Ice Cap Zone Rescue

posted in PRC200 on Aug 04, 2011
There's surprisingly some really epic stuff in that source which is really good material for orchestral work. No kidding, the source was thematically and tonally reminding me of "Arrival to Earth" from Transformers by Jablonsky and "Time" by Zimmer, so... I know you're all really surprised, thats the route I took. This one might need to be submitted to OCR proper like.


posted in PRC199 on Jul 28, 2011
3 hours and 21 tracks in sonar later... this is my submission. As with my previous entries and work at OCR I took the source, updated it, and made it more fitting for a Bruckheimer film adaptation of Deus Ex (which would actually rock). Used everything but the kitchen sink here.. including tons of Tonehammer libraries, Omnisphere, Trillian, and Project SAM Symphobia.

Ninja Doomship

posted in PRC197 on Jun 30, 2011
Much like what I did for PRC 192.. I've taken the chiptune for the comp and turned it into something more appropriate for a film score. I even added in some live guitar at the tail end for good measure :).

Like Xsquader... I slowed the original piece down (by half actually). Turns out the source material is pretty epic stuff when slowed down and orchestrated. All of the major motifs from the original made it in and are backed with a huge percussion lineup including a Dhol ensemble, two taiko ensembles, and a rhythm section for the tail end of the piece.

PRC192 Batman - NES - Lab In Ruins

posted in PRC192 on Apr 21, 2011
Many of you are probably familiar with my work over at OCR... I almost always take themes such as the one from this competition, orchestrate them, and turn them into something fitting for a film score.

Will this was GREAT source material, and for this one I figured it'd be cool to approach this remix as if Hans Zimmer himself had utilized some of the motifs heard in the original NES source material for The Dark Knight. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. I mainly utilized the synth line and bass line at the beginning, slowed them down, and turned them both into a driving action motif. A few other themes from the original can also be heard... though they have been reworked slightly for dramatic effect. Enjoy!