Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition (MnP)

MnP is dedicated to conservative remixing. Staying true and close to the source as possible is where it's at here. MnP is the bastard half-brother of PRC, thusly it is similar in design. Some original re-interpretation is encouraged, so long as it doesn't sound completely separate from the source tune's original intent.

Organizer: TheVideoGamer & hoboka

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Spooktober 3: ROTM (MnP142) 

posted in Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition on 10/7/23

I have posted a poll on the MnP OCR page that determines the future of MnP. If you want to vote on it, click here:

The last round yielded no results. I tried to prolong this for as long as possible, but it seems nobody is interested, so i eventually decided to move on. This was meant to be on the 1st of October, but i had a lot of commitments on, and also, i was stubborn enough to give it one more shot in hopes of receiving any entries, but it wasn't meant to be. I've finally managed to get my act together and prepare the Halloween special. Better late than never.

As you may know, October time means it's Halloween! So it's time to do another one of our Halloween special rounds! As i did with the last round, this is gonna be completely different, and it's gonna be one hell of a show. Let's see what we have in store!

Ok so in this round you will be tasked in remixing any Halloween based theme from any SONIC or MARIO game. This can be in the form of a level, a boss theme or even a track that's not a stage theme, but plays a significant role in the game. To help you here's what i'm looking for:

  1. Any musical piece that is a main proponent of any SONIC or MARIO Game, that is very spooky and embodies the themes and ideas of Halloween.
  2. The track must be a main part of the game. So no minor cutscene music, jingles, or small elements that don't make up the game.
  3. The music and the stage must be related to the concept of Halloween related items, like Ghost's and Vampires etc. I cannot accept normal video game music. It must be deliberately spooky.
  4. The track is an official part of the game, i won't accept Fan Hacks or Fan Made games.
  5. No crossover games. It's either a Mario source, or a Sonic source.

Any source from any genre, in any length is accepted. It just needs to be a Halloween type piece from a Sonic or Mario game.

These rules are there to ensure that this is a Halloween based round, and some user uploading a random Sonic remix, if you catch my drift. Halloween encompasses many ideas and traditions, so you will definately not be short on musical ideas.

Conditions in regards to submitting:

  1. None of the rules in regards to source/remix selection apply here, since it's a Halloween round, however the standard uploading rules for ThaSauce (20mb size, MP3 etc...) remain as normal.
  2. You can remix more than one source in this round, but i will only accept a maximum of 3 submissions.
  3. This round and any other special rounds bares no relation to any of the sister compo's and/or it's affiliates (Such as PRC

And that's it really. I'm here for any questions you may have, and i'm willing to guide you into opening up your own creative ideas for this round. There will never be a limitation of the music you can make that is based off the wonderful traditions of Halloween. Good luck guys, and remember to have fun!

Here's a concrete list to any levels featured in the SONIC series:

Here's a concrete list to any levels featured in the MARIO series:

MIDI files for Mario games:

MIDI files for Sonic games:

There isn't a database specifically for Sonic Games, but if you go to, find the video game system your game is from, and then scroll to your game you'll be able to find it. CTRL + F is also a good way to search for things.

Note: Make sure you write down the Game Name and the Source Name in the description so we know who did what. There is also no rules in regards to any duplicate sources. So i'm ok with 3 people doing the same source etc.

Because there were no submissions in the last round, Double Dose will not be applicable.

Deadline: 31st October @ 1PM

Closing Date: 2nd November @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 9th November @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 10/7/23
Deadline: on 10/31/23
Voting: on 11/22/23

Congratulations to HarlemHeat360 for being the only official entry for Round 140 (Ignoring my Bonus Entry), resulting in him/her winning the last round by default! As a result, he/she get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what Harlem has to say about his/her's pick: 

"Hey there video gamer. Next source I'm picking Feldschlacht II from Saga Frontier 2! I recently been trying to find more old school RPGs to do midi rips or "remasters" as the YouTube algorithm says I should call them 😂. A lot of games have plenty of folks who've done stuff and I couldn't really justify my little small corner of the internet getting down on a lot of tracks. However I found these battle themes from Saga Frontier 2 and they are pretty sick and I haven't heard roo many interpretations. Even the simple mock up/midi rip/whatever you wish to call it lol. Anyway, let's try some battle music!”- HarlemHeat360

GAME: SaGa Frontier 2 (PS1)

SOURCE: Feldschlacht II

Deadline: 22nd July @ 1PM

Closing Date: 24th July @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 31st July @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 6/23/23
Deadline: on 9/30/23
Voting: on 10/7/23

Update: The MIDI has been created. Thanks for your patience!

