Deus Ex - UNATCO (PRC199)


"I'm not very familiar with PRC's history, but judging by the quality of Beckett007's last winning entry, my victory is hardly comparable to other winning tracks. I hope I haven't caused PRC to jump the shark during season 8. Thanks for the votes, regardless.

For PRC 199, I've chosen a track from the popular 90's adventure shooter Deus Ex. The track is "UNATCO," referring to the command center for the said organization. It has relatively simple chords and should be fun to rearrange. Frankly, I'm not sure how accurate the MIDI is, but it should be easy to pick out the notes from the YouTube video.

(SubNormal J3)


Start: on 7/21/11
Deadline: on 8/1/11
Voting: on 8/3/11

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