Front Mission 3-Front Line Base (PRC337)


Source: Front Mission 3 - Front Line Base (PS1)

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"Ever wondered what Final Fantasy Tactics set in a distant future, with giant mechs instead of knights, would look like? Wonder no more! Front Mission is yet another T-RPG masterpiece by Squaresoft. ...well, WAS since the serie fell prey to western-washing and vanished over night in 2010. "Front Line Base" from Front Mission 3 is a special song for me, as this is technically the first game tune I ever remixed. Ok, not exactly, since back then I didn't know anything about arranging or the VGM scene, so I just added drums on top of the original sampled tune and called it a day. Yeah, sorry 'bout that. Anyway, this source got a straightforward time-sig, simple yet distinct progressions and some interesting solo leads, making it easy to expand on. Hope y'all have some fun with this one! (^_^ )"
(DJ Mokram)

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Start: on 12/4/16
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