Congratulations to TheVideoGamer (Me) for winning MnP Round 139! I mean it was literally one vote lol. So this means i get to choose this months source. Here's what I had to say about my pick:

"I went with this one, simply because i felt like doing an electronic piece this round. I also really liked the structure of this, it feels like a full on song, lasting 6 minutes with a lot of really funky percussion loops in this, almost semi-industrial but with a hard hitting techno beat, and a lot of trancey chords. I was initially thinking, maybe i should do a Genesis game, but then i was like "No i always do that, let's try something else". And low and behold this came about. I remembered Vatlva a game, and i tried to dabble in that, but then i saw Motohiro Kawashima in the credits and i thought, you know what? What else has he done? And that led me to this game, and to this banger of a track. It's soo god damn funky! The game is Group S Challenge (Or Circus Drive in Japan), and is a run of the mill Racing Game, that didn't get a lot of great reviews, but none were outright saying the game is bad. It's mediocre at best. It's developed by Capcom, a company everyone should know, because everyone's favourite games came from this company. I literally can't say anything else, or i would just be waffling on about a really bare basic Racing Game. There's nothing that stands out, that you haven't seen from Ridge Racer or Need for Speed or even Wipeout. I mean the tracks here are practically almost structured as an album, because of how the game is structured. This is not because i hate the game, it's literally because there's nothing else to say, it's just a Racing Game. So why this one? Well besides it being one funky monster, it has a lot of cool textures and sounds, has enough for someone to really expand upon it, like a blank canvas for you to paint your colours, and it also keeps you on your toes, to where you don't know where it goes next. This is just one hell of a catch electronic piece, that i hope you do justice for. Thanks!" - TheVideoGamer (Me)

GAME: Group S Challenge (XBOX)

SOURCE: Cut the Corner

Note: It's listed as Game Trax 03 in the video, but Motohiro Kawashima himself has provided names for the tracks on his official Soundcloud profile, which is what i went by.

Deadline: 1st June @ 1PM

Closing Date: 3rd June @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 10th June @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 4/27/23
Deadline: on 6/1/23
Voting: on 6/17/23

Congratulations to Souperion for winning MnP Round 137! Round 138 was a New Year's Special, so most of the rules were relaxed for that round, and no bonus entries were to had. Now Souperion and I entered, and under the rules Souperion cannot select a source twice. So source selection was passed on to me. Technically this means i won MnP Round 138, but only by default. More info about the rule change below. Because Round 138 was a New Year's Special Round, this meant that Souperion had to move his pick to Round 139, and whoever won Round 138 would have their pick alongside Souperion's effectively making this a Double Dose Off (That honour went to me). As a result, Souperion and Me both got to choose their own source for this month's MnP source!

Here's what Souperion said about his pick:

"I totally fell off in checking OCR over the holidays, so I'm just now noticing your previous verdict on MnP 137. If it is still the case that I now bear the responsibility of submitting a source for MnP round 138: Ruined Castle Corridor from Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow. I experienced the GBA Castlevania trilogy not too long ago, and this was one of my favorite tracks in them all." - Souperion

GAME: Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

SOURCE: Ruined Castle Corridor

And here's what I have to say about my pick:

