While this is not my source pick, and due to just a general lack of free time the past few weeks I was really only to do one source when I wanted to do both. I do not feel quite right just submitting this one as an entry simply because I did not have the time to do both like I wanted to.

However, TVG this source was a ton of fun. It certainly does go hard from start to finish. I tried to keep that, but I opted for a fairly straightforward take on it. What I tried for here was to try and bring some of my Trance background, but instead of going purely Trance I tried to infuse it with just pounding synths with most everything turned up to 11. I do wish I had a bit more time for the mix so I could massage it a bit more, but it sounds okay.

A Stroll to the Pad

posted in PRC441 on Feb 23, 2022

Tried for a sort of electro funk-ish type thing here, but with just enough reality to ground it. Got some electric piano (even a real piano in there at one point), classic synth lead, string machine, etc . . .. Honestly, this is a pretty sticking to the material take on the track. Fun source overall :)


A good level is one in which when you think you've figured it is a level that fights back. And so it is the repeated attempts of consecutive nature that eventually an individual with enough will power will eventually overcome the segments to finally be crowned the victor.


posted in MnP130 on Jan 17, 2022

Recently, I played through the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy on Steam and thoroughly enjoyed the games. So, here is my small homage to that. Since the individual sources are fairly short this is sort of like a medley of a few different sources. Starts off with the Trial theme, that very clumsily goes into the Inform the Truth theme. After that I go into the Objection theme which then follows into the Cornered theme. Next up I go into the light Examination theme then into the fast Examination theme before ending out on a solo piano of the first theme. Don't worry it sounds a lot longer than it actually is.

I tried to make the track a bit like how an actual trial plays out in the game. That is it starts off promising enough, then you get sucker punched with some bad news. Then you find some weakness and try to exploit it only to find out that you opened up an even larger can of worms. However, as things progress you go on the attack more and more before finally getting to the bottom of things through the ultimate discourse cross-examination. At least that is the silly idea going on here.

I also made use of some samples from the games to help with that. I dunno, this was pretty fun honestly.

Strutting in Brinstar

posted in PRC438 on Dec 26, 2021

As is hopefully evident from the name this is a remix of Metroid's Brinstar done in a sort of EDM-ish way. Not too strictly all that EDM-ish though. There is a kick with a decent bit of bounce to it. But I did really try and keep the original tension from original here. Who knows exactly what it is. But I do know that it is something.

The Mandela Effect

posted in MnP128 on Oct 17, 2021

My submission is a bit on the unusual side of things. Think of it more like an audio short story rather than a MnP thing directly. It is Halloween after all, I had to do something...unique.

Before I go any further, due to limitations with ThaSauce I am unable to this track here in its full quality. If you want a HQ version the links for a high quality MP3 and FLAC will be directly following this. I did try for as high of a VBR MP3 as I could manage, but it is 96kbps on ThaSauce.



And if folks want to listen to the tracks on their own I can upload those separately and provide links if desired ;)

So, what I have done? I have lost my mind, that is what I have done. Most of the remixes are really just redoing the originals, all of them, rather than working out a full remix. I did try and add my little bit of special color here and there, but overall they are all pretty close to the original. Though I would be remiss if I did not mention the addition of the spooky elements. That is right though, this 28 and half minute BEHEMOTH has all the sources in it with a general spooky factor to each one in some capacity. To add even more spookiness to this is a Creepypasta! The entirety of this Creepypasta is spread throughout and as the piece progresses more and more lucidity to the spookiness comes into play and more of a story is told as one comes to pay attention. So, without further delay get on your horses, get something to drink, and bring your popcorn because this is a long one. The sequence of the tracks also sorta plays into the overall story as well.

Sources in order and kind of what I was thinking for each.

