Greatest Desire

posted in OHC656 on May 06, 2021

More space ambiance experimentation. Still lacking in the stylistic effects and whatnot. And the title could refer to cosmic grandeur or just having snacks, I guess.

The Journey's the Thing

posted in OHC655 on Apr 29, 2021

Been wanting to try my hand at space ambiance music. So... I did. Mellow choirs, pads, reverb, delay, and a string ensemble heavily phaserd. Best viewed with a panning panorama of space objects.

Deep Stone Dominion

posted in PRC425 on Apr 18, 2021

A bit of orchestral stuff, beginning at the fringes of the great empire and traveling along storied highways to the very heart of the sunless domain before quietly departing into subterranean depths.

Clothesline Scamper

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

Kinda turned into a jig-inspired thing at points. Guess folks will dance for laundry if they want to. Wasted maybe 15 minutes trying to find the sfx for this one.

Black Powder Campsite

posted in PRC423 on Mar 15, 2021

Trying some more rustic instrumentation and even that panning stuff I keep hearing about. Made me think of a buncha blokes gathered around the fire, kinda jamming.

It All Went Wrong

posted in PRC422 on Feb 22, 2021

A multi-pronged title. For one thing, the arrangement and mechanics feel a bit sloppy. More relevant, the song went rather different than I expected. Set out to make an apprehensive, spacious piece to capture being lost in underground ruins full of monsters. The piece kept devolving, perhaps reminiscent of the darker elements of Undertale. Oh well, I had some fun with it.

Tales by the Embers

posted in OHC644 on Feb 11, 2021

Went with something a bit more campfire oriented, something to go with folks swapping stories while the fire dies down into a warm smolder. Much shorter a piece than I like, but sometimes it just tells you when it's done.

Deep as You Dare

posted in OHC643 on Feb 04, 2021

Wanted to try something more ominous and dire. Maybe it's because I've been playing Metroid Prime. The dynamics aren't where I want em, but hey.

Walk of the Ancients

posted in OHC641 on Jan 21, 2021

Never thought I'd compose for dinosaurs. Hauled out some more exotic samples for this. Think I might have made the rhythm wonky in a few spots. Made in vision of the long-dead reptiles lumbering about the prehistoric world in it's fantasy-world-class scenery.

Betwixt Th' Waves 'n Stars

posted in MnP121 on Jan 21, 2021

First song I've ever used multiple apostrophes in the title of! When I first heard this delightful song, my mind wandered to a sea shanty of sorts so I busted out the hurdy-gurdy samples, laid out some droning bass, and this happened. It's a bit slower than the source, but I tried to keep the melody and such faithful so I could focus on better mixing. Maybe it worked. At any rate, hopefully some of it sounds good.

Shores You Left Behind (BONUS ENTRY)

posted in PRC420 on Jan 19, 2021

Don't vote for the bonus. Started out wanting to make a sea-shanty of sorts, but got distracted, partway through. A little piece about leaving familiar things behind, nice as they are, to find new horizons, although you'll always miss what couldn't come with.

Starlight Sojourn

posted in OHC640 on Jan 14, 2021

More inspired by resource #1. A little journey into the majestic cosmos to find things strange yet familiar before returning with just a little bit of what was found. Kinda wish I had time to flesh out the 2nd half more :P


posted in PRC418 on Dec 13, 2020

Goofing around with my newish euro brass samples and those violins I just can't divorce myself from. Got a minute in before I realized the tempo was drastically slower than the originalsc I had some fun. Hope you do listening to it.

Blooms Endure

posted in OHC635 on Dec 10, 2020

Something of a sister song to my piece from last week's contest, stole a number of melodies from it. Just a plucky little ditty for some cold flowers.

Forlorn Radiance

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020

First time composing with a time limit. The thing is sloppy as spaghetti, but I kinda like the last couple minutes of it. Hope it doesn't hurt your ears too much.

These Stones Remember

posted in MnP119 on Nov 24, 2020

Metroid Prime 3: Bryyo Cliffs. In a world brought low by petty strife, forever scarred, only the stones remember the lost glory of a once great people. Or something like that.

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