One Hour Compo - Round 641 (OHC641)

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Jan 21, 2021 Wassup Thunder
  1. Walk of the Ancients
  2. Meteor Summoned
  3. Ancient Life
Reason? Bold of you to assume I am capable of such!

I voted based on sound quality and interpretation of the source.
Jan 21, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. Primevals
    Wassup Thunder
  2. Prehistoric Palace
  3. Second wind
nice tunes, many neat songs, good well done very nice
Jan 21, 2021 Oroshibu
  1. Primevals
    Wassup Thunder
  2. Prehistoric Palace
  3. Before The Extinction
I love drums yes hi
Jan 21, 2021 Arcana
  1. Primevals
    Wassup Thunder
  2. A Forgotten Time
    JH Sounds
  3. Dino's in a Valley
Wassup Thunder with a coherent and evolving track with a lot of that epic jungle sound. It has a kind of video game atmosphere to it to me - minimal melody, nice background effects, lots of detail. Nicely done

JH had really good bass and I liked the delivery in this one. It was a little more catchy and had a lot of expression in the voice overall. I think the background rhythm was cool. The little high accents added a little bit of interest.

IO: First sound effect was awesome and then it breaks out into some wicked Future Bass like steps, what's there not to like?

Lots of other memorable songs this week. In no particular order:

GLL starla johnfn TheVideoGamer NickC Oroshibu ashka DDRKirby(ISQ) thesocialcontract
Jan 21, 2021 hoboka
  1. Primevals
    Wassup Thunder
  2. Prehistoric Palace
  3. Before The Extinction
Wassup Thunder - Turok Goodness. Can't go wrong with that. Second most theme fitting at least to me.

DDRKirby - Incredible production here and great gliding. Extremely awesome IoG and Secret of Evermore vibes. Sounds very authentic to the SNES chip down to a tea. Definately the most effort was put into this one. So it's a tossup for 1st place with you imo...hopefully you won't hate me for placing you 2nd T_T

Misael K. - A great mysterious Mezosoic vibe going on. Got some awesome low-ends and I liked the jrpg feel too. Nice emotional stuff.

Dark Shadow - Some epic chip work here too. Didn't quite get dinosaurs vibe, more like aliens or a jungle base with Rambo. 8 bit sexiness.

canamala - Nice textures and cool vibe. Cool ambience too.

Souperion - I got some Metroid Prime Echoes at parts (mainly through the low string rhythm) (Sky base) vibe here. Though it's more of an oriental take than a DINOSAURS feel. Still, pretty pleasant tune.

hrld - Kinda sounds like a Sim Theme park with dinos and dragons. Love that riser. Cool popcorn plucky arp.

the social contract - Kinda got lost in the mix with others that went for a similar style, but being composed in an hour, it's not too shabby. The beat and choral pad were good.

ashka - Bladerunner in the jungle with robot dinosaurs. Cool analog-type pads.

Orishibu - I'd say this is the 4th most theme fitting. Has a Warcraft 2 feel to it too. Ceiling is a bit capped here, but some simple volume work'll fix that.

JH Sounds - Reminds me of some FMV hell games made in the 90's hahaha. Excellent vocal work for being done in an hour. The lyrics were accurate to the theme, I'd say. And those vox pads. So gud.

Arcana - Wow, maybe this is 4th place for me now that I think of it. God that rush. Gotta have my blood pressure checked after that yikes. Heart thumping tension at the ending.

NickC - Nice Bramble Scrambles aesthetic going on, and cool synth brass.

Starla - felt more like a segue than a full song, but the vocals chops were the best on display here. uwu

Suzemabachi - reminds me of the Library in castlevania 4. Nice square lead thingy.

Ghettosaur - second favorite lyrics on display here. Very fitting for the theme too...maybe this shoulda been my 3rd place pick. Oh well.

Invisible Observer - Didn't hear dino type vibes here, but cool beat and acid synths.

Ancient Life/Dex - Honestly, another contestor for 3rd place for me, but I can only choose one. Great guitar work here.

TheVideoGamer - such coool beats and tempo changes, but I think I almost died listening to it. The good kind of dying? :D

Thunder Step - here's the Space Dinosaurs vibe that we were ranting about before we started the round. Kinda has a Mario Galaxy vibe. Nice.

johnfm - best synth work of the lot. That is some HOT synth work. Nice bright piano and the funky organ keys are great too.

