One Must Fall 2064

posted in PRC338 on Dec 30, 2016
This is an arrangement of One Must Fall 2097 Menu theme:

Actually, this is much closer to a remix than what I usually do, but the original is so good I felt like following it closely. I reused my Shining Force II main theme project file from PRC277 or so, it has a bunch of Commodore 64 samples, hence the title.


posted in MnP37 on Jun 30, 2015
Drum break samples, liveish guitar+bass, a sample of the original piece, 1 synth preset & arbitrary time signature trickery.

More Like Juggernaut

posted in MnP31 on Mar 10, 2015
I thought making a 90s tracker metal cover out of the tune would be easy and fun. Still took me about 5-6 hours. The transcribing was certainly good ear practice. Never expected I'd do anything resembling thrash metal.. !

Source usage breakdown:
0:00-0:22 simple moody original intro
0:22-1:06 source nearly verbatim (I guess the harmony line at 0:39-0:49 is above the melody, and not below; plus a little additional guitar lead at 0:57-0:59)
1:06-1:17 first part of the verse from source nearly verbatim up to 1:14
1:17-1:28 second part of the verse: guitar chords stick to B mainly
1:28-1:39 the fast arp part: some additional guitar leads
1:39-1:50 the bridge bit repeated twice, with variation
1:50-2:20 mainly original (though derived) outro, 2:08-2:09 is from the source

I'm thinking this is pretty M-n-P even with 50/240 seconds (35%!) non-source material.

Mahtava mato

posted in PRC281 on Oct 08, 2014
Here's a short rock sketch of the tune. I decided to upload already, since I'm not sure if I have the time to update the tune in the meantime.

Bluesy Usas

posted in PRC279 on Sep 17, 2014
Couldn't think of a better title..

This was a great source, and I think I managed to put an interesting spin on it. It's rough in several places, but I hope it's an interesting listen nonetheless.


posted in MnP22 on Sep 13, 2014
Some simple guitar, C64 drum loop, timbale and tambourine, some padding & two lead sounds, tried to vary up the leads a bit. I think I got a nice atmosphere going that isn't too far from the original.

Named by my daughter as "bear song", don't know why.

Kaheleita kalloja

posted in PRC278 on Sep 01, 2014
This is pretty rough. Try to imagine the synth thing as a distorted guitar.. also, it's not certain that you can hear some Skull Man in there.. since I didn't get to the actual leads yet.

Looking forward to putting some meat to this though! (pun)


posted in MnP21 on Aug 29, 2014
Tried to break up the melody for several instruments.

Didn't get to write much variations & extend the structure as much as I'd like, but I'm quite happy with this as a compo submission.


Pomminvarma juttu

posted in PRC272 on Jun 12, 2014
The Bomberman theme was too fun a classic to not participate. I also was already familiar with it. I manged a minute-long sketch. I sampled the stems in my previous PRC entry (Mega Man II), that was fun.

Miljoonamiehen muistelmat

posted in PRC270 on May 12, 2014
Rough rock sketch but a complete arrangement. I recorded several takes of bass + keyboard + guitar and edited the takes into this (lots of cheating is involved). This was really fun to make, and I'll continue working on it (the drums for instance are copypaste & unmixed etc). Thanks Bundeslang for the generous extension!

Pommipomo [Bonus Mix]

posted in PRC266 on Mar 20, 2014
Seems like I lost count of the days. I'll post a link to the snippet I've made in a few minutes, perhaps Bundeslang can add it as a bonus to the round.


ADMIN: Track done by Evktalo, uploaded by Bundeslang

Flimbo Twist

posted in PRC262 on Jan 19, 2014
I tried to change the mood of the Flimbo's Quest source, changing it to minor key. At 0:30-0:45 the melody is supposed to be derived from the Time Twist source.

I likely don't have time to work on the track some more until the deadline, so I'm uploading what I have. If I happen to have a moment, I'll reupload.


Blue Lady Groove

posted in PRC260 on Dec 29, 2013
Didn't have the time for this, and it shows. Hope you enjoy it anyway! It's the Syreen theme from Star Control 2.


Timanttista tinamiittia

posted in PRC256 on Oct 28, 2013
Only had time for drums and bass! (: The material seemed to have a familiar quality to my source track on Be Aggressive, and it was a quality that felt good to return to. I'll add this to the my list of "I'll probably finish this some day."


Hullu kuningas

posted in PRC251 on Aug 19, 2013
I was able to put this together in an afternoon. I'm trying to learn to make my workflow/process faster. There's some good bits, I think! Very cool source.

I grabbed the bassline and the trickier melody and arpeggio parts from the MIDI (also to speed the process up). In the process the interesting syncopation from the original was altered into a more straight-ahead beat. It's very different to use the MIDI. When I don't use the MIDI, the piece tends to get personalized as a part of the process. When I use the MIDI, I find I could use some time to really edit the result some more. So in a way, the attempt to save time by using the MIDI isn't really working for me (at least yet)!


Misc. Robotics

posted in PRC250 on Aug 05, 2013
Source: Cave Story - Mischievous Robot

Completely unpolished, but I did get the full structure down. I recorded two simple guitar tracks, both are one take but the other is edited a bit. I had very little time to come up with the synth & organ parts or to vary up the drums. Well, it's supposed to be kind of a "steady" piece.. I referenced On To Grasstown and Moonsong in the later solo section.


posted in PRC248 on Jul 08, 2013
Guitar sampled from The Narshemellow by XPRTNovice (from Balance & Ruin), with kind permission -- thank you XPRTNovice!

Thanks also to Bundeslang for gracing the extension -- I won't drag it so close & over the deadline in the future.