  • Ghosts n' Goblins: All right lets be fair for a minute. The game is brutally hard, but that music just BEGS to be made sorta old timey like from a terrible record player with comically cheesy instrumentation and total jank.
  • Spinals Theme: This is where I start to introduce some of the spookiness to the entire thing. Remix really isnt anything special other than just trying to make it harder hitting and a bit more aggressive in terms of overall sound. But there are plenty of evil laughs here to make you wonder if something bigger is going on, or maybe it is hinting at something...
  • Damned: I really did not do a whole to this other than play with some additional instruments and just trying to make it a bit more ominous. Thematically it is really meant to serve as a bridge and kind of be a bit of a ride down in energy before the next track. And it really did not sit right with me to add any spooky elements to it. The piece on its own is quite unsettling.
  • Mad Forest: I love the old school Castlevania soundtracks because you just slap on an organ and youre grooving. In reality this is a slight remix, but with pretty much everything turned up to 11. It has an organ, it has bass, it has drums, it has some spook, I even have it pushing the poor master compressor enough to make it pump purely because I like the sound of it doing so! 11 indeed.
  • Dead Sea: This one is pretty low key, but I really tried to bring out some of that inherent uneasiness underlying the piece a bit to really start the story off...
  • Ceremony: This one is meant to be both beautiful and at the same time scary. The spook-factor does not really come from the music as much as the implications of the additional elements. It makes one wonder if there is more to this than meets the ear...
  • Concrete Cave: This is sort of like Castlevania in the sense that I could not think of a good way to integrate this properly into the overall story arch. So, it is sort of done in this faux 90's style, but with werewolves. Perhaps the supernaturals among us are having some fun...
  • Gothic Neclord: I sort of tried to pull a second Castlevania on this one because it is just so much fun! Everything is not turned up to 11 though. The biggest change here is that I opted to keep the drums out until the second half. Or maybe it was a vampire who felt that they were starting to get into their groove. Again it seems the supernaturals among us have maybe started to notice that things are not quite as they seem...
  • Haunted House: All right, I just tried to make this one as creepy as possible. It is almost like the first attempt to summon the evil originally did not work out too well, but some folks who know what they're doing got it right...
  • Undercity: This piece just begged to be the last one. It is almost comically over the top perfect for this. It is just too much fun. It is almost like something is waking up...

The Creepypasta is Candle Cove, and was recited by me. What you're hearing is some lo-fi processing to make it sound like it is a found recording from some dubious source. Also, to give the different characters some differentiation I also did some pitch shifting. But I really wanted those parts to have a bit of character on its own.

Happy Halloween folks!

138 In Progress

posted in PRC434 on Oct 03, 2021

Named purely because of a voice sample...

Anyway, I disagree about the original being a Trance piece. To me it has more in common with Prog House of the era, but ho hum.

So, what did I do? Well, that depends on how you look at it. Essentially, the entire intro is like 99% from the original. The difference here is that rather than let the individual parts be their own separate sections I opted to layer them into a more complete piece. Then I built an entire middle section based on the late breaking chord progression before going into an outro that really references the intro. I also tried my best to keep a big old kick and bottom end like the original, but I did try my best to get as much other stuff in there as well. Not an easy task. Needless to say I had to break out a few techniques that I try not to use too often because of they often have some nasty downsides. In this case things worked out all right. Rather liked this one, minus the production side. Been a while since my ears got tired on me lol.

Battle's Embrace

posted in MnP127 on Sep 06, 2021

I said I would try and Trance-ify this and I did! Or at least half-ish. It has some Trance-y type sounds in there, but what I really tried for with this was an almost beautiful yet energetic track. I will admit that this is a fairly liberal interpretation of the source. I reworked the chords (they're not that far off). I also took a little bit of inspiration from the source to do a little bit of a victory fanfare-ish sort of thing.

Given that this is such a short source I think what I did is kind of fair. It is not necessarily MnP, but then again I have always viewed MnP as more of a throw s*** at the wall and see what sticks kind of thing. At the end of the day all I really want is for folks to turn it up and enjoy some tunez ;)

And I just realized that I did this incredibly quickly...Sorry folks :(

Re-upload! I said I would probably revisit the mix, and I did. Basically, started from the ground up with it. There is a bit more overall dynamic range and I am not pushing the limiter quite as hard. The short term LUFS are about the same though. There is also a bit more space in the track all over. The original had so much energy from the upper of the end of the bass that it basically left no room for anything else. Further, there is some more clarity in the track with the leady sounds providing a lot of the top end energy and the pads really filling out the missing spaces. Could probably spend another lifetime tweaking the mix. But at some point you just gotta stop.

