Theme of Love (Jazz Ballad) [BONUS]

posted in PRC130 on Oct 06, 2008
Hey everyone. I know it says on the rules not to submit something that was a previous work, but I couldn't resist. I tried to contact the host of this competition to make sure it was ok, but never heard back and the deadline is tomorrow. ***THEREFORE: IN ALL FAIRNESS, I AM DISQUALIFYING THIS ARRANGEMENT FROM THE COMPETITION!*** I just really wanted to share this with people and figured this was the place to do it! Unfortunately I had to compress the quality of the recording to make it fit 6 mb maximum. Regardless, this arrangement is a jazz ballad performed by a quintet (tenor sax, guitar, piano, bass, drums) and was recorded live at the Beat Niq Jazz and Social Club in Calgary, Alberta Canada (May 8th, 2008). The group is called The Runaway Five. Thanks for listening and I hope you like it! I think there is a video of us playing this live (he same recording) on YouTube somewhere if you're interested. I hope no one is upset that I posted this anyways!

Brendan McElroy
The Runaway Five
Check the site for more of our stuff!

[REXY'S NOTE: I honestly didn't receive your message at all. How this happened, I have no idea. Still, you mentioned it yourself that this was made months in advance so like you said it won't be accepted as a main entry. I'm happy to take it on as an alternate though, and I hope to hear more from The Runaway Five in the future. :)]
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PRC130 Oct 07, 2008