflects that. Primarily DnB with heavy ambient sections, hope you like it!

Sink Hole Electro

posted in 90MC035 on Sep 21, 2021

At first i thought it was beautiful, meaning i could have done ambient music, but i then i realised it's a sink hole lol. So i ended up doing a Techno electro thing at 120bpm. It's very fun, but also very simple, so take it as you well. Hope you enjoy!

Reflective Metal (Part 1)

posted in OHC675 on Sep 16, 2021

Went for 2 parts, because i don't feel like the first one is substantial enough. Part 1 is a heavy and hard trance number, that is also surprisingly fast. 160bpm to be specific. Everything is full on synthesizer, with acid basses, rich phased chords, filters, basically the works. It's not for the faint hearted. And yes do be warned, raving will be aplenty.

The Little Garden House

posted in 90MC034 on Sep 14, 2021

40 minute compo for me, let's goooooooooo........

A cute 3/4 number with lots of almost uplifting ambience, to describe a rather nice quaint decorated house by the countryside. It's not very detailed, because i only had 40 minutes to make something, but it's good enough.

The Helium Experience Remake WIP

posted in 2HTS389 on Sep 12, 2021

Not related to the theme, but I didnt have a lot of time, as im attending a show. I said a while ago when I first made this, that this would be great in a studio remake, so I kind of delivered. Because of time reasons I didnt get to finish it, so im calling this a WIP. Not much, but its me saying hello. Hope you enjoy, and Ill see you next Sunday!

Frosty Ether

posted in OHC674 on Sep 09, 2021

"After much sailing and rowing, you've finally arrived to your destination. Sure it may be frosty, but the views are breath-taking, and the air somehow seems peaceful. You keep a hunt out for some lodgings to keep yourself alive".

I can only describe this as a kind of Minimal Techno/Cold Ambience sort of thing. The images are very wintry, but not very uplifting than i first thought. It's more so, very cold and chilly, and i kind of wanted to reflect that.

The music is very simple, with the core foundation being a kick, a looped 1 bar bassline, and a plucked 2 note arp. The rest weaves in and out, like waves of cold ambience. It's very much an ethereal piece, fitting for winter. Kind of mystical in parts. Really like this one, the minimalism does it justice. Hope you like it too!

The Cave of Destiny

posted in PRC432 on Sep 07, 2021

Oh god Golden Sun brings back so much nostalgia, it's such a fun game. I don't remember the second one, only the first one for the GBA, but man those were some fun times. This is interesting actually because the OST to this one, doesn't sound that much different to the first. I guess it's the same composer, and same soundfont. Long story short, nostalgia is ripe here.

Now for this tune, i wanted to really make it dark and brooding, almost tense if you will. It's a very simplistic tune, arguably repetitive, because were only dealing with 2 chords throughout. This is where creativity is needed, and i tried to make sure that i keep things developed through the repeating of the notes. I almost make it into a 2 part-er with the first part, being beatless and melody-less, then the fill comes in and reverse crash into the drums. What's also interesting is my choice of an acoustic like kit, than my usual electronic stylings. It just felt nessecary for this source, as i didn't want to take away some of it's acoustic value. All ramblings aside i hope i did it justice. Enjoy!


posted in 90MC033 on Sep 07, 2021

Despite the dark atmospheric images, i wanted it to have some kind of movement. I don't know what it is, but i felt like doing a electro techno track, but with all of the creepy atmosphere thrown in (That you would normally associate with the image). In the end i made a syncopated 1 bar chord loop, full of complexities and repetition, but done in a way that is both chill and head bopping trance (Which is layered with other pad sounds and synths). I don't know what exactly made me do this, but nonetheless it's a good unique idea, that combines the funky rave vibes, with the dark ambience. Don't forget the arps and 303 for good measure. All in all i really like my work here, hope you do too!

Nobody's Alone

posted in OHC673 on Sep 02, 2021

How bad can it be right? It's just you, driving along the dark scary road, getting home to your comfy house. No, don't do this to me please. Dammit, the cars broken down. I'm stranded, this ain't good. No signal, i can't contact anyone, i'm isolated. Wait a minute, i can hear faint voices! I don't think i'm alone. Somebody's there. Nobody is alone....

This track is a combination of both the eerie, the scary and the moody. I made it so it was reflective of how scary it is, being alone, while simultaneously giving it a bit of a moody atmosphere. It's very much in the realm of both rich ambient music and noise. I didn't want it to be full horror movie, because i felt pad chords and choirs might lessen the soundscape into more of a feeling. Also it just felt right when making it. All in all, really love the work in this, i'm glad i broke out of the habit of making drums. Hope you enjoy!


posted in 2HTS387 on Aug 29, 2021

I was feeling something bouncy this week, so i made a track encompassing a lot of rich saw synths, playing some quite complex, but uplifting chords, as well as some heavy sidechain for that pump. I don't normally use it, but in stuff like this it makes a big difference, especially if you want that effect. The breakdown in the middle is mostly a chord progression on a pad, a melody, and a more free-flowing build-up. All in all i really like this, it's a ton of fun.

Wilted Landscape

posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021

The images are like a combination of something warm but desolate. It's kind of messy too, since we have patches of worn out grass and water. So it's hard to make it soothing or peaceful, since i don't consider it to be well....peaceful. More like a dark landscape.

I used this idea to make something very minimal and very slow, cursing along at 80bpm. It's also very rhythmical, employing a lot of synth and bass sequences all running in one note. The chords are also simple, i wanted to keep everything minimal with slow developments (Which is easy as this is 80bpm). It's very relaxing, but kind of groovy, i really like this one a lot. Hope you do too!

Trance Warehouse 3000

posted in 90MC031 on Aug 24, 2021

If the images don't give you a clear vivid idea into what a 2am full on rave is all about, then maybe the music will. Thick Hard and Fast Trance vibes, with agression, thick juicy synths, a bouncy beat, and of course lush pad chords for a kind of ambience. Very much hard and heavy, so rave at your own risk. Have fun!

Another Dimension

posted in OHC671 on Aug 19, 2021

Im still away on vacation for 9 days. I intend to get back on Sunday. As a result all of my tracks are on GarageBand, which can produce some good sounding tracks.

All of this was made before the compo, in 1 hour ( I checked the time). I tried to make it spacious to wellfit space, as well as add bells and pads for atmosphere. The drums are there for groove and movement. Has 3 distinct sections, each kind of simple, but complex. Like this one, hope you do too.

Mythical Creatures

posted in 90MC030 on Aug 17, 2021

Still away, on my 9 day adventure so this is all on GarageBand. Tried for a 3/4 synth ambient feel, with a lot of cool grooves. A little simple sure, but Im working on a phone, so bear with me. Have fun!

A Wise Man Once Said

posted in 2HTS385 on Aug 15, 2021

So sorry for the few seconds of extra time, but Im away, so its a GarageBand project from me. Tried to make it both hard and fast, with a hint of ambience. Have fun!

Old Abandoned Free Party

posted in OHC670 on Aug 12, 2021

I could have gone the CotMM ambient route, however i choose not to, because A, i would need it to be almost musically accurate, (Such as recordings of footsteps, leaves breaking, creaky doors etc.) and i need to YouTube the samples, and B i wouldn't know the exact vibe causing me to restart the project over and over.

Instead i settled for this, a varied number consisting of very extreme contrasts. Beautiful, kind of haunting ambience mixed in with insanely fast and overdriven beats. Gabber basically. Something i don't think i've actually done in a while, and i thought would be a different approach. I don't always make what, you would expect from me, it's like a element of surprise. On top of the beats, is bass heavy and acid heavy synths, just for movement. I like this one.

Note: This is the last composition i will make before i go away on vacation for just under 2 weeks. So this means my next couple of tracks (If i manage to submit), will be made of GarageBand. I don't think anyone cares, but it might impact the quality of my tracks. Just saying.

Also note: A Free Party is a kind of illegal rave, that people attend to, usually hosted in abandoned buildings such as the one in the images. They usually have the makings of a rave, but in smaller quantities, and of course done unlicensed and illegally, as a result of this, Free Parties never stay in one place, often as a result of avoiding getting caught. Just adding this in, if you don't know, especially since i think my music kind of reflects that. I'm not advocating for any of this by the way, it's all on your own accord.

Man a lot of text this week, unusual for me, to type this much.

Out in the Open Air

posted in 90MC029 on Aug 10, 2021

I decided to make a slightly more simpler track, using an array of samples soaked in reverb for something kind of pretty, while the rest is mostly to compliment it. The drums build the energy, because you's running, and the pad chords further develops the ambience (As a sort of contrast to the samples). Now i say simpler here, since it's mostly just small samples coming in and out throughout, on top of a very simplistic bassline. I like it, and i hope you do too.

The Art of the Samurai

posted in 2HTS384 on Aug 08, 2021

I wanted to do chiptune, but somehow time restraints and the fact i didn't have the full 2 hours made me change. I had a cool idea to make the idea of being a samurai kind of fun, so i leant into that. Fast DnB, traditional Japanese instruments and a whole host of cute fun. Enjoy!

All The Small Details

posted in OHC669 on Aug 05, 2021

Update: Just for those who are wondering i'm fine now, i feel better. I believe my symptoms was a result of my 2nd vaccine, hence why my body couldn't handle last week's compo. It made me achy and fluey as a result. Hope you guys are doing fine! I feel great personally.

Finished early for once lol. Then again i had a pretty big idea, that i wanted to explore, so....

It's mainly heavy reverbed synth sections for the ultimate ambience, followed by simple breakbeats, funky basslines and a lot of different parts each with a similar idea. It's very developed, and yes i had fun with this one. Also it's under 6, don't panic. Hope you enjoy!

Submerged Treasure Hunt

posted in 90MC028 on Aug 03, 2021

Totally did not rip the intro to Reverie, lol.

Primarily ambient with rich mystical chords, lush melodies and 2 different contrasting sections built on a familiar idea. Hope you like it.

The Video Gamers Mini Beatape Vol 6

posted in 2HTS383 on Aug 01, 2021

Number 6 this time, because A i was late, and B i had too many conflicting ideas. The last beat is actually longer, but i had to shorten it because it brought the runtime to 4 minutes, which i've already gotten slack for already.

Can't believe i've done so many....enjoy!

Live for Another Day

posted in PRC430 on Jul 27, 2021

The project file is listed at 20bpm lol, however it's actually around 60bpm. I decided to really slow it down, and make it very much like an adventure. The original source tune is a nice well written rock-ish melody, while i made the opposite of that. Put it this way, unless you speed up my track, it's very much taking all the melodies into a different context. It's very spacious and has a heavy 80's drum sound using as much reverb as possible. It's a combination of synth leads, and very wide key/bell sounds. The drum sounds are also treated with reverb. I also added orignal sounds not in the MIDI to make it more thick textured, as we are dealing with only 4 channels of audio in the NES (5 if you count the DMC channel). The only other things i added to the track were counterpoint melodies, solo lead synth melodies and a voice sample of Commando, because you can tell this video game was inspired by that. I mean everyone knows Arnie right? All in all it's a very different almost 180 direction with this arrangement, and i hope you enjoy it.

Across the Horizon

posted in 90MC027 on Jul 27, 2021

Another incredible image, so another incredible melodic track. Well ok this isn't the best i've done, i feel there is some more mixing i could have done. But i still love it nonetheless.

The beats are more of a drum machine style, than a house/techno thing, and i also tried to incorporate some acid styled sounds to the mix, while still retaining most if not all of the ambient elements that makes it spacious. Hope you like this one.

In A Good Mood

posted in 2HTS382 on Jul 25, 2021

Tried messing around with primarily samples of records this week. It's more or less ethereal ambient breakbeat/rave thing. Very pretty and emotional. Have fun!

Relaxing Vacation

posted in OHC667 on Jul 22, 2021

My jaw dropped for this theme, the most beautiful image to grace OHC, or at least among one of them. The shadows and everything just make it.

As a result my description needed to be transcribed into music. What follows is probably my most melodic to date, with very light melodic ideas, and extremely soft DnB like beats. So soft it's almost like putting your head on a soft comfy pillow. Yeah i had so much fun with this, and yes this is one of my best, super proud of my work here, hope you have fun!


posted in 90MC026 on Jul 20, 2021

A track that consists of a looped groove extended for a length period of time. But the groove isn't in standard 4/4, nor does it stay throughout. Instead we have a distant reverb which plays about with the sample, as well as heavy pads and bells, almost like a distant echo. It's very experimental, and quite industrial sounding, so take it what you will. I like the vibe here, it's very unique. Hope you enjoy!


posted in 2HTS381 on Jul 18, 2021

Tried a Acid Techno thing. Kind of works for this theme, even though i didn't have enough time to expand upon it. 40 minute compo for the win.

Have fun anyways!

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

posted in OHC666 on Jul 15, 2021

You will know this song, or at least most will. Quite fitting since it's round 666 lol.

Although i used the original accapella, everything else was essentially remixed/arranged by me. I tried to make it as faithful to the original as i can, while putting my own electronic spin on it.

The Expedition

posted in 90MC025 on Jul 13, 2021

Tried to make full use of the pentatonic scale. I was feeling kind of a children's adventure, but in a more modern twist, with electronica elements.

First time i've properly used a double bass. Also another case where my DAW couldn't handle the awesomeness lol. I actually like this one, it's very minimalistic with sounds weaving in and out. Rather fun and child-like hope you enjoy.