Jan 21, 2021 DrumJ8
  1. Tribal Adventure
  2. It's Dino Time
  3. Before The Extinction
TheVideoGamer - I like the use of SFX and the rhythm when it kicks in. I like how the track pulls you in different directions.
Suzumebachi - I like the arpeggios and I like when the melody hits.
Misael.K - Chord progression sounds somber and I like it. I like the legato bass notes along with the bell sounds.

obScene - I like the somber take, the sound of the organ.
hoboka - I like the dinosaur sound effects in the background. Nice beat when it comes in.
DarkShadow - I like the beat and the vibe.
canamla - I like the simplicity and the sound effects. The 'scream' at the end, I thought something happened to my dogs and they were screaming. They're fine.
Souperion - I like the wonky rhythm. and the pizzicato.
hrld - I got FF7R on my mind and the beginning reminds me of Midnight Rendezvous.
Wassup Thunder - I like the rhythm. This track gives me Lanayru Desert vibes from Skyward Sword.
thesocialcontract - I like the rhythm of the percussion and strings.
ashka - I like the different take. Like a peaceful look at a starry sky.
Elias561 - Nice beat and sounds.
Oroshibu - I like the timpani sounds and the rhythms.
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Nice. Gives me Chrono Trigger vibes.
JH Sounds - I like the chord progression.
Arcana - I like the simplicity of it. I like the piano notes on the upbeats.
NickC - Sounds space-y. I like it. I like the beat/rhythm when it kicks in.
starla - I like the vocal effects.
GLL - I like the lyric "he's a carnivore, eats vegan dinosaurs."
InvisibleObserver - I like the beat and the drums.
Dex - I like when the "rock" hits.
ethansight - I like the piano sounds.
johnfn - I like when the drums kick in.
LunacyEcho - I like the disco and dance feel.

Embrace your Dreams.
Jan 22, 2021 Vinsfeld_
  1. Second wind
  2. Prowling Spinosaurus
  3. A Forgotten Time
    JH Sounds
Good Work ! <3
Jan 22, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. Time Machine Adventure
  2. Dinosaur Mark
  3. temporary kings
Oh hello dinosaur Mark
Jan 22, 2021 InvisibleObserver
  1. BC
  2. A Forgotten Time
    JH Sounds
  3. Prowling Spinosaurus
Misael.k pretty neato too, but I vote your way often enough. :P
Jan 22, 2021 GLL
  1. Time Machine Adventure
  2. temporary kings
  3. Ghettosaur
1) The power of funk is over 9000!
2) Loved those harmonies
3) I managed to turn something in that wasn't actually completely terrible.
Jan 26, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Second wind
  2. Time Machine Adventure
  3. Ancient Life
@JH Sounds - (In regards to the controversy from last week's) Here's the thing. I think your a talented singer, and your tracks were produced with some lovely ideas. It's obvious you put time and effort into your craft. BUT, it's the kind of track i call inoffensive. I found it interesting and nice, but nothing stood out to me (Compared to listening to others), as i like this a lot. I can't find critique in it, because...there's literally nothing wrong, but yet i don't think it's my favourite because, i it's just baseline. Maybe i might have changed my opinion after this is posted, but as of now...i think there is nothing wrong with it. It's hard to be honest, without cracking a joke out of it lol. Look point being, Good job! Hope your not mad at me haha.....

@Johnfn - Think of it, as some kind of Jurassic Park ride lol.

@Wassup Thunder - That reminds me of that meme from long ago. "Holy Shit It's A F........" yeah i won't say it, it's a bit explicit lol.

@Misael.K - The tribal part, is really what keeps it from being too weird....

@obScene - Dam dude, that's really pushing the time lol. 1 hour before a reopen? Man.....

@Souperion - To be honest, this doesn't sound much different if it was live, because usually it would be amplified anyways. I just added a hardcore beat lol.

@Arcana - It's mostly a 3/4 triplet thing, with cuts thrown in at random measures...

@HoboKa - I don't usually make this style anyways lol, it's a rare treat....

@Souperion - Man, i really would wonder what it would be like meeting a dinosaur in real life....

@Dex - Playing with your expectations like a boss...

@HoboKa - Aquatic Ambience for the win....

@JH Sounds - I'm impressed you didn't come last this time haha, that's what you usually doo....

@Souperion - I guess he got tired, and needed a rest haha.

@JH Sounds - I mean the whole thing was interesting, i really don't know what i was doing lol.

@Arcana - It must feel so jarring, to have a random explosive entrant from me come into the scene. I'm usually the most polarizing....

@Misael.K - Dinocore...yeah i made it up...

@Wassup Thunder - lol

@Ghetto Lee Lewis - I guess Hardcore is where you draw the line huh?

@JH Sounds - Or do what they did in Titanic, when they played while the ship was sinking...

@Misael.K - We do not mention that said artist, or i will call the cops....

@Hrld - Only 3 were used in the whole project....

@Ghetto Lee Lewis - Ok honestly this isn't much different to my entrant, how creepy is that (Has the stereotypical DDR sound).....

@NickC - Lol true....

@Ethansight - All the drums....

