Diddy Kong's Advance Wars (PRC136)


"The holiday season is here! What better time to remix a wintery, non-denominational video game tune? My pick is "Frosty Village" from ''Diddy Kong Racing''."

"Teh song I've chosen is Grit's Theme from the first Advance Wars, for GBA. Very catchy tune, will be interesting to hear in other genres =P Enjoy!"

Deadline is December 28th, 3:59 AM ThaSauce time.

The last PRC had two winners. This means we have two sources. I don't know exactly how it happends in the past, but I think I'll let you choose between the sources. You may remix both sources in one as well. Last round winners may participate as well, but they have to remix only the source from the other winner.

Source 1: Diddy Kong Racing - Frosty Village (by Just64helpin)
Source 2: Advance Wars - Grit's Theme (by Setokaibarocket)


Start: on 12/19/08
Deadline: on 12/28/08
Voting: on 12/31/08

Entries (7)