Spyro TEN (GBA)- Fellmuth (PRC112)


"I know what you guys are potentially thinking - Spyro has seen his heyday as a role model for the Sony PlayStation. But if we compare said dragon's latest outing on the GBA to the main console release, the only thing they have in common is the basic storyline. This handheld incarnation plays more like a classic Metroid/Castlevania title with a great mix of difficulty to attract rookies and hardcore gamers alike, and its gameplay elements in particular helped made it to be the more superior incarnation on the market.

The music worked well for it as well - it's not Stewart Copeland, but Amaze Entertainment's in-house composer Tom Miller expressed a lot of what the GBA is capable of when it comes to sound processing. I saw some Mitsuda-esque vibes come from some of the tracks, and I thought I'd pick one of the more melodicly notable ones as the source for this PRC. The stage itself is aboard a pirate ship, where you're trying to fight your way out from captivity as an arena fighter under the watchful eye of its captain, Skabb.

Hylian Lemon gets props for helping me with the decision out of four potential tracks. If this PRC somehow goes wrong, Ben will get what's coming."

(Usual PRC rules apply. Deadline is January 26th.)



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Start: on 1/18/08
Deadline: on 1/27/08
Voting: on 1/30/08

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