It Came Home

posted in 2HTS380 on Jul 11, 2021

The title is not misleading as you might think. I'm literally in the middle of the grand final of the Euro's at the time of upload. The last match that could seek England the win, my home country. This also means i won't make it to the party, but i do wish you all the best of luck.

Those not English might not recognise the song, but it's been making airwaves as sort of the defacto English anthem. I made this cover, because i wanted to A, showcase why i won't make it, but also because it's a historic event for me.


Just spreading some positivity. Hope you guys are doing ok! See you next sunday!

Late Entry

Bonds of Kick and Hi-Hat

posted in MnP125 on Jul 09, 2021

Ok this one seems to not want to go in lol. Tried a few times and i don't know why. Hopefully it works this time. Great tune, very much made for an orchestral sound, however in this case i made it more electronic, and tried to add some beats. Also since it's in a unusual 3/4 time signature, the beat kind of makes it a polyrhythm, it's pretty cool. Still in the realms of MnP. Hope you enjoy this one.

Tribes of the Unknown

posted in OHC665 on Jul 08, 2021

Think of it as a drum jam, but with lots of varied percussion, chanting, and really just a...less structured approach. Imagine a group of natives all dancing together and playing the drums. Jungle themes = tribal yes?

Had a lot of fun with this, hope you do too.



One of the downsides of this awesome soundtrack unfortunately comes from Soichi Terada's tendency to go for some really repetitive melodic ideas. Literally it's a 2 bar chord sequence, and a simplistic melody. I'm not saying it's bad, it's the one reason why i love this soundtrack, and why i picked it, because it encourages creativity. I only say this, because it makes this a challenge to remix, since you have to use your brain.

In this case i didn't change the tempo at all, i just beefed up the drums to make it more heavy, and completely separated the original source, with a completely new section, with more darker intense chords and stabs, and a load of ravey goodness. The middle section bridges it together, with some familiar elements, while brining some new elements.

Honestly i really like what i've done here. For all it's simplicity i think i've done it justice. Hope you enjoy it too.

The Day We Met Underwater

posted in 90MC024 on Jul 06, 2021

Man this theme is awesome, i love pretty images like this. Also kinda cute to, even if it's the last place you wanna have a romantic evening in lol.

Tried to do my infamous combo of intense DnB with beautiful ethereal ambience. Very uplifting and sparkly, but also containing some fun propulsive energy. Had a blast making this, hope you enjoy!

How to Make Gabber Music

posted in 2HTS379 on Jul 04, 2021

My theme was Bouncy Beanbag, which already gave me a huge idea, but because i didn't have a lot of time, since i got back late, i settled on this.

Besides you might learn something here.


posted in OHC664 on Jul 01, 2021

That image was really adamant at making me do cinematic classical music. Luckily i refused, on the grounds i don't have the unnescary tools to do the job.

Made a very dark kind of electro-ambient thing. It's very much atmospheric, and also full of very unique chord progressions. The drums kind of also lend itself to industrial music, but it's really how you interpret it. I'd say electro-ish with elements of industrial. Laser beat if you will.

Oh and don't forget the most important. DAW crashes, because they are so much fun right? Had my DAW not crashed, i would have time to do more mixing and adjustments. (It crashed a fair few times, not just once) Oh well, frustrating aside i hope you enjoy this.

Old Barn Door

posted in 2HTS378 on Jun 27, 2021

It was all fine and dandy until one of them 'ere cow's decided to escape and run amok on my blasted farm.

It's like someone turned a sweet ol' house n' techno record into a speedy gabber song. Who would do such a darn thing.


posted in OHC663 on Jun 24, 2021

The images seemed mighty rusty there lol. No clue what the image is meant to represent, i just felt like going in a Dark Atmospheric Industrial direction. Distorted beats, meets very dark heavy chords. Fun number for sure.

Also guess what? It's 5 minutes, woo! Not that it matters lol.

Floating Dust

posted in 90MC022 on Jun 22, 2021

30 minute compo. Tried to make a ambient thing. Won't make it this time, because England are playing Euro 2020. Kinda of a big deal for me.

Late Entry

Stars in Your Eyes

posted in OHC662 on Jun 17, 2021

I created a very complex 80's styled synth track with lots of beautiful atmospheric melodic ideas, and a whole host of dance beats. Another one i can safely say is my all time favourite. The last 20-30 seconds is a fade out, so please excuse the length. Have fun with this one, because i sure did!


I have no clue. I guess were pulling a extremist art thing lol.

I could have gone all sorts of directions, the most obvious being minimalism. However i can't go for extreme minimalism, i want to put some effort in surely.

So i tried for a Industrial Techno number, with some seriously full blast repetition, power chords and thick in your face beats. It's seriously distorted, and definitely something different in the mist of simplicity (Which honestly i consider this a very simple track, because the chords and drums don't exactly change). Don't dismiss it though, there is ideas and movements here to peak your interest, even if it get's a bit much. Have fun anyways!

Late Entry

Your Own Little World

posted in OHC661 on Jun 10, 2021

A Beautiful Piece of Music to capture the feeling of a beautiful carefree spirit floating in a bubble.

Also the first time i broke free of my habit to add drums woo!!

I love this one, i picked some pretty cool chords!



Man what a tune, i really went to town on this one. I just love the Battle Garegga soundtrack so much, such amazing tunes.

We have 2 parts, or at least sort of 2 parts, since the second part takes up a lot of the song. The first is at a reasonable tempo of 150bpm, showcasing all of the elements of the original. The chords are there, the piano is there, and even the arps, and pad. The one thing different besides the tempo, is that everything is more aggressive, it's more in your face. The drums are very much distorted, in line with hard techno, followed by rich synths to amplify it.

The second part is much faster, residing at 180bpm. The key signature has changed from a Bb to a C, the rhythm is more simpler, because of the tempo change, and there is more structural ambiguity. It's not following the original arrangement, but rather parts come in and out, with also a breakdown in the middle, for some high energy fun (And a breakbeat for good measure). It's essentially hardcore, for you electronica nerds out there. The ending reverts back to 150bpm as we prepare for the fade out. It's a full blown journey, with me trying new ideas, and arrangements. I was just having too much fun lol. As a result it is extremely long, but it's all arranged, so i tried to have some structure in to not make it too random i guess haha.

All in all, hope you have a lot of fun with this, the same as i did making it.

Nobody Can Save Me

posted in 90MC020 on Jun 08, 2021

Had to do 4 revisions of this, so it was around 6 minutes. I wanted to go under 6 min, but i was losing time, and i couldn't really shorten it any more, since i needed to get the body falling point across.

The main reason for the length revisions, is that i included a really long drawn out tempo automation, that spans from 2 minutes until the end. (It's hard sometimes, because it never tells you the time in FL, since it's done based on real-time tempo changes). This is to simulate a body falling from a building and hitting the floor. Always here to try something new. Personally some people might find it a bit weird, a bit too out there, and i'm sorry for that, but all i can say really is, hope you try to have fun.

Sea Life

posted in OHC660 on Jun 03, 2021

It's mainly a beautiful ambient track with very rich harmonies, all building up to a very powerful DnB beat. The key here is though, that it takes a while to build up, with 4 minutes of slow moving chords before the beat (While keeping the lush ambience and minimalism). I think this is pure gorgeous for me, i am super happy with what i've done. It's nice sometimes to combine the really soothing sounds with the really harsh. It's also quite minimalistic, with more looping parts, and er...also it might be a few seconds over the enforced length, but it's to make sure the sound fades out. Didn't check until afterwards, i'm sorry about that. Hope you guys aren't mad. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Le Patisserie

posted in 90MC019 on Jun 01, 2021

We seem to get a lot of these kinds of themes, which you know i'm all for lol. I think last week we had chocolate, and now bakery items. What's next? Cake? Haha.

Decided to make a sort of smooth (Maybe even jazzy) hip-hop/electronic thing, with a hint of spicy chords and a funky melody.


It's a backing track, that is definitely lacking a singer. I didn't want to add any melodies in, because i believe only a singer can fulfil the duty. It's very bubblegum-ish with a lot of tight dance grooves, and a breakdown in the middle. Again the reason it's simple, because i need some vocals, both harmonisation and melody wise, and since i can't sing at 2am, nor do i want to sing anyways, it's an instrumental.

Also the title is a reference to a movie, try and guess if you can!

Field of Oak and Birch

posted in 90MC018 on May 25, 2021

Very playful i must say, but it works well for the theme. I tried to make it as both organic and electronic as it could be. It's also a rare case where i use a more live drum kit, and orchestral strings. I can't simulate the real thing obviously, but i can use it in different ways than a normal player would. I also tried for some cool syncopation. All in all, happy with this.

Beats Rikashi

posted in MnP124 on May 24, 2021

It gets rather challenging when the source material provided barely scrapes 40 seconds lol. Also doesn't help when it uses extremely simple rhythmical ideas. Definitely a fun tune sure, but very simplistic, so i had to try and use my brain for this one.

Tried adding heavy swing beats, almost like something from the Caribbean, to carry the chords and melody along, which kind of works actually. Also there is a sort-of B section, with a different chord progression and melody. I looped the melody quite a bit, but only because i was dealing with very short material. Hope you have fun with this.

String Quartet 8 (Second Movement)

posted in 2HTS373 on May 23, 2021

The original Shostakovich piece is so metal, there isn't a single moment that doesn't make you headbang. As much as there are so many possibilities with this theme, i kept returning to this one, because it felt the most fitting. The thought of obey, in the mind of Shostakovich piece, just works for me. Hope you enjoy! Yes it's gabber, because the original is extremely fast!

Panel De Party

posted in PRC427 on May 23, 2021

Took the source into some heavy Eurobeat territories. Not the Initial D kind of Eurobeat, you might be thinking of. I'm talking early 2000's Eurobeat dominated by groups like the Factory Team. It's essentially a very hyper sound, with lots of bubble-gum like melodies, matured cheese (In a good way), and a very drive-forward beat. It's a very uplifting genre.

Here's some examples if you are unsure:

I mostly followed in that kind of style, pretty much adding thick beats, heavy synths, and light airy chordal material. Fun stuff! Hope you have fun!

Late Entry


posted in OHC658 on May 20, 2021

A collection of heavy dense textural pads and synths, creating a lush dark ambient soundscape, all processed with simple DnB beats. Very nice i must say, proud of this one.

The Augurs of Spring

posted in 2HTS372 on May 16, 2021

This is a Stravinsky cover if your not familiar. Taken from the Rite of Spring. Transcribed into electronica by me.

I have no clue why, but this is the best i could come up with. Then again, i was out all day, dealing with company, and so i was limited for time. Have fun at least!

Grafitti Funketti

posted in OHC657 on May 13, 2021

What started out as a calm and strangely ethereal track, became a more hyper fun, funky dance track, comprising of 2 halves. The first is more breakbeat like, with more straight-forward chords, and the 2nd half is funky, and dancey. It is fast, but that's because i needed a contrast between the 2. Like this one, hope you do too!

Religious Type Beat.

posted in 2HTS371 on May 09, 2021

If i could at least spit one verse, then this wouldn't be half as a repetitive as it is, however that's not the case, so enjoy. Features some classical choir music, and a big hip-hop beat.

Trance and Burn

posted in PRC426 on May 05, 2021

I was not sure about where this source would go, because of the abundance of electric guitars, having said that though, one thing did catch my eye and that was the chords, and the rhythms they played. Not sure the exact process, really i was just feeling trance again, because of how the source is layed out. It just felt right. Had a lot of fun with this, hope you do too!

Late Entry

Adventures on the Road

posted in OHC655 on Apr 29, 2021

Ridin' my bike, on my way to my house, watching the sun go down, and the tide going out...

I had to make something beautiful. So i did just that, making sure to soak some reverb in while i'm at it, love this one a lot, probably, my favourite to date...

The Garden of Angels

posted in 90MC014 on Apr 27, 2021

I have no clue what this theme is, i had to research it, and so far my impression of it, comes from a sort of lush garden utopia thing. So i tried that idea, and the result is a combination of extremely mystic ethereal, lush ambient sections, and distorted techno beats. Very beautiful i will say, i really like what i've done here.

I'm Not Very Good At Metal

posted in 2HTS369 on Apr 25, 2021

Normally i would rip some samples, and add a beat, but in this case, i tried to make a full metal backing, from SCRATCH. I enjoy it to a degree but it might be a bit too overdriven, and heavy for some of you's....whatever, hope you had an experience nonetheless.

Late Entry

A Warm Soak

posted in OHC654 on Apr 22, 2021

Man i really wasn't paying attention to time lol. I guess i'm late....

Mixed ambient music, downtempo and a lot of distorted beats. Pretty good this one....

Adrenaline Knitting

posted in 90MC013 on Apr 20, 2021

Granny's on a roll. That sweater will be sown in no later than 30 minutes or your money back!

Topped with breakcore breaks, insane reverb, lush melodies, and a "What the hell am i doing?" approach.....

Zorky Trance (BONUS DO NOT VOTE)

posted in PRC425 on Apr 18, 2021


I did mention trance in my description lol, and after making this, it does work well. Now the original is in 3/4, so i had to modify the midi file to make the melodies fit the groove, otherwise it would sound like it's missing a beat, everything else sort of remains the same. The makings of trance is here, complete with a pulsating bass (And pulsating drums), rich synth leads, small choir parts, and a lot of build-ups and arrangement details. It's long, but i think it's needed for this style. Had a lot of fun with this, hope you do too!

