SLW-Tropical Coast Zone Act 1 (MnP104)


Yoooo....(You can tell how stoked i am in winning my first real MnP...)

Since the last MnP, i got major summer vibes. So let's continue the summery tradition with some seriously underrated Sonic music. (Sonic seems to be getting some love lately lol). The game is Sonic Lost World, and the track name is Tropical Coast Act 1. Self Explanatory, plays in the stage (Other stages however, have real composition names. This one oddly doesn't. Oh well)

Think of Bob Marley Meets Goldie. (Look both of them up)

Let's hope ya gimme de Jamaican vibes mon. (Yeah i might have ruined that joke...) Ehem...Good luck to you all!


Start: on 7/18/19
Deadline: on 8/10/19
Voting: on 8/14/19

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