"I went for a Shinobi game, just because i feel like theres a lot of underrated tunes in the series, being left untouched. Granted i went for the most famous game, however i did probably go for probably the least remixed. Revenge of Shinobi is a game that is very simple in design, but is extremely fun to play. There's not much to the game, but you do find yourself playing it a lot, and just having a good time. It's not a game that expects you to focus, but rather for you to just let time go by. It's a fun time waster, that i've played, but not yet completed. It's not something that i would seriously want to dedicate my time to. If you are bored, this is some fun time to kill. Now this is the first Shinobi game made for a Console, if you don't count the unlicensed NES game in the same year. This is mostly considered a Sequal to the first Shinobi game, with Shadow Dancer being almost like a Spin Off. Enough of the game though, we need the music. Crafted by our finest Yuzo Koshiro, this score is his transition from Synthpop and Funk, into more House and Club Music of the era. At the time he had only gotten a glimpse of house from his time abroad, and was mostly working with the Synthpop sound based on what he was listening to at the time. He would perfect the Club Music formula in Streets of Rage, and eventually move onto harder styles in Streets of Rage 3. This track i've picked is actually the most simplest of the bunch, and the most overtly rave centric of the bunch. Tracks like Run or Die and Sunrise Blvd are more overtly in the Rock and Funk Category, whereas Ninja Step is a dance piece. It's also the one with little to no melody, and honestly not much chords either. It's funkiness comes from the drum programming, it's cutting synths and various syncopated licks. It's a lovely tune, that is worthy of expansion. I picked it, for you to be creative with it. It's a blank canvas for anything for you to add. I'm gonna wrap it up here, i hope you do this one justice!" - Me (TheVideoGamer)

GAME: The Revenge of the Shinobi (Sega Genesis)

SOURCE: Ninja Step

Deadline: 19th March @ 1PM

Closing Date: 21st March @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 28th March @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 2/18/23
Deadline: on 3/19/23
Voting: on 4/11/23

New Year, New Source! (MnP138) 

posted in Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition on 1/6/23

6 Day's ago was the beginning of 2023! For those who had a great new year, i hope you enjoy this one, and for those that didn't then....i'm sorry. Were going to kick it off with a new year special! To see what you have to do, just ready the stuff below.

Ok so for this round, i'm gonna get you to pick any source from ANY PAST MNP ROUND. Specifically one that you have NOT YET REMIXED yet. If you've remixed the source, then it won't be allowed. Simple as that. There's nothing else to it really. Go through the past MnP rounds, and if you like what you hear, and you've not submitted a remix for that round? Go for it, i'd love to hear it!

There is no rules for the source selection, other than what's on the MnP round that hasn't been submitted. For this one, i am ok if one person does Source A and another person does Source A. Just as long as they haven't remixed that tune yet. All the MIDI's you'll need are on the round pages, so it shouldn't need to be a problem. 

Here's the list of past rounds:

Any questions? I'm always here to help.

Make sure you write down the game and source in the description, to help us when voting!

Deadline: 3rd February @ 1PM

Closing Date: 5th February@ 1PM

Vote Ends: 12th February @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 1/6/23
Deadline: on 2/3/23
Voting: on 2/14/23

DQ VI vs EVO: Search For Eden (MnP137) 

posted in Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition on 11/18/22

Congratulations to HarlemHeat360 for winning MnP135 and HarlemHeat360 (???) for winning the MnP136 Spooktober Round special! (Wait twice!? How is that possible!?) As a result of the special......which er....i delegated for a bit and ended up awarding the source pick to the runner up, APZX due to the unusual circumstances, which was mostly done out of well fairness. In that round, which involved coming up with whatever spooky you like, whether that was making your own Scary based piece of music, or remixing a Video Game source that is spooky based. It didn't matter what you did, as long as it fitted the themes and ideas around Halloween. HarlemHeat360 moved his/her's source pick to this round, which also contains APZX pick, since he got the choice due to unfortunate circumstances arising from the special. As a result, they both chose their own source for this month's MnP source!

Here's HarlemHeat360 said about his/her's pick: 

"Here ya go. Sorry for the wait" - HarlemHeat360

10/10 for the description there Harlem lol.

GAME: Dragon Quest VI (Super Famicom)

SOURCE: In The Town

And here's what APZX had to say about his pick:

"The pick this go around from me is going to E.V.O.: Search for Eden's The Ocean. It is a repetitive track, but with its empty space melodically I think that there is a lot options to expand in some interesting ways if people decide to go that way." - APZX

GAME: E.V.O: Search for Eden (SNES)

SOURCE: The Ocean

Would you look at that? Two Square Enix titles in one round!

Deadline: 16th December @ 1PM

Closing Date: 18th December @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 25th December @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 11/18/22
Deadline: on 12/16/22
Voting: on 12/31/22

Spooktober 2: Electric Boogaloo (MnP136) 

posted in Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition on 10/3/22

As you may know, October time means it's Halloween! So it's time to do another one of our Halloween special rounds! This time it's gonna be different from last time, and it's gonna be one hell of a show. Let's see what we have in store!

