Star Ocean meets F-Zero??? (MnP72)


Star Ocean "Cutting Edge of Notion" & F-Zero "Mute City"

"Cutting Edge of Notion from Star Ocean 3. This is the main battle theme from the game, so it's pretty upbeat and purposeful. It's got several different parts to it so hopefully it will be fun to cut it up to be pieces of the mashup for this round."

"F-Zero MUTE MOTHERF*#(ING MUTE CITY) dunno why but the last one kind of got me on this, and plus I've been wanting a reason to play with the track for a long time now.
Sorry, couldn't help myself but this song just gets me pumped. Plus, it isn't nearly as cliche as Big Blue ;)"


Start: on 4/15/17
Deadline: on 5/1/17
Voting: on 5/1/17

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