here is my joke mix that i spent 8 minutes on.
i contemplated having a reverse sample of me saying "fuck this song" looping with the drums, but i decided that this song doesn't deserve that, its my laziness which is unable to come up with anything neat. im sure other people made some neat stuff

[Rexy's note: You could have at least told me it was a "joke mix"; next time, add the [BONUS] tags if you plan to do that.]


posted in PRC120 on May 17, 2008
At first I had no idea how to make a song groove at 100bpm
(what? generic 4 kick trance beat doesnt sound good? impossible!) but eventually I tried out some stuff that sounded a bit timbaland-esque, which was unfortunate. After fixing that up, I realized I was humming an ff8 song that my mind had blended into the ff6 song, so I went with it and it worked out really well, to the point where I really got caught up jamming with the ff8 stuff.

I worked about 8 hours straight today on this, and about 7 the day before, but it was great great fun.

The picture I paint in my mind is the magic house theme cruising along, and then Ultimecia's time compression kicks in and the 2 worlds collide for a bit. It's an experiment for sure, I hope you enjoy it.
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