Ok so in this round you will be tasked in making something Spooky! This can be in the form of anything, provided it fits the theme of Halloween. This might be:

  1. Remixing a Video Game source based on the themes and ideas of Halloween.
  2. Remixing a song or track from an artist that is based on the themes and ideas of Halloween
  3. Imagine you are creating an original composition based on a commission for a Halloween type game/film or T.V Show.
  4. Transforming a piece of music, into something fitting for the Halloween season.
  5. Your own Spooky Video Game OST for Halloween.
  6. An original piece of music that is based on the themes and ideas of Halloween.

Any track from any genre, in any length is accepted. I just need to recognise it as a Halloween themed composition/remix/OST etc....

With that being said, i'm afraid there will be submissions i won't be accepting:

  1. A piece of music based of a word that you might associate with Halloween, but is not scary in itself. For example: Candy is something you eat on Halloween. However you can also eat it at Christmas time, Easter and any other time of the day. That's not really considered scary.
  2. A piece of music that mentions Halloween in passing. It must be the main focus of your submission.
  3. Any music irrelevant to the round.
  4. Music that sounds scary, but bares no relation to the themes and ideas of Halloween. Basically i must be able to identify that this is a Halloween themed composition/remix.

These rules are there to ensure that this is a Halloween based round, and not a random Free Round, if you catch my drift. Halloween encompasses many ideas and traditions, so you will definately not be short on musical ideas.

Conditions in regards to submitting:

  1. You can upload to 3 entries maximum. If you are creating an OST, only 1 entry is allowed.
  2. None of the rules in regards to source/remix selection apply here, since it's a Halloween round, however the standard uploading rules for ThaSauce (20mb size, MP3 etc...) remain as normal.
  3. This round and any other free rounds bares no relation to any of the sister compo's and/or it's affiliates (Such as PRC) 

And that's it really. I'm here for any questions you may have, and i'm willing to guide you into opening up your own creative ideas for this round. There will never be a limitation of the music you can make that is based off the wonderful traditions of Halloween. Good luck guys, and remember to have fun!

Note: If you are remixing a VGM source or an piece of music from an artist, it would be very helpful to write down the Game and the Source you are remixing. Likewise the same for the Artist and the Song. 

The winner of this round, join's the winner of the last round for a Double Dose off in Round 137.

Deadline: 31st October @ 1PM

Closing Date: 2nd November @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 9th November @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 10/3/22
Deadline: on 10/31/22
Voting: on 11/9/22

AE3 - Hide n’ Seek Forest (MnP135) 

posted in Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition on 8/16/22

Congratulations to TheVideoGamer (Me) for winning the last round! As a result, I get to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what I have to say about my pick: 

"I did promise a whole host of Ape Escape sources on the off chance I would win. I decided to move on to the third game in the series just so it doesn’t get neglected as this too has a incredible score (No hate to the 2nd game, but personally it sounds a little too MIDI ‘sound-fonty’ for my liking) This one also goes by the name of Monkeypiece Theater, Monkey Forest’ However ‘Hide n Seek Forest is more easier to remember. This is the 2nd main stage in the game, ignoring the mini games, and is honestly just a very vibrant piece. I don’t know how to exactly describe it other than, Folky DnB? It’s got a good ol’ Yodel, a harmonica and an accordion, as well as a dynamic French Horn like melody, all seasoned with some extremely thick synth basslines, and a whole host of breakbeats. It’s sounds like a whole host of fun, no different to any of the Sonic Team’s ost (Even though it’s completely different). The first game sounds very much like 90s Jungle, like it screams PS1 jungle. In this case not only does it sound more modern, but the instrumentation is more traditional as well. Like representative of the time period. I’ve talked way too much, hope you do this awesome piece justice!”- Me

GAME: Ape Escape 3 (PS2) 

SOURCE: Hide n’ Seek Forest

Deadline: 20th September @ 1PM

Closing Date: 22nd September @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 29th September 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 8/16/22
Deadline: on 9/20/22
Voting: on 9/29/22

EJ2 - Anything But Tangerines (MnP134) 

posted in Meat and Potatoes VGM Remix Competition on 7/2/22

Congratulations to Souperion for winning the last round! As a result, he get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what he had to say about his pick: 

