PRC Final - The Last PRC (Free) (PRC472)

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Dec 30, 2023 coloradoweeks
  1. SMRPG_Jazz Battle Mashup Remix!
  2. Echoes of Ancient Civilizations [Tales of Phantasia]
    Unknown Pseudoartist
  3. Avenger of Doma

absolutely stacked round. found it hard to narrow it down to a top three, and i feel a bit weird having to pass up on voting on some absolute bangers. thank you all for the great tunes! you all did such a great job sending off PRC!

Dec 31, 2023 APZX
  1. Suspended on Silver Wings
  2. Dance of the Mistwood (Into the Thick of It)
  3. Farewell Song

Well shoot. There are a lot of entries here!! Taking off my two submissions that leaves 22 to choose from? Oh my goodness… In order as I listened to them with my thoughts. But it is really great to see so many folks come to this. Life is busy and while this is the last go, it extremely humbling to see everyone take time outta their lives to do an entry. Truly, it has been a pleasure.

Also, there are an incredibly large amount of entries and they’re so diverse that even trying to come up with a sensible list? Yeah, well that just ain’t sensible. The listing here is really just sort of how I felt about each track.

[15] My Best PRC entry, remastered. Oh god it’s so hard to do this. - Lots and lots of sub info in here with a nice & clicky kick. Loving the distant pluck sound (kinda sounds like a bell, but I dunno). The hats juxtaposed against that distant background ambiance too is just lovely. Oooooooo, this breakdown and arp is gorgeous!!! Its like I’m losing my mind, but it is so good!! The little bits of dissonance here and there on the back half? Too good. Hmmm, now just that little high synth kind of mirroring whats going on. Honestly, just a lovely track overall. It honestly feels wrong to even really vote on this. Been quite the journey folks. Thanks for the memories and forward to new ones.

[13] Sly Land (2023 Version) – Dunno why, but the immediate vibes I’m getting sort of remind a bit of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and some of the ride music you can play. It just has that sort of vibe to it you, know? Simple drums with enough crisp to them. Then into a little breakdown. Just a short chance to catch your breath before going back into things. I really do have to compliment the sound selection here though. It is just so good. The perfect amount of, and I don’t mean this in a bad way either, the perfect amount of cheesiness to it.

[14] ORC20_DJ_Notte_-A_Past_Rekindled.mp3 – Ahhh I remember the days of using the free version of FL. My computer would stay on for days at a time lol. The thing I love about this is I can hear my young days when it came to making music in here. Its like a time capsule. So nostalgic! I must admit too that the amount of effort that must’ve went into making something like this too? Stitching together all those bits & pieces? Could not have been easy. Gah, I wonder how old this is? Cause I recognize so many of the sounds in here. May not be the most polished entry here, but it has so much charm in of itself that is hard to not like.

[1] Suspended on Silver Wings – Ooo, groovin’ along here. Some cowbell! I love me some cowbell. Can’t believe I didn’t think to add any into my entry. Shame on me. Wait wait wait wait. Vocals? No...Well shoot. This is easy listening here too. I love the guitars too. Brass? Goodness gracious. I thought I had my votes figured out, but this is seriously making me reconsider. If anything I would’ve wished the kick were a little more prominent, but that is a small complaint given what other goodness I’m hearing here. Another thing, those backing vocals? I kinda wish they were pushed a bit wider out. Alternatively, you can keep the main vocal centered and then pan the background vocal harmonies such that they balance each other out as they’re panned.

[2] Dance of the Mistwood (Into the Thick of It) – Acoustic guitar to start off with some light percussion. I’m a sucker for woodwinds playing the lead lines too. Brass gets all the glory, but woodwinds offer such a different texture. The voicing here is just so good overall. Is that a BAGPIPE!! Why did nobody tell me that there was going to be bagpipes. You need to put that upfront & center in the description next time my dude. Wonderfully atmospheric and almost folklore-y. Wonderful listen.

[6] SMRPG_Battle Mashup Remix!! - Nice & bumpy right off the get go. Fun and not overstated and honestly I just like the air in the first one. Then the transition to the second theme. Not gonna lie I kind of liked that! Pretty good use of stereo here too. The transition to the next theme though? That is downright lazy...I expected more :( But this one is such fun! Some slightly crunchy drums, and I do love the brass throughout. Now, while I didn’t care for the last transition. The one to the next theme was pretty dang good. With that said, what I’m really missing here is some weight to the kick. I can hear it, but I want just a bit more “heft” to it.

