One Hour Compo - Round 200 (OHC200)

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Aug 09, 2012 OMGitslewis
  1. Skin of The Devil
    General Mumble
  2. You are all a Bunch of F*ck Heads
  3. Universal 8-bit Crush
(Complete Random order apart from the top three :3)


GLL - Loved this genre you has made. It is quality. Also, Try and lay off the alcohol as much next week ;)

Gario - Lovely 8 bit remix goodness. Loved it.

ectogemia - Fantastic sounds, great image in my head painted form it as well.

Seventhelement - Piano and everything just fit so well. More like this plz.

42 - I love this ambient style. And its true what everyone says, Your chords are the Bees Knees.

autojack - amazing. Properly amazing.

SCI - I mean, its Sci music. Its amazing.

DDR - What more can I say, The melodies to Ecstasy and Pixel are sheer quality, I could listen to them 24/7 and never get bored. My one criticism is GIVE CHILLIN' SOME REMIXING LOVE... Please :)
Aug 09, 2012 Torzelan
  1. One Hopeful Composer
  2. Universal 8-bit Crush
  3. the odd guy in the back, always saving the world
Really don't know what to say other than you people are ridiculously good at pleasing my eardrums in just an hour.
Crazy talented. Everyone! INSANE WEEK! WOO
Aug 10, 2012 Arcana
  1. Time is running out
  2. You Should Not Have Come Here
  3. Two Hundred Heroic Villains
Happy birthday Ellie!
Aug 10, 2012 johnfn
  1. Fools in my Base ft. Cheese
  2. No Respect
  3. Unsung Heroes

To me, AutomaticJack clinches it for the sheer audacity of rapping in what's typically a compo dominated by electronic stuff. and doing it REALLY WELL. AND making me laugh out loud. the other 2 entries are fantastic moody pieces.
Aug 10, 2012 GLL
  1. Two Hundred Heroic Villains
  2. Unsung Heroes
  3. Universal 8-bit Crush
CJ - dubstep that doesn't scream WUB WUB at you constantly is dubstep that's done right. This is just kickass in too many ways to name.

Forty-Two - one of the most relaxing OHC's I've ever heard, and yes, I re-listened to it sober, lol. Very strong arrangement, enjoyable song.

Gario - Gario's a cool guy, and this is a cool song. I like how the strings mix with the chip lead. You've got a great style, and it's amazing you pulled it off in only an hour, and made something really fun.

Definitely one of the most challenging votes I've made, too many good entries to name, I just kept narrowing it down. Good job to everybody who was involved.
Aug 15, 2012 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. You are all a Bunch of F*ck Heads
  2. Universal 8-bit Crush
  3. No Respect
GLL - massive tune, unheard of since Suzumebachi's "Banana Republican" from OHC080.

Gario - This sounds like it should be on Impostor Nostalgia. I love love love this kind of chip sound, I need to go and make it.

ectogemia - So much good stuff going on here, it's awesome.

Aug 15, 2012 Bren
  1. Universal 8-bit Crush
  2. Zero-Sum Game
  3. One Hopeful Composer
three are simply not enough voting slots for a compo of this magnitude, so I am posting my top 10.

1. Gario - Simply awesome
2. Acuity - I LOVE the general feel of this - sadness and determination
3. DDRKirbyISQ - Always amazing DDRKirby.
4. DJMokram - I LOVE the arrangement on this one. It's totally a cinematic doomsday theme.
5. Forty-Two - Love it, such a mixture of happy and sad.
6. MV - Again, a great song with a big sense of urgency and brilliance.
7. A-Zu-Ra - I really enjoyed this one. I kind of had a picture of a scientist who has said "screw it, im saving the world whether people respect me for it or not"
8. Arcana - Urgency and disorganization, as well as a sense of panic I get from this, and it all forms into quite the awesome entry.
9. Ectogemia - I really liked the whole composition here.
10. Munchkr - I'm a big fan of Megaman-style compositions, and I think you pulled it off quite nicely, as well as sticking with the theme.

