Tough Choices

posted in OHC294 on May 29, 2014
There is no rewind. Every second counts.
You'll find this melody in the space between pride and regret.
Did I make the right decision?

I got chu

posted in OHC292 on May 15, 2014
She left you. Because you were wrong. You messed up.
She decided she need need you anymore.
She will forever be the one that got away.
That's all in the past.
You open the door one morning and there she is, tears streaming down her face.
In a sweet embrace you realized she never really left.
And because real life is never as poetic as movies
All you can stammer is
"I got chu"

So....I did my best to only take an many places I want to go with this.


posted in OHC284 on Mar 20, 2014
The helplessness begins to grip you. It begins to seize your sanity. But then a glimpse of who you are strikes you. You may have never been this person but you are gripped by a fearful and driving purpose. You haven't been shown the people you never known. You've been shown the people you're destined to meet. With unfaltering determination you look upon the picture again. You will find these people. You are going home.

New Place to Chill

posted in OHC282 on Mar 06, 2014
So many updates. New computer. Not all set up. Wish I had a IRC client but I'm too drunk to download. I miss your faces and I look for to future OHC's.

Oh also this song is about looking for a new place to chill or something

wonder and terror

posted in OHC233 on Mar 28, 2013
got home at 11 and just through this together
life is an adventure of wonder and terror, joy and pain, life and death, and it's glorious. good night guys

Our Journey

posted in OHC232 on Mar 21, 2013
Listen to talk, woohoo!!

(sorry, I haven't been around. my new job's been really taking it out of me but our busy season is slowing down, so hopefully I'll be able to be around more...whether this is good news or bad news is up to you)
I don't know if you guys know this, but the 200th OHC is coming up soon! HOLY CRAP!
In honor of this, I'm going to do nothing but remixes until then. Remixes of what? Out of the entries from 100 compos ago (so like 196-100 = compo 96), I'm going to remix whichever song's title fits the theme best (in otherwords, I don't know what I'm remixing until I know the theme, keeps it interesting). Besides, everyone's been doing remixes lately, and I just want to fit in!

I SEETHE when I'm plauged by distractions!

...also being late, but that's no surprise.

(I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted to remix this, so I'm sorry if it sucks...if you're out there, please forgive me Bert....I mean monobrow)
I don't know if you guys know this, but the 200th OHC is coming up soon! HOLY CRAP!
In honor of this, I'm going to do nothing but remixes until then. Remixes of what? Out of the entries from 100 compos ago (so like 195-100 = compo 95), I'm going to remix whichever song's title fits the theme best (in otherwords, I don't know what I'm remixing until I know the theme, keeps it interesting). Besides, everyone's been doing remixes lately, and I just want to fit in!

ALSO! Trancient wanted me to let you guys know that the two of us have joined together to start a dubstep/electro funk band called Stone Pirate. We're releasing an album this October and our first single should be available this month. I've uploaded it to soundcloud for your listening pleasure, so, if want, after the listening party, go here:

and listen to our first single.

It figures DDRKirby's title would fit the theme. I had fun with this. (yes, I threw in a little chicken popsicle, in case you're wondering)


Death of a Legend (Instrumental)

posted in OHC191 on Jun 07, 2012
So, this has lyrics but I ran out of time so just imagine at the chorus me sing "DEEEATTTH OOOOOFFFF A LEEGEEENDDD!!!" Yeah, if there is a re-opening for late entries, I'll put the lyrics on this bitch, but if not...enjoy?
i put the chorus in


posted in OHC184 on Apr 19, 2012
Sampling makes me go CRAZY!!! especially when I sample stuff I like.

Can you identify them all? Or will you go crazy from trying!?

Yeah, I'm just saying crazy a lot. And on that subject wriklefree's sister REALLY is driving me crazy...cuz it's her fault I'm once again using a laptop instead of my regular daw. I'm blame her for this monstrocity of a song.

PS if you don't like the word fuck or shit DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!!


posted in OHC183 on Apr 14, 2012
Also missed the deadline. Thanks again to starla!