The Tears of Moura

posted in PRC234 on Dec 28, 2012
Source: Maldita Castilla, intro:

Wonderful, complex (yet brief) source tune. I decided to use the beginning sequence as the basis of the whole track, playing the melody on top of it. Lots of great material from the source was thus completely unused. The organ ended up too loud, but it's too late to fix it.



posted in PRC233 on Dec 10, 2012

where are you
come december
yet freezing


there are things
this I now



Considering I ended up having 12 minutes to do the takes, I'm happy I could squeeze the vocals together. There's still lots to do better when I rework this for OCR (sorry especially for the out-of-tune bits..)


Pumpkin Interrupted

posted in PRC232 on Nov 26, 2012
It's a short sketch and pretty much a cover, didn't get to personalization/rearrangement yet. I don't think I have more time to work on it before deadline, so here it is as it is.


This Is A Horrible Mess (We're In)

posted in PRC228 on Sep 30, 2012
Learning to use virtual synths with Renoise & Linux.. didn't get a chance to tweak parameters of the plugins yet, but learned a bit about it anyway in the process.

0% inspiration, 100% perspiration. Took the midi and tried to personalize it in the little time I had. "It's all over the place", a comment I just received IRL. Heh.


Keskitalo-unehtijan_talo [Bonus Mix]

posted in PRC227 on Sep 19, 2012
I need to prepare a bit better next time.. and also try to schedule more time to work on the track! Couldn't do that now, but this was a really nice source. I'm pretty sure I'll keep working on the track in the future.

ADMIN: Bonus Mix, do not vote for this!!

Motion Sickness

posted in PRC220 on Jun 11, 2012
I mainly used the.. bassline? Thingy? Mainly as the bassline. The title is a bitter one, I would love to play Portal 2 (co-op!!!), but I get motion sickness from the game.

I used a template of a song I made for a little game this weekend. Hence I was able to pull this together so quick. I mixed this with cheap headphones, and I'm afraid it shows.


Crab Nebula Jam

posted in PRC211 on Feb 06, 2012
I tried to get rid of most of the happy mood of the original, and take the melodies to different key, mode, or something like that. I also didn't have a reference for most of the time, since our internet is broken, and tried to go from memory. I was able to start this early, but then I had nearly no time to continue. :/ So I miss the final part of the source (which is my favourite part even), and there's no structure.. but considering how little time I had, I'm happy with what's here.

Again Pleiade helped with mixing and mastering. Big thanks!


cake 4 u

posted in PRC210 on Jan 22, 2012
Castle of Illusion, the Master System version, is such a classic game and soundtrack for me. I was very happy to see this source picked. Great choice, DjMokram!

I was able to work this quite a bit over a few days, and got into Renoise a bit more. On the downside, I still didn't have enough time to make this a complete piece, but I'm happy with the result none the less. I thought the atmosphere in this version is satisfyingly different from the original.

Pleiade helped with mixing and mastering. Thanks!



posted in PRC209 on Jan 09, 2012
I took the Sonic midi and mostly removed notes. That's what I had time for. I think there's some idea in the result though, which is nice because I sure didn't have any when I started!



posted in PRC208 on Dec 21, 2011
Source: Intro/menu theme from Death Track (old DOS racing/shooter game from 1989): - I got the melody a bit worng, going from memory.

This short piece is a collab with Pleiade, who provided additional sounds.Also my 1 year old daughter plays some random notes in the end. Didn't have the heart to leave all of them out. :)


Clockwork Groove

posted in PRC174 on Jul 18, 2010
I took this round as an opportunity to try out the Renoise tracker, and I'm loving it already. All the sounds are demo sounds that came with Renoise.

It's a bit quiet, so turn up the volume. Also, it's a bit short, so listen to it twice. :)



posted in PRC141 on Mar 08, 2009
I had a load of fun doing this one. :)

It's a Schism Tracker work, with bad.. nonono, OLDSKOOL samples again.

Too tired to really write a proper description.. just enjoy!


Fax Bananas

posted in PRC140 on Feb 23, 2009
Like the source of the previous round, the Faxanadu piece was a challenge to figure out. Both were rewarding as well. I used basically the same instrumentation as last round to cut some corners. The style is quite different, though.


Passport Portrait

posted in PRC139 on Feb 07, 2009
This short piece combines keyboard leads and ..hip-hop?! This one took a direction of it's own, like mine often do. The beat was tracked in Schism Tracker, the rest were played on Roland SH-201. Not really live, as I recorded a few bars at a time. It felt like it took a ridiculous amount of time to figure out the chords and melodies, and then record the takes. Good source, but pretty challenging.


Ronery Star

posted in PRC138 on Jan 24, 2009
Decided to throw something together quick-ish. Used Schism Tracker for this (just amplified it in Audacity). It's a bit rough (and short) but I think I succeeded nicely in giving this groovy tune a different atmosphere.

I used to track in Fast Tracker, so it was a learning experience. :) (Schism has Impulse Tracker interface).


Remembering Rosa

posted in PRC130 on Oct 06, 2008
A brief guitar duet which both takes liberties and remains fairly faitful to the source, I think. Not that I could tell at this point!

The game's soundtrack is great. It, and the game itself are pretty important parts of my personal gaming history. (Although I had a crush on Rydia, not Rosa. Hehe) If I recall correctly, the way this theme kicks in during dramatic and emotional points of the dialogue between Cecil and Rosa is pretty neat.

Mixed and mastered with Pleiade.

Thanks and cheers to Rexy for hosting this competition!

Cosmic Plumber

posted in PRC128 on Sep 06, 2008
I guess this turned into a somewhat lounge-ish take. Messed with Cubase for first time in many years, using the reViSiT tracker frontend plugin. Ended up recording the organ bits in good old Audacity. Hope you like it!
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