Lunar - Toward Horizon (MnP59)

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Aug 31, 2016 hoboka
  1. Earning Forgiveness
  2. Lunar Keys

Xenonetix - holy crap that bass is loud lol - well the whole song is about at least 1.5dB too loud imo. Maybe it's my headphones >.<. Anyhoo, yeah "Earning Forgiveness" is where its at this round. MnP-ness, keeps to the source and mood fairly well and with some nice re-insrument improvement. I think the lower ends are super hoggy though. Regardless, for something thrown in the pot, it's not bad. I'd roll that up and smoke it. Hehe, get it..."pot"......okay I'll see myself out the door T_T

Trism - Well this is definitely more suitable for PRC, but that being said, I like the humanization here Trism. It's funny, Xenonetix's track was too loud and "Lunar Keys" is too quiet. Nonetheless, "Lunar Keys" is a beautiful piece, alas, I have to default to Xenoetix's "Earning Forgiveness" 'cuz rules. Nice work Trism :)