Cosmo Laundry

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

I was not feeling this theme, i don't know why Dirty Socks had to be a theme lol. I tried making something funky, brain wouldn't budge. So here's an old project of mine. I spent an hour on this, don't worry. Have fun!

Rise of the Inner Darkside

posted in MnP123 on Apr 14, 2021

Normally i wouldn't do this, because i want to give people a fair chance, however i am genuinely curious to see how these sources work together, and low and behold, they work amazingly. So much so i didn't even need to do anything to Inner Darkside. Both are in the same key, and have a brilliant rhythmical balance. It's as if it just works lol. I knew i was in the right place.

The source is built up like this:

  • The main groove is ripped from Rise of the Robots, as well it's chord progression, synth bass and snare patterns. I basically covered the whole source.
  • The melodic elements of Inner Darkside is incorporated, both the main melody, the counter-melody and it's other subsequent sections. I did not incorporate the rest, just the melodic ideas.
  • I tried to contrast between light and heavy parts, while also including build-ups to keep you pumped.

All in all it's a, rather effective take on a mix of both. I'm proud of this.


posted in 90MC012 on Apr 13, 2021

These kinds of images to me, made me approach this as heavy dense textural ambient music. Very soft and subtle, with lots of slowly fading textures. I like this one.

Late Entry


posted in OHC652 on Apr 08, 2021

I tried to make a sort of ambient retro-ish kind of track.

What's unique is that the whole thing is in 3/4 including the melody. It's not your standard groove.

I was trying so hard not to do synthwave, it felt like the most cliched thing to do....but i do like my work here, i hope you do too!

Nothing Will Stop Me

posted in PRC424 on Apr 07, 2021

I did an 80's type beat, because...well i hear it, when i listen to it. Giorgio Moroder, or Depeche Mode or something. Complete with FM Synths, Linndrum beats, Saw Pads and the works. I also tried to make some parts go for longer, so it doesn't feel too sudden, in the transitions. Hope you get something out of this!

Brainstorming Dino

posted in 90MC011 on Apr 06, 2021

I came up with probably the beat chord progression in all of progressions. Sure it's simple, but the way i voiced it....omg. The result sounds very repetitive,'s all intentional, because stuff is added as you listen. You are rewarded with patience. Also included is acid synths, and a rocking good lead solo, that really takes you through a journey. Have fun, simplicity can be the best sometimes!

Slay the Beast

posted in 90MC010 on Mar 30, 2021

I can't do orchestral music, because it kills my DAW.....crashes are the worst.

However i did feel inspired to make a electronic track with orchestral elements, since i can load up small instances. It's only multiple instances it gets overworked, and crashes.

Anyways, included is distorted techno beats, rich pad chords, complete with a melody, as well as thumping toms. Have fun!

Sunset Beach

posted in OHC650 on Mar 25, 2021

Less we forget this very moment, me and you looked out into the waves, and saw the ocean. Less we forget our little feet caressing the sand....

The images are so simple, it can mean a lot. So i decided to take it into some rather chill places. Ambience is the main priority, but there is some drums in there for movement. Have fun!

5 Minute Lightning Fast Experiment

posted in 90MC009 on Mar 23, 2021

Lizards and Lightning are an odd combo, so i focused on one of the images. I tried to add beats to this, but it wasn't really working out, so i made noise instead. It's a little minimalistic, but i made sure that there was enough modulation to really feel the power of a lightning strike. Oh yeah, there's some lightning sounds in for good measure....

Have fun!


posted in OHC649 on Mar 18, 2021

I got a call from my boss saying, there is an important meeting coming up, that i have to be bright and early for. I wake up to the sound of the 6am alarm, to make sure i don't fall behind. Everything's going smoothly, right until rush hour. I scramble, trying to get through the hoards of people so i can at least get to work on time, however it's inevitable. Feeling as if i have no obligation, i phone work, and say in a deep trembly voice "I'm sorry, but i'm going to be late"...

I did 2 sections each in the style of techno/trance with lots of acid elements. The key difference is the second section is super melodic and atmospheric. Had fun with this, hope you do too!

Redial Raver (Happy Hardcore Edition)

posted in PRC423 on Mar 16, 2021

The source is extreme simple, and relies extensively on repetition....which happens to be my strong suit.

I can't tell you how much Bomberman's OST's are incredible. This alone is why i love VGM. I mean you should know right?

Since it's a simplistic repetitive tune, i used that to an advantage to make what is called Happy Hardcore. Blistering beats, fast breakbeats, cool vocals snippets, all on top of rich synth chords and ravey piano melodies. Have fun!

Mandalorian's Groove

posted in 2HTS363 on Mar 14, 2021

Everytime i watch this, i always never get a feeling of a relaxed state, it prompts me to do hard music. Thankfully though, this is techno/hard techno. Sometimes even i get sick of making gabber. I like this, it uses a bit of minimalism. Enjoy!

Late Entry


posted in OHC648 on Mar 11, 2021

I noticed a glaring error, i had to fix....

Tried to keep things simple and mellow. Lots and lots of reverb, to try too, since i got a new reverb plugin.

Have fun!

Something Simple

posted in 90MC007 on Mar 09, 2021

I didn't spend much time on it, it's a little basic, but the theme is nothingness, so, and it's miles better than covering 4:33 by John Cage.

Late Entry

Kirby and the Amazing Genesis.

posted in MnP122 on Mar 03, 2021

Everything you hear was made using YM2612 sounds, that you would find on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

Even the drums were ripped from Genesis games!

It kind of works for this source actually.

Ca Ching

posted in 90MC006 on Mar 02, 2021

Man this theme is just...perplexing. I don't know how to translate this to music. So i restrained myself to shopping, and since it can be a somewhat fun experience, i made it more...ambient. I really don't know with this so er have fun.

Also i wanted to incorporate some time signature changes so....yeah.

I like this anyways.

The Curse of the Reptile

posted in 2HTS361 on Feb 28, 2021

I tried a buildup thing, using my voice for some kind of chant thing. I don't know it works. The meat is essentially, extremely heavy stabs and gabber beats in the "drop". It's something huh?

Sometimes i end up masking my voice with all my beats, which is why it's good to read the lyrics as you listen!


I was once a man of fortune.

Trying to invent myself

But a curse came down upon me.

And left me with no stealth.

I had suffered a big headache

And a big blow to my chest.

My arms just kept on growing.

You can figure out the rest.

My whole body is shaking,

My legs at the time were quaking. 

My pigmentation had turn green.

It's not what it had seem. 

I wondered what is going on?

Why are my arms gone?

Can someone please please tell me?

Oh why can't you see?

I am a Lizard Man!

Late Entry


posted in OHC646 on Feb 25, 2021

Is it me, or does the deadline seem shorter?

I tried ambient pads, chords and a whole load of time signature weirdness.

All on top of straight-forward swing beats, Have fun!


posted in 90MC005 on Feb 23, 2021

The images are mighty experimental.

What? It's literally experimental. That's what my track is....

Just enjoy it....

Holiday's By the Waters

posted in 2HTS360 on Feb 21, 2021

To truly master this theme i had to route for samples. Usually i either google artists i know, or search by descriptors/genres on music archiving places. Anyways i found one i loved, and throughout i had fun making this super chill lo-fi ambient house thing. 

Another Bloom

posted in OHC645 on Feb 18, 2021

I went for simplicity this time, with only 1 looped chord sequence. It might be a bit too ambient, but i was going by what my body was feeling. I like it soi guess have fun!

Viva La Mantis

posted in 2HTS359 on Feb 14, 2021

Weird theme, but i guess i could work with some stuff.


The video was pretty comical, and slightly uplifting. I couldn't bring myself to make dark music, so here's some salsa gabber instead.


Have fun!

Firey Gabba (Tempo Gone Haywire)

posted in OHC644 on Feb 11, 2021

I already had the sample, i just needed the beat. Interpretation is individual, but i believe fire = anger = hardcore. 


Look i was feeling Gabber, this is gonna be polarising to say the least.


Have fun i guess.


posted in OHC643 on Feb 04, 2021

I love this theme man, i am just obsessed with these kinds of pretty colourful atmospheric themes


Went for full luscious DnB with rich pad chords and chill ambience. I am beyond proud of this one, and i'm not even bragging. This theme made me so inspired.


Hope you enjoy! 


Excuse the weird title lol, just trying to be goofy. Now honestly i could have taken a crack at the source, it's really good, however i kind of wanted other people to have a chance at winning, so i took a break, for this and mixed my own source. That, and also i feel nobody will probably touch this. So i did it anyways. I just merely expanded into 7 minutes. I didn't want to change much, because i already felt the vibe was achieved. I just merely extended. It's a bonus anyways, nobody will vote for it, so why not. Had a lot of fun with this, hope you will too!

Welcome Traveller

posted in 90MC002 on Feb 02, 2021

After a fairly lengthy walk, you arrive at a village. Nobody knows you, and you don't know them, but they treat you kindly.


You begin to make acquaintances with the townsfolk, they offer you bread and wine, while also providing you with comfortable accommodation. You've only just gotten to introduce yourself and already, they make you feel at home, because that's what it ishome. 


You smile, lay back, and let out in slight grin while proclaiming I think i'm gonna like it here.


I decided for something melodic and heavy, something between orchestral and electronic. I also added a beat later on, to keep things interesting and to pick up the pace. I think this is among my best i've done in a while, but that's bragging lol.


Have fun!


posted in 2HTS357 on Jan 31, 2021

I went for something a little simple, but a little heavy. More in line with Industrial Techno.


The theme is scientific, and you knowit just calls for that kind of music.


I had fun with this. It does loop, but that's all based on how well you know this music. Long story short, have fun!


posted in OHC642 on Jan 28, 2021

This one was interesting. The images were dark, but also contained a rather sparkly quality to it, especially the 1st one.


I wanted to do beautiful ambient, but the thought of Werewolf's made it difficult. So i tried a more straight forward techno vibe. This one is short too, which is unusual for me lol.


It works actually, especially in the context of wolfs. Have fun!

Blue as The Ocean

posted in 90MC001 on Jan 26, 2021

Ahhh i'm not very good sometimes when it comes to simple eligant themes like this. I really had to dart back and fourth between projects i liked.


It has a ravey vibe to it, while also containing a rather beautifull-ish melody.

Magical Beats

posted in MnP121 on Jan 21, 2021

You know, this is the first i've heard of this track, because i don't really listen to these kinds of soundtracks. Unpopular opinion.butit's just not my thing.


That said though i did want to take a crack at it. I didn't really want to do orchestral, because, welli just don't have the tools to make it sound good (Even though i could in theory). Also this source is calling for some drums, and not so much light toms and stuff, hence my need for electronic elements. I like this, it's good enough.


posted in OHC640 on Jan 14, 2021

I mixed in acid, ambient and speedy hardcore to form a rather unique blend.


Awesome theme, i love these kinds of images, but man, sometimes too good, is too much lol. Writers block can kill ya lol.


Have fun, it's quite intense.

The Beast

posted in 2HTS354 on Jan 10, 2021

A Death Metal influenced Gabber song about mutations and transformations into beasts. I really like how the vocals blend with the sample guitars. Yes it's sampled, i grew up on DAW's and Electronica, not with guitars and drums. Trying to work with what i got. I think it works perfectly anyways.




What's big and ugly and eats people?

I don't know?

Well let me tell you.


I once saw a guy (He gone and mutated)

He look real weird (He gone and mutated)

He had big teeth (He gone and mutated)

And really big fur (He looks really hideous)


Blood was coming out (He gone and mutated)

Did not look friendly (He gone and mutated)

Holy shit, them claws (He gone and mutated)

The eyes are huge (Don't mess with him)


He's out of control 

He's terrorising people

He's out of control 

Watch out for the.




Everybody steer clear of the



Keep an eye out for the.







Blood, Sweat, Tears!!


Damn nature, your scary!


The police were called (He gone and mutated)

They came with ammo (He gone and mutated)

He was wrecking buildings up (He gone and mutated)

Cars were getting smashed (Who cares about cars)


He was moving quite fast (He gone and mutated)

No one could keep up (He gone and mutated)

Everybody was in fear (He gone and mutated)

The nightmare won't end (He's on a mission)


He's out of control 

He's terrorising people

He's out of control 

Watch out for the.




Everybody steer clear of the



Keep an eye out for the.







Blood, Sweat, Tears!!


This just in, a man was caught being ripped apart from his head, by a mysterious human beast like form!


Damn nature, your scary!

Damn nature, your scary!


When will it end? (He gone and mutated)

When will life begin? (He gone and mutated)

The dudes going wild (He gone and mutated)

Everybody's getting killed (How unfortunate)


Why is this happening? (He gone and mutated)

It's ruining our city (He gone and mutated)

The beast is having fun (He gone and mutated)

Ripping dudes to shreds! (It's all gone wrong)


He's out of control 

He's terrorising people

He's out of control 

Watch out for the.




Everybody steer clear of the



Keep an eye out for the.







Blood, Sweat, Tears!!


Damn nature, your scary!


posted in OHC639 on Jan 07, 2021

Pretty images deserve pretty music. Nothing more, nothing less. Think of it as, Techno elements meets, pure ambient. Beautiful as always.


Really like this one, proud of it.

Happy New You

posted in OHC638 on Dec 31, 2020

At the time of upload it's actually the 1st January, however that still doesn't stop me from wishing you a prosperous new year!


Hope 2020 was at least a decent year for you!