Didn't get to submit the entry [on time] this week because I had trouble figuring out Reason. But yeah, this is basically practice using FL, Reason, and LoopMuse, and eventually it sounds really good. So, yeah, I'm excited about getting good with this combination.

Submitted on time

posted in OHC180 on Mar 22, 2012
In an alternate reality, munchi submits his awesome entry on time....we don't live in that reality, but I traveled through time and space to bring that entry to you.

Alone on the Mountain Top

posted in OHC178 on Mar 08, 2012
It's just you...alone. it's cold. it's windy. it's dark. you feel your sanity sleeping. you embrace the madness. it consumes you. it becomes you. it's not enough. you're still alone.


posted in OHC177 on Mar 01, 2012
You're outside the club when someone spills beer on your new suede shoes! BLASPHEMY! It's time to the death...WITH BREAKDANCING!

*SPOILER ALERT* you don't win the fight.

(side note, I have only gotten about 2 hrs of sleep so...I was going somewhere witty with this but bah...g'nite)

this is your last

posted in OHC176 on Feb 23, 2012
so this is going to be a rap song with me a wriklefree...but we unfortunately got really really drunk and so that is making us move slower than usual. So I will post the version with lyrics to the listening party sound cloud and hopefully we will be done before the listening party is over. yeah.. PENIS!

Triforce Penis (instrumental)

posted in OHC173 on Feb 02, 2012
there were lyrics but I couldn't figure out how to record audio on wriklefree's daw. yeah, so I'm not working with my usual tools...and I'm workin on a laptop, so sorry if it sounds garbage. ......TRIFORCE PENIS!!!!!

rush to heaven

posted in OHC172 on Jan 26, 2012
Mario dies. You know that part? but did you realize the poor plumber has to platform his way to heaven? and it's one of those levels where the screen is moving. better hurry chubby plumber!

It's over. (or is it?)

posted in OHC171 on Jan 19, 2012
Good times were had. An industrial nation triumphantly celebrated. But those times are over. In a bleak future there is no music. There is no celebration. There is no man. Only the lost and confused machines. Hopeless, leaderless, clueless. And yet it seems to becoming together. Could it be? Will life still find a way?

(yes, the beginning section was Coda's entry from a LONG time ago [OHC 106 for those who want to know]. Of course I remastered it, added a part...and then cropped it short cuz it made the song too long. Oh well.)

The Training Room

posted in OHC168 on Dec 29, 2011

This song was my OHC practice. Late night meeting at work means I didn't get to participate. Uploading to get ya'lls opinion. This is the description on

"As some of you may know, I participate weekly in an online contest called the OHC. Also, as some of you know, I'm not that good at writing melody lines. So, last night I decided that I was going to practice writing a song in an hour and practice writing melody lines. 2 hours and 30 minutes later, this is what I came up with. Ironically, I feel like this is good training room music. So, while training I made a song that's good for training. AWESOME!"

not your firend

posted in OHC167 on Dec 22, 2011
Drunk you wander into the night. The wind...making you laugh with it's sounds begins to turn ominous...the black of night begins to worry you. The wind is not your friend.

23 years is just a short way

posted in OHC166 on Dec 15, 2011
My little brother's birthday is today! And I've been on the phone with him for 2 hrs. And it's kinda cool in a brotherly way. Anyway, I made this in like 15 mins while on the phone with the volume turned down, not really sure what it sounds like and also I uploaded it on time but uploaded the wrong file so yeah....I hope it sounds cool, and I hope it's the right fucking file. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER!

Run Free

posted in OHC165 on Dec 08, 2011
It's gone. All the trappings of this life are gone. The only thing left is the exhilaration, the joy, the passion, the freedom, the love. All will pass away, but these feelings will always remain, forever able to run free.

Let it go by

posted in OHC161 on Nov 10, 2011
I've been in a really jazzy mood lately so...yeah, that's what you get. I was debating about writing lyrics to this but then I ran out of time...and still it got up loaded late. Anyway, enjoy!