Governmental Greens

posted in MnP126 on Aug 10, 2021

It is a thing I suppose. It has some synths and well that is about it really. Just some synths responding to some MIDI commands. Why? Because that is cool I suppose. If you opted to play this by hand then that is cool too. Either way it is something.

Yearning a Form

posted in MnP120 on Dec 05, 2020

There was once an amorphous cloud. One year it decided that all it wanted for Christmas was a proper form. However, what it found instead was sound. It found that sound gave it form. 

The One True Koopa Approaches

posted in MnP118 on Oct 19, 2020

This is really best thought more of a re-imagining of Bowser's Introduction more than anything else. Nothing really fancy going on here, mainly just layering playing with the same melody throughout. Was some fun though.


Edit - This is just a re-upload after doing some more work on the mix itself. I did not really like the first mix much, so I came back and fixed it. 

Beset Dwelling

posted in MnP87 on Feb 03, 2018
I dunno, I tried like 4 different takes on this and finally decided on something that was a somewhat low key and simple. But I tried to keep that Metroid Prime feel (fantastic GC game too!) in that it is always grounded, but a bit off putting and mysterious. No complex takes on anything here, really just a simple restructuring.

Grandoise Keys

posted in PRC355 on Aug 21, 2017
Not sure exactly what I was thinking, but hey this was rather fun. The original definitely had a pretty strong electronic feel to it plus some of the cheesiest vocals I've heard in a long time. Unfortunately, I didn't add vocals, but I did take the electronic influence and infused some cheesy ROMpler sounds into it, played with some layering and in general just tried to take what I liked most out of the original and amplify it.

Peace in the Garden

posted in MnP78 on Aug 12, 2017
I tried a few things with this and ultimately decided on this. Laid back, chilled, and easy to listen to. Mainly, just recycling the main riff a few times and played with some layering.

Brier Outburst

posted in MnP75 on Jun 15, 2017
Clearly the bushes are not to be trusted. They're doing things to our minds. Their prickliness is not to be underestimated nor is their beauty for they merely want to take over the world. Unfortunately, it seems that they have discovered sound, which is rather unfortunate.
So, this is a minor mashup of the two themes into one long track. I just tried to make my Mute City bit just full of energy from start to finish. Now, Cutting Edge of Notion I decided to try something a bit more low key. I found a part of the track that just grooves along and kind of played around with that a bit. There are a ton of key changes in there though. Still a fair bit of fun regardless.

Luna Squared

posted in MnP71 on Apr 01, 2017
Well, I'm terrible at names, but at least the organ line in the original was catchy as all get out. Anyway, what I tried to do was just have some fun with it. Really, I just did some things.

Devotion to the Motif

posted in MnP69 on Feb 26, 2017
I dunno why, but when I heard that main lead line I just thought to myself, "What if I put some Supersaws underneath it?" Well, you know you add some Supersaws and then next you add a kick and then a pad and then some FX sounds and before you know it, Trance happens. Whodda thunk it? So, yeah I tried to lay down some Trance to this. I dunno why but the entire thing just screamed Trance to me. This is probably a bit poppier of Trance than I'd normally do, but ho hum. Still lots of fun.

Navigating the Dwell

posted in MnP62 on Oct 16, 2016
Fairly standard take on the track I feel. Kind of went for a really low key vibey sort of thing. Though I still think the kick has too deep of a fundamental on it. Mmm, whatever.

Grooving with Ghouls

posted in MnP44 on Nov 08, 2015
Tried for a Trancey bit with this, but it didn't turn out quite the way I had intended, isn't that always the case though? Anyway, should be a fun listen.
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