"Anything But Tangerines" from Earthworm Jim 2. The franchise is bizarre and the games were challenging with some impressive music for the SNES era. Have at it!”-Souperion

GAME: Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES)

SOURCE: Anything But Tangerines

Deadline: 30th July @ 1PM

Closing Date: 1st August @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 8th August 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism ;)

Start: on 7/2/22
Deadline: on 7/30/22
Voting: on 8/10/22

Congratulations to Wassup Thunder for winning the last round! As a result, he get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what he had to say about his pick: 

"I'm picking the Ancient Grove from Spyro the Eternal Night (GBA). I remember getting this game as a present from a cousin, and was pretty impressed with Spyro's new moves. There was something immensely satisfying about the purple dragon going medieval and clawing your way through the stages almost like a savage beast. Which seems appropriate, as the Legend of Spyro trilogy seemed aimed at making Spyro a bit darker and more dramatic than his earlier, playful days. Though the games had mixed reviews, at least I'll always remember going WWE as Spyro.

The soundtrack also aimed for cinematic orchestra. This track a great air of mystery and budding adventure, with those harp arpeggios and strings swelling and fading out. Should be fun to work with!" - Wassup Thunder

GAME: Spyro The Eternal Night (GBA)

SOURCE: Ancient Grove

Deadline: 9th June @ 1PM

Closing Date: 11th June @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 18th June @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism 

Start: on 5/12/22
Deadline: on 6/9/22
Voting: on 6/18/22

Congratulations to HoboKa for winning the last round! As a result, he get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what he had to say about his pick: 

"The theme of Barubari if I recall correctly. He's the second to last boss of BoF2 and can be harder than Deathevan if you choose to fight him solo. Damn did he ever terrify me as a kid lol." - HoboKa

GAME: Breath of Fire 2 (SNES)

SOURCE: A Crisis

Deadline: 26th April @ 1PM

Closing Date: 28h April @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 5th May @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  - made by Trism 

Start: on 3/29/22
Deadline: on 4/26/22
Voting: on 5/5/22

All Rounds (140)