As for the track, i went for more spacious background sounds, mixed with DnB beats. It is ambient, but in a unique way.

No Theme It's Christmas

posted in 2HTS351 on Dec 20, 2020

I didn't follow the theme, i wanted to do a Christmas song instead for all you good 2hts crew. It's Christmas gabber, or speedcore or whatever, it's fast. Have fun! Oh and this is a unique one, since i actually sing! Well okit's a voccoder, but that's the next best thing right?




It's Christmas Morning

Down we Go

Open the Gifts

With a Ho Ho Ho


Foods on the Table

Big as it Can Be

Oh Merry Christmas

From the Family.



Cold Sculptures

posted in OHC636 on Dec 17, 2020

It's a looped chord sequence, but with the goal, of adding more each time. This of course, includes hard hitting beats. I like how the simplicity flows together. It's a long drawn out track, than a close listen track. It's good, i hope you find something out of it.

Alive and Kicking

posted in WHC24 on Dec 17, 2020

I won't go into much depth, but the drums for the most part follow the pattern, but with some of the fills, shown as an example in the video, making an appearance here. I also include a 4 on the floor beat, at parts, as well as lots of 32th note tom fills, for super intensity. It is after all, Double Time Rock.


A weird industrial rap song about things you put on toast, specifically avocado lol.




Yo this is for all the foodies out there, that are absolutely nuts about toast!


Sliced Bread

Butter Spread

Want some cheese?

Get it Shred.


Touch of Salt

Add that malt.

Hows the Salmon?

Hmm, quite Small.


Need that green.

Meat so lean.


Heinz Baked Beans.


Bag of Chips

Tub of Dips


The toasted strips

Taste so good

As it should

Its flavour

Course it would


Lunch is done

Weighs a tonne

All sliced and

A bit of fun.


Serve it up

With a cup

Brewed tea?

Hey whats up?



Feta Cheese

Very juicy

Easy please.


Nothing wrong

With a song

Based on toast

Dance along.


Its so weird

Lets say cheers

To all foodies

Chug that beer.


All Im saying

Have some fun.

No more playing

Get it done


Why you ask? 

Smashed avocado has just begun.


Who would have thought it eh, that I would be making a song about avocado on toast. I mean, I dont personally enjoy it, but some people out there, are crazy for it. I mean, avocado is where guacamole comes from. Its like the spice of life. Anyways, lets take this for a spin.


Its smashed avocado.

Its avocado on toast


Its smashed avocado.

Its avocado on toast


Its smashed avocado.

Its avocado on toast


Its smashed avocado.

Its avocado on toast


Its smashed avocado.

Its avocado on toast


Its smashed avocado.

Its avocado on toast

White Acropolis (Extended Club Mix)

posted in PRC418 on Dec 07, 2020

Oh boy did i have fun here. I mainly stretched it into a club mix, kind of how trance would be, which this is kind of trance based. I suppose the original is like that though. 


It's a long one, because i structured it like trance, with a build-up and a middle section, and a outro. Put it short, it has a structure.


Enjoy it, as much as i did making it.

White Dreamland

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020



Man is this a good theme, the best theme ever in my opinion!


I went full on ambient..with grooves, and synths. Please enjoy it, i had soo much fun

Caribbean Ting

posted in WHC23 on Nov 23, 2020

Standard Reggae track, written at 75bpm.


Only 3 main drum sounds are used, closed hat, rimshot and snare, plus maybe the occasional open hat.


Swing is used, especially on the hats. I made a 16th note pattern, with a few pauses here and there, to accent the groove.


All kick and rims, land on beats 2 and 4, with the off-beat rim-shot as a way of accenting the beats.


Skank chords are the driving force, as well as reverb and delay. It's like a dub track basically.


Bassline is simple and repetitive, and accents the kick.


The Reverb and Delay are the effects, of what Dub would be.


Oh and i also added random vocal effects, because.why not. The fill is a sample, and not a original creation. However though samples of fills can be used in this instance. 


posted in 2HTS347 on Nov 22, 2020

If the theme is gonna be technological, then so is my music.


It's basically Gabber, but with a few cool unique ideas thrown in, to make it wellinteresting. Have fun!

Mars The Bringer of War

posted in OHC632 on Nov 19, 2020

This theme is strangely difficult. My great ideas ended up being too short. I was struggling, so i hashed in a cover of Holst's Mars. Fitting? Not really, but i was pushed for time, and loosing my will to live in terms of inspiration.


Whatever, enjoy it.




I was flicking through, with the intent of getting a combination of rhythm and looped melodies, because they are the easiest to remix, however though, one track stood out, as this rather dark creepy, with the occasional brightness, kind of ambient track. I wondered what it would sound like, spaced into 7 minutes, especially with how beautiful it sounds. So i did just that.


Can you guess which track it is from which game?

Hardcore Junglist (Vinyl Edition)

posted in 2HTS346 on Nov 15, 2020

Title says it all. The one thing that is interesting though, is the addition of ambient elements like soft pads. Yeah i know it's what the video is about, but the sound was big on vinyl so


Whatever just enjoy it.

Sweet Morning

posted in OHC630 on Nov 05, 2020

Has anyone ever watched the sunrise? 


Some samples of records, but combined with original chords/beats. Yeah it's very soft but fast DnB. Have fun!

Creature Invasion

posted in 2HTS344 on Nov 01, 2020

It's kind of a hard trance/hardcore thing, but with some seriously dark chords.


My fear was based on alien invasions. Or at lease something around that.


Kind like how this turned out. Hope you enjoy!

Lost in the Woods

posted in OHC629 on Oct 29, 2020

Imagine your in the woodsbut the only contact is your voice. It's eerieit's quietit's scary, you are lost.


It's ambientbecause what else? And it's got development and eeriness to it.


Just enjoy it.


posted in OHC628 on Oct 22, 2020

Ok this is currently the best thing i've composed pretty much all month. Love the work in here, especially the chords and melody.

Very chill i must say, Enjoy it, definitely enjoy it!




It's only 30 seconds, so i had to use creativity here. I added an intro, for atmosphere, and more spacious sounds, instead of typical synths or rock sounds. I like this expansion. Hope you enjoy!

Crazy Atmosphere

posted in PRC415 on Oct 12, 2020

I forgot how long the source is lol. Not that it matters lol. 

Now the original was very orchestral, so i couldn't do much with that pallet, because of my limited tools, but what did give me ideas, was the mood and pacing. It reminded me of some dark Vangelis record or whatever, and that's what stuck with me.


I actually had fun with this, hope you enjoy!

I Live in a Split Level Head

posted in 2HTS341 on Oct 11, 2020

The original is quite fast and hectic, so to get it to fit was a nightmare, non the less this song is sooo fun. I don't know what it's about other than it being looney, so yeah enjoy, i just covered it as i usually do.




I've lived in apartments
I've lived in a home
I've travelled in trailers
When I used to roam
But now in these places
You won't catch me dead
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head

I do what I want to
No worries, no cares
If anyone bugs me
I'll climb level stairs
Way up to a level
Where astronauts bed
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head

In here time means nothing
I couldn't care less
I don't run for buses
And trains are a mess
There's no one to care for
I don't make a bed
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head

I like how I'm living
I'm nobody's slave
My head's above water
So don't make a wave
There's no door to lock
And no door to be fed
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head


So why should I move
When the neighbourhood's right
No taxes to pay
And no landlord to fight
Now I call this living
Once more as I said
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head

Now you keep your old turf
Your hills and what's new
You sure couldn't have them
And live like I do
You think I have problems
But you do instead
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head

I live with two people
I like most of them
He likes most of me
And I like most of him
Their my alter egos
And to them I'm wed
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head

There's no simple status
In my neighbourhood
It's that kind of thinking
That keeps it so good
I don't take the lead
But I like to be led
'Cause I'm happy I live in a split level head



By the Lake

posted in OHC626 on Oct 08, 2020

Very much a ambient kind of track, with DnB influences.


Such a simple and gorgeous theme ruined by my prolonged decision making.


Enjoy anyways.

Deep Sea Exhibition

posted in 2HTS339 on Sep 27, 2020

Give me underwater, and I give you ambience. I dont know what the theme is exactly, but ambient music is the end goal.


Really like the simplicity in this one. Proud of it

Double Glazed

posted in 2HTS338 on Sep 20, 2020

You know you have a Donut theme when Simpsons keeps appearing in my track lol.


Despite the obvious Full Metal Jacket video, i decided to do something funky. I don't know man, Donut is very limiting to me in terms of style, or at least i think that.

Look just enjoy it, it's a lot of fun.


Reuploadfound a major error


Walking down the hallways, smiling to the nice folks, while observing the enjoyable music on offer here. I'm thinking to myself, about all the journeys we will explore or have explored while also's awfully quiet here don't you think? Lucky for me though, that's just the way i like it. It really is a day in the life of a spaceship maintenance man.


Went full on ambience with theme accuracy. Slowly moving away from beats, which is a good thing. I like this, it's very much a depiction. 

Empty Wasteland

posted in OHC622 on Sep 10, 2020

This theme is the ultimate definition of soundscape atmosphere, i ran with that.


And it's long.because,'s sound design.don't judge


Justhave fun.

The Almighty God

posted in 2HTS335 on Aug 30, 2020

Aka Boomer Type Beat lol


I was feeling hardcore, but i was also feeling maybe industrial music. Put 2 and 2 together..


I also included some Punjabi Vocals, for theme accuracy, and i suppose for some cool ideas. Enjoy it, i had some fun here.

Still On Vacation

posted in OHC620 on Aug 27, 2020

Im still away, so I rummaged  through GarageBand on my IOS to see if I can share something. Best I can do. See you next Thursday! That is when I can submit real music!

Up and Away

posted in OHC618 on Aug 13, 2020

It's essentially 2 halves, but one being melodically driven, and beat-less, while the other is more acid heavy, has dense pad textures (Oh and has a breakbeat for good measure.)


I often under evaluate my work, because honestly i'm proud of this one as well, like all my others

Medium Rare

posted in MnP116 on Aug 07, 2020

Never understood the hype to be honest, but i have to say, congrats to this man, who programmed, coded, drew and composed, an entire full length experience, in a few months, to the point it's one of the most popular games of all time. 

Now i don't actively seek out the score, so i went blindly. Happy with the results. Call it Techno/Electronica, or whatevers..


posted in OHC617 on Aug 06, 2020

I wanted to do, beatless, but ideas were coming through for something minimal, and atmospheric, so i needed to fill the space with beats. Another one i'm proud off


posted in OHC616 on Jul 30, 2020

Pretty proud of this one, because it's actual fleshed out ambient music. Very good to chill to this.

Not much else to say really.


I felt this might be appropriate. It's a cover of an old 60's weird novelty tune. I don't know it feels perfect here, so. It's called They're Coming to Take me Away, Ha Haa! written by Napoleon XIV. Have fun!


Remember when you ran away
And I got on my knees
And begged you not to leave
Because I'd go beserk


Well you left me anyhow
And then the days got worse and worse
And now you see I've gone
Completely out of my mind


And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa
They're coming to take me away ho-ho hee-hee ha-haaa
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white coats
And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa


You thought it was a joke
And so you laughed
You laughed when I said
That losing you would make me flip my lid


You know you laughed
I heard you laugh, you laughed
You laughed and laughed and then you left
But now you know I'm utterly mad


And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa
They're coming to take me away ho-ho hee-hee ha-haaa
To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa


I cooked your food
I cleaned your house
And this is how you pay me back
For all my kind unselfish, loving deeds

Ha! Well you just wait
They'll find you yet and when they do
They'll put you in the A.S.P.C.A.
You mangy mutt


And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa
They're coming to take me away ha-haaa ho-ho hee-hee
To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white coats

And they're coming to take me away

To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa!


To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa!


posted in OHC615 on Jul 23, 2020

A lonely Sunflower can become a shining star


I was feeling a vibrant/summer feeling from this, so i went in that direction. Also i went for another one of my one chord things, becauseeri felt like it.


Hope you enjoy this, for 9 minutes!

Hector the Hardstyle Hero

posted in 2HTS329 on Jul 19, 2020

I'd thought i would give a little Scotland into your lives, and cover a good ol' Scottish folk tune, Hector the Hero.


However though, i've done it, with Hardstyle/Hardcore kind of sounds, because wellthat's me.

A Series of Random Ideas. Who Knows.

posted in WHC22 on Jul 17, 2020



Ok i interpretated this, the best i could. It's hard, because i don't usually go for simple chords, unless it's the theme's intention.


The first 2 minutes, is a standard C Major to C minor thing. It's as simple as it gets, i was really just trying to make it sound cool and interesting, despite it's very simple chord pattern.


The next minute, abruptly cuts for some 12 bar blues, with a piano chord sequence.


The next minute or 2 is the Canon in D chord sequence, however i played it in C Major, and converted most of the chords into 7th's, therefore it becomes a more complex version of Canon in D.


Last few minutes is a custom, looped progression of F# Major 7, D Major 7, C# Minor followed by an inverted F# Minor 7, before the repeat. What's interesting is that D does not appear in the F# Major key. therefore it becomes a sort of borrowed chord. 


All in all, this was definitely a unique exercise, however if you want my honest opinion, one chord sequence is just enough. Still i had fun though.

