SMRPG_Jazz Battle Mashup Remix!

posted in PRC472 on Dec 09, 2023

Well, with the re-release of Super Mario RPG, I figured it'd be a great way to send off PRC with a mashup of Battle, Boss 1, Boss 2 and Victory Theme with Omnisphere doot-doots, dance pianos and whatnot. Also used Jazz brass from SampleTank3, which have that certain 90's je ne ce quois.


Little emotional here, since this is the last round for PRC. Bundeslang never once strayed from being a positive experience at the ReMixer scene & had/has such great poise and professionalism that I couldn't quite mimic when I hosted MnP.

Truth be told, I haven't really felt like I fit in at OCR (Quality Bar-Rage-Itis anyone!?) Yet Bundeslang gave a space for us 'amateur-ish' underdogs, to feel more accepted with our janky production and compositional skills (or lack thereof)

[Edit over9000] I guess I wanted to replicate that special 'PRC feeling' at MnP, sadly, my people skills were a pretty big barrier... And it dawned on me that compo-hosting just wasn't my gig, probably painfully apparent to some more than others lol. However, TVG filled my boots pretty well, I gotta say! And if he decides to keep the show running a bit longer, MnP can at least sort of fill PRC's void in the compo scene, at least for a little while longer...Ah the times how they change...


Eh, I've rambled too long...

Have a wonderful X-Mas & New year everybody! And may PRC live on forever in the hearts & minds of the oldschool (and new-school) ReMixer crowd. Thanks Bundeslang, u da best! Cheers~



Do not vote!!


A mashup of Boss 2 and Barubary (A Crisis), since this is a BONUS, I have more freedom to fart around.


Also, I decided to unsub from my E/W Composer Cloud stuff, as I was met with even more artifacts and latency issues. Might troubleshoot it later. But eh, I'll make do with what I have for now. (luckily, i still have Angry Brass, which is actually better than most of East West's brass imo). I also used BoF2 string and e-guitar samples for the Barubary segment, just to make it fun.


Whew, back in the compo scene finally, and I chose to show PRC some love, especially since it seems this is where all the action is for the #FreeRound shtuff. Might submit something to MNP's free round later.

Anyways, I made this 3-track compilation in about 2.5 hours somehow...guess I was reaaally in the zone. Plus it's the more atmospheric ones which are easy to do. I'll let you guys figure out the sources. Man I love Omnisphere has some GREAT textures and soundscapes...holy shit!!

So put on your Metroid undies and promptly shit them in joy/fear, or a bit of both!! Enjoy :3


BONUS 2...if you got time to add it in last minute @Bundeslang.  So @evktalo*, might wanna make that 13 entries, though both of mine are bonuses.  "My remix of the Mini Boss theme in Secret of Evermore, almost complete.  Has some cool ideas, lacks that final polish, but hey, that's my usual remix these days."

(BONUS) SM_Upper Molten Depths

posted in PRC419 on Jan 04, 2021

Again, not letting anyone vote for me.  Just wanna share this remix since it didn't get get approved in a certain upcoming project that I'm still looking forward to, even if I must do so vicariously.  


Source: Upper Norfair, Other M.  Remember Me!?"  NOOOO

(BONUS)Secret Snow Keys

posted in MnP120 on Dec 15, 2020

**Don't Vote** NVM, not gonna throw my hat in the ring. I wanna give my participants a fair shot and I'm not needed for that sweet Voter +3 entry Voter Bonus...  Looks like a good turnout already.  



Just about blew my ears and speakers mixing the 2nd half.  It gets louder at 1:51 area I think.  Went for a soft to hard take to build up the tragedy and coolness.  Not as distorted or corrupted sounding as the original, but I think there is some cool ideas hereOh well, I did my best.  Thanks Souperion for the MIDI <3

Black Samos Debut

posted in MnP118 on Oct 27, 2020

Black Samos is the Google Translated version of Dark Samus, soI couldn't resist using it as a title for the remix loleven though Dark Samus has NOTHING to do with Super Metroid.  You guys oughtta check out the Google Translated Romhacks of the Metroid Prime Trilogy.  You will split your sides laughing.  There is also Google Translated Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Fusion etc


Silly titles aside, I did take a serious approach to this remix and went for a VERY dark, corrupted cinematic vibe.  Hope y'all dig it.  If notBlack Samos will come for youuuu~


posted in PRC413 on Sep 03, 2020

I'm so sorry Tim Follin.  I could not do a proper tribute.  Instead, I had to channel the POWER of Overlooked Remix and create this masterpiece of fail.  

Another Singing Medium (ver3)

posted in MnP116 on Aug 25, 2020

Used Composer Cloud for the Wales vocals and the E-guitar.  Had a lot of fun farting about with keyswitches and expression mods.  Oy.  Anyways, I think it was worth.  Also, this isn't a 1:1 copy, there is a lot of new stuff in here.  Should be faithful to the source.  

