Sonic 2 + Bahamut Lagoon (PRC209)


Source 1: Sonic 2 SMS - Underground Zone
Source 2: Bahamut Lagoon - Desert Land Daphira

"Hey Bundeslang, here's my source pick for Round #209:

Youtube link:

The game has already been covered in both OCR and PRC, but luckily, the source in question has not. ;)
Not ashamed to say it's proly my favorite Sonic game, even over the awesome Genesis ones.
It's sad that not many people know about this one because it's super fun and the music is fantastic imo.
Here's hoping that another underrated game and its soundtrack gets some love thanks to the PRC.
(DJ Mokram)

"Desert Land Daphira from Bahamut Lagoon for the SNES!

And since the midi is a little terrible:"

You may select one of the sources to remix. It is allowed and encouraged to cover both tracks in one song, but it is not necessary.

Deadline is Monday January 9th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time



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Start: on 12/28/11
Deadline: on 1/9/12
Voting: on 1/11/12

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