Name Start Date Dateline Voting Ends
MnP142 - Spooktober 3: ROTM on 10/7/23 on 10/31/23 on 11/22/23
MnP141 - SF2 - Feldschlacht II on 6/23/23 on 9/30/23 on 10/7/23
MnP140 - GS Challenge - Cut the Corner on 4/27/23 on 6/1/23 on 6/17/23
MnP139 - Castlevania: AOS VS TROS on 2/18/23 on 3/19/23 on 4/11/23
MnP138 - New Year, New Source! on 1/6/23 on 2/3/23 on 2/14/23
MnP137 - DQ VI vs EVO: Search For Eden on 11/18/22 on 12/16/22 on 12/31/22
MnP136 - Spooktober 2: Electric Boogaloo on 10/3/22 on 10/31/22 on 11/9/22
MnP135 - AE3 - Hide n’ Seek Forest on 8/16/22 on 9/20/22 on 9/29/22
MnP134 - EJ2 - Anything But Tangerines on 7/2/22 on 7/30/22 on 8/10/22
MnP133 - Spyro - Ancient Grove on 5/12/22 on 6/9/22 on 6/18/22
MnP132 - Breath of Fire 2 - A Crisis on 3/29/22 on 4/26/22 on 5/5/22
MnP131 - Metroid Fusion vs Sonic 3 on 2/18/22 on 3/18/22 on 3/27/22
MnP130 - 2022 Free Round Special! on 1/5/22 on 2/2/22 on 2/11/22
MnP129 - Guardian Legend vs Saga Front 2 on 11/24/21 on 12/13/21 on 1/5/22
MnP128 - Spooktober Special! on 10/14/21 on 11/7/21 on 11/16/21
MnP127 - Granstream Saga - Cut Your Way on 9/4/21 on 10/2/21 on 10/11/21
MnP126 - Pokemon G/S - National Park on 7/23/21 on 8/20/21 on 8/29/21
MnP125 - XG - Bonds of Sea and Fire on 6/9/21 on 7/7/21 on 7/16/21
MnP124 - Magical Starsign - Bena Rikashi on 4/28/21 on 5/26/21 on 6/6/21
MnP123 - Shinobi 3 vs Rise of the Robots on 3/19/21 on 4/16/21 on 4/25/21
MnP122 - KATAM - Candy Constellation on 2/3/21 on 3/3/21 on 3/12/21
MnP121 - CCross - Magical Dreamers on 12/29/20 on 1/28/21 on 2/2/21
MnP120 - Secret of Mana - Make a Wish on 12/4/20 on 12/22/20 on 12/27/20
MnP119 - All Metroid's on 11/1/20 on 11/30/20 on 12/3/20
MnP118 - Super Metroid & Tetris Attack on 10/5/20 on 10/28/20 on 10/31/20
MnP117 - Zelda 4 - South Face Shrine on 9/4/20 on 9/30/20 on 10/4/20
MnP116 - Undertale - Another Medium on 8/7/20 on 8/28/20 on 9/2/20
MnP115 - Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base on 7/7/20 on 7/31/20 on 8/4/20
MnP114 - Phantasy Star 4 - Bio Lab on 6/1/20 on 7/5/20 on 7/9/20
MnP113 - TMNT - The Hyperstone Heist on 5/3/20 on 5/28/20 on 6/2/20
MnP112 - Bubble Bobble - Main Theme None on 4/28/20 on 5/2/20
MnP111 - Super Metroid - Lower Maridia on 3/7/20 on 3/29/20 on 4/1/20
MnP110 - Streets of Rage 3 - Inga_Rasen on 2/1/20 on 3/3/20 on 3/5/20
MnP109 - SMB-BB - Smooth Herbert on 1/6/20 on 1/29/20 on 1/31/20
MnP108 - Sonic Advance 2 - Ice Paradise on 11/30/19 on 12/29/19 on 12/31/19
MnP107 - Toejam & Earl - Funkotronic on 11/1/19 on 11/29/19 on 11/30/19
MnP106 - Ducktales - Transylvania on 9/23/19 on 10/28/19 on 10/31/19
MnP105 - MM Battle Network 5 - Nebula on 8/15/19 on 9/18/19 on 9/21/19
MnP104 - SLW-Tropical Coast Zone Act 1 on 7/18/19 on 8/10/19 on 8/14/19
MnP103 - Sunny Beach - Wave Race 64 on 6/9/19 on 7/9/19 on 7/12/19
MnP102 - FF_X!V_Ruby Night on 4/28/19 on 5/28/19 on 6/1/19
MnP101 - Triple Entry!! on 3/15/19 on 4/26/19 on 4/26/19
MnP100 - OverLooked ShitMix?? on 2/3/19 on 3/4/19 on 3/7/19
MnP99 - Elemental Master - Credits on 1/2/19 on 1/28/19 on 1/31/19