(FYI: probably going to flesh this one out after the listening party. Maybe I'll upload it to youtube after I do the lyrics)


posted in OHC158 on Oct 20, 2011
You're playing an old nintendo're slowly getting sucked into the really could care less... GAME ON! (yeah idk, didn't get to finish it but meh, I hope you enjoy!)

You Did It!

posted in OHC156 on Oct 06, 2011
You beat the game...and this is the music that plays...i don't know. Just listen and hopefully don't get bored!


Be Natural

posted in OHC154 on Sep 22, 2011
This is what the hell happens when I can't think of anything to match the theme. You get bad jokes and horrible songs.




Holy Rusty Composer

posted in OHC141 on Jun 23, 2011
Yup so I'm not going to be there for the listening party and I'm sad about it cuz I've missed the OHC for like a month, but I'm thinking about all of you and....*gulp*... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Anyway, my song is about a guy losing his mind cuz he's stranded.

Let me die

posted in OHC132 on Apr 21, 2011
Rubble and debris surround you. You are lost at sea. No hope of being rescued. But to scared to drown yourself. You drift aimlessly wishing for death, but it never comes.

(fifth upload attempt D:)


posted in OHC130 on Apr 07, 2011
As you sink to the bottom of the deep sea you try to stay calm. when you can no longer see the surface you panic...and then you die :(

Love Unlimited

posted in OHC128 on Mar 24, 2011
Love...everlasting. In these final hours we cling to the one who love we'll greet us in the after life. In our sweet embrace we learn that love is truly unlimited.

Last Thouhts

posted in OHC126 on Mar 10, 2011
As you fall to your doom, thoughts race thru your head...thoughts that might mirror the complete thought record of a sperm whale with an improbability factor of 8 million 7 hundred and 67 thousand 1 hundred and 28 to 1 against.

Fight the UNTZ

posted in OHC124 on Feb 24, 2011
anyhoo, here are the lyricalnesses:

They said come on
I didn't wanna go
when the asked earlier
I said hell no

I kicked and I screamed
but it was to no available
so off to the club
which I call untz hell

before we left I tried to explain
all the thoughts that were soarin thru my brain
I know the club is cool
I'm not a punce
I just wanna take a stand and fight the untz

all my peoples rise up
you too can fight the untz
it's time for nerds to be heard for once
come yall let's just fight the untz

So lets break it down ya'll
I don't want you to misunderstand
I'm not against hot chicks
after all, I'm a man but

I like stayin home
I play league of legends
When I turn on disgaea
I'm in heaven
don't need no co-op for kevin
and no sleep, I'm like 7-11

so come on ya'll just fight the untz
come just take a stand for once
all my peoples rise up
you too can fight the untz
it's time for nerds to be heard for once
come yall let's just fight the untz

Plane Game 1-1

posted in OHC120 on Jan 27, 2011
level one from that generic plane game you remember playing as a kid.
(it's kinda fitting that this is the first entry, isn't it?)

drink and party till you black out!

posted in OHC114 on Dec 16, 2010
Your outside the club. Your drunk...cuz pregame = success! The power out at your place...and at the club...but the club is open and the glow sticks are glowin. Time to get krunk!!!

(fyi drink and driving = bad......drinking and compo = AWESOME!!!!!)

Your Dreamer Guy

posted in OHC111 on Nov 18, 2010
WHOA!!! Sorry everyone, new computer...forgot it doesn't have all the necessary equipment to do audio recording...but hurray for late entries? Whatever. I hope you guys enjoy!

When dreams go bad

posted in OHC108 on Oct 28, 2010
Happy Suzasheep hop of yellow fences in pastures of blue until...oh fuck the jabberwocky...with Johnny Depps Face!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!WAKE ME UP!!!!!!WHY!!!!!!

Get Your Head In The Game

posted in OHC106 on Oct 14, 2010
This week was one of those get-lost-in-your-idea-and-don't-finish-cuz-your-unfocused-ass-ran-out-of-time weeks!
The vocal's were a one shot deal...sorry.

