Dare to Dream - Music Dat (PRC143)


Binweasel first planned to pick Kirby Superstar - Revenge of Metaknight ending, but since that source was already covered

Ah. That... is awesome. XD Guess I ought to check out the archives next time. Right, next pick:

Music Data 3, from the PC game Dare to Dream 2 (or 1, possibly.) Plays during the main menu.

Haven't the time for a big ol' writeup or anything, but I should say that I fiddled with the volume of some of the tracks. In the original, you can't hear the bass or the piano at all - really, the whole midi soundtrack is riddled with strange easter eggs like this. Makes you wonder what the composer was thinking... "

Usual PRC Rules apply, deadline is April 5th, 4:59 AM ThaSauce time.


Start: on 3/27/09
Deadline: on 4/5/09
Voting: on 4/8/09

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