A Mushroom Kingdom Sleighride

posted in PRC260 on Dec 22, 2013
My source for this is the Snow Level music from Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U. Ever since I played this game, I've loved this piece, and given the time of year I find it to be a good choice.

Now, the original is actually from Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, but this mix is based on the 3D World version.

It's a bit more of an "MnP" type than I would have liked, but given that I'm both moving and going to be out of town for Christmas I didn't really have the full time. But regardless, I think my instrumentation choice makes up for the conservative remix here.

I've done this up for Brass Quintet and Percussion Section.

2 Trumpets
Marimba (4 mallets)
Tubular Bells
Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Suspended Cymbal
Temple Blocks
Sleighbells (of course! :D )

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWyUMmWnAiI

Freddy's Mallet Fingers

posted in PRC253 on Sep 14, 2013
After a long hiatus, I have returned to PRC!

When I heard this source, the first thing that popped into my mind was "Percussion Ensemble!"

This will be the second percussion ensemble I have submitted to PRC, the first was Percuckoo, which was in PRC 133. It did not win, but I think this one is better so maybe it has a shot this time!

It starts with the bass and some spookiness before breaking into the more upbeat melody, then back to spooky, and the the upbeat until the end.

Marimba 1
Marimba 2
Almglocken (Chromatically-tuned cowbells)
Tubular Bells
Drum kit
Concert Snare
Concert Bass
Concert Toms
Cymbals and Gong
Accessory and Effect Percussion


posted in PRC133 on Nov 15, 2008
Okay, this is more of a transcription than a remix, but oh well.

I arranged this for Percussion Ensemble. Sadly, I ran into time constraints again (same as always, eh?). I needs balance and I wish I could have made it longer and more different from the original.

But, I feel that it has a different feel than the original somehow. It feels more like a rag than the original

2 Marimbas, 3 players (1 4 mallet)
Tubular Bells
2 Timpani sets, 2 players
Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Temple Blocks
Slide Whistle
Cuckoo Clock

Kontakt Lib.
Custom Cuckoo Clock instrument made from sound from Freesound Project

If I could do this again, I think I would do this piece as a piano rag. This idea sounded great in my head, but is far from my original idea in actuality.

No where near my best work, unfortunately.

Dreaming of Brass Love

posted in PRC130 on Oct 06, 2008
I decided to do this for Brass Choir.

Trumpets, Solo Flugelhorn, Horns, Trombones, Euphoniums, Tubas, and Percussion.

EWQL Gold Pro XP (Section Brass)
Garritan Jazz and Big Band (Flugel, Solo Trombone)
Garritan Concert and Marching Band (Euphoniums)
VSL Kontakt Library (Legato Horns)
Virtual Drumline 2 (Percussion)

Who says Garritan and EastWest can't coexist?

Sequencer/Sampler: Cubase SL 3/Kontakt 2

The piece opens with Flugel, Timpani, and Vibe, the Flugelhorn represents a lonely girl, who starts to dream about her perfect boy, represented by a solo Trombone.

As they fall deeper in love, the piece takes on a more jazzy style.

Suddenly, she is awaken, and her dream fades into oblivion.

Sadly, I ran out of time on this piece and was not able to complete my vision for it. English Papers due the same week tend to cause that.

Marching Through Sky Garden

posted in PRC103 on Sep 22, 2007
I err, attempted I guess is the best way to put it, to arrange this for drum corps!

However, the short time hurt me, and I had to cut corners to make it in time. Sadly, it shows pretty obviously in my entry, but nonetheless....

The piece is called "Marching Through Sky Garden" because I suck at titles.

Sample Libraries: Garritan Concert and Marching Band, Virtual Drumline 2

Oh, and my appoligies for it being on the quiet side. I was having some weird clipping issues that time did not allow me to fix.

Next time around, I think I'll stick to a less complicated genre for PRC stuff.
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