Hostile Sp(Bass)

posted in PRC222 on Jul 09, 2012
FL Studio is telling me I threw this one together in an hour and a half. It seems more like two and a half hours, but whatever. I am FLYING out the door right now, but here's my last second dnb entry! I wish I had time to work on it more (WTFBBQ RL)

I Wub Aquarius

posted in PRC214 on Mar 19, 2012
I haven't touched FL Studio in what feels like an eternity, so I decided to take a stab at the source with this...THING...that is supposed to have elements of dnb and dubstep. For the bass, I was influenced by the Knife Party remix of Unison originally done by Porter Robinson. I say influenced because I ran out of time to figure out more about how dubstep basses work :P

FYI, this was made in just under two hours and this is my first stab at what I don't really think I can get away with calling a dubstep "breakdown", so I'm kinda glad just to have a new song that I've made even though it might not sound the best :D

Gabadu (Speedy Crap Mix)

posted in PRC210 on Jan 22, 2012
Let me warn you before you listen to this: I completely missed the mark regarding what I was aiming for :P

This is called Gabadu because I was trying to go for gabber / hardcore / whatever the hell this falls under. I've been wanting to try a track like this ever since I started listening to hapinano and his CRAZY Kirby medleys ( is a good example).

Ah well. We all fail at some point, right? RIGHT?!?! :P

There really isn't *much* in the way of arrangement, but I REALLY wanted to make sure I got something in for this PRC.

Back to my homework X_X

Kirby Benassi

posted in PRC208 on Dec 15, 2011
My source is the perpetually bad ass Ripple Star theme from Kirby 64!

I had a ton of fun with this one. The bass synth, a 3xOsc, personally reminded me of the one in Satisfaction, hence the mix title. I absolutely love the bassline, so I apologize if it is a bit too dominant.

It was quite refreshing to attempt a non-dnb track for once.

Eladard's Secret Weapon

posted in PRC202 on Sep 11, 2011
First off, this planet doesn't even exist in the canon universe so I can do whatever I want with it :]

Second, This is my entry and it is a drum and bass track! BIG SURPRISE! xD

This song sorta evolved into more of an entertaining track than a serious one, but I still felt like I did a pretty good job on it. Yes, it is in serious need of legitimate ReMixing. I'll get there one day :P

Seriously, I hope you enjoy the dialogue samples :D


posted in PRC199 on Jul 30, 2011
As others figured out as well, this song lends itself well to dnb so I decided to give it a shot! :D

The sounds might not be original (and the levels might be off :P), but I feel like the underlying "rearrangement" is pretty solid.

If anyone is wondering, I used the Glitch VST at the end.
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