30 Minute Mix, Lol [Bonus Mix]

posted in PRC170 on May 23, 2010
Congrats Binweasel :P

I was making a bonus mix in the final 30 minutes of this round but missed the deadline by exactly a minute, here's the short ditty I had anyway (also, the setting of the bass & drums were mostly set previously to the 30 minutes):

ADMIN EDIT: This Bonus Track is added after the contest ended.

Obligatory RPG Trance Mix

posted in PRC156 on Nov 03, 2009
Song: For Achieve (the game's regular battle theme)
Game: Star Ocean
Platform: SNES
Source (Only have an MIDI, hope that's alright): http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/StarOcean_forachieve.mid

So I was sitting at my PC, wondering what on earth I should remix, and eventually chose this song since I've had it stuck in my head since I started playing this game a little while ago on advice on a friend. It's a cool RPG, and this is as much a tribute to the game itself as it is to the music.


posted in PRC151 on Aug 24, 2009
This is Setokaibarocket's song called Baghdad_Rush_2049__or_The_Arabic_Mix_That_Got_Sidetracked

I tried to reupload the song, but the updated link + a converted version failed.

Just click one of the following links to listen to the remix:

You can vote like usual.

Unfamiliar Surroundings

posted in ORC121 on Jul 17, 2009
A hiphop mix I made. Was trying to make it more atmospheric than kickin', hope I achieved that, lol.
Drum samples except the crash were chosen from the CR78 for some reason, lol.


posted in PRC147 on May 29, 2009
A mix I pieced together in a bit of spare time. Couldn't work on it as much as I wanted, but hopefully it turned out okay. I think I may have had a little bit of inspiration from the Bible Black theme on this one for some reason, even though the melody and chords are different, lol.
Wrath Of The Fire God ~ Escape From Magma Palace
0:00-2:07 ~ After turning the place upside down looking for loot, defeating fire elementals all the while, your brave party come across the lord of the palace, who isn't feeling very amiable as a result of the intrusion and the slaying of his underlings. A fierce battle ensues in the throne-room.
2:07-3:10 ~ Victorious, and with your inventory feeling substantially heavier, you return to the world map of the fire realm in search of your next quest.

Chill Out [Bonus Mix]

posted in PRC143 on Apr 10, 2009
"Damn damn damn, lol! Time for me to get into my sad story of misery and misfortune, hehe.

So I'm at an internet kiosk at my local shopping centre on Saturday to upload my mix. I post indicating that I'm uploading my mix, and then go to actually upload it. However, Thasauce apparently didn't like the file, and said that perhaps it wasn't an MP3 file (it was though, so maybe format error of some sort with my mix?). Tried again, still nothing. So I go to rapidshare to upload the mix, which i would post the link here with an explanatory note. It's 50% uploaded when poof, my time is up and the kiosk logged out, and I had no more spare change."

ADMIN: I uploaded it as Bonus Track since it really belongs to the contest.

Italian Hardstyle on Mescaline

posted in PRC141 on Mar 02, 2009
Lol nah, this isn't hardstyle merged with Infected Mushroom-esque psytrance (which would be cool though I'm unsure how I'd pull it off), it's just the eight-thousanth 'Mario on shrooms' jibe ever made, heh.
Credit to The Prophet feat. Headhunterz for the "Cocaine, speed, mushrooms, mescaline" vocals which I sampled from 'Scar ur Face'.
Credit to DJ Zany for the "Dance on cocaine, LSD, ecstasy" vocals sampled from 'Sky High'.
Enjoy, and if you know how, shuffle to it =p (I personally don't know how, lol)

The Next Level (From NES to SNES)

posted in PRC138 on Jan 22, 2009
No dodgy skeletal remix this time! A hiphop remix of the theme I stayed up making till 5 AM last night, lol
Every sound except for the drums, bass and scratch are from the SNES, hehe (Final Fantasy in particular, unless I'm mistaken)
I quite like this mix, maybe if I could find someone to collab with who writes and raps good lyrics suited to the song (and maybe the game itself, if I'd actually bother to look up what it's about, lol) I could submit to OC, with maybe a bit of tweaking..
Ps. As you may know if you've heard many of my mixes, I'm a sucker for vibrato flute-ey leads, lol

Santa Claus is Gunning You Down

posted in PRC136 on Dec 26, 2008
Ok, wierd (does I before E apply? looks odd lol) short mix of parts of both songs, which as promised samples Wierd Al for a part, lol. Basic story: similar to Wierd Al's The Night Santa Went Crazy; Santa gets drunk, angry and decides that weaponry is the way to solve this. Except in this version he uses a sniper rifle, in keeping with Grit being a sharpshooter and all.

