Battle's Embrace

posted in MnP127 on Sep 06, 2021

I said I would try and Trance-ify this and I did! Or at least half-ish. It has some Trance-y type sounds in there, but what I really tried for with this was an almost beautiful yet energetic track. I will admit that this is a fairly liberal interpretation of the source. I reworked the chords (they're not that far off). I also took a little bit of inspiration from the source to do a little bit of a victory fanfare-ish sort of thing.

Given that this is such a short source I think what I did is kind of fair. It is not necessarily MnP, but then again I have always viewed MnP as more of a throw s*** at the wall and see what sticks kind of thing. At the end of the day all I really want is for folks to turn it up and enjoy some tunez ;)

And I just realized that I did this incredibly quickly...Sorry folks :(

Re-upload! I said I would probably revisit the mix, and I did. Basically, started from the ground up with it. There is a bit more overall dynamic range and I am not pushing the limiter quite as hard. The short term LUFS are about the same though. There is also a bit more space in the track all over. The original had so much energy from the upper of the end of the bass that it basically left no room for anything else. Further, there is some more clarity in the track with the leady sounds providing a lot of the top end energy and the pads really filling out the missing spaces. Could probably spend another lifetime tweaking the mix. But at some point you just gotta stop.

Governmental Greens

posted in MnP126 on Aug 10, 2021

It is a thing I suppose. It has some synths and well that is about it really. Just some synths responding to some MIDI commands. Why? Because that is cool I suppose. If you opted to play this by hand then that is cool too. Either way it is something.

Yearning a Form

posted in MnP120 on Dec 05, 2020

There was once an amorphous cloud. One year it decided that all it wanted for Christmas was a proper form. However, what it found instead was sound. It found that sound gave it form. 

The One True Koopa Approaches

posted in MnP118 on Oct 19, 2020

This is really best thought more of a re-imagining of Bowser's Introduction more than anything else. Nothing really fancy going on here, mainly just layering playing with the same melody throughout. Was some fun though.


Edit - This is just a re-upload after doing some more work on the mix itself. I did not really like the first mix much, so I came back and fixed it. 

Beset Dwelling

posted in MnP87 on Feb 03, 2018
I dunno, I tried like 4 different takes on this and finally decided on something that was a somewhat low key and simple. But I tried to keep that Metroid Prime feel (fantastic GC game too!) in that it is always grounded, but a bit off putting and mysterious. No complex takes on anything here, really just a simple restructuring.

Grandoise Keys

posted in PRC355 on Aug 21, 2017
Not sure exactly what I was thinking, but hey this was rather fun. The original definitely had a pretty strong electronic feel to it plus some of the cheesiest vocals I've heard in a long time. Unfortunately, I didn't add vocals, but I did take the electronic influence and infused some cheesy ROMpler sounds into it, played with some layering and in general just tried to take what I liked most out of the original and amplify it.

Peace in the Garden

posted in MnP78 on Aug 12, 2017
I tried a few things with this and ultimately decided on this. Laid back, chilled, and easy to listen to. Mainly, just recycling the main riff a few times and played with some layering.

Brier Outburst

posted in MnP75 on Jun 15, 2017
Clearly the bushes are not to be trusted. They're doing things to our minds. Their prickliness is not to be underestimated nor is their beauty for they merely want to take over the world. Unfortunately, it seems that they have discovered sound, which is rather unfortunate.
So, this is a minor mashup of the two themes into one long track. I just tried to make my Mute City bit just full of energy from start to finish. Now, Cutting Edge of Notion I decided to try something a bit more low key. I found a part of the track that just grooves along and kind of played around with that a bit. There are a ton of key changes in there though. Still a fair bit of fun regardless.

Luna Squared

posted in MnP71 on Apr 01, 2017
Well, I'm terrible at names, but at least the organ line in the original was catchy as all get out. Anyway, what I tried to do was just have some fun with it. Really, I just did some things.

Devotion to the Motif

posted in MnP69 on Feb 26, 2017
I dunno why, but when I heard that main lead line I just thought to myself, "What if I put some Supersaws underneath it?" Well, you know you add some Supersaws and then next you add a kick and then a pad and then some FX sounds and before you know it, Trance happens. Whodda thunk it? So, yeah I tried to lay down some Trance to this. I dunno why but the entire thing just screamed Trance to me. This is probably a bit poppier of Trance than I'd normally do, but ho hum. Still lots of fun.

Navigating the Dwell

posted in MnP62 on Oct 16, 2016
Fairly standard take on the track I feel. Kind of went for a really low key vibey sort of thing. Though I still think the kick has too deep of a fundamental on it. Mmm, whatever.

Grooving with Ghouls

posted in MnP44 on Nov 08, 2015
Tried for a Trancey bit with this, but it didn't turn out quite the way I had intended, isn't that always the case though? Anyway, should be a fun listen.
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