FF4 - Theme of Love (PRC130)


As you all know, PRC anniversaries tend to have a tenuous history of prizes that never happen (unless it was PRC52, when the prize indeed was a promised set of bragging rights). But not this year! Since this might be my last formal contribution to OverClocked ReMix, I will treat the winner to an OCR Hoody of a size of their choice! It's a win-win situation - the winner gets rewarded for their remixing efforts, and djpretzel gets more money to roll in. :D

If the turnout gets high enough, I might even offer prizes for second and third place too, so I would love to see y'all get to mixin'!

Before you do, let's look at the source tune. We're looking at a very popular franchise here, not to mention one of the staplemarks of the entire series and its exposure in the western world. It had recently been released on the Nintendo DS in remake form, provided a lot of revolutions in storytelling and mood setting for RPGs of this time, and rightfully has a place as one of the finest SNES titles ever made. The source tune from it is one of those surprising numbers that I swore could have been covered by now but actually wasn't - apparently taught as a music piece to Japanese school children, there is a lot of room for a wide range of different interpretations much like so many other themes of this genre, and so we might even see something welcome for this one.
(Rexy, PRC coordinator)

(Usual PRC rules apply. Deadline is October 7th at 11:59am EDT.)


Start: on 9/25/08
Deadline: on 10/7/08
Voting: on 10/10/08

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