Dream Drifting

posted in PRC128 on Sep 01, 2008
Ahahahaha, first entry. Labor day ftw.

This remix kind of alternates between conservative and original (one section kind of reminds me of Paper Mario 2). I've kept it in a similar style, but a little more beaty and stuff.


Life of a Goomba

posted in PRC123 on Jun 27, 2008
One day little Goomba find a red cap lying on ground. "Oh my goomba, this must belongs to legendary Mario!" he squeal, placing it on his head. He begin to runs about, jumping as most highest as he cans, pretending to be heroic plumber. Suddenly he fall into hole in ground! "Where are this?" little Goomba cry. Scary crystals points out from walls, and little Goomba cant climbs out! He begin to shuffles sideway, but then remember cap on his head! He jump over holes and find a big cannon! It shoot him back out into happy place! Little Goomba continue to plays among flowers and butterflies. "Hey, you!" shout somebody. "That'sa my cap!" Smoosh

This are true story! Plz signs petition against Goomba violence kthxbai

Three Red Shells

posted in FBRC2008 on Mar 16, 2008
Game: TMNT 3 - The Manhattan Project
Song: Theme of Half Shell
Requester: jmr

I gave it this name because certain parts reminded me of Mario Kart, and the experience as a whole reminded me of receiving three red shells to the behind.

Hopefully someone will find some enjoyment in this, though.

Miracola Mall [BONUS]

posted in PRC113 on Feb 07, 2008

One day, while shopping for bananas at Miracola's new mall, you overhear music coming from one of the stores and start playing along on your portable set of instruments. Gradually, people start noticing you and throwing spare change at you until you're up to your neck in a pile of it. People come from all over the ocean to see the one-man band wonder. Your legend will continue to live on long after the music has ended. Anyway, you won't be going anywhere until someone helps you out from under all those coins.

And I included the island theme for the heck of it. Hey, I'm the bonus entry; I can do whatever I want.

Eternal Fruit Salad

posted in PRC112 on Jan 25, 2008
This is what you get when Hylian Lemon lacks remixing time over the weekend.

Just picture our friendly dragon diving through a giant bowl of fruit salad. One minute he's doing the tango with some mandarin oranges, the next he's attacking some whipped cream ghosts.

I originally intended to make a desert remix, but a dessert remix is just as good, eh? Eh?

Lacking Light

posted in PRC110 on Dec 26, 2007
No story mix this time. Probably could have worked a little more on it, but I have to go to a funeral and other places. Wasn't sure if I'd have time to enter this later in the week.

I'll Blow Your House Down

posted in PRC103 on Sep 22, 2007
Luigi and Daisy are having a picnic in Sky Garden. It's a beautiful day, and everything is going perfectly...but suddenly, without warning, black clouds appear and cover the sky. Daisy cries out in dismay, worrying that it might rain on their strawberry shortcake. After some hesitation, Luigi sets his Poltergust 700000 to reverse and rockets away into the sky. Up, up, up through the dark clouds he flies...until finally, he bursts through to the top, where he discovers the mean person behind the situation. Who else but Huff N. Puff? After a fierce battle gets them nowhere fast, Luigi swoops down from above, switching the Poltergust's settings and sucking up Huff N. Puff. With no means of propulsion left, Luigi tumbles down through the clouds. Luckily, the strawberry shortcake breaks his fall. The dark clouds have left, and Luigi and Daisy enjoy the sunset without their cake. Oh well.

Deadly Disco in the Dark

posted in PRC102 on Sep 04, 2007
Firstly: I'm not claiming this is disco. Disco just sounded good in the title.

Secondly: I know absolutely nothing about this game.

SO. This Thexder guy arrives at some random space station after being invited to a party. Everyone dances and stuff for a while...but then the power goes out. Thexder explores the dark hallways, trying to figure out what's wrong. Pretty soon alarms are going off. The station is under attack by space pirates! No worries...Thexder takes them out with a variety of dance moves. There are many casualties on both sides in the end, but the space pirates are defeated. Then the Galactic Federation enlists Thexder to hunt down Samus Aran, the terrorist who blew up their research station. Then I wonder if Thexder is even a character's name. Then I go to sleep.

Gutsy Ghost [BONUS MIX]

posted in PRC101 on Aug 24, 2007

Tubba Blubba is a large problem for the Boo Village at the edge of Forever Forest. He occasionally comes down from his fortress to feast on the peaceful Boos. After he interrupts a pleasant day by gobbling down most of the Boos, one ghost decides he's had enough. He sneaks into Tubba Blubba's castle, and after discovering the secret to the beast's power, he delivers a much-deserved beating.

Smaller Silver Surfer

posted in PRC99 on Jul 27, 2007
I would have liked a little more time to refine this, because, quite frankly, I was getting sick of working on it. I took too many breaks. XD Still, I might as well enter. I didn't waste all that time for nothing, I guess.

This story mix is about the silver surfer as a child. He's had a bad day (the other kids made fun of his genetic makeup again), and he is left to cry in his room, looking up at the stars. The glint of his surfboard in the corner catches his eye, and he decides to go out for a late-night flight. He soars through the stars, letting the cool breeze dry his tears. Those sucky normal kids. They can't even fly. He forgets why he ever let them get to him. Suddenly, bam! The sucky normal kids appear and attack him with rocket shoes. Using his awesome ninja skillz, he takes them out one by one. Now he feels even better. He feels so good, he decides to fall asleep. The surfboard drifts across the night sky, carrying him home. The End.

Remember the Ember [BONUS MIX]

posted in PRC98 on Jul 12, 2007

The title refers to the incident involving a trade between Link and a couple Tokays on the island after the dungeon. Link gives them ember seeds in exchange for Dimitri, the animal that helps you cross the sea. The Tokays, being as smart as they are, promptly eat the seeds and run away with their heads on fire. Anyway, this remix is not really a story mix like my previous one, but it is meant to show the world through the eyes of a Tokay. Kind of childish and a little beachy. XD

Oh yeah, and pieces of the Moonlit Grotto theme pop up here and there. As well as a short surprise at the end.

Is this message even going to be seen by anyone, or is Rexy just going to take the mp3 and delete this? Oh well, I already typed it up anyway. Good thing I don't have to be voted on. XD

Heroin Addict's Haunted Attic

posted in PRC97 on Jun 28, 2007
"HAHA" to you. But why the title, besides the fact that it sounds so great as an acronym? Well, the remix happens to tell a little story. It's obviously about some little kids who move into a new neighborhood, discover a haunted mansion, encounter a deranged axe murderer in the attic, and emerge as murderer-murdering heroes in the end. You'll notice I'm a little better at arranging than producing or whatever. So...at least try to enjoy. >.>
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