Tetris Battle Gaiden - Hallowee (PRC232)


Source: Tetris Battle Gaiden - Halloween (SNES)

"I've wanted to try for and win a PRC for a while now, so I could evangelize about my favorite Versus puzzle game, which has a soundtrack as good as it is obscure: Tetris Battle Gaiden. There aren't many MIDIs out there for it, but Halloween's theme is a good one:


The game was only released in Japan, which is a damn shame. It's well worth hunting down if you like games like Tetris Party or Puzzle Fighter. I hope you enjoy the music, at least."

Deadline is November 26th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time


Start: on 11/14/12
Deadline: on 11/26/12
Voting: on 11/28/12

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