posted in ORC130 on May 09, 2010
just64helpin did an interesting take on a remix I did:

... so I thought to reciprocate.

bVI begone

posted in ORC119 on May 17, 2009
I've been stuck at home sick tonight, so I thought I'd throw in a half-improvised performance on a cheap electric piano from the early 80s.

harmonic treatment

posted in PRC134 on Nov 30, 2008
When remixing, the first thing I do is work out a re-harmonization of the main melody. I didn't find time to really "start" the remix, but I figured I'd play out the re-harmonized ideas on GarageBand's default piano patch, for what it's worth. And I figured you guys needed all the entries you could get...


posted in ORC104 on May 25, 2007
too busy with work this week to really finish this, so i'm submitting what i have.
i was going for somewhat of a prog influenced sound in 6/8, but didn't get too far.
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