Please note that this has nothing at all to do with that deranged Santa Claus killer - http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message691850/pg1 - who struck the other day. God have wrath on the sick bastard's soul.

Always and Forever

posted in PRC130 on Oct 06, 2008
A hiphop remix I made; didn't have as much time making it as I would've liked this round either, and I guess it lacks a great deal of interpretation, but hopefully you'll enjoy it nonetheless =)

Shroom Trip

posted in PRC128 on Sep 06, 2008
Argh, this song was seriously hard to remix in the trance style; I gave up on the mix I was making until Friday and started this one, and even after making most of it I had to tweak it for ages to stop the notes from conflicting awfully. Eventually, after the shedding of much blood and tears, I finally finished this remix =D However, my mind started to wander about 2/3rds of the way through and the melody changed to "Pimp Code - R U Ready", lol
Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!! =D

Rosicrucian Sanctum

posted in PRC124 on Jul 11, 2008
Noun: alchemy

1. A pseudoscientific predecessor of chemistry; sought to turn base metals into gold

2. A power like that claimed by alchemists

Since its apparent origin in ancient Egypt, alchemy, both a science and a spiritual discipline, had spread far across the world. Many were not just ancient chemists but were said to follow the 'Great Work', or God's purpose for mankind; possibly to harvest spiritual perfection from the chaff of imperfection and sin.

Ironically, the art of alchemy was lost a short time after more modern systems of physics and chemistry were theorised by the greatest (that is, the greatest out of those confirmed to have existed) alchemist since Paracelsus (many would even say better), Sir Isaac Newton.

However, the ancient spark of alchemy still burns today, albeit much smaller. Those who believe in the power of alchemy, whether practical or spiritual, still study the ancient wisdom of alchemical masters past, and share new information that comes to light (www.alchemyforums.com =P).

One paricular group with strong ties to alchemy are the Rosicrucians. They are a Christian secret society that apparently continue to this day. We don't know a great deal more about them since all initiates swear a solemn oath of secrecy. Do they protect the ancient wisdom of alchemy to this day? It's likely that none of us may ever really know...

Damn, Can't Think of a Good Title

posted in PRC121 on May 30, 2008
The title's not a joke. I'm being serious, lol.

This is a quick remix I whipped up in my spare time this week (by spare time this week I mean about one and a half or maybe two hours yesterday and today). Hopefully it sounds okay, heh. I lost my good headphones so I had to use a really rubbish pair that came with my multimedia player which have absolutely no bass to them (it's easy to take headphone bass for granted until you actually lose it) but I think the level of bass turned out okay. Anyways, enough excuses and more description, yea? This is a trance remix of the song featuring a chiptune lead, highpass-filtered square arpeggiator and some other stuff. Enjoy! (I hope so anyways, lol)

Call of the Arcane

posted in PRC120 on May 16, 2008
This is a hard trance remix of the theme which was also inspired by hardstyle/jumpstyle. Includes a hard kick drum, sidechained bass, a synth lead made out of a voice clip that I distorted and played rapidly very fast (inspired by Shizzle My Dizzle by DJ Pavo, haha), claps and crash cymbal from an SNES soundfont, a synthed church organ that I accidentally made with 3xOsc, guitar which I ripped from the original song with Chipamp before editing and applying effects (including a glitch VST which is very nice) and a distorted supersaw. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did making it =P

Lan Party

posted in PRC116 on Mar 19, 2008
A trance remix I made of the theme, with a chiptune-inspired lead and featuring some vocal clips from both "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" by Fedde Le Grand (or is it Grande?) and "Technologic" by Daft Punk. Enjoy! =D

Tequila Sunlight

posted in PRC113 on Feb 07, 2008
This is a fun dancey-type remix I made of the song which combines techno drums with some sort of exotic drums in the background, a few different synths including the synth trumpet and a few nice sound effects to create a remix that I feel has that nice energetic tropical feel to it {yeah, I know tequila is actually Mexican, stop reminding me :P}. Anyways, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it! =D
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