Let Our Love Grow

posted in OHC348 on Jun 11, 2015
I was going to add pads and shit but I got stuck up recording vocal takes.

The deeper we can go
the more the world can show
together at last
running past the looking glass
the denser grow the trees
they're toppling the seas
of sky up so blue
riding waves of clouds with you

let our love grow
to heights yet to know
entangle our hearts
from roots in the stars
cause as long as you'll be
forever with me
this forest will thrive
for all of our lives

Exploring vast domains
from tundra to the plains
we're lost but we're fine
memories are so sublime
millennia can wait
this freedom won't abate
so locked in this dream
falling into the serene

This is So Cheesy

posted in OHC116 on Dec 30, 2010

A Level 99/Vilecat collab...because we were bored and didn't feel like packing yet. Song backing is the ending from Wolfchild on the SNES, and some of the lyrics based on the ending text.




This song is cheesy, it's a-uh cheesy ending song, it's super cheesy.

Let me tell you what I'm talking about:

You have reunited saul
With his father
And defeated draxx
And the evil
Chimera organization

This is wolfchild
A game made by core designs
For the super nintendo
But also for mega drive
And the amiga
And probably some others


And when I say this song is cheesy, I mean it's a super uhhh five lbs grilled cheese kinda cheesy...on whole wheat bread....with tomato....and bacon.

Cheesier than a fondue dinner for twelve.

This song is cheesier than my girlfriend's vagi-nevermind.

This song is cheesier than an 80's movie with Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Dam...having a dinner of nothing but fine cheeses...from France.

Uhh I think this cheesy song should be ending now. Okay, we're still gonna go with it? Well, can we at least lose the backup singers, please?

So cheesy.

The Story of the Dragon Avenger

posted in OHC060 on Nov 05, 2009
Dedicated to DragonAvenger, cause she scares the living shit out of me:

This is the story of the dragon avenger
she avenged a dragon probably
with her mighty sword and axe made of steel
and a crotch full of courage and muscle!

Who hurt the dragons?

Breath full of fire
Heart full of flame
Bladder full of urine
the world will never be the same

But one day, she fought a mighty battle
but was destined to lose
and in the end, she could fight no more

Her name was dragon avenger
and she sexily defended the dragons
until her dying breath
and then the dragons all died
she failed
I'm gonna take her bra

Renegade Nemo

posted in PRC156 on Nov 03, 2009
Little Nemo: The Dream Master - Mushroom Forest (Dream 1)


This is still one of the most underrated NES soundtracks, as well as underrated games. Vibrant colors against black backgrounds, great platforming and exploration elements, and above all else, catchy-as-hell music.

Nemo is now 16 years old and a punk, so his dreams of being a front-man for a punk band in the forest of mushrooms would sound like this.

The Rocking Turismo

posted in OHC058 on Oct 22, 2009
I was randomly trying to teach myself "Moon over the Castle" from Gran Turismo earlier today, so I liberally applied that tonight. The Rocking Turismo: my OHC cover of "Moon over the Castle". ENJOY AND DRIVE SAFE (but fast as a mofo').

Such is the nature of time

posted in OHC052 on Sep 10, 2009
Hold your breath another instant
The past we will rejoice
Waiting for a single reason
Just to sway the choice

Oh all in a day, coming back
Come back, turn round again
Looking down that same old driveway
Where we used to pretend

Faces running through your head
Remembering days left behind
Holding on to one last memory
A reason left to find

Oh all in a day, coming back
Come back, turn round again
Looking down that same old driveway
Where we used to pretend
Looking up at the sky
Wondering what the future holds for us
In this moment, just this instant
One embracing touch

I lost about 15 minutes making this due to a crash-without-autosave, but hopefully the vocals dont overpower everything else. Enjoy!

Forest of Dew

posted in OHC051 on Sep 03, 2009
My piano playing was really sloppy just I just quantized it...
I have no pop filter so the 'p's are not very pronounced, but here's the lyrics for the second half:

So take my hand, and well escape forever
Into the trees, just you and me together
The mystery of treasures held in nature
No prying eyes to keep us from each other

The morning sun lights silver dew
No other place, Im here with you
Well take it slow, our secrets few
This forest tells its story true

Memories Untained

posted in OHC049 on Aug 20, 2009
My favorite thing is the memories of the best things in life, and of the people I share those memories with. This I guess would be the music I have in me head when I go over those memories, and there's plenty of shifting, new things, old things, things introduced, things taken away. Okay, I'll stop talking now.

Harsh sands, harsher sun

posted in OHC048 on Aug 13, 2009
I rushed back from a full dinner to do this in half an hour, so year. It's very indian-sounding, i rewrote a guitar riff i used years ago in a crappy-ish band and built new stuff around it. Enjoy what you can!
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