Shining Force II - Lively Town (PRC458)


Source: Shining Force II (GEN) - Lively Town

"Welp, i guess i was too late. It's been a while yes, but i've been juggling a busy schedule, some site problems, as well as 2 MIDI's that i need to send in for PRC. So i don't know what you want to do with this, but i'll share it anyways, incase you want it for the future (I Apologise if this is against any policies or rules etc.)

The source i had planned for this one was Lively Town from Shining Force II. I've admittedly never played this series, however i am absolutely floored at the level of quality this soundtrack provides. It's literally the closest to a symphony orchestra you will get using FM synthesis. The melodies are super complex and detailed, but restrained enough that it's simple and elegant, and the sounds are quite fine tuned as well. I don't think i could emulate Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion and Strings using YM2612. It's a pretty beautiful piece too, that kind of sounds Jazzy, but without the use of Jazz instruments. It's got quite the melody too, so much so, i had to really zoom in on the waveform in order to get a feel for how the melody goes, whilst creating the MIDI. It's extremely syncopated, with the first beat barely accented at all. It's just a fun lively piece...hence the name, ha!

As for the game itself? I don't know enough about playing the game, as i was more of a Sonic/SOR/Ristar/Contra kind of person. I didn't really get invested into RPG's (Except Pokémon and maybe a few others). However i do know the game is the 3rd in the total series (Technically 5th, if you include the Game Gear games). The games were developed by Camelot Software Programming (Went through a couple name changes. Started off as CD4, then Sonic, then Camelot), and follows essentially in the same vane as other Tactical Role Playing Games like Phantasy Star II or IV. I think i've talked too much, hope you do it justice!

If this can't be used for PRC457, then move it up a round. Sorry it took so long, life isn't always so generous to me lol."


Game: Shining Force II (Sega Genesis)

Source: Lively Town

So here's the video:

And my own custom MIDI:



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