Thanks Sensei Johnny for the homework!


posted in OHC613 on Jul 09, 2020

Half Ambient, Half Techno, Half Experimental. Went for a more drone feel. I don't know, the images were almost futuristic. Have fun!


posted in PRC410 on Jun 24, 2020



I felt ashamed of taking away the funk. So i made everything into squelchy synthesizer goodness. I mean, i did tell you the MIDI file was set to Groovy AF mode. Can't say much, i was really going for the ultimate in funkiness. Have fun!

Feline Type Beat

posted in 2HTS325 on Jun 21, 2020

Sample choice was a little hard today. I went for a sample, because i wasn't feeling any melodies. This is something eh? Funky and fast, hope you enjoy.

Repetitive Hard Techno Sketch

posted in WHC20 on Jun 07, 2020

It's a rather simple techno track. Really my goal was, to change the drums, but keep the patterns the same. So yes it's repetitive, but in the sense of, consistently changing drums, but keeping a non-stop looping synth.


The only additional drum elements, come in the form of a off-beat snare which is doing the same thing as the hi-hat.


A ride cymbal, doubling the bass drum. (On every quarter note)


And a crash cymbal for impact.


It is a sketch after all.


More videos on drums will be coming throughout the weeks, so stay tuned!

The Birds

posted in PRC409 on Jun 02, 2020

It's actually harder than you think, in terms of remixing. It's only 50 seconds long, and has a lot of repeating elements, so it was hard to not make it repetitive. The difference with Truxton, is that i actually remixed the whole thing, because of how short the tracks were. This is on a slightly different level.


Whatever, i hope you have fun with this. 


posted in 2HTS322 on May 31, 2020

It's amazing how far we've progressed in space technology ain't it?


I was really feeling a multitude of ideas, including fast consistent looped beats with a fill at the end, and some heavy ethereal ambient textures. I couldn't stop vibing to this one (Probably the best track i've done in a long time) I've think i've made Elon Musk proud haha.


Enjoy mah dudes!

Jeux Deau

posted in OHC607 on May 28, 2020

Out of ideas lol, so i covered a Ravel composition. Probably my favourite piano composition alongside maybe Doctors Gradus Ad Parrnausseum from Debussy


Can't say much in the AM, so enjoy it.

Axe to the Chopping Block

posted in OHC606 on May 21, 2020

Warning! This is extremely rhythmical! Groove at your own risk!


I was thinking chopping trees, which in turn made me think of rhythm. No melody, full of extensive rather complex rhythms. Vibe out if you will, but don't expect to sing along to a melody.


It's 2am, and i was in the mood for this. So erenjoy!




Don't need to tell you how good it is. Some people might find it too goofy, too much, i just love it.


Didn't change anything, other than an expansion. I'm keeping the integrity of the track, don't judge haha. If you like hardcore, then it's your lucky day. If you don't, at least appreciate the effort mkay? 


Who cares to be honest, i had a lot of fun with this. So just enjoy what you can.

Bright Waters

posted in OHC605 on May 14, 2020

You realise within 12 minutes, the transcendent into calmness was a memory. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Yoo i made such a fire chord sequence i got carried away. So enjoy the results!


PS. I might just be a record setter.

Mind of a Machine (Samurai Edition)

posted in 2HTS319 on May 10, 2020

At last lol.


Took me a few redo's in order to find something that i both linked, and that also worked with the theme. In the end, i went with a ambient house thing, with a Samurai mood. Something like that, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy.




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rocks. The soundtrack is full of rocking goodness. The SNES version is very funky, but this is justexciting, gets you pumped. I wasted no time with the hyped up sound, and really picked out some aggressive synth instruments, to make a proto-synth rock cover. Same deal, but synthesised rock, instead of the real deal, since.wellertools. Hope you enjoy as much as i made it!

Late Night Air

posted in OHC603 on Apr 30, 2020

A culmination of random ideas, because my brain doesn't seem to sit still sometimes lol.


Call it soothing, especially since it's late at night, and your chillin' by the fire.

16bit Roadworks

posted in 2HTS317 on Apr 26, 2020

The odd theme allows me to flex some retro gaming chops. Here's some 16bit rock music, courtesy of me. Think Mega Drive/Genesis in terms of sound. Good old YM2162 FM synthesis.


Have fun!

The Book of Knowledge

posted in OHC602 on Apr 23, 2020

The images feel very old.and i ended up doing synth music (If more in line with ambient). I find it a little amusing. Sure you have a harpsichord, that's old timely right?


Oh well


At this time, i do not muck about, it's get up and go kind of deal. Have fun!

This Music Is So Repetitive

posted in OHC601 on Apr 16, 2020

For those who are wondering, it's like 2 AM over here. So if you want to know my absence, then here ya go.


For me minimalism and experimentation always mixes. Gotta love me some hard beats.

Yellow Birds

posted in 2HTS315 on Apr 12, 2020

For those who are frequent visitors, you will know i made a beat-tape way back yonder, as an entrant. Well i got obsessed with the 3rd beat of the tape, and fleshed it out into a full composition. Enjoy, it might be close to the best thing I've ever made, and I've made some pretty great compositions in my time. For reference, the original was like 1:50, and this one is 3:50.  Anyways, have fun!




posted in MnP112 on Apr 09, 2020

Let's be honest here, there's only really 2 sections, played on technically 2 instruments. 3 depending on how you interpret it, but the 3rd voice is essentially the response to the call and response melody of section B.


All i really did, was made a dance version of it, by adding beats, and a more background second half (Before it reverts back to the main melody), which is the same bassline, buterdifferent.


Again i was going by an extremely simple tune, so i had to be as creative as i could.


Enjoy it anyways.

Party at King K Rools Place

posted in PRC406 on Apr 08, 2020

Full on 90's techno styled remix of the source, which sounds kind of like what he's going for, except the original has a more 80's feel, than a 90's feel, and i use real techno drums, not some rock styled samples used in the original SNES version.


For this one, it's mainly expansion, since it's only 50 seconds, which is extremely short. For what it is, i'm happy with this one. Enjoy it!


The Video Gamers Mini Beatape Vol 2

posted in 2HTS314 on Apr 05, 2020

This video gave me too many ideas, so i decided to make a sequal to my first beat-tape. Welcome to Volume Two of my Beat-Tape series, this time, not strictly focused on hip-hop, but a combination of a few. It's very relaxing though, which i'd say is also a bonus.


I had to agonise over the length, since the 3rd beat is my favourite beat/track I've ever done, and i didn't want to shorten it. However if i left it, the length would reach 5 minutes, and Mr. Antik isn't going to be Still it's only 30 seconds over, and it was only a one off. (Please Antik, it's only 30 seconds over, come on.)


Anyways, enjoy this experience!




posted in 2HTS313 on Mar 29, 2020
Tried some kind of Industrial DnB approach, and i think it worked quite well. First time you will hear my actual voice, despite it being processed through a vocoder. It actually fits quite well, i'd thought it would sound horrible.


Good morning!

Cornflakes, Cereal, Milk and Toast (x4)

Milk and Toast (x3)

It's all part of a hearty breakfast (x3)

Do you take sugar in your tea?

Serve it up, your way!
Whatever day that might be.

Cornflakes, Cereal, Milk and Toast (x2)
Scones, Jam, Cream, Butter (x2)
Cornflakes, Cereal, Milk and Toast (x2)
Scones, Jam, Cream, Butter (x4)
Cornflakes, Cereal, Milk and Toast (x2)

Spread the chocolate, burn the crumpet, mix it well with a cup of Joe's.
Fry the Eggs, Crisp the Bacon, Squeeze the Juice and Serve it Well.
Spread the chocolate, burn the crumpet, mix it well with a cup of Joe's.
Fry the Eggs, Crisp the Bacon, Squeeze the Juice and Serve it Well.
Spread the chocolate, burn the crumpet, mix it well with a cup of Joe's.
Fry the Eggs, Crisp the Bacon, Squeeze the Juice and Serve it Well.

Serve it up, your way!
Whatever day that might be.


posted in OHC598 on Mar 26, 2020
This is rather fun, i'd do it again sometime.

If only my computer didn't lag so much during the creative process.....

Maridia Beats

posted in MnP111 on Mar 13, 2020
Kept everything in tact, but with the addition of beats and bass, and a faster end section.

Other than that, it's still the same ol' Metroid.

Hope you enjoy it.

By the Horns

posted in 2HTS310 on Mar 08, 2020
I didn't have any previous tracks that was useful for the theme, so i'm sorry no remix this time.

Instead though you get a dark ambient minimal techno kind of thing, with a lot of rich samples and basses. Very simple, but very effective. Oh and there is a moose sound effect, because why not.


Mountains Arena (BONUS DO NOT VOTE)

posted in PRC405 on Mar 06, 2020

I was originally going to hone in towards the original style, which in this case is metal, but i decided against it in the end, to be more creative, partially because it wouldn't be much of an interpretation, but mainly because i don't have decent tools to really execute it as such. It wouldn't sound bad though. It's Contra after all, so you know it will sound good anyways.

I pretty much converted everything to electronic. Synths instead of guitars, and electronica styled drums for the kit. I actually found something i liked, and i hope you enjoy it too.

My Jazzy Side (Kiddie Mix)

posted in 2HTS309 on Mar 01, 2020
Finally managed to remix an old tune. Been interested in doing this for a while.

This is from 2hts 258:

Instead of it being house, it's now breakbeat, and instead of it being 2 sections, it's the second half with more samples, more kiddie-fide, and more upbeat. I made it very much suited for the video.

I enjoyed this, i might remix some more of my past entries. Hope you will too.

Aianshefu (Iron Chef)

posted in 2HTS308 on Feb 23, 2020
Aianshefu means Iron Chef in Japanese!

I think i might have gone a bit goofy with this one, but it is traditional Japanese styled music. Or at least i was trying to go for that, of course mixed with a more techno vibe.

It is a bit of fun though, and i do hope you enjoy it.

Tidal Burst

posted in 2HTS307 on Feb 16, 2020
I've completely disregarded anything music, for full on texture. This is essentially a more accurate representation of what a Flood would sound like, in music. Builds up extremely slowly, and has a very wide dynamic range of noisy sounds. It's a rather cool soundscape. Hope you enjoy it.

Downward Spiral (BONUS DO NOT VOTE)

posted in MnP110 on Feb 13, 2020

Thanks Hoboka. I wasn't intending to pick this, but then i remembered what i said in my MnP106 source pick, and this got postponed.

Still with good reason, now's the good time to show the world, some absolutely kickass video game music. This isn't your usual cutesy Mario music or your grand epic Final Fantasy tunes. No this is unlike anything i've ever heard. Probably the most experimental video game OST out there, and i just absolutely love it!! It defies to me, the qualities of thinking outside of the box.

Again it can be a bit much, for the most traditional listeners, but for someone who is an expert in musical listening, this is a masterpiece. It's like breaking apart an old techno track, and gluing it together in the wrong order.

Look point being, just enjoy this ok? Didn't do anything fancy. Consider this a cover/upgrade.

I've already won the last few rounds, so i think it's fair i remix my own source. Besides, i'm feeling more inspiration for Contra than Secret of Mana. Sorry that's how i am.

Although loads of Contra Games have fantastic soundtracks, this has to be one of the top 3. The sheer energy from the sounds used, the combination of rock and electronic beats. One minute it's heavy metal, the next minute it's Hard Trance like this one. Although by design it's extremely simple, but if you have creativity you can actually turn this into something epic, which kind of what i did. I structured it almost like a Trance song, where it goes from nothing to something. Also the 2nd main difference is a pseudo melody, whereas the original was just chords. Still though, that does mean ignore this masterpiece.

Hopefully, while my entrant homes in closer to the source, it should be enjoyable enough.

Lovingly Made by Grandma

posted in 2HTS306 on Feb 09, 2020
2 styles, both cute and uplifting. The first is a whimsical children's thing, second is a more abstract acid breakbeat thing. Both are very melodic, and full of love lol.

Enjoy this cutesy madness.

Badass Beat

posted in PRC403 on Feb 01, 2020
Game: Einhander

Track Name: Badlands

This track, no the whole soundtrack is one badass techno symphony. This track is actually breakbeat, but it's more easier to say Techno Symphony, because most of it is, from the genre Techno, mixed in with an extremely cinematic vibe. There are certain parts of the soundtrack, that sound more cinematic, like a movie, but with beats.

I picked this one, based on the fact it was requested, and also it's my favourite from the soundtrack. Literally this track is soooo goood.

I wanted to preserve the awesomeness, but i did bring some unique sounds to the party. Party get it? Ok i'll leave now.

Just enjoy it, as much as i made it. Ok?

Life Beyond Earth

posted in 2HTS304 on Jan 26, 2020
Trying my best to channel my Inner Jeff Mills, when it comes to the art of Space Techno. In the end though, i felt that originality had to shine through, so i ditched the Jeff Mills style, but kept the techno feel. It's a bit experimental, but mostly that techno feeling, with a nice mystic bell atmosphere. Who knows, i like it, so i hope you do.

Cash Money Type Beat

posted in 2HTS302 on Jan 12, 2020
Mah Homies, when you deal with Money you deal with Hip Hop...

I made a hip hop beat, that's about it really. Well that and it's my first time integrating Acapella. I had to, otherwise it becomes too repetitive and annoying. I'm happy with the beat, and the vocals work surprisingly well, but i'm still a bit skeptical of it all.

Enjoy it, is all i can say.


I swear everything Hideki Naganuma does is pure awesomeness. He has to be like the top ten Video Game composers in existence. He's also really great with fans too, give him a message and he replies in like 5 seconds.