MnP98 - AWDS - Sasha's Theme on 12/3/18 on 12/30/18 on 1/2/19
MnP97 - Ninja Gaidan Stage 4-2 on 11/1/18 on 11/28/18 on 11/30/18
MnP96 - Super Castlevania 4 - stage 2 on 10/1/18 on 10/29/18 on 10/31/18
MnP95 - CotM - Clockwork on 6/19/18 on 7/9/18 on 7/11/18
MnP94 - PM StickerStar - Glooper on 6/2/18 on 6/19/18 on 6/20/18
MnP93 - Zelda 1 - Labyrinth on 5/16/18 on 5/30/18 on 6/1/18
MnP92 - MDDD - Mushroom City/Bridge on 4/28/18 on 5/16/18 on 5/17/18
MnP91 - Maro Kart Wii & KH2 on 4/8/18 on 4/28/18 on 4/28/18
MnP90 - Metroid - Brinstar on 3/16/18 on 4/2/18 on 4/4/18
MnP89 - Phantasy Star 4 - ZIO on 2/28/18 on 3/14/18 on 3/16/18
MnP88 - Maniac Mansion - Dave on 2/12/18 on 2/28/18 None
MnP87 - MP - Overworld Theme 2 on 1/22/18 on 2/7/18 on 2/9/18
MnP86 - Woah Zone - Paper Mario on 1/2/18 on 1/19/18 on 1/21/18
MnP85 - Banzo Kazooe - Freezeezy Peak on 12/12/17 on 12/28/17 on 12/30/17
MnP84 - 1000 Year Door - Petal Meadows on 11/23/17 on 12/7/17 on 12/9/17
MnP82 - PE Kyrie + Luigi's Mansion on 10/20/17 on 10/31/17 on 11/2/17
MnP81 - Crypt of Necrodancer 2-1 on 10/2/17 on 10/17/17 on 10/19/17
MnP80 - Sonic3D - RustyRuins A2 on 9/10/17 on 9/27/17 on 9/29/17
MnP79 - Megaman X5 - 0 Virus on 8/22/17 on 9/5/17 on 9/7/17
MnP78 - Suikoden 2 - Heart Soften on 8/4/17 on 8/18/17 on 8/20/17
MnP77 - FFX - Dream Will End on 7/18/17 on 8/1/17 on 8/3/17
MnP76 - Vectorman - Ocean on 6/28/17 on 7/12/17 on 7/14/17
MnP75 - SMBB - Bramble Blast on 6/11/17 on 6/25/17 on 6/27/17
MnP74 - FF Legend 2 - battle theme on 5/22/17 on 6/6/17 on 6/8/17
MnP73 - MvC 2 - Character Select on 5/3/17 on 5/19/17 on 5/21/17
MnP72 - Star Ocean meets F-Zero??? on 4/15/17 on 5/1/17 on 5/1/17
MnP71 - CV - TOWER (Circle) on 3/28/17 on 4/11/17 on 4/13/17
MnP70 - Halo 2 - Impend on 3/10/17 on 3/26/17 on 3/27/17
MnP69 - Sexy 69 FF4 LOVE on 2/20/17 on 3/6/17 on 3/8/17
MnP68 - MM BattleNetwork3 - Blue Secret on 2/3/17 on 2/19/17 on 2/21/17
MnP67 - Tales of Phantasia - Freeze on 1/16/17 on 1/30/17 on 2/1/17
MnP66 - LoZ Twilight P: Beast Ganon on 1/1/17 on 1/16/17 on 1/16/17
MnP65 - Kirby's Adventure - Kirby 1 on 12/4/16 on 12/26/16 on 12/28/16
MnP64 - Bomberman 64 - Green Gardens on 11/16/16 on 11/30/16 on 12/2/16
MnP63 - BoF3 & Sonic Heroes on 10/30/16 on 11/15/16 on 11/17/16
MnP62 - SM - Red Brinstar on 10/12/16 on 10/26/16 on 10/28/16
MnP61 - CC Voyage & FF2 Calcobre on 9/22/16 on 10/8/16 on 10/10/16
MnP60 - EFTPORM on 9/4/16 on 9/18/16 on 9/20/16
MnP59 - Lunar - Toward Horizon on 8/16/16 on 8/30/16 on 9/1/16
MnP58 - Pokemon FR&LG - Lavender Town on 7/30/16 on 8/13/16 on 8/15/16
MnP57 - L. O. Legaia - Rim Elm on 7/10/16 on 7/27/16 on 7/29/16
MnP56 - Arc the Lad Meets Golden Sun on 6/18/16 on 7/5/16 on 7/7/16
MnP55 - Shinobi 3 - Idaten on 5/30/16 on 6/13/16 on 6/15/16
MnP54 - Xblade Chronicles - the way on 5/10/16 on 5/24/16 on 5/26/16
MnP53 - DS - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders on 4/21/16 on 5/5/16 on 5/8/16
MnP52 - NieR - Grandma on 3/31/16 on 4/15/16 on 4/17/16
MnP51 - Darius Twin - stage 7 on 3/14/16 on 3/28/16 on 3/30/16
MnP50 - SMB FFA on 2/22/16 on 3/8/16 on 3/10/16
