Week 26 (90MC026)

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Jul 20, 2021 Vaiaphraim
  1. hubris in the face of geologic inevitability
  2. Race through the magma
  3. the sound of magma

@cotmm: Great work, I'm blown away by the samples and processing. Theme is totally on point, and the ambience totally sets the mood. It's hard to describe in words, it's not the most "melodic" piece, yet enjoyable in its own way, hypnotizing and inspiring. Great work!

@Sansero: I love Kirby's style, and I love yours. The results speak for themselves. Great entry, nice leads and harmonies. I think the bass could use a bit more volume in some parts; the ideas are amazing, just the execution could use a bit more work.

@Lyra: Lyra-Metal should be its own genre! Great interpretation of the theme, nice work with these samples of yours, and a cool arrangement all in all. And these screams at the end? Totally on point. GJ!

@JohnGabrielUK: I loved the intro, and the transition to the more energetic part. I think some harmonies could go a long way in the second part, I felt there there was even more potential. Great interpretation of the theme, I find!

@Jose: BEEP. I love how microwavy the microwave sounds. All these appliances, rattling, shaking, coming alive in your track. I had a lot of fun and enjoyment with the result :)

@TVG: So many variations on a single sample... I love the creativity. Nice use of reverb and filters, and I totally approve of the sample choice. (Especially of that cute square-y arp in the background!)

Jul 22, 2021 Sansero
  1. Can't Take the Heat
  2. Red Cracks
  3. chess

Jul 25, 2021 Jose
  1. Race through the magma
  2. Red Cracks
  3. Can't Take the Heat

Jul 26, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. hubris in the face of geologic inevitability
  2. Can't Take the Heat
  3. Red Cracks

Another great week you guys! Finally managed to get around to attending the listening party, instead of listening later on. It's not often i do this, because it's usually in the middle of teatime which is awkward for me, so i'm glad i managed to make it this time. Anyways.

TheVideoGamer - I made this track solely on the purpose of the images being very intense and fire-like. I could have done a hardcore track, but the images were very unusual. It was like a softer version of fire or something. It had a very distinctive rough texture with the feel of light calmness to it. I don't know, i didn't want to go straight into hardcore, it felt too obvious. Instead i actually had a crazy unique idea that i wanted to try. Basically i created a loop lasting 1 bar, with everything written in 6/8. The loop was a mixture of dark and industrial elements, with more hopeful kind of light melodic ideas. Mainly a 1 chord choir-ish pad and a bell motif. Nothing happens, you are hearing that for it's full runtime. That's it. What makes it different, is there is a delay on all the drums, various white noise swells, and an insane amount of reverb, which slowly gets brought down as we progress, before it goes back up again. The loop is modulated throughout therefore making it less repetitive and more of a modulation. Love how unique it is, glad you liked it too!

Lyra_183 - I'm suspecting Metal is your favourite style lol. Very nice stabs at the start of each loop, everything is intense like Metal. The vocals at the end, could have been throughout the piece, not at the end, but i don't see this as a bad thing, it's more so it could have been interesting with lyrics throughout. Like this one a lot, well done!

JohnGabrielUK - Ooh very nice interesting grooves, definately didn't expect this from JohnGabriel, however though when the strings come in, i started to hear more of your familiar sound. The drum grooves were funky, love the melodic blend. For some reason it reminds me of a film soundtrack by Graeme Ravell, since it has a kind of rock/electronic/classical hybrid, who knows. Long story short, lovely sounds well done!

cotmm68030 - I see you, trying to dodge a bullet lol. Bang on for 6, you were very close XD. As you can tell, i'm a huge sucker for your soundscapes, you make such beautiful long drawn out pieces. I also love how you had an idea in this case, and made it a prominent feature of your composition. Who knew the sound of wood from a piano would turn into a fire percussive element. The whole thing is evocative, theme accurate and very well developed for 6 minutes, awesome work!

Vaiaphraim - When i first heard your style it was mainly chiptune, but now i'm starting to hear you shift more towards Dubstep like EDM sounds. Sometimes you blend both, other times it's one or the other. I love how your trying something new, especially since you excel at EDM super well. I dig the tight kick here a lot, and the cool polyrhythms at parts. Melodies were incredible. All in all, lovely work, well done!

Sansero - Nice to attempt new styles, always great. Really digging the synths here, such a nice range of melodies. The drums were unfortunately quiet and soft for this style, however i do love the melodies here so I'll give you it. Well done!

Jose - Wait so all of this is from your microwave? I assume fire=heat right? Pulling a Andrew Huang on us are we? lol. The sounds and grooves are surprisingly really good to say it's all composed from Microwave sounds. The only downside i sadly have, is you have a lot of silent parts, therefore making it less like music, and more like an experiment in sound. The grooves are lovely, and you could have done a lot more to it. Saying that though, I'll give you this one, only because the idea was too creative and fun to ignore. Well done!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, JohnGabrielUK, Vaiaphraim.

Awesome - Even if some tracks could be improved, i consider everyone's track to be awesome.

Need Work - Nothing, because as above everyone's was awesome.