Bearing in mind he only composed this one song, not the whole soundtrack. I believe it's actually an arrangement of the Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll Ice Lolly Land theme. Whatever it is, it's still amazing any-who.

Now luckily unlike say Jet Set Radio, there is only one sample really used (Despite it mostly being looped based anyways), so it allowed for me, to use a lot of cool unique synth patches, on my VST. Mix this in, with some saw leads, a choir and a whole load of dynamic drums to make this one funky journey. Bass could be beefed up, however if i did that it would clip the mix. Oh well i had a lot of fun with this, so enjoy it!

Draw My Life

posted in PRC402 on Jan 09, 2020
Comix Zone is the most unique game out there for sure. You play as a guy in a Comic Book beating up bad guys, while drawing parts of the page to complete it. Played it before and completed it, even if i had to use a cheat code. It's a bit unforgiving heh.

Now because this soundtrack rocks, and i er...don't really have the appropriate tools to make it rock, i did what i can. It sounds fine actually, although i'm a bit worried the drums are overkill especially the kick. I might have over compressed it a bit.

Still though, it's ok and i hope you enjoy it.

Power Surge

posted in 2HTS301 on Jan 05, 2020
This is not a light hearted scene, so brace yourself, things are about to get both weird and messed up.

This is pretty much on the level of harsh noise, and intense gabber. It's so experimental, that even the word experimental is pretty lame in comparison.

This is not something i expect on your IPod. I was trying to fit the theme, not fit the expectations of the listener. Besides, i actually love what i did here so...

Enjoy this messed up madness.

A Gift For Antik

posted in 2HTS300 on Dec 29, 2019
300! Wow so many sundays gone by so fast.

I just want to say Thank you so much Antik for making this possible. I wont be here as Im away on holiday, but I will submit as my way of saying thanks.

From me to all of you. Happy Birthday and enjoy this gift Im sending to you.

The Magic of the X-Mas Tree

posted in 2HTS299 on Dec 22, 2019
This clip is perfect to really showcase the warmth on Christmas. So i did just that, with nothing but happiness, warmth and good uplifting vibes. You may even shed a tear lol.

It's mostly techno like beats, with a lot of soothing uplifting ambience. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Party Food

posted in 2HTS298 on Dec 15, 2019
Mmmm Ready Salted crisps.....ahem sorry.

Not sure how exactly you would convey crisps into music. I mean who comes up with these ideas for 2hts videos? lol

In the end, i took the approach of party food, so i mean sort of party music. I settled on a Jump-style/Hardstyle thing, with a buildup and a drop. I don't know if it was the most fitting, but then again it is crisps yo.

Enjoy it, best i could come up with.

Out of Inspiration

posted in PRC401 on Dec 14, 2019
I could have done so much with this source.....except i can't. The repetition really helps this piece, and i prefer it more than not. Everytime i try and add more, it sounds pretty bad, and i revert to the atmospheric loops. I don't know, it sounds better for me.

Not much else to say, apart from the fact I used 909 drums. Enjoy i guess.

X-Mas in the States

posted in 2HTS297 on Dec 08, 2019
It's December time, so i'm feeling the Christmas feel more than usual today. This track however, can work at any time of the year. It's quite a atmospheric but fairly uplifting tune, with a combination of pads and breakbeats making for something both funky, but also soothing.

Twinkle in the Snow

posted in MnP108 on Dec 05, 2019
I'm not really going to say anything. Even the non-sonic fans out there should know, that the music is just sooooo goood!

For this one, i kept the spirit of the light-hearted pop/jazz thing, except made it more higher quality. The GBA does sound a bit limiting on some of the Advance tracks, even though i love the music in these games. With this in mind, i expanded it, and made the second half in a higher key, almost like a lot of Christmas of that era lol. My main focus was HD. Better instruments, more HD mixing, than the original.

Hope you enjoy it.
Since the theme is Couch Potato, i decided to go full lazy and make some Minimal LoFi Techno/House. It's repetitive, it's soothing, but it's also a track where i put some effort in, but not enough to go past the Couch Potato stage. Enjoy it for what it is.

Cool Edge Mega Bash

posted in PRC400 on Nov 27, 2019
As you can tell from the title, i put together a remix compilation of the entire Holoska Stage from Sonic Unleashed. I had both a lot of fun with this, but a lot of nightmares, because transcribing the Hub Worlds was a chore. No MIDI's were available and the textures used were incredibly rich, so a lot of masking was present. Put it short it ate most of my time, so much i did what the Lo-Fi kids do these day, and sampled the night hub instead of doing an actual remix. That's what good music does to you kids.

For all it is, just enjoy it. It's something at least.

In the Beginning

posted in 2HTS294 on Nov 17, 2019
I'm back! (Not that i needed to make it headline news lol)

This one was, beyond aggressive as a scene, to the point where i had to think about it, so i didn't end up making something long, abrasive and annoying. In the end, i thought about drone music with FX (Maybe with hints of DNB). I think it turned out pretty great.


posted in MnP107 on Nov 09, 2019
Funky indeed. Got a little carried away with the beats lol.

Remixed the source, and because why not, i also threw in the Elevator Beats in there as well, which is also from the soundtrack, as well as some of my own grooves, and er....yeah i really felt these drums lol. So it's mostly beat driven. That's not a bad thing. Toejam and Earl is pretty much, mostly drums. Hell there's even an option to jam along to some of the tunes, with it's own custom drum set In the game. (Pretty sweet feature, if you ask me)

All there is to say, is to enjoy it.

Mega Remix No 1 (BONUS DO NOT VOTE)

posted in PRC399 on Nov 05, 2019

Mega Turrican is a really simple but very effective soundtrack. Love the drums in this one, surprisingly good quality for the Genesis. Arguably among the finest in FM wizardry, the sound is crisp, clean and concise, and well er...memorable. I'd say it's my one of my favourites for sure.

I really liked the 80's vibe, so i tried some FM bass patches, that i liked. As a results, it's a little 80's retro feel. Was really using this as an excuse to try some patches lol.

All in all, hope you enjoy.

I Play a Mean Belly

posted in 2HTS292 on Nov 03, 2019
You could have not picked a more weird video. Belly Button Lint? That's like....,just...i have no words.

Anyways, i wanted Jazz, but it was too goofy, and i got a bit bored, since the last few i did were Jazz. In the end, i did a 180 and decided i was into a fast mood. So yes, this is hardcore with a H. Enjoy, and rock on!

Were Gonna Get You

posted in 2HTS291 on Oct 27, 2019
Pretty much 2 half's, one more aggressive than the other. This theme gave me the excuse to make trap, a style i'm not particularly into, because there's not much stylistic differences, and majority of this style, to me sounds formularic, but can be integrated in some cool ways. Use it right, and it sounds pretty dope. Second half is more straight up DNB. The one thing that remains is a simple consistent ambient motif throughout.

Enjoy it and Happy Halloween!

Wrong Number

posted in 2HTS290 on Oct 20, 2019
This is just straight up goofy. I suppose this is what you get, when you go into the world of Charleston and Dixie. Of course it's mixed with some thumping beats.

Shaken not Stirred

posted in 2HTS289 on Oct 13, 2019
I was feeling a rather lively jazzy mood, even if the subject matter doesn't convey much, and the video is a little more serious. I don't know, i found a sample i really liked, and didn't want to change, so i ended up making something out of it. That's why it's rather simple.

Just enjoy it regardless.

Secrets inside the Shore

posted in PRC398 on Oct 13, 2019
This is much harder than i thought. I'd thought you'd pick an easy one. This is a great source sure, but man it's difficult! Not sure how people are going to pull any major stylistic changes, because for me it was hard. I had to basically upgrade the sound, which is what this mix is. I could have changed it, but it wasn't working, so i left the original style as it is.

Enjoy it. It's the best i can come up with.


posted in MnP106 on Oct 08, 2019

DuckTales is a soundtrack, that doesn't need much to make it sound great. Noise channels for percussion, triangle for bass, and melody on squares. The one thing it was missing though, was a modern edge spookiness. So to compensate, for the heavy retro feel of the original, i upgraded it (With suitable rock drums, and bass), and added a theremin to up the Halloween flavour. I also expanded it too, since 40 seconds is faaar tooo short!

For what it is, I hope you enjoy it.

Masked Heisteria

posted in 2HTS288 on Oct 06, 2019
Notice my little pun in the title there....

I could have really gone any direction with this. I was at one point, thinking of a dark hip-hop track, but a part of me felt it was too tame. Really my main idea, was metal. Then of course i added gabber beats. Long story short, it's what the video was giving me, so i only hope you enjoy it anyways.

I'm Not Here

posted in 2HTS286 on Sep 22, 2019
I don't know what kind of techno this is lol. Too fast to be techno, but too soft to be hardcore. Meet in the middle maybe?

I felt another dark theme going on, this time with an intro, and a very repetitive bassline, except it's not deliberate, and it mixes in with sound effects, and a lot of atmospheric stuff. Just enjoy it, regardless.

The Locksmith The Nightmare

posted in 2HTS285 on Sep 15, 2019
A very minimalistic, very textured, soundscape based composition. Not exactly the most listenable, but u suppose has a lot of compelling sound design. I mean, the scene was very dark for me, so this is what i got out of it. I don't know, if you like this music, then great, otherwise enjoy it the best you can.

I love Truxton. Nothing complicated, but nothing forgettable. Very uplifting as well, for something that's all about intense action. It's actually a more calmer shoot-em-up so that's probably why. I'd figured, since it's a really short sound track, with 10 tracks at roughly 40 seconds a pop, i would remix it all. So regardless it's still a remix of this source, and well...all the other sources.

Covered here:

1. Brave Man - Title Theme
2. Far Away - Stage 1
3. Sally - Stage 2
4. Hope - Stage 3
5. Friend - Stage 4
6. Unknown - Stage 5
7. Crisis - Boss Theme
8. Downfall - Ending Theme
9. Again - Continue Theme
10. Recollection - Game Over Theme

Enjoy it anyways.

Imagination Creation Construction

posted in 2HTS284 on Sep 08, 2019
I love Minecraft, i love the music, definitely my top ten Video Game soundtracks. I just love this game. I'm not obsessed, but i do play it frequently. With this in mind, i sort of made a ambient soundtrack kind of thing for the game. Or something among those lines. Enjoy for what it is.

Nebulas Funk

posted in MnP105 on Sep 06, 2019
This is a rather simple source, where it's all about dark atmosphere, so nothing too complicated in the theme. As a result i tried a combination of ambient with maybe a bit of funk, as i would imagine this is how it would be in the original. Again it's a Game Boy Advance game, so we will expect saw-tooth synthesis and cheap squarewaves. Great tune though.

Let's just say it's a sound upgrade, for the sake of easiness lol. I hope you enjoy anyways.

In the Scoop

posted in 2HTS283 on Sep 01, 2019
I'm back from my travels, so i can do things proper now, on real music software.

For this one, i felt something funky, so i chopped up samples, to make hooks, all served on top of a nice beat. Think French House, or Nu-Disco. Something along those lines.

I hope you enjoy.

Power of the Boss

posted in PRC396 on Aug 31, 2019
So glad i got to submit. I'd thought that the extension wasn't going to be updated here, and i would loose out on an entry. Nonetheless here it is.

I didn't really change much, apart from maybe a lot of sound upgrades. Didn't even expand it, largely because i didn't any ideas flowing on expansion, i just kept it as it is. I think it's still going to be good anyhow.

Summer Nights

posted in 2HTS282 on Aug 25, 2019
Still on holiday, not far before I arrive home. Another track made in 30 minutes using GarageBand. This time, a minimalistic deep house number. No chat today, so good luck to you all.

Playtime Cooking Hour

posted in 2HTS280 on Aug 11, 2019
It's a kids thing, so i felt a whimsical uplifting melody come along. Think hip-hop, but mixed with ambient music, sort of a kids musical kind of thing, with a lot of melodic sections.

Put it short, it's a barrel of fun. Enjoy it as you can.

Bricks and Torture

posted in 2HTS279 on Aug 04, 2019
I made this as aggressive, but yet also cinematic as possible, to reflect the absolute pain, it is, to have shards of Lego on the floor. Stepping on one of these, is like stepping on a bed of nails. I written it in 5/4, making for quite an experimental hardcore track.

Lego is not fun kids. Lego is not fun.....


posted in 2HTS278 on Jul 28, 2019
The video was very simple in what it was trying to convey, so ideas were fast and straight-forward.

Ambient music, seemed the most appropriate, pretty satisfied with this one. Hope you enjoy it.

Silent But Deadly

posted in PRC395 on Jul 24, 2019
Despite it being a Sega Genesis soundtrack, where pretty much you will expect FM, it's very 80s sounding, almost like Synthpop. With that in mind, i went in that direction, making use of squelchy synths, brooding pads, and sort of big drums (Not too big, where it takes up the whole room).

The Phantasy Star series definitely contains some under-looked music. Go check out the score, it's pretty dope. Personally for me, i prefer Phantasy Star IV's soundtrack, but number 2 is still great so...

All in all, i hope you enjoy.

Summer Paradise (Bonus! Do Not Vote!)

posted in MnP104 on Jul 22, 2019
This is a BONUS MIX. Do not vote for it!

This track is straight up uplifting summer. Reggae vibes, is the melodic elements, and the DnB beats, make it less generic, and more unique. The melody is strong in this one too, even with it's simple chord progressions (Reggae after all, doesn't need ambiguous harmony) One of my favourites from Sonic Lost World for sure.

