Time Twist + Flimbo's Quest (PRC262)


EDIT: Second source available!!

Source 1: Time Twist: Rekishi no Katasumi (Famicom Disk System) - Main Theme
(There is a MP3 File available as well
Source 2: Flimbo's Quest (C64) - Loader

"Here is my pick for the source for PRC 262.

The source is the main theme from Japan-only game Time Twist: Rekishi no Katasumi De on the Famicom Disk System. This obscure game was never localized due to both the FDS not being available outside Japan and the fact that the game dealt with subjects that would be deemed highly controversial, especially in the US. The end boss is actually the baby Jesus possessed by a demon. From what I understand, the plot follows a boy who tries to use some dark magic to get a girl to love him, but doing so causes a demon to appear and body-swap with him. To get his body back, the boy must go back in time and prevent the demon from changing history. I haven't played it myself because I cannot read Japanese and knowing Japanese is crucial to playing the game as it is largely text-based.

The music is by Hajime Hirasawa, more known for his work on Star Fox on the SNES.

I did a small bit of cleanup on the MIDI, but I did not put a lot of time into it so my apologies if it isn't very easy to work with. It was originally converted from an NSF dump. Finding a source for this was proving difficult, so I cut these files myself. The MP3 is a direct feed from NotSoFatso playing the before-mentioned NSF dump.



Here is a YouTube from the game, though I couldn't find one with just the music so there are sound effects in this:
I recommend only using this to evaluate whether or not you want to submit an entry. Working from the MP3 is probably the best idea."

"I've chosen a song (I don't know how to label it, some say it's a loader)from the great soundtrack of Flimbo's Quest for C64. It's a fantastic tune and actually one of my all time VGM favorites, I can't believe it hasn't been remixed on OCR yet!

Remember that you can't hotlink files from that site"

To enter you only have to remix one of the sources, but remixing both sources in one song is encouraged.
Check the Ocremix Thread for more information:
So if you like the source by DZComposer, you can start remixing that one, otherwise you can wait for the source of OneUp. DZComposer can enter by remix OneUps' source (and the other way around).

EDIT: OneUp's source is up now as well.

Deadline is MONDAY JANUARY 20th, 10:59 am ThaSauce time. Check the following site for the rules:



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Start: on 1/12/14
Deadline: on 1/20/14
Voting: on 1/22/14

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