[7] Echoes of Ancient Civilizations [Tales of Phantasia] – Pretty hefty drums here and lots of mood. Lots of mood. Foreboding and dark. Then some guitars, not the biggest of their overall sound. But it works for the mood quite well. I do like the fact that wasn’t pegged up to zero the entire time too. Little interlude that is handled quite softly and delicately before going back into the swing of things. Hmmm, some interesting moves with the chordal changes too. Interesting…

[4] I Will Return – I kind of think that this title is more than meets the eye. Oh my, that intro? Somber yet hopeful and just a hint of heroism. That synth marimba is such a nice sound honestly, and the arp that it plays? Understated and almost on the side of minimal. Then comes in a more traditional saw type arp, while a bit easier to pick out I think it kind of removes that understated nature that the marimba type sound had. However, to counter it there was that nice high lead which is also very understated. OH a clap? Lets GO!!!! Tambourine? All right, I don’t care whats going on now. I love how simple and understated this is. Simple rhythms. Simple sounds. But as I said before, it is almost minimal and I cannot help but respect that. Also, Bundeslang? Thank you for running this compo without much fanfare.

[20] The Beginning… - Okay, popcorny type arp to start off. Ooooh classic 90’s dance piano. The overall cheese in this track? It just makes me happy to listen to. Classic old school offbeat bass, basic kick, uncomplicated drums? Not sophisticated at all, but that has a certain charm. Couple that with a catchy melody and the like? Just gotta go with the flow sometimes.

[5] Aileron Cat Captain (Freedom Planet 2) – Mmmmm, that is some interesting chords in that intro...ooooohhh arcade fun! Lesss go!! This is a lot fun. Bouncy, with some really interesting chords in there. One second it is heroic, the next it is grandiose, the next it is somber, the next it is dissonant. Keeps you on your toes for sure. I also really like the wind SFX you’ve got in here. Guitar for good measure too? The only thing I’d have to say that I didn’t care for too much was how centered everything was. Outside of that this is a fun remix overall. Good sound selection with an unpredictable chord progression.

[21] Petal Overworld Buoy Fortress Acropolis Ruin Zone – Mashup, eh? WAIT?! That first transition was INSANELY SMOOTH. Holy cow, I’m still amazed at it. The next wasn’t so good, but the one after ain’t so bad. The next two are also pretty solid. The one thing I’d suggest to look at is the really the separation of your instruments here. While I don’t mind chiptune styled sounds, there really is a bit of a lack of separation between them all. I do like the consistency of all the sounds, but it is also all a bit samey, ya know?

[22] Memoires – All righty, Tracker music with some sound chips. I’m down. Definitely, got an 8-bit sound here, and it is so retro that I cannot help but enjoy it. Lovely, lead line. Also, I cannot help but enjoy this sort of percussion. Oooohhh, beautiful harmony. Just an easy listen overall this one. The voicing of things is spot on and it really has the vibe of something I’d imagine hearing on the NES honestly.

[3] Farewell Song – There is going to be a lot in here to digest I suspect...Good drums up front with a lovely piano coming up. The drums are a bit dry though, even a simple room reverb would’ve been nice here to give them some space even if you don’t hear the reverb. It is weird, but more of a feeling kind of thing. The intro though is soft and understated which is a nice touch. All right, heavier kick now. That voice, I was not...uhhhhh...well...err………….expecting...Hmmm, interesting choice here with that reverb drenched in reverb, not a bad thing and it definitely adds some interesting layering to the track. I also generally like how warm and soft that piano is. And there is definitely a twinge of melancholy to the voicing of instruments, but I also hear quite a lot of, and I’m not entirely sure this is the right word, but, a hint of hopefulness or maybe remembrance. Its like taking a look back at all the memories and just taking them in as a whole. For whatever reason more often than not those sorts of moments tend to be happier because I think people generally remember more good than bad. But it is interesting because its like reflection in a sense. The acoustic guitar at towards the end? In a word, lovely.

[17] Monster Hunter World End Credits Theme but on an NES Chip in Fu – Not the most interesting title, but it looks like it hit a character limit...Lets see where this goes. Oooo those pitch bends!! Never thought I’d say that for the NES this is actually quite symphonic in nature. Using an explosion for a timpani hit, interesting. But I guess when all you’ve got is a NES sound chip, well, ya gotta do what you gotta do. Overall a rather impressive rendition with just a NES sound chip o.O

[18] Voyages – Chrono Cross, eh? Well starts interesting enough. Trancey which I like. Understated pads and I’m digging that low bass under the low saw too. Super pretty piano here, and the SFX are just the icing on the cake. Many of the drums are perhaps a bit understated, but that could be just the style you were going for. Gorgeous breakdown too and then the simple lead to bring things back into the flow. Yeah, this is honestly just so pretty and flows exceedingly well.