(BONUS)Funky Bio Lab Cat Lady

posted in MnP114 on Jul 04, 2020

It's a high quality sound upgrade with some reinterpretation with Jazz Stacks.  It's a rinse and repeat, with a trimmed end so you can Loop it if you like.  Saves me the trouble of a fade out lmao.  

Demon Crest_Grim Intro Text of Gloom

posted in PRC403 on Feb 02, 2020
Did a tiny bit of changes. Decided to start it off with a military vibe, then move on to a more sparse and dark vibe, along with an impact. I tried doing an Actraiser-style bass drum, to accentuate the whole thing, but it felt like it took too much away. Maybe the time signature isn't 4/4 or there is a lead-in note that throws it off?
Cover-Spoof-Mix of Metro Zone - Sonic 2. Pardon all the re-uploads. Had a few fixes to do. Yeah, I put in a fair bit of care for a troll-mix. I thought it turned out alright, with the farts, YTP clips and Robotnik voice clips. Tried to be as faithful as could be to the source tune.
FA36 plugin does not like FL 32 Bit. So I had to render the main portion of remix w/out the electric guitars. Then I had to put it into FL 64 bit and rendered the guitars as WAVs. Then I slapped them into the main mix as an audio file to avoid said plugin brain fart. This was fun to cover/rip, nonetheless.

SoM_King's Quest for More Mead!

posted in PRC398 on Oct 15, 2019
It's a cover. I'm wishing I participated in the previous MnP round. That source was easy. This one is already really developed that I wouldn't know how to add to it. Maybe a genre swap...oh well. Lol.

Down the Avante-Garde Acid Holez

posted in PRC394 on Jul 12, 2019
Holy crap Batman, that was harder to remix than I thought. One caffienated autist hobo later...this is real acid alright - acid reflux!! Time for Tums...Tums Tum tum - tum tum tum TUM. DAMN THAT RHYTHM IS STUCK IN MY F***ING HEAD. Thanks TheVideoGamer!! IT BURNS!!

Spooky Tone-Deaf Mutants

posted in StW1 on Dec 26, 2018
Promise I won't abuse my Admin Priviledges again. Figured you could use an X-Mas present to fill out the first round. To Compo-Hosts one and all *raises a glass*. Hope you don't mind >: 3

(BONUS) Forest Redux v2_Storm Drums

posted in MnP96 on Oct 27, 2018
**BONUS** do not vote!! Just a fun cover with a few original touches. I COULD develop further. But man, do I need better organic instruments rofl. Garritan's ain't too shabby though and Sonatina Orchestra has a killer English Horn and Oboe sample :P

(BONUS) More than Reverb

posted in PRC378 on Aug 11, 2018
Well, not totally satisfied. Might get someone to lend me an operatic sample later. Dunno if it'll be within the timeframe of this compo or not, but will definitely share if it culminates.

Industrial Overworld??

posted in MnP87 on Jan 31, 2018
Had to re-sub it, as there was some errors before that weren't too difficult to fix. Industrial-ish, but I think it's in the right place. That's what Samus said. Oh snap.

Fungal Hell

posted in MnP81 on Oct 13, 2017
Took on a more hellfire sound with organs, choirs, E-guitars and more. Also I used 3 guitar samples (1 of which was an AME-II sample). Used a freeware Amp and it seemed to work. Thanks for the tips Dextastic...finally got around to playing with the samples and plugin FX lol.

Zero Viral Maverick!

posted in MnP79 on Sep 04, 2017
Chord structures and most melodies retained. Additional melodic material at 1:26 to 2:18. And some minor changes here and there - some instruments altered too. I THINK the overall theme is retained though :)


posted in MnP75 on Jun 25, 2017
Decided NOT to short-sell this track this time around lol. Also, remember to put suncreen on this year. I burnt my feet to such a degree that I can't work for a few days. Score!? To quote CDI Ganon.... "IT BURRRNNNNSSS!!"

*NOT a bonus** :P

Super Whipper Killer

posted in MnP71 on Apr 09, 2017
3rd edit...came at it with a fresh ear hah. Should be better balanced. It's very MnP with some fancy drum work, jiving bass and other intermollesting elements. (including SFX yay!)

Wrong Handed Taco Bell Wolf

posted in PRC338 on Jan 01, 2017
Was initially for the SD3 Project, but it never panned out. Source tune is "Left Handed Wolf". I edited it a bit to make it eligible for PRC...but I couldn't figure out how to kill the weird feedback sounds in the first quarter area of the song :(

The Lazy Future

posted in MnP63 on Nov 14, 2016
Did a sound upgrade with a kind of retro-ish sound. The time sig and tempo of the MIDI was a bit weird to work with so I elected not to fuck around with the notation - other than to make the track twice as long lol.

Lord Gwyn, Unlinked

posted in MnP53 on May 02, 2016
I AM PARTICIPATING, muahahahahahahahahaghghahghghghdfdhhdgggg *explosive diarrhea sphhhhhhlllrrrrt*
Seriously though, I actually tried for once. Got some choir morphs and dynamic piano work, with plenty of 'verb. Enjoy!