MnP49 - Super Metroid - Green Brinstar on 2/3/16 on 2/17/16 on 2/19/16
MnP48 - House Of Dead 2 - ETA on 1/9/16 on 1/27/16 on 1/29/16
MnP47 - FF9 - Jester Twins on 1/1/16 on 1/5/16 on 1/8/16
MnP46 - AoE 2 - Shamburger on 12/5/15 on 12/19/15 on 12/21/15
MnP45 - Aladdin Gloomy + F-Zero B.B. on 11/17/15 on 12/1/15 on 12/3/15
MnP44 - CV 4 - Simon's Theme on 10/30/15 on 11/13/15 on 11/15/15
MnP43 - Psycho Pinball - Trick or Treat on 10/8/15 on 10/28/15 on 10/30/15
MnP42 - FF9 - Soulless Village on 9/22/15 on 10/6/15 on 10/8/15
MnP41 - Ecco - TDDOTF on 9/3/15 on 9/17/15 on 9/19/15
MnP40 - BF Musashi: Legend on 8/13/15 on 9/1/15 on 9/2/15
MnP39 - LoD - Superboss theme on 7/27/15 on 8/10/15 on 8/12/15
MnP38 - Zeliard - town on 7/5/15 on 7/19/15 on 7/21/15
MnP37 - Xexon Stage 1 on 6/16/15 on 6/30/15 on 7/3/15
MnP36 - sonic Spinball - Lava on 5/29/15 on 6/12/15 on 6/14/15
MnP35 - Sparkster - Final Boss on 5/11/15 on 5/25/15 on 5/27/15
MnP34 - LoZ: Majora's Mask - Milky on 4/23/15 on 5/7/15 on 5/9/15
MnP33 - FF8 Card Theme on 4/6/15 on 4/20/15 on 4/22/15
MnP32 - CT Tyrano Lair on 3/17/15 on 4/1/15 on 4/4/15
MnP31 - X-Men M.A. Snes - Cyclops on 2/27/15 on 3/13/15 on 3/16/15
MnP30 - FF Mystic Quest: Final Battle on 2/6/15 on 2/23/15 on 2/26/15
MnP29 - Mega Turrican - stage 3 on 1/12/15 on 1/26/15 on 1/29/15
MnP28 - MMX - Kuwanger on 12/27/14 on 1/8/15 on 1/10/15
MnP27 - DK Racing - Walrus Cove on 12/4/14 on 12/23/14 on 12/23/14
MnP26 - MnP 26: Maximum Carnage-Boss1 on 11/14/14 on 11/30/14 on 12/2/14
MnP25 - Gouls/Ghosts - Sega on 10/27/14 on 11/10/14 on 11/12/14
MnP24 - K.Hearts: Traverse Town on 10/12/14 on 10/24/14 on 10/26/14
MnP23 - SF2 - Water Goddess on 9/18/14 on 10/2/14 on 10/6/14
MnP22 - LoD: Royal Capital Bale on 9/3/14 on 9/13/14 on 9/16/14
MnP21 - Aleste 2 on 8/15/14 on 8/29/14 on 8/31/14
MnP20 - Kirby DL 3 - Ripple Field 3 on 7/27/14 on 8/11/14 on 8/14/14
MnP19 - IoG: Lively Town on 7/10/14 on 7/23/14 on 7/25/14
MnP18 - Raiden 2: Stage 1 on 6/20/14 on 7/2/14 on 7/4/14
MnP17 - Tales of Phantasia: Mysterious on 6/2/14 on 6/26/14 on 6/26/14
MnP16 - CV Aria of Sorrow: Top Floor on 5/14/14 on 5/30/14 on 6/2/14
MnP15 - Vectorman: Underground Vault on 4/25/14 on 5/12/14 on 5/14/14
MnP14 - Free Round!! on 4/11/14 on 4/23/14 on 4/25/14
MnP13 - Magical Quest: Mickey Mouse on 3/25/14 on 4/9/14 on 4/11/14
MnP12 - Super Metroid: Upper Maridia on 3/9/14 on 3/21/14 on 3/24/14
MnP11 - C-Cross: Radical Dreamers on 2/22/14 on 3/6/14 on 3/8/14
MnP10 - Asterix: Egypt on 2/8/14 on 2/18/14 on 2/20/14
MnP09 - Final Fantasy Legend 2: overwor on 1/28/14 on 2/5/14 on 2/7/14
MnP08 - Donkey Kong Country 1: Winky's on 1/13/14 on 1/24/14 on 1/26/14
MnP07 - Splatterhouse 2: Intro Theme on 1/3/14 on 1/13/14 None
MnP06 - Wild Arms: Overworld Theme on 12/18/13 on 1/2/14 on 1/2/14
MnP05 - Super Mario 64 Koopa Theme on 12/3/13 on 12/13/13 on 12/16/13
MnP04 - CC: Another Termina on 11/17/13 on 11/30/13 on 12/2/13
MnP03 - FFX Battle Theme on 11/4/13 on 11/14/13 on 11/16/13
MnP02 - CT: Peaceful Days on 10/18/13 on 11/1/13 on 11/4/13