Dreaming of What Could Never Have Been

posted in MnP11 on Mar 02, 2014
somewhere at the outskirts of time staring into the sea of pasts and futures

how much different could things have been if we had known?

but the cogs of fate have already been set into motion, and the future refuses to change. the path forward hidden in some long forgotten epoch, we witness what has been predetermined for eons


I tried to make vocals for this with FL speech synth but it was going to take more time than I have to complete, working saturday and sunday this week kind of screwed me over. It's also totally tedious trying to render syllable by syllable with that thing, maybe I should look into a vocaloid...

take it and run

posted in OHC277 on Jan 30, 2014
got a new qwerty keyboard this week and attempted to do this almost entirely via the keyboard, not nearly as efficient as I'd hoped it would be. usually I can get something a little closer to an actual song in an hour but this is a really rough WIP

what happened here

posted in 2DC008 on Feb 26, 2011
derelict city, no living thing in site
the streets are broken, cratered, and covered in blood
cars overturned, shattered glass everywhere
random appliances litter the area
coffee pots, cell phones, clocks
a mega man II cartridge

what happened he--

thank you!

posted in OHC062 on Nov 19, 2009
I had no idea what to make for this theme so I basically started making something in an identical style to something else I made this week, ended up doing something a bit different

old FL plugins ftw, I love cheesy synths :)
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