[8] ‘We Built an Edifice Towards a Dark Sky’ – Lovely start here. Atmospheric and overall very interesting soundscape. Really excellent use of space here too. Airy with just enough low end to keep things interesting. Some really lovely chord voicing in here too. The layering is also very good. Now, that end shift. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t like it. The voicings are very interesting though.

[16] Music To Squish Bugs By – Earth Defense Force!! EDF!! EDF!! EDF!! Remember playing lots of drinking games to these games. Perfect for that kind of thing. Oooh lovely instrument choices here. Love the Rhodes. Also, that small pitch bend on the synth stab? *Chef’s Kiss*. Some staccato strings too. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like that lead on the back end, but beautiful slides and such. Such a shame that this one is so short :(

[19] Reaching You – Ahhh, I remember this track from FFVII. The piano here is lovely and the choir coming in on the back half is just an excellent choice. I like it way more than the strings used here at least. This is just a wonderful simple and subdued track. Nothing extravagant or the like. Then again it fits the whole theme of the original too.

[11] Avenger of Doma – Almost sounds out of phase to my left & right. But I suspect it is actually almost Mid/Side. Anywho...lovely piano sound though. Good control of dynamics and enough air around it to give it plenty of space. I also really like those super low hits. Normally, I’m not much of a fan of them because of the how the strings resonate. But for a solo piano piece here, I think it works really well. And really it is a very lovely piano sound you’ve got going on here.

[12] Clouds – Bruh, that bass and kick combo? Sick and groovy. The bass being broken like that is just so interesting. Then that bitcrushed arp? Gotta say I’m digging the textures going on here. The broken sounds in here are actually really interesting to the ear. It adds a ton of extra detail without really needing to think too much on that extra detail. It is just sort of inherent in there. I also do rather like the drums in this as well. Just the right balance of interesting and forward enough. Yeah, fun little tune here :)

[9] Memoires Neotron – Well, well, well, well. Legit hardware chiptune music. I do think this one sounds better overall. There is a certain “air” to it that the other doesn’t have. Smoother and more full. Likely, has to do a bit with the actual chips, but probably more to do with the analog stages in the actual MSX if I were betting man. Regardless, and enjoyable listen regardless.

[10] Sundrops – That kick and clap combo is just so interesting. Also, that snare is pretty solid. Okay, glitchy chords coming in. WHOA!!! Talk about a release there! Was not expecting that. Got some like glittering up in the top end. Really interesting soundscape here too. Then a classic in the electronic genres that super reverby piano. I ain’t complaining though, its always fun to hear it. I also really like that synth bell type sound drenched in reverb. All right, then a nice low end synth. Oooo, interesting take on the venerable high stringer except with what sounds like a triangle or sine synth. Then another super aggressive SFX sound to build to the end. The drums in these sections sort of remind me a bit of IDM...Really interesting take though.

Dec 31, 2023 bundeslang
  1. Annals of Neon (OutRun - Passing Breeze)
  2. The Beginning...
  3. Voyages

Here are my comments, in random order except for the top 3.

Xzpa - Fantastic building-up and sample use. Calm and quiet but also full of energy.

Sadorf - This really reminds me to your songs in the past, it's catchy and in a nice balance.

Yami - Catchy style. Enjoyed the calmer part in the middle with an energetic way to get back.

Evktalo - The start of something which can become amazing, cool set-up.

Unknown Pseudoartist - Wonderful built-up in this song with some calmer and more intensive parts.

TheVodouQueen - Much stuff in this one, very creative mix. 

Coloradoweeks - This one is different as most entries in this round, which is awesome because that's what PRC is about. Liked the vocals in combination with the stuff on the background.

JH Sounds - Nice feeling, the samples work great together.

BRKPNT - My Best PRC Entry - Good update, the drums are even better, especially in the part around 3:00.

Jorito - Memories - Both your entries are similar and different at the same time, the chip stuff is awesome. Liked the feeling of this song.

AlchemicJay - Sundrops - If ORC was still happening this would be an amazing entry. Good sampling.

Harlemheat360 - Fantastic combination of stuff, it's a sad song which fits the end of the contest.