As usual with both MnP and Bonus Mixes, i tend to mainly upgrade, since many tracks need the love it deserves, so i kept the vibe of the original. Even then, that's the point of MnP so, regardless i kept the feel of the original.

Why Wont You Smile Dear

posted in 2HTS277 on Jul 21, 2019
In all honesty this theme seems to want a very specific type of music, which can be hard... Good thing is I found something I like.

Call it a Piano Synth Waltz. Quite Happy but also, has a fairly moody tone. Enjoy it what it is....

Clear Your Mind

posted in 2HTS276 on Jul 14, 2019
Best i can come up with. Only had a short amount of time, because i had to leave. Ambient music does seem the best choice for Yoga...sooo....

Spaceship Infiltration

posted in 2HTS275 on Jul 07, 2019
Pretty satisfied with this one. Especially now that i can stop making hardcore and divert to other genres, which with this one, is a cross between ambient and acid. Mysterious, but not spooky, and certainly can be reworked and remixed into a techno track. Enjoy for what it is.


posted in 2HTS274 on Jun 30, 2019
"Living in Technology Yields a Greater Man"

Experimental, with a bit of noise sections, acid, and fast square-wave distortion for something like hardcore, but more diluted. More DNB if you ask me. I was really going for something futuristic with this one. It is after all, cyberpunk.

Psycho Rave (BONUS! DO NOT VOTE!)

posted in PRC394 on Jun 27, 2019
I have no words to tell you how amazing this soundtrack is. I've already stated why it's so good, in the description of this compo above. Sometimes in life, if it's such a good piece of music, then all you need to do, is keep quiet and enjoy it.

Now this is a bonus, so i knew i wanted to keep the original feel, as it showcases perfect balance between structure, melody and rhythm.

Not only did i have fun making this, i also consider it, to actually be my best work. I'm proud i didn't go overboard and really blast the speakers, like some of my other entries.

Enjoy the driving synth based techno piece.


posted in 2HTS273 on Jun 23, 2019
I had to go through a few revisions and ideas, before i found something i liked. In this case, it's a 6 minute noise based driving percussive experimental hard techno number. Enjoy it, it was the best i could come up with.

By the Ocean

posted in MnP103 on Jun 12, 2019
This tune definitely has the nice old-skool jazzy synth rock feel to it. Something i'd expect from a chill beach game.

I wanted to keep the feel, because it the style was perfect for it. To be honest, it's just an extended HD upgrade, which makes sense, as it is MnP. It did need expanding though, it's waaaay too short!

Just enjoy it, whatever it is.

Surgery (AKA Soundscape Gabber)

posted in 2HTS271 on Jun 09, 2019
"How dare you use that word! What you think all this only a shadow. Pain....has a face. Allow me to show it to you.....gentlemen"

Pretty much what it says on the title. Very atmospheric soundscapes create for something dark ominous and creepy, while random explosions of gabber pop in for something unexpected and heart-racing.

As much as i didn't want to, i had a lot to say with this one, so it is a fairly lengthy tune. Surely your not going to bash me for doing 6 minutes.

Mountain of Life

posted in PRC393 on Jun 07, 2019
I like this source. Simple, effective and combines a bit of cinematic flavour with your usual synth-pop/rock beats. I don't think it's the best entry I've done, but i am happy enough to keep it.

Again, added orchestral parts, to a synth bass, while retaining a sort of drive to the beats...which come off as extremely repetitive, but i somehow lost my project when working on this, and i don't really want to do it again. Who knows, maybe it's good or not.

Put it this way, it was a good enough source to merit me, a somewhat palletable remix.

Enjoy it, whatever happens.
"The world was seconds away from it's worst nuclear accident"

Who knew almonds were great, at fast deep, rich, juicy hard, pounding, head-inducing, acid infusing, atmospheric, dark, pulsating psy-trance.

Or should i say Psycore. I dunno, i found it engaging at a fast tempo, compared to a moderate tempo. (To be fair, Psy-Trance is fast to begin with)

Ridin in the West, High on Sugar

posted in 2HTS268 on May 19, 2019
It's one of them days, where a simple theme can end up with a brutal sounding hardcore track. Honestly it was the choice of bluegrass music that made me do it. You can't really slow bluegrass down, or it sounds absolutely boring, and terrible. So today you get distorted beats. Whatever it is, just enjoy it.

Deep Sea DNB

posted in PRC392 on May 15, 2019
No point in explaining in how good this track is. Everyone including me, always knows how Sonic the Hedgehog comes up with awesome music, everytime, in every game (Maybe with the exception of one or 2 soundtracks)

All i did, was a drum and bass remix, sort of like the original, but expanded to a 5 minute runtime. Whatever happens, just enjoy it.

What Happened

posted in 2HTS265 on Apr 28, 2019
Ambient Breakcore. I've started a new movement in chillout lol.

Frenetic meats soothing. It actually sounds less weird than you think. Enjoy.

The Joyful Rabbit

posted in 2HTS264 on Apr 21, 2019
A simple breakbeat kind of track, littered with samples and other sounds, to create something, full of uplifting fun. It's pretty much a cheerful soundtrack to a dull day. Have fun!

Techno Speedway (BONUS DO NOT VOTE!)

posted in PRC391 on Apr 21, 2019
This is a bonus, please do not vote for it.

So many great games with so many great soundtracks often go ignored. Unless your Amiga mad, or know your early computer games, chances are you may not know this one, which you should. The soundtrack is full of intricate synth layers, and beautiful pounding beats. Pretty much the Techno Heads golden ticket to really good music.

I actually managed to look at the mod, and i was really surprised he only used 2 channels. 2 channels, for the entire composition, yet it sounds like he used 7. That goes to show, how limiting yourself can often lead to good results.

This really is probably the more memorable and enjoyable soundtracks for this system. My take is pretty much a more 90's styled regrade. I say regrade, as both an upgrade and a remake. Rave stabs power through as hits, synth basses, you know the usual stuff. It's a bonus, so don't think about it too much. Whatever happens just enjoy it.

Memories of Reflection

posted in 2HTS263 on Apr 14, 2019
Wow this is one awesome theme, probably the best since my first entry. Quite an emotional scene, hence the more emotional composition.

Best described as Orchestral Ambient with synthesis added. Simple, but very effective. Enjoy as it is.

Distorted Kick and Zub

posted in PRC390 on Apr 02, 2019
Remind me to never make hardstyle again......

Great tune, even though both are completely different in style. I will be real, i found it difficult to merge both, as they are very different. So i only got something out of the C64 source. Oh well, let's hope someone else manages yes?

Let's just say it' yes?

Enjoy the
Ok i'll be real with you, i couldn't remix one source, or combine sources into one mix (There all too good to ignore), so i did the unthinkable, i remixed all 3 as separate remixes. That's right, you are hearing 3 remixes each with it's own signature style.

The first one, which is the RCT2 remix, is essentially ambient music, before beats and bass turn it into something more upbeat, but it never looses it's feel.

The second is a more rock based arrangement of the Octopus theme from Mega Man X. It has a synth lead kind of melody, and electric guitars. And a slap bass.

The last is the Godzilla remix, which enhances the lead melody with synths, and uses a bass guitar. What you would call Synth Rock. I didn't add much else, as i liked the minimalistic atmosphere i got from my choice of sounds. But i did extend it, like i did for the others, as it's way too short (40 seconds long)

Whatever happens, i hope you enjoy all 3 as one track.

Strength of Unity

posted in 2HTS259 on Mar 17, 2019
A bit of a interesting one, but i found something useful. Might be a bit repetitive because i wasn't getting anything other than simple chord progressions. My mind was going for as simple but detailed as possible. Whatever it is, enjoy.

Despite how hard it can be, i got something tangible.

That 80s Swamp

posted in PRC389 on Mar 13, 2019
It's an NES tune, so a lot of it, is left up to interpretation (It's 2 channels of Squarewaves, 1 channel of triangle, and a noise channel, so that's quite limiting, meaning creativity is going to be needed).

I don't know what exact style he was going for, but it felt very much like 80's synth, so this is what i came up with. It's a nice tune, very much reminds me of Follin, meets David Whittaker. Whatever it is, i hope you enjoy.

My Jazzy Side

posted in 2HTS258 on Mar 10, 2019
Like an ego, we have 2 sides. Both routed in Jazz, but one is Bossa Nova and the other is standard swing, with a guitar. It's more synth, but the Jazz is still there. Just enjoy whatever happens.

3 Sided Experimentation

posted in 2HTS257 on Mar 03, 2019
After many attempts of making something, i always for some reason revert to my first idea, which is this. It's essentially something experimental and a bit noise based. The beats layer into each other, with DNB styled chops, but less frantic. There is also filtering action going on, and different sound effects, to help add a really dark atmosphere to the piece.

Whatever happens, just enjoy.

Racer n Roller

posted in 2HTS256 on Feb 24, 2019
My take on a rather frenetic blues rock kind of thing. Of course, i only have so much in my disposal, but for what it is, i kind of like it (It's more synth that live, but again, it's interpretation). I was trying more riff based approaches than full chord sequences, so it may be slightly repetitive.

Whatever it is, just enjoy.

Surfing the Silver

posted in StW4 on Feb 18, 2019
I can't argue the legacy Tim and Geoff Follin have made in the retro video game community. Alongside Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and Jeroen Tel they were considered the best in NES composing. Only the true chiptune fans will recognise the genius of these composers.

What i like about the music, is the really well used sounds. They really got some good synth patches for a limited system, and of course Drums without Squarewaves or PCM, which is impressive on it' s own. Of course other composers are just as good, but they knew what they were dealing with the system.

My take is more or less a Acid House/Techno mix, expanded for a longer runtime. Nothing much else to say, i was more or less kind of going for a HD upgrade. Oh well enjoy.


posted in 2HTS255 on Feb 17, 2019
Might be a bit loud, because its a bit experimental.

The video is a little weird but in the end I found something good enough.

I call it experimental ambient because the beats dont convey much DNB, even though its at that tempo. Oh well I hope you enjoy.
I took a race through to Planet Automation to meet Kirby in the Greens, but stopping to look at the stars, where plumbers go to temporarily be invincible.

A mashup of 5 sources in one!

The bulk of the composition uses Ridge Racer, and majority of it, is based around it's beats and tempo.

The melodies of Planet Automation (Ristar) and Titania (Starfox) are integrated.

The ending switches to Green Greens (Kirby) for some added WTF.

There is also a brief Star passage (From Mario).....because why the hell not.

What i did, was created a actual well produced mix....then literally trashed the hell out of it. Even though the mix is, meant to a proper remix, At times, it looks like one big head explosion. So many samples, ranging from Dexter, to Pulp Fiction, to the Windows theme, to integration of the Simpsons, to fart e....ok i'm boring you, just enjoy the music


posted in 2HTS253 on Feb 03, 2019
A rather epic, light-hearted, and in a way, uplifting DNB track, all about the rather majestic feel of what a special bird can give to you.

Might be a bit loud in parts, but a lot of it, is part of the genre. Enjoy it anyways.


posted in PRC387 on Jan 25, 2019
I tried incorporating some elements of the second source, which is great pick, but it felt out of tune with the track, and it was already going for too long. So i decided it's to leave it, and do a normal bonus mix) Honestly in this set up, i don't think it's fair i should really participate and do a proper mix, as i already won the last 3 rounds. So yes, i will sit this out, and Bonus mix my track.

Summer Carnival 1992 Recca is actually an extremely impressive game. This was release in 1992 for NES. Sure at that point the NES, was already a sell out (As in it shipped to almost every house) But regardless of time period, this is one visual feat. First of, the system itself barely scrapes 30 FPS (In fact, probably even less) and yet the game still managed 300mph worth of enemies that come charging at you. Really though the most impressive is the music. We have 5 channels used to it's maximum capabilities, with each sound constructed, with actual consideration. There is over 2 sounds playing simultaneously in the PCM, all at extremely decent NES quality, so to say that this isn't technical impressive, would be stupid.

Honestly with all respect, yes this soundtrack is a little repetitive, but that's like all techno. You can be creative with your mixes, and thanks to the second source, it's not hard to combine them (Of course the Sax Solo). I do hope we get a mix of entries, especially those, that combine both sources, because that would be more impressive, and it can show appreciation for both sources.

My bonus mix, is essentially what the soundtrack would sound-like if it was remixed in 1992. It's probably not the most inventive mix, but it's a Bonus, and i really wanted to keep the stylistic choices, as this is for me, what made the soundtrack unique. Again, it's only a bonus, take whatever you can from it.


posted in 2HTS251 on Jan 20, 2019
A Karate Legend would need a legendary theme. Allow me to present, what i call Epic Breakbeat, a la Prodigy. We have strings and pads, and a chunk full of 303's.

Electro Computing

posted in 2HTS250 on Jan 13, 2019
Here's some Electro for ya, featuring my MC Robot.

It has the recognisable, yet irritating dial up sound and a whole load of juicy funk tones. Enjoy it as you can.


Hello, let me introduce you to the wonders of the world wide web!


Computer, C-C-C-C Computer, Computer, Computer (X6)

I'm sorry, I don't compute

Computer, C-C-C-C Computer, Computer, Computer (X4)

I'm sorry Internet Explore has experienced a problem, we may need to reboot.

