One Hour Compo - Round 27 (OHC027)

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Mar 19, 2009 sonikboom
  1. Funeral for the ducklings...
  2. Goodbye Friend
  3. The Trees Are Calling
They're all pretty good, it was tough to pick... ;_;

But mine's the obvious best one. :D:D:D

Mar 19, 2009 superjoe30
  1. Funeral for the ducklings...
  2. Sayonara Uragirimono
  3. Goodbye Friend
Gario - nice piece, well put together
DjMokram - I really liked the arrangement and mix
Flik - I dig the piano melody/chords, and the recorder was a good instrument
Mar 19, 2009 mertz3hack
  1. Sad Stuff
  2. Goodbye of a Loved One
  3. Left In Memories
the mix of sounds r unique but put u in a down mood right away
Mar 22, 2009 DjMokram
  1. Goodbye Friend
  2. Sad Stuff
  3. Bye There
    JH Sounds
After I had posted, I listened to Flik, it killed me on the spot.
Had the same approach as I, flute-piano, but done flawlessly. Quality samples, epic track, a one-hour kill.
Next, Sonikboom delivers a fine nostalgic feeling thanks to the hammond vibe. And the pop easy-listening flavor was right on point.
Finally Just64H could have easily won my first place, cause there was a lot of feeling coming out from that song . But the piano impro was a bit sloppy at times, thus reducing the impact.