One Hour Compo - Round 28 (OHC028)

Votes (6)

Mar 26, 2009 Solarflare
  1. The Jar of Cerulea
  2. The Miracle
  3. Magical Bag of Chips
1. Freaking Pirates man!
2. Wish I could gate like this dawg.
3. Best Progressions for the win...sort of.
Mar 26, 2009 Nekofrog
  1. Billy, Samantha, and Tim
  2. Magical Bag of Chips
  3. The Mystical Cave Of Mystical Items AHOY
sitting in front of your computer
playing with your weiner
Mar 26, 2009 Gario
  1. Tribal Artifact
  2. The Jar of Cerulea
Alright, this compo was huge! I feel obligated to vote, because of that...

1st - Gario - I'll be honest, I'm terrible at this 'voting' thing (which is why I don't do it very often), as I'll invariably think mine is the best (it's personal... why would I write something if I didn't think it sounded perfect to me?) BUT! I don't want to see how I think of myself, so I'm not voting that :P

1st (Voted) - Solarflare - It started off well enough, but when you slipped in the chant 'Day of the Dead', you pulled up to first in my book.

2nd - DjMokram - Very nice instrumentation, albeit a bit short. Hey, it's the one hour compo for a reason, right? The celtic sound is very neat; it makes me feel at home :)

3rd - Tensei-San - Honestly, that was sweet, as the clarinet is a mystical instrument... :P

Honorable mentions - Xerol - ... I lol'd at the title & description. The music was alright, too...
Mar 26, 2009 JH Sounds
  1. Billy, Samantha, and Tim
  2. Magical Bag of Chips
  3. The Mystic Trance Machine
How could Neko not win, really
Mar 29, 2009 superjoe30
  1. Billy, Samantha, and Tim
  2. Tribal Artifact
  3. xd
Solarflare - awesome percussion. WIN.
Nekofrog - You almost got 1st place for the epic outro to your song alone. Nice work.
Skiessi - I can't believe you did this with LMMS. nice tune. I

It was tough. there is some really good work here.
Mar 30, 2009 DjMokram
  1. Planetary Findings
    JH Sounds
  2. Magical Bag of Chips
  3. Garbage Talisman
JH64 did the most believable piece for me, despite the low production value.
With a proper amount of time, this could really be an awesome 'treasure/mystery finding' theme.
I'm also perceiving the personal style a bit more, and this is a remixer I would really like to collab with in the future.

Starla didn't use overpriced sample library, nor astonishingly refined dynamics...
But boy, that melody is so damn catchy!
This entry is all about nostalgic feeling, and the tune hit me right on spot.
I can totally picture the 16bit hero discovering the legendary artifact, and getting pumped up to kick some vilains' butt!
I luv this one so much, I would like to request permission to remix it.

Finally Xerol entry has good production values, the piece is beautiful, and the begining definitely reminds me of Vagrant Story, which is a compliment in case you're wondering!

*Special praise word for JMR's entry, for nearly making me choke on my diner!*