Silverpool64 - Nice medley, the sources are working well together.

WassupThunder - Much energy in this song. Sounds very complete.

APZX - Very qualitive song, much is happening in it.

BRKPNT - AxLR Clouds - It's sort of different but in a nice way. Creative background stuff.

AlchemicJay - DJ Notte - Fun idea to submit this, I might check those old CD's I have with ORC and PRC songs from the past. Great stuff.

Hemophiliac - Liked the piano a lot, very qualitive.

Souperion - Great bunch of instruments, sounding very finished. 

Jorito - Memories Neotron - The dominating sample is amazing, but everything after it as well, making the song complete.

Treyt - Could be a song for a game level in the middle of the game, great work.

HoboKa - Catchy song, much is happening altough it gets repetitive after a while. Funny mash-up.

TheVideoGamer - The longest one, and it fits perfect as a farewell song. The vocals are timed perfectly for this song. 

Bundeslang - Thanks everyone for their submissions and effort in this compo over the last 20 years. To end the contest this way (over 100 minutes of music) is simply amazing.

Dec 31, 2023 Hemophiliac
  1. Suspended on Silver Wings
  2. Dance of the Mistwood (Into the Thick of It)
  3. Voyages

Jan 02, 2024 AlchemicJay
  1. Suspended on Silver Wings
  2. Farewell Song
  3. Echoes of Ancient Civilizations [Tales of Phantasia]
    Unknown Pseudoartist

1 - All around fantastic. Great arrangement, great playing, great singing, great production.

2 - The whole arrangement is pleasing. While it is 15 minutes long (!!), I enjoyed it the whole time. Production is great, and the melody/hook is simple but catchy. Very nice.

3 - I really like the vibe on this one. Great execution. Interesting ideas, good composition. Instruments aren't really blended together in the mix/master, but it is enjoyable.

Jan 08, 2024 Wassup Thunder
  1. Suspended on Silver Wings
  2. Reaching You
  3. SMRPG_Jazz Battle Mashup Remix!

This is mostly so I can give a brief comment on everyone's great work, seeing how the voting it kinda moot anyway. Been great to hear everyone's composition, PRC will always have a place in my memories.


I loved the delays on the glassy percussion lead, felt very coordinated with the drum line and the spacey background synths. Overall piece had a pleasant feeling of echoes that managed to not feel crowded or messy, instead sparkling and ethereal. Definitely see why it won in the past!


Brilliant vibrance and energetic, everything about this track is shimmering happiness. The lead is powerful but manages not to drown out anything, the composition flows nicely too. Gives the good vibes!

JH Sounds

I loved the source, so a very appreciated peice. Your style really shines through with the warm, bouncy arrangement. The bell synths especially felt nostalgic to the original. It's a delight to listen to.


There's a kind of lo-fi charm to the instrumentation that sounds quite stylish with the melody. Sort of energetic melancholy vibes at parts. Really cool to submit your first compo as a send off to PRC.


very stylish, The guitars and base made a wonderful foundation for your voice and the synth brass. A beautiful performance for a lovely song.


The instrumentation makes a lovely sense of whimsical mystery. Really invokes the sense of a magical forest with the delicate strings and woodwinds dancing above the drums.


It's incredibly on point with mario music themes, sounds like it'd fit right into a super mario game. The lively piano and brass sound fantasti with the vocal samples. Made me smile and chuckle the whole way through.


Very nice inspirations, definitely a nice neon 80s vibe. The brilliant energy of the beginning contrasted very nicely with the atmospheric ambience of the middle. Nice background sound samples in there, very ethereal. The return to the intro's energy was a very satisfying resolution with the somber touches.

Unknown Pseudoartist

Lovely collection of mechanical sounds, pitching synths, and distorted percussion to make a spooky intro. The driving rock parts feel representative of what the old civilization must have been cabable of before falling into ruin. Great combination of delicate and harsh elements. Side note, I like your thoughts on the legacy of PRC.


I remember that PRC round, good memories. This piece has a lovely cyclical nature with each run through of the original source adding and subtracting instruments before really building up for the finale. Very fun and spacey.


Lively and passionate synth piece. Love the space on the saw synth leads, and those popcorn bell synths make me incredibly nostalgic. The dancing piano arpeggios pleased me greatly. Very Nice.


A chippy medley of mario and sonic music? Feels like a major accomplishment for the remixing community! The consistent instrumentation helped the myriad sources blend together well, it was surprisingly cohesive for so many songs! A merry chiptune dance along an eclective set of stages, well done.


