Reticulon Wave

posted in PRC444 on Apr 20, 2022

After New Wave, Synth Wave and Vapor Wave, the nice aliens of the Turin galaxy are proud to bring you the logical next step in music production with their latest flagship VST: Reticulon Wave.

Disclaimer: they may need to invade Earth and annihilate mankind first before you can use this plugin with your DAW.

Easton Throwdown

posted in PRC336 on Nov 30, 2016
That jerk Hiyoihoi wouldn't stop throwing Ganchans at me, so I jumped over and shot him full of superballs. 5000 pts, easy peasy ...oh shit, where did that Tokotoko came from?! *Game Over music plays in the background*


posted in MnP30 on Feb 23, 2015
"Source transcribed by ear, so notation proly isn't verbatim. I'm so used to OCR guidelines by now that staying conservative with the arrangement is a real challenge. But I couldn't pass up the chance to remix this one."
-Dj Mokram

Broken Mirror

posted in PRC290 on Feb 20, 2015
Hey Kevin,

Managed to get something in time for this round, though since my email was hacked while I was gone, I lost access to my ThaSauce account.
Not sure how to get that back, but in the meantime, I've uploaded my track for you to download. Here's the link ( Lemme know if there's any issues.

Spontaneous Combustion

posted in PRC218 on May 14, 2012
Fond memories of this fantastic game and its brilliant soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura helped me evolve my mitochondria to finally overcome the worst writer's block I've ever had.
Incidentally, this only left me a couple hours to work with, but I've had a ton of fun making this arrangement.
Long time Parasite Eve fans might notice little cameos from 'Phrase of Aya', 'Main Theme' and 'Out of Phase'.

Hope you'll enjoy this little tribute to an innovative yet highly under-rated gem from Square. :)

Memory Disorder

posted in PRC210 on Jan 23, 2012
Daggers and synthetizers,
mantras and basslines
await you

PRC once again turned into a 2hrs compo for me.
Had a blast experimenting with some more electro.
Might try making more boom-tis music this year.
Hope you'll enjoy this fun little arrangement. ;)

Across the Dunes

posted in PRC209 on Jan 09, 2012
Soaring across the dunes of Dafila on the back of your trusty dragon.
What awaits you and your trusty companions beyond the endless desert?

Managed to secure a couple of hours to put this little remix together.
Hope you'll enjoy this electronica excursion I took for a change. ;)

Crash and Burn

posted in PRC208 on Dec 20, 2011
Decided to give a shot to last round source, 'Final Victory' from Warlords III - Darklords Rising.

The original is a very sparse heroic fantasy song with an emphasis on atmoshphere and drums but little in terms of melodic content.
I went for a less medieval, more modern, action oriented and cinematic approach, using live percussions with a picked bass and rhythm guitars as a base, then infusing orchestra instruments mixed with ethnic and electronic elements to carry the main melody through the arrangement.

It was a fun challenge to remix this source, and a pleasure to cover yet another relatively obscure game. :)

Augmented Reality

posted in PRC199 on Aug 01, 2011
When the modern man fuses with the machine, the chiptune fuses with the modern music.
Thus creating a new layer of perception called 'augmented reality'.

Made this in one hour after work today.
I didn't have enough time to do a substantially long arrangement, nor mix/master it properly.
And no, I don't work at UNATCO. ;P

Suishou-hen no Odori

posted in FBRC2010 on Aug 07, 2010
Game: Legend of Dragoon
Song: Crystal Palace
Duration: 3:28
Genre: ethnic
(Requested by metalsnakejuice)

"From the far west to the far east, welcome to the crystal shards dance festival."

(production notes for the song are included in the idtag)

Streets of Rush

posted in PRC151 on Aug 24, 2009
"What if the game was a 90s beat'em up instead of a racing game?"

ADMIN (Again): Added song. DjMokram was a little too late, but no voters are around. Three songs is better as two. Vote for this one too.

Airflare Valley

posted in FBRC2009 on Aug 21, 2009
Game: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Song: Teehee Valley
Requested by: Hylian Lemon
Genre: electro-rock
Duration: 2:33

A somewhat bumpy valley, where you can't quite make airflares without risking to straighten your mustache. ;)

Sacred Rites

posted in OHC047 on Aug 06, 2009
Ancient temple rites from the past depicting a magic way to compose music by using only waves samples & a basic wave editor.
It specifies that the sages never used any VSTi, nor DAW in inside the temple walls.
The text refers to a mystical technique called: 'plain old import wave, copy-paste, and pitch fonction.'
But depending on who chant this spell, results could be... unpredictable.

note: Please lower the volume before pressing play. This magic was not equalized. You've been warned strangers! ;)

Cold Blooded Peak

posted in OHC033 on Apr 30, 2009
It may seem fairly common at first glance...
But make no mistake: this icy mountain range wants you dead!

Also note there's a NekoYeti at the top, who will vote for himself every turn of the battle.
Don't forget to cast 'Silence' on him! ;P
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