Mario Kart Wii Koopa Cape (PRC189)


Source: Mario Kart (Wii) - Koopa Cape

"After a brief consultation with my girlfriend, I have decided to name 'Koopa Cape' from Mario Kart Wii to be the next source. It's a bit funky and dissonant, so have fun straightening out some of the wackiness.

Youtube link:"

Deadline is Friday February 25th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time = 6:59 AM GMT (Standard) time.

From now on, a PRC round takes 3 weeks instead of two. Longer remix time, longer voting.

Check my Ocremix signature for the exact time left.


Start: on 2/10/11
Deadline: on 2/28/11
Voting: on 3/2/11

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