Assassin Blue Red's Theme (PRC144)


"Are popular online freeware games allowed? Would it be a problem if I were the composer of the music of said game? The game is called Assassin Blue:"

This is gonna be the first PRC (I guess) where the source is a online freeware game. Looking at the PRC Guidelines (= The OCR Guidelines) it is acceptable (even if you are the composer, I just believe the song is created for the game). This is gonna be a PRC which is an ORC as well.

Usual PRC Rules apply, deadline is April 19th, 3:59 AM ThaSauce time.

Note: The voting will end earlier and PRC144 is gonna start earlier as well.


Start: on 4/10/09
Deadline: on 4/19/09
Voting: on 4/21/09

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