Ninja Gaiden 3 - Stage 1 (PRC197)


"I won???...Thank you all who voted and for your feedback. It meant a lot to me. I really enjoyed this remix. Unlike people with experience in this domain, who usually finishes brilliant mixes in less than 3h, I admit it took me some days to complete it, and to do that outside my working program (night shifts ). This is why I apologise for not being able to vote this stage and for not sending the source for PRC197 last night.

I have just seen that I had until Friday, but I have found a great source and from the research I have done, there isn't any mix on it.

The game is called Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom and the music is from level 1, which, I don't think has a name.

I have attached a Midi, but I found the real version (from the YouTube link bellow) very inspiring.


Thank you again, and OCRemix Rocks!!!!!!

Andrei (Inrade)

Deadline is Monday July 4th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time. Check my Ocremix signature for the exact time left.



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Start: on 6/23/11
Deadline: on 7/4/11
Voting: on 7/6/11

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