1, 2. 1, 2, 2, 2, 2 (x2)

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 4, 5

1, 2. 1, 2, 2, 2, 2 (x2)

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 4, 5

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 4, 5

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

3-3-3, 2, 2, 2, 4, 5

I'm sorry i don't compute.

Error (X3)

Computer, C-C-C-C Computer, Computer, Computer (X4)

You have received a pop-up advert for a new Matt Damon DVD. Do you accept?

Computer, C-C-C-C Computer, Computer, Computer (X4)

Thank you, Windows is now logging off.

Escape the Disco Inferno

posted in StW2 on Jan 11, 2019
This is a remix of the escape scene, in Havana Night of the game.

Although this soundtrack isn't revolutionary, and honestly not my personal favourite of the guy, there are a few gems to be found. Seriously though, this soundtrack is funky. It's interesting how he achieved sound really funky guitars, as a lot of the tracks here sound like he used a tracker (I read somewhere in an interview he still uses a tracker, even for the modern games).

All in all, it's simply and elegant. My take on the soundtrack is more funk than rock. (Yes there are some more rock oriented pieces on the score). It's a very simple piece, but there is a lot of interesting ideas to be found on here. Enjoy whatever happens.

Staff Rock n Roll

posted in MnP99 on Jan 05, 2019
I'm not well knowledgeable in getting a realistic rock sound out of a DAW, but for what i did here, i like it enough. Seriously though if i was loaded (Which sadly, i'm not) I could make this into a live cover, because i think my guitars could very well be a contender for the weakest. As a whole though i like it, and that's all i could say.

This is definitely suited for a live element, and not so much a sequenced on a DAW kind of deal. All i say to you is enjoy it, and hope that it was tangible.

This one was tough for me, as the other source is just as good, but because i won the last one, it's probably a bonus anyways. I hope we have a good mix of entries, and if someone remixes both, i'd be impressed. Whatever i decided to be a little safe lol and do some Contra Remixing.

This is an awesome tune. I will say Contra Hard Corps has some pretty kickass guitar solo's like this one. Format X also has a pretty great solo. Seriously the soundtrack is fast and frenetic, but pretty enjoyable, for me my personal favourite in the franchise. I've played the game too, and my god i couldn't reach the end without Game Genie XD.

My take is less metal, than the soundtrack is advertising it to be, despite the fact half the score is raving techno. This track sounds very rave, despite it's sort of metal influences at the end, and beginning. I really took the electronic rave/90's sound to the front, so we have a loud euphoric, but intense track.

To simplify it, it's pure rave and i hope you enjoy it anyways.

New Start

posted in 2HTS248 on Dec 30, 2018
I really felt i could have done more with this. But I didn't have much time as i had to leave. So er....yeah.

It's a rather minimal, repetitive but very atmospheric techno number written in 5/4. That's it really. Enjoy.

Fearless! (Original Soundtrack)

posted in PRC385 on Dec 27, 2018
I don't know what counts as free on here, but it did state their wasn't really any limitations. I don't know, this is what i had in my mind.

It's a fictitious (Rather Short) soundtrack to a bullet hell styled Shoot-Em-Up called Fearless. It's an arcade game (Totally not inspired by Battle Garegga lol). and consists of a ship brawling through locations taking down a swarm of enemies. There is a boss at the end of each stage. (6 Stages in Total)

There isn't a plot (Because it doesn't showcase much of a story in game).

The soundtrack is very rave based, as with a number of shoot-em-ups. I was really taking notes from other Shoot-Em-Ups while adding my own style to it.

Whatever happens i hope this is acceptable, and i hope you enjoy.

The following below is a track listing:

1. Title Screen - 0:00
2. Choose your Ship - 0:53
3. Stage 1 - Takes place in the City - 1:19
4. Stage 2 - Takes place in a Dark Forest - 3:12
5. Stage 3 - Takes place in a Carnival - 4:48
6. Stage 4 - Takes place in the Snow - 6:22
7. Stage 5 - Takes place in a giant Wasteland - 7:52
8. Stage 6 - Takes place in the Power Plant - 9:32
9. Boss Theme - All the bosses from Stage 1 to 6 - 11:17
10. Final Boss Theme - 13:12
11. Ending - The credit sequence after you win the game - 14:19
12. Results - The scoreboard - 15:24
13. Extra Life - 16:24
14. Stage Clear - Complete a Stage - 16:30
15. Game Clear - Defeat the Final Boss - 16:37
16. Game Over - 16:48
17. Continue Theme - Comes after Game Over - 16:55
18. Bonus! - Happens at the end of a stage based on the number of points you earn - 17:22

Family Christmas

posted in 2HTS247 on Dec 23, 2018
I love Christmas! Here's a nice festive smooth hip hop track to get you in the mood. Might not be able to stay for chat very long, but I can make it.
A remix of The Brood Queen and Her Claws aka the Final Boss


Simply standard electro stuff. I love the soundtrack, it relies on simplicity, but has a rather focused approached to it's sound design. I wanted to keep it's feel, but expand on it a bit.

The Temple of Warmth

posted in 2HTS246 on Dec 16, 2018
I almost thought i wasn't going to make it, because i was out all day, an i didn't have the time to get back. But i did it, and i'm glad.

A bit of a breakbeat number, with Chinese instrumentation. Enjoy.

I'm sorry but i couldn't resist. I absolutely love this tune! It's not often you find video game music that really goes beyond the boundaries of what you would normally find in a Video Game soundtrack. I don't know about you, but the sounds that Yuzo and Motohiro got out of such a ridiculously limited system are well crafted, and the experimentation also sets it apart from the standard melodic and harmony's it had. Sure you have to have appreciation for it, and nobody should force you to like it, but my word this is impressive and completely unique in itself.

I wanted a raw crunchy sound, so i made sure to carefully craft my synths, just like what they had to do back in the day. A lot of processing to the drums, and things like that. Enjoy anyways.

Mind Trance

posted in 2HTS243 on Nov 25, 2018
I had mixed ideas for this one, but eventually settled on this mellow, but upbeat Big Beat tune, you know like the Prodigy? Enjoy it anyways.

Destroy the Weak

posted in 2HTS241 on Nov 11, 2018
This one was actually quite easy to be honest. Ideas came quick and fast. The video gave me a rather epic mood, so i made an intense rock/metal type deal with huge amounts of orchestration for a more cinematic feel. I will say, it's not always easy without the real thing, but i think i pulled it off. Enjoy it anyways.


posted in 2HTS240 on Nov 04, 2018
A little repetitive, but that's the whole purpose of the genre. Mainly a techno thumper, that is one half mellow, one half creepy. Enjoy it as it is.

Like a Ninja

posted in MnP97 on Nov 01, 2018
Sometimes it can be hard, to determine the direction of the track, when the music is dealing with limitations, especially since it came from an really old console. Nevertheless i still managed construct a somewhat decent sounding track.

From listening i got a 80's synth vibe, largely with it's disco like bassline, and rather locked straight 4/4 beat. I don't know, your mainly dealing with Squarewaves, so creativity is going to be needed.

For all that it was worth, i think i did a fairly good job. I'm not the judge, that's for you to decide. Enjoy anyways.

Haunted Mansion

posted in PRC382 on Oct 28, 2018
Great tune, but super hard to arrange, because of how complex it is. I tried for a Garage sound, but the end result sounds nothing like my idea. It;'s almost like spooky techno. Enjoy it anyways.

Enter the Forest

posted in MnP96 on Oct 22, 2018
I'll be blunt you guys, i'm not much of a Castlevania freak, so i went at this, just about completely blind, but i'm somewhat happy with the results.
At least i tried eh?

It's mainly a rock type deal, but with a lot of the orchestration the original had. Honestly you could call it a HD remix, but don't let that discourage you from listening. Overall, i'm happy with it, that's all i can say.

The Lonely Man

posted in 2HTS238 on Oct 21, 2018
Trying more sampled based materiel for this one. Mainly drum and bass, but the choice of samples give it more of a atmospheric soul vibe. Just enjoy it, regardless.


posted in 2HTS236 on Oct 07, 2018
Probably the first time I've ever used real strings in a 2HTS production. It's mainly ambient, although the drums suggest a more breakbeat vibe. The whole thing is in 3/4 by the ways.

Feel the Force Inbetween the Grass

posted in PRC381 on Sep 28, 2018
This is almost like an expanded and enhanced version. I tend not to stray from the original as i want it to still be identifiable. I never seem to get good results from making things completely original anyways.

I made new sections, while still borrowing from the original, because the original composition was just barely over 1 minute long, while this is about 4 minutes.

I sort of made it this fast synth rock, similar to how the original did it.


posted in 2HTS234 on Sep 23, 2018
I'm not sure how sand relates to this love like scene, but whatever. I ended up with a extremely uplifting experimental ambient track.
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OHC642 Feb 04, 2021
MnP121 Feb 01, 2021
OHC641 Jan 26, 2021
90MC001 Jan 26, 2021
PRC420 Jan 25, 2021
PRC419 Jan 18, 2021
OHC640 Jan 18, 2021
OHC639 Jan 09, 2021
OHC638 Jan 03, 2021
OHC637 Dec 28, 2020
OHC636 Dec 24, 2020
OHC635 Dec 11, 2020
OHC634 Dec 10, 2020
MnP119 Dec 03, 2020
2HTS348 Dec 02, 2020
OHC633 Dec 02, 2020
OHC632 Nov 24, 2020
OHC631 Nov 13, 2020
OHC630 Nov 06, 2020
OHC629 Oct 30, 2020
OHC628 Oct 29, 2020
MnP118 Oct 29, 2020
PRC415 Oct 21, 2020
OHC627 Oct 20, 2020
2HTS340 Oct 11, 2020
OHC626 Oct 10, 2020
MnP117 Oct 02, 2020
OHC625 Oct 02, 2020
OHC624 Sep 25, 2020
OHC623 Sep 19, 2020
OHC622 Sep 14, 2020
2HTS337 Sep 13, 2020
OHC621 Sep 04, 2020
2HTS335 Sep 03, 2020
OHC620 Sep 02, 2020
MnP116 Sep 02, 2020
OHC619 Aug 21, 2020
2HTS332 Aug 16, 2020
OHC618 Aug 15, 2020
OHC617 Aug 09, 2020
OHC616 Jul 31, 2020
2HTS330 Jul 30, 2020
OHC615 Jul 28, 2020
2HTS329 Jul 22, 2020
OHC614 Jul 22, 2020
PRC411 Jul 22, 2020
2HTS328 Jul 14, 2020
OHC613 Jul 10, 2020
2HTS327 Jul 06, 2020
OHC611 Jul 01, 2020
2HTS326 Jun 28, 2020
OHC610 Jun 20, 2020
2HTS323 Jun 13, 2020
OHC609 Jun 13, 2020
OHC608 Jun 05, 2020
2HTS322 Jun 01, 2020
OHC607 May 31, 2020
2HTS321 May 24, 2020
OHC606 May 24, 2020
2HTS320 May 19, 2020
OHC605 May 16, 2020
2HTS319 May 11, 2020
2HTS318 May 03, 2020
MnP112 May 01, 2020
OHC603 May 01, 2020
2HTS317 Apr 27, 2020
OHC602 Apr 24, 2020
2HTS316 Apr 19, 2020
OHC601 Apr 17, 2020
2HTS315 Apr 13, 2020
PRC406 Apr 12, 2020
2HTS314 Apr 12, 2020
OHC600 Apr 10, 2020
OHC599 Apr 03, 2020
MnP111 Mar 30, 2020
2HTS313 Mar 29, 2020
OHC598 Mar 27, 2020
PRC405 Mar 23, 2020
2HTS312 Mar 22, 2020
OHC597 Mar 20, 2020
2HTS311 Mar 15, 2020
2HTS310 Mar 08, 2020
2HTS309 Mar 01, 2020
2HTS308 Feb 23, 2020
2HTS307 Feb 16, 2020
2HTS306 Feb 13, 2020
PRC403 Feb 06, 2020
2HTS305 Feb 04, 2020
2HTS304 Jan 27, 2020
2HTS303 Jan 20, 2020
2HTS302 Jan 12, 2020
2HTS301 Jan 05, 2020
2HTS300 Jan 03, 2020
2HTS299 Dec 22, 2019
PRC401 Dec 21, 2019
2HTS298 Dec 17, 2019
2HTS297 Dec 12, 2019
2HTS296 Dec 04, 2019
PRC400 Nov 29, 2019
2HTS294 Nov 18, 2019
2HTS293 Nov 10, 2019
2HTS292 Nov 03, 2019
2HTS291 Oct 27, 2019
2HTS290 Oct 20, 2019
PRC398 Oct 17, 2019
2HTS289 Oct 13, 2019
2HTS288 Oct 06, 2019
2HTS287 Sep 29, 2019
2HTS286 Sep 22, 2019
2HTS285 Sep 15, 2019
2HTS284 Sep 14, 2019
MnP104 Aug 11, 2019
PRC392 Jun 01, 2019
MnP102 May 29, 2019
MnP101 Apr 21, 2019
PRC390 Apr 20, 2019
PRC388 Mar 13, 2019
MnP100 Mar 04, 2019
PRC387 Feb 13, 2019
MnP99 Jan 28, 2019
PRC386 Jan 23, 2019
PRC385 Jan 03, 2019
MnP98 Dec 30, 2018
MnP97 Nov 29, 2018
PRC383 Nov 28, 2018
PRC382 Nov 10, 2018
2HTS227 Aug 05, 2018