@NickC - I don't know, i guess it's all the rainbow dust, they've been snorting....

@HoboKa - lol

@InvisibleObserver - Imagine it in a warehouse?

@Souperion - Sorry for making you loose oxygen.

@HoboKa - I turned some heads tonight, don't you worry....

@Misael.K - TheVideoUntzer....

@NIckC - I go hard every week to be fair., sometimes without even realising it...

@Johnfn - Oh yeah, and it can do that....

@HoboKa - But they all got resurrected for one last dance...

@Misael.K - Scary is putting it lightly....

@Ghetto Lee Lewis - Let's hope they don't start a riot, like they did back in the 1920's....

@Souperion - Nope, only untz....

@Ghetto Lee Lewis - And they all lived, Unhappilly Ever After, the end....

@HoboKa - that too much?

@Souperion - Of course it's slowing, that's not even the peak of it all....

@JH Sounds - All the medication is required to get through my journey....

@Misael.K - That gif tho.....

@Dex - In a way, yes.

@Everyone - We are at the part where everyone, struggles to gather their thoughts.....

@Johnfn - I've been doing this for a while now....

@JH Sounds - Oops lol.

@LunacyEcho - Well i'm glad your having fun....

@Arcana - This is just the radio edit hahahahahaha.....

@Ashka - You tell me ;)

@Hrld - Again you tell me ;)

@HoboKa - Imagine having sex to this....

@Ethansight - It's all automation. Kind of feel humbled you like this...

@LunacyEcho - Could have been 7 endings, but i didn't have time haha...

@Misael.K - Where are you finding these gif's man, soo funny....

@LunacyEcho - That's only part 1 lol.

@Souperion - Ya think? Haha....

@Dex - The tempo change is the ending.

@Canmla - Honest reaction, i love it...

@JH Sounds - Really pushing the boundaries huh?

@Wassup Thunder - I'm not done lol. Part 2 next week...and i'm just joking...

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Holy crap so many to reply, this is the most in ages....

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - Ok i definitely got some eyebrows raised, this was not a soft, light-hearted entry. This was a full blown workout. Now with this theme, which was all prehistoric, i wanted to create a tribal adventure. So basically use a lot of ethnic drums, to create the sounds of jungle. Now on it's own, i find it boring, but mixed in with other elements, it's pretty cool. So i added in some gabber beats, and breakdowns of ambient sections, akin to more...Asian inspired music. Now at the expense of time, and also i didn't have convincing samples, i went and synthesized my own, which doesn't sound half bad. The tempo change at the end, was just...for fun, i really don't know what i was doing here lol. Complete non-structured, almost improvised. It's pretty funny, i'm glad i shocked the audience this week. Anyways.

HoboKa - Impressive how you submitted quickly. This track really utilises a lovely range of ethnic sounds, i love the drums, so much. I have no idea what your are trying to do here, it's pretty...goofy, but good enough. Good job!

DarkShadow - Can you lol...

canamla - Very simple and minimalistic. Has a lot of cool ideas here, even though some of the sounds are a bit too...short. Good job though!

Souperion - Not sure how Japanese fits with Dinosaurs, but hey, ho. Honestly you have some seriously good sound banks, chock full of great instruments (I want to assume Kontakt, but, i would be generalising). All in all, well done!

hrld - This is one of them simple, but effective tracks. Not sure where it goes (Especially since you build up to a drum beat, but it never happens...), but it's all good sounds. Good job!

Wassup Thunder - Dinosaur battle music, oh yes please. Very fitting for this kind of action chase thing. Well done!

thesocialcontract - The string samples payed off, this was a super nicely integrated composition. Well done!


Elias561 - A bit heavy on the chips, but nonetheless one of your best melodic endeavours in a long time. Well done!

Oroshibu - More battle chase music. Full force for it's runtime, not a minute to rest. Think you went too much with the Timpani. Good job though!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - A bit too long for a SNES composition. Wasn't expecting 5 minutes. (More like 2-3 minutes) Still though, nailed it perfectly, had fun with this. Well done!

JH Sounds - Interesting to hear you long before Johfn. Usually your last lol. This is a step up from last time, i love the vocals a lot, and the backing track is super well produced. Well done!

Arcana - The track in itself is lovely, and has a nice range of ideas, however it's uneven mix wise, and needs refinement to make it perfect. Good job!

NickC - This feels like some Dino rap kind of vibe. The beat is well produced, and the brass hits home the rap feeling. Now if only we had some vocals to go with it....

Starla - Definitely works as an album intro. Like hyping you up into the main track. Ends too quickly, to get into it, but the vocals are just...the harmonisation is on another level. Just...well done!

Misael.K - There are some moments here that range from "cool" to "Wow, amazing!" to "It needs polish to make it better". The snare was lost (Compared to the loud kick), and the track felt a bit too bass heavy and not really enough high strings. I don't know, the chords are lovely though. Good job!

