Anniversary - Free Round (PRC156)


"It's the anniversary edition. Feel free to give me anything you want. Zelda, Mario, Megaman, Final Fantasy, Monopoly, Godzilla; everything is allowed. Non OCR songs are encouraged and get 3 points bonus, so make sure to pick a Non OCR song. But if you want to remix Mega Man 3 - Intro for PRC this might be your only chance. Even songs from previous PRC rounds are allowed. Only one restriction: the song you pick has to be a VG tune and it's obligated to tell which source you used (game - theme - console)". Post them in the description.

Deadline is November 4th, 3:59 AM ThaSauce time.
Start: on 10/21/09
Deadline: on 11/4/09
Voting: on 11/8/09

Entries (9)