A Brand New Start

posted in OHC645 on Feb 18, 2021

It's time to say farewell

As the snow begins to melt

and the seasons

await a brand new start


as winter nears its end

We look at the future ahead

and find

a new reason to move on



Oh Spring is on its way

It's the start of a brand new day

We nurture the change

deep within our hearts


It's time for a brand new start


Love is Delicious

posted in 2HTS359 on Feb 14, 2021

Verse 1

I love that smile

your silky hair

the way you move

the clothes you wear


those perfect curves

and silky skin

you're my intoxication


When I look at you

I start to feel

You're gonna be

my next meal


We'll be together forever

baby til death do us part



You make me hungry when I look at you

The curves of that perfect body tiny waist

I'm gonna have all of you inside of me

I think I want more than just a little taste


The taste of your lips and the rest of you

When I simmer that tasty stew

Who never knew that love could be so

absolutely delicious


Verse 2/Bridge

Love is

the perfect food

I know you're gonna

taste so good


with just a little seasoning

a pinch of salt some rosemary


You're always driving me so crazy

You'll be as tender as a baby

I can't wait for you to be apart

of me as I consume your beating heart




Soul On Fire

posted in OHC644 on Feb 11, 2021

Everyday I wake up to an emptiness in side

I just want to climb back in, the darkest hole and hide

Whatever happened to the days where I would feel alive

All all I want is to reawaken the fire that's inside


The flames of darkness consuming the light within my soul

It's time to reignite the flames that make me whole

No more living this life of lies, this false identity

Reawaken the passion that drives and sets me free


My soul on fire

Is gonna set the world aflame

until the ashes of desire

are all that remain


My soul on fire

consuming everything that binds me

My soul on fire

Is finally set free





Caverns of My Mind

posted in OHC643 on Feb 04, 2021

Falling down

deep underground

The darkness consuming

everything around me


Is this real

or am I dreaming

The caverns of my mind

experience that's blind


Will I see a light

Or will I be forever

Taken by the darkness

Til it fills my soul


There is no end to this

ethereal experience

I cannot see

What is right in front of me


Drifting down and down

Consumed by never ending darkness

It could be night or day

How will I find my way


I must regain my sight

Separated from the light

Find my path but I am blind

The caverns of my mind


Adventurer's Dead End

posted in 90MC002 on Feb 02, 2021

Sunny skies

whispering wind

birds on rooftops

running children


A life so simple

NPC's running round

not much to see here

in this quiet little town



A stranger shows up one day

to purchase from the shop

He's really quite busy

There isn't time to stop


But it's okay we told him

It won't take very long

Just kill the rats in the cellar

They're not even that strong



The last hero couldn't make it

We got another one one today

He stopped off at the blacksmith

but he had forgot to pay


So we the sent the town guard after him

and he's rotting his life away

but there's not much else going

just another sleepy day



Children of the Night

posted in OHC642 on Jan 28, 2021

The moon is shining softly

a glimmer in the trees

A faint sound is echoing

carried by the breeze


As the chorus of the midnight hour

Nature's reverie

Melancholic voices

The wild and the free


What sweet music they make

those children of tonight

The pack of canine angels

Guided by the moonlight


posted in OHC449 on May 18, 2017
Because drugs are slightly bad for you

Caw was name,
He hung out with crows,
he loved his cocaine,
and filled up his nose,

They gathered around him,
They came from the air,
and soon did surround them,
so they could all share,

for that crowcane,
straight to the brain,
flickity flock,
absolutely insane.

Believe in a Dream

posted in OHC098 on Aug 19, 2010
FL Default,everything made from scratch (no templates), including lyrics, recorded vocals.

Uh, basically lost in some strange place, don't remember how I got here.

Nighty Night Sucka

posted in PRC143 on Apr 05, 2009
Ghetto Lee Lewis and Tiny Jon live in concert, nothing else to say (except I left my millions of screaming fans back at the studio; unfortunately the crowd noise is fake)


posted in PRC142 on Mar 22, 2009
No, no, the genre isn't dead yet! We must hear slamming kick drums and multiplied saw waves all night long and repeat the same melody over and over again until all our heads explode. We must enter this compo before master passes out again. yes we will.
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