Suzumebachi - Rave vibes. Nice synths, juicy and funky. This doesn't feel like it's set up to progress, but the sounds were super nice. Well done!

GLL - Untz, untz. Super ravey, but also get's partially loud at the end. You are a talented singer man, i honestly think this needs polish to make it better. It sounds great. Good job!

InvisibleObserver - If a Dinosaur went to a nightclub. +1 for that sick acid bass....

Dex - That melody alone, is enough for me. I love a excellently produced melody on a excellently produced synth. Oh yeah, and the rest was awesome too. Awesome work!

ethansight - Psychadelic......This a lovely trippy experience. Well done!

Johnfn - GROOOVY! I dig this a lot, oof, soo good. Everything fits super nicely, into a tight groove. The breakdowns were quite intense, but at the same time, it hypes you up into the next section. Point being, incredible work!

LunacyEcho - You've mixed it a bit too quiet, i had to really up my volume for it. Shame, the rest is awesome, even your vocals. Good job!

obScene - Melodies were really good, the composition side is great. Sadly though it get's really clustered, especially at the end. Like it a lot though, good job!

Top 3 - Ashka, Johnfn, Dex

Awesome - Souperion, Wassup Thunder, thesocialcontract, ashka, Elias561, DDRKirby(ISQ), JH Sounds, NickC, Starla, Suzumebachi, InvisibleObserver, Dex, Ethansight, Johnfn.

Needs Work - HoboKa, DarkShadow, Canamla, hrld, Oroshibu, Arcana, Misael.K, GLL, LunacyEcho, obScene.
Jan 27, 2021 obScene
  1. Before The Extinction
  2. Time Machine Adventure
  3. Dino's in a Valley
God bless you people who put reasons.
Jan 28, 2021 ashka
  1. Thunder Step
  2. BC
  3. Mesozoic Megafauna
Jan 28, 2021 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Time Machine Adventure
  2. A Forgotten Time
    JH Sounds
  3. Dino's in a Valley
johnfn wins with an incredible mix again, wtf wtf wtf hnnggngnghh
Something about JH's entry just really made me enjoy it, it's great!
Hard not to vote for thick IO sounds WOO

honorable mentions to starla and ethansight

Good round everyone
Jan 28, 2021 NickC
  1. Time Machine Adventure
  2. Second wind
  3. Dinosaur Mark
johnfn - funky

ashka - quality shitpost

Arcana - I like the structure of this basically being a big tension crescendo
Jan 28, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Prehistoric Palace
  2. Meteor Summoned
  3. Arrival into Mesozoic
DDRKirby(ISQ): Chrono Trigger vibes? using old sounds to represent ancient times? I'm sold.

obScene: super moody, loved this.

htld. gentle and mysterious.

awesum: Arcana, ashka, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, ethansight, GLL, hrld, InvisibleObserver, JH Sounds, johnfn, LunacyEcho, NickC, obScene, Oroshibu, Souperion, starla, Suzumebachi, thesocialcontract.
good: canamla, DarkShadow, Elias561, hoboka, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.�
Jan 28, 2021 ethansight
  1. Time Machine Adventure
  2. Tribal Adventure
  3. Second wind
johnfn: Everything is super tight, clear ep sound and a well mixed beat. Killer solos all around
LunacyEcho: Happy hurrysome song
obScene: Dramatic
TheVideoGamer: Been enjoying your style last few entries, once you hear something long enough it starts morphing into something else
NickC: Love the plucks and its a chill beat
Dex: Liked the tense breakdown, lead synth sounds dry
InvisibleObserver: Quite the variety of patches (samples?) and they are all great
Suzumebachi: Wonderful plucks. Moldy Soap Cake is a masterpiece.
Misael.K: Liked the sorta sad progression, monica worked
starla: Progression is nice, vocals layered very well. Super dry
Arcana: Good drive, if there was a kick it was super super quiet. I'd add a massive kick and beef up the snare and bass
JH Sounds: Nice beat, the melodies work well in it. Some vocal lines slide out of pitch toward the end of notes - to me makes it sound a bit out of tune.
DDRKirby: All the instruments took me far back. Timpani definitely the star of the piece
Oroshibu: Good timpani too! Nice tribal feel
Elias561: Fast cave level - contrasting melodies
ashka: great porta synths and wonderful bell/vibe texture
thesocialcontract: grand build into a nice chorus
Wassup Thunder: Enjoyed the full mix. Solid bass, percussion and strings
hrld: wide open, silky woodwind
Souperion: Enjoyed your sounds and the reverb
canamla: strange plucks but I like them
DarkShadow: Industrial snare
Hoboka: Interesting place