Snotty Scotty's Groove

posted in PRC285 on Dec 08, 2014
Considering that I did this in 3 hours, I thought it turned out alright. Went for a more mellow kinda jazz/cyberpunk it's a bit on the liberal side =p

Hope it jives well with you guys!

Spooky Putrid Stench

posted in MnP25 on Nov 03, 2014
Kinda rushed, but there is *some* effort put into it haha. Went for a spooky vibe and I used some cool ambient pads like Putrid Stench from Toxic Biohazard. I actually enjoyed this one ^^

Whippin That Thang Good

posted in PRC281 on Oct 12, 2014
My god...I must've done 4 takes on this source tune before, so hopefully I've brought something new to the table here. Still had loads of fun though! Friggin' love EWJ (especially its soundtrack).

Shining Force B With U

posted in PRC277 on Aug 18, 2014
It's very um...MnP - (I midi ripped + humanized the velocities and replaced all tracks with some Phillharmonic, Kontakt 5, Garritan's and 1 soundfont) - felt obligated to send something though lol.

(Bonus)Lively Cover

posted in MnP19 on Jul 20, 2014
Do not vote for me!!

Re-arrangement non-existent withstanding, I have gotten a chance to play with some new software, aka Kontakt 5 and it is awesome. I used different articulation depending on the note lengths and velocities so it should sound a lot better than my previous works.
**Submitted by GrapplingHook**

Contests have been way too barren lately. But what good are words without action? Here's a half-hearted action, to prove I'm slightly better than a total hypocrite. There've been some good sources coming by lately, too... I just haven't had the time, I swear!

DL Link (just in case)
copy/paste to browser

(Bonus) Sand in Mah Mud

posted in MnP12 on Mar 20, 2014
Well, I think my ears peed themselves in terror. It starts off 'normal-ish' then goes into creepy experimental territory T-T

Also, probably not as conservative as I'd like towards the ending =p

**No voting 4 me, y'know the drill ;0**


posted in MnP11 on Feb 22, 2014
I went for an atmospheric take, using low-fi and high-fi instruments in a weird mishmash. The ending didn't resolve as well as it probably should have, but I may return to this one someday - I really wish that I could've added lyrics, but that'd probably require a collaboration.

(Bonus)Winky's Shaft

posted in MnP08 on Jan 22, 2014
**Bonus do not vote**
Super conservative approach, as usual, from moi. I really wanted to capture that David Wise feel, so I pulled out some old-school drum samples, a nice fat punchy bass and all that other jazz. Enjoy!


posted in PRC262 on Jan 16, 2014
Decided to go for a Film-Noire feel, with a touch of Sci-Fi to give it that time twisting feel ;). It's definitely more on the conservative side of things, however, I sprinkled in quite a few original twists to it to give it enough original flava for PRC. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Seeing as the rules for PRC 260 (10th anniversary whoooo!!!) are lax, I figured I'd send this older bad boy in, as I ran out of energy before the deadline unfortunately. It's a remix of the 2nd boss theme for Breath of Fire 2. If it's still not permissable to send in older works, I request that this be made a (Bonus) theme instead, if at all possible. Thanks Bundeslang and all :D

Fickle As Water

posted in PRC254 on Sep 23, 2013
As the name suggests, the track doesn't stay in one place for long and meanders around, but with a purpose, at least. Kinda like your first playthrough of SOTN - god that was a bitch to explore all 200% lol.
Maybe a bit more liberal than I had expected it to turn out, but it seems to work out nicely. At least for me haha.

(Track uploaded by Bundeslang)


posted in PRC233 on Dec 10, 2012
Went for a relatively conservative approach as I wanted to capture the original feel as much as I could, but the final segment is something else. Darker perhaps. Kinda scared me a bit =p

Evolutionary Response

posted in PRC229 on Oct 15, 2012
So, did I have everyone holding their breath, wonderin' if I'd submit anything?? Well I pity da foo who thought wrong >:3

Anyhoo, I went for an industrial rock w/ lotsa distortion and FX - lotsa heavy tones and some other HoboKa-ish things that some of you are probably used to by now :)

Light up my House

posted in PRC124 on Jul 09, 2008
Yeah this is pretty damn liberal, though there are a few cover-ish parts in it. The 2nd "half", yes I like to segment my pieces, is pretty out there. Just as a heads up, I'm a wandering mixer, meaning I usually don't employ the normal way of making music "logical".

DKC 2 "Arr Me Maties

posted in FBRC2008 on Feb 19, 2008
it's a remix of the pirate map theme for the compo. Since my flp got corrupted there's a few things which could be fixed, but over all I THINK it's pretty solid. Correct me if I'm wrong :P

Game: Donkey Kong Country 2
Song: Island Map Theme (AKA "Welcome to Crocodile Isle")
Requested by: BeleagueredandBeset
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MnP136 Nov 05, 2022
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