FF6 - The Magic House (PRC120)


"For the next competition, I'm choosing one of my favorite songs ever, from my favorite RPG ever, which is also one of my favorite games ever, which is also my favorite videogame soundtrack ever, and ever and ever and ever! XD

It's Final Fantasy VI (3 in America)

But don't panic yet! I know the rules of PRC, and this song hasn't been remixed, or at least not on OCR or any other place that I know of, and I really really love it.

The song is a bit complicated but I am sure a lot of people love the soundtrack as much as I do and will want to give it a try. :D"
(Showroom Dummy)

Usual PRC rules apply. Deadline is May 17th at 4:59AM EDT.


Start: on 5/9/08
Deadline: on 5/17/08
Voting: on 5/20/08

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