Scorcher - Suburbs (SEGA) (PRC434)


Source: Scorcher - Suburbs (SEGA Saturn)

"The last few rounds have been pretty organic in sound, so let's go 180 an really go all out in electronica. This is also pretty lengthy, structured almost like a full song running at 7 minutes.

The game we are talking about is Scorcher, a futuristic racing game involving motorcycles. It's not a commonly recognised game, only certain diehards might even know about it, and if you actually play the game, your getting not much of a immersive experience. It's a fun game, but that's about it. It's got a pretty negative rep, both for it's difficulty, and the shortage of race tracks. However you may notice it's developed by Zyrinx, who are known for their beautiful graphics, and difficulty curve. Zyrinx eventually became IO Interactive, after the parent company went bankrupt. The game company might be familiar to some as it houses their own inhouse composer Jesper Kyd. This game is one of his lesser known moments, as people usually think Hitman or Assassin's Creed when Jesper Kyd comes to mind, which is sad, because this soundtrack should not be ignored.

Scorcher also remains the most technical video game in terms of Graphical developments. Some say it's the most attractive game at the time, this company was really renowned for their super hi-tech advanced graphical capabilities. Honestly not much else in terms of the game, no significant history behind it. Instead we should move on to music, which is a must listen. 

The soundtrack plays to the strength's of Jesper Kyd, who at the time was heavily digesting rave music, which you can clearly tell it's from that era. Now since this was released in 1996 a lot of the music does kind of feel representative of it's time, but there are tracks you don't often hear in a video game. The Downtown level really goes for a full industrial techno approach, but that's not the track i picked. Instead i went for a track called Suburbs (Which are the names of the stages). This one is a full on 90's hard trance number with lots of bass. It's like a bass overload lol. It has a lovely well developed but simplistic melody, some great developments throughout, and a breakdown where it goes into a full rich chord sequence and ambience. Now yes this is quite the repetitive tune, most of it is 1-4 bars of material looped for quite some time, but the beauty of electronic music, is that it gives you the canvas to create and explore. You can add to this, make it rich and exciting. The tune is amazing on it's own, it's so groovy, but with the hands of you guys, it will become something magical. Hope you do this one justice.

Note: There is also a PC port of this game, which not only transforms all the tracks into CD audio, it also includes 2 exclusive tracks, which are pretty cool too. However the Suburbs track is exactly the same on both versions, so there's not much to worry about. I thought that since it's CD audio the sounds would be different, however it's not. Just writing this to avoid confusion.

GAME: Scorcher (Sega Saturn)

Source: Suburbs

Also note: It's listed as Track 2 on the video, but that's an error on the uploaders behalf. The actual name is Suburbs.

And as expected from me, my own custom MIDI:



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