Oh my god
I think I'm gonna win this
but unlike that stupid rabbit
I won't lose like a faggot
That was pretty mean for self talk

Get your head in the game
if you lose you're to blame
keep your heart in the fight
keep it up all night
ensure your strength doesn't flutter
you know your feet are the rutter
Get your head in the game
if you lose you're to blame

The Kin of Man

posted in OHC080 on Apr 15, 2010
*very rough*
buy me buy me buy me I say without words
you know that
ooohh you love me
I'm surrounded by herds
brain washed by
the mass media invention baby
still my swagger it gets you crazy

and you know that you just got to have the
and then accessorize baby

no janx to speak of and I still make this look good
I'm dressed for the suburbs or a pimp walk in your hood
you spendin spendin spendin and you don't have a clue
that I'm scientifically designed to look better than you
take a look around the mall
with out the glitz it's just a hall
do want this hat or do you want that shawl
when your here you can have a ball
ladies ladies do you hear me call
don't make me beg don't make me crawl
hey get behind the yellow rope
you dope
and don't poke
cuz if you do then I might fall

buy me buy me buy me I say without words
you know that
ooohh you love me
I'm surrounded by herds
brain washed by
the mass media invention baby
still my swagger it gets you crazy

and you know that you just got to have the
and then accessorize baby


posted in OHC076 on Mar 18, 2010
I had several equipment related difficulties which resulted in me not even coming close to what I wanted to do, so it's only fitting that you imagine a similar situation when listening to this piece.

Moonlight on Sunset Bay

posted in PRC165 on Mar 07, 2010
So it took me a long time to imagine this song any other way. I guess I'm rusty. But I feel this was a good piece for getting back in the swing of things. Anyway, the song ended up with kind of a pop-rock-dance feel, but I think it works and I hope you do to!
And the ending is blah cuz I ran out of time to do what I wanted (which has become a norm when I submit a PRC entry).

Jazz Band Isle

posted in PRC125 on Jul 27, 2008
This was a 24 hr cram jam! I just wanted to make something that you'd enjoy waking up in the morning. So grab a Mai Tai and some sunglasses and try your favorite lounge chair. And this all makes sense to me because I'm tired because I've been up for 30 some odd hours and my brain is fired. I hope that the song isn't fried because it's supposed be grilled....or something like that...

Dusty Diamonds

posted in PRC122 on Jun 14, 2008
Holy Late Entry Batman!
Umm...yeah, I was trying to go for a funky grudgy type of feel to the song. I'm sure if I had of utilized my time better this week, this could have turned out a lot better but here you go!

When Saucers ATTACK!!

posted in PRC121 on May 31, 2008
I stuck close to the source on this one. Basically, I just made it more a boss battle or something. As far as the end is concerned, I was kinda' thinking it was like sex. The song builds and builds to the climax and then it ends. maybe I ran out of time and couldn't think of a good way to end it.

la Casa de la Magia

posted in PRC120 on May 15, 2008
My thoughts behind this piece:

The source material seems like a lone melody with very little harmonic elements, so I elongated and syncopated the rhythm and then spent the rest of my time fleshing out a complimenting latin groove to back the melody. In the end, one of the melodic segments I chose to keep it close to it's original format to make it more recognizable. The entire melodic line is a transposed, elongated, syncopated magic house.

Overall, I was trying to go for an 80's latin jazz sound with the spanish words looping in the background and the deep reverb toms. Something like David Bleimier meets Carlos Santana. I used a flanger on both the voice samples and tweaked the fine a little to give them a more 80's quality (not being exactly on pitch at exactly the right time) and yes all voices in this piece is me.

PS: the underlying chorus is saying "venido a la casa de la magia" which is spanish for "come to the magic house."

Sylver Lining

posted in PRC119 on May 02, 2008
OMG!!! LATE ENTRY!! (yeah, that ryhmes on purpose.)

After listening to the source, I got this image of a large field with trees here and there. It was early morning before the sun rose and the mist hung low to the ground. Of course this is primetime for adventures to head out on a whirlwind journey into the unknown! As they march across the field the sun crests over the horizon and the mist breaks away.
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