A2Z: Suspenseful and Satisfying
(BONUS) Acu1ty: ROFL...and yet so calm and happy. Moar liek DDRMickeyISQ, amirite?
Acuity: So pretty and awesome.
AdamTh3Walker: Groova-bounce-a-cruncha-dellic.
Arcana: Sort of Bizarro and sort of awesome - love the piano vs electrons part
AutomaticJack: I ain't got shit! Fo shizzle.
A-Zu-Ra: Epic intro, 8 bit arpeggio goodness.
Blastron: Nice ambiance. Kind of reminds me of James Bond.
Brandon: Lol...nice Randy Newman voice. Badaba doodah yeah.
CJthemusicdude: Epic suspense and wubwub. Tonight's
Darangen: Pretty hardcore and awesome sounding.
Darthpolly: So calm and almost sad. It's like the guy is all alone.
DDRKirbyISQ: Awesome and fresh as always. I like how it has energy changes through the song.
(BONUS) DDRKirbyISQ: LoL...this was so ridiculously awesome.
DJMokram: Intense and awesome! Love the strings.
DucksUnlimited: Interesting bizarro march.
Ectogemia: Love the constant arps going on here, gives it a nice tone.
Electrolisystem: I like the leads in this one. Aside from the quantize issue, this sounds pretty solid.
FlexStyle: Short, but awesome.
Forty-Two: Emotional and beautiful.
Fusion2004: Dark and nice buildup.
Gario: Holy Shit Epicsauce. Love that lead, and the strings, and everything else.
GeneralMumble: Wubwubwub
GLL: Nice electronic progression.
Hoboka: I like the Chinese style instruments in this one.
JackShine: �Es qu� nunca has visto una rosa negra? - Don Flamenco
Johnfm: I like how this transitions from the beginning to the end.
Kaxon: LoL, I still thought it was fun.
MandraSigma: Very difficult indeed. LOL
Mcmiagblackmanisgod: Like the glitches and cutting in this one.
Misaelk: Very RPGish and goodly.
(BONUS) MisaelK: Indeed, Good compo guise!
Munchi: No, I'M Batman.
Munshkr: Totally MegaMan style goodness here.
Mv: Really epic and orchestral. I am loving this.
OMGItsLewis: Holy crap speeeeeed. And this is also awesome.
Sci: FOR SCIENCE!! Also, epic entry as always.
ScootaLewis: Nice singing. I bet some acoustics would make it even nicer.
SeventhElement: Really love the piano in this one, as well as the orchestral.
Skrullz: Awesome electro goodness.
StuffofLegends: It's okay. I forgive you :P
Suzumebachi: I dig this. I dig it a lot.
td244: Nice suspense.
Torzelan: Short but awesome.
Woodyblues: I really love how the arp works with the lead in this one.
Aug 15, 2012 Misael.K
  1. the odd guy in the back, always saving the world
  2. OHC_COMPO_01
  3. Last minute hero!
In a really impossible voting week, where almost everyone made completely awesome songs, I decided to vote not for the current entries, but for the future ones.

sci, mcmiagblackmanisgod, darthpolly. I want more entries like these.

I'll also do two sets of mentions.

1) mv; Suzumebachi; Gario.
2) Acuity; AdamTh3Walker; A-zu-ra; Bren; DDRKirby(ISQ); DjMokram; ectogemia; Electrolisystem; Flexstyle; Forty-Two; Fusion2004; munshkr; General Mumble; GLL; hoboka; JackShine; johnfn; OMGitslewis; seventhelement; Skrullz; td244; Torzelan; WoodyBlues.
Aug 15, 2012 Flexstyle
  1. Fools in my Base ft. Cheese
  2. Universal 8-bit Crush
  3. No Respect
So many songs I could have chosen, so I just chose some that stood out because of certain elements or whatever. Honestly, with this many entries, there's no way I can put together a definitive list. Cheers for the good times, guys!
Aug 15, 2012 Gario
  1. the odd guy in the back, always saving the world
  2. Time is running out
  3. No Respect
Dear God, this compo was hard to make a top three list for. I based my vote on how well I felt the people followed the them, though, so there are a lot of great tracks that I just couldn't vote for, which helped me narrow it considerably.

Awesome work, everyone, and here's to another 100 compos!