Props to you and Treyt for making a challenge out of this! A very nice little tracker cover, fitting to have some credits music in here!


This certainly fills my need for emotional jazz/swing over this end of a music composition chapter. Lovely feels through the whole thing.


Congrats on fulfilling your end of the challenge with Jorito XD. I love MH world, so this was quite nostalgic for me. Nice and chippy!


A little trancey, very dancey, quite lovely. All the synths play nicely together, and the piano middle break was gorgeous. Love the energy.


This MnP brings back memories. Very nice improvements too, beautiful blend of the sources. Combining asian strings and delicate synths with crunchier percussion and metallic vibes was very nice. Congrats to you and your collaborators, best of luck with the submission to OCR!


10/10, would squish giant bugs with this in my headset again!


Somber and beautiful. The delicate instrumentation has some great touches of life, very well done. The choral part pelased me greatly. Gentle and feeling.


The dynamics on this piece are quite nice, really captures the power of a piano solo piece. Makes an excellent journey of emotions intense and profound, nice work.

BRKPNT (Clouds)

Real fun synths at work, some of those squares give me chiptune vibes. The gating really captures an airy atmosphere (that sounds redundant now that I look at it, but I'm sticking with it). Very nice composition.

Jorito (Memoires Neotron)

It was cool listening to the differences of this one being the hardware cover. Sounded a little crisper in some ways. Cool twist!


Very nice original composition. Sparkly and poignant in some ways. As for when I started composing... Heck, it's been like five years since I started messing around on soundtrap, making multiple accounts with different emails... Bought FL a year or two later, and here I am. It's been a fun ride since.

Jan 10, 2024 HarlemHeat360
  1. Annals of Neon (OutRun - Passing Breeze)
  2. Voyages
  3. Farewell Song

Going to drop my feedback in the thread soon after the votes because so many entries but i want to say this is the hardest vote i've definitely had to make. incredible job everyone.

Jan 10, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. Memoires
  2. Suspended on Silver Wings
  3. Reaching You

Good god i have no idea how the hell i am gonna review 24 PRC tracks, and especially pick 3 for voting, there's just so many good entries here, but i have to start somewhere right? I don't even know who's going to win, because my god picking 24 entries is just insane. But i'll have to suck it up and just get on with it yes? This is officially my last ever PRC vote, so this will be a big one. From the top yes?

After much thinking (And believe me this took me quite some time (Writing and thinking, like a full 3 days of work lol), i think Jorito should get the win. From the top yes?

BRKPNT - Nice of you to remaster your winning entry. A lot of people who have signed on for the last round, i won't be familiar with, and this is the case. I do like the synths used here, it's very atmosphere, even though we are working to EDM specifications. The kickdrum in this is extremely tight and punchy, and the melody work is very strong. I do sense there is a bit of a repetition angle going on, as you are deliberately working to the confines of house and techno, however i don't take issue with that, it's actually pretty dope! Lots of really great synths in this. Really the only critique i have is the drum level and the instrument level don't really match. Maybe it's me, but i feel like the drums are a bit too centre stage in comparison to the rest. However this one is a bit of a minor nitpick. I do like the arrangement it's very tight! All in all this is one hell of a dance groove, i can definately see why this one won, because it's exceptionally solid! This one is definately worthy of a vote, even though i can only pick 3. Well done!

APZX - Aww thanks for the shoutout! I really like what you've done with this, the bassline is very juicy, and of a 80's style. Loving the synth work here, it's got a lot of that modern production values, whilst still keeping the 80's vibe alive. I love what you've done with the pad chords, it really makes it a bit adventurous in away. The rimshots just ooze that techno feel. I do dig the way it builds into the drop it's very tight. I will say and this is just me, i feel this is a bit on the compressed side. The whole thing feels like were being put through a juice press. I love the idea here, although the time signature of the original is being set against a backdrop of 4 on the floor. Maybe the original is 4/4 but with weird beats accented. I do find the risers to be quite a lot here, and some of the sounds are quite upfront, almost shrill quality (Again taste is personal). However on the opposite end of the spectrum, the amount of work that has gone to this is pretty awesome actually. I love how epic it sounds, i really feel like i am ready to tackle the day. Definately a strong entry from you, well done!

JH Sounds - Don't think i'm familiar with this one, but nonetheless it's nice to have you here. I do like the drums and chords in this, it's got a bit of a cute edge to the whole thing. The melody is catchy, and the drums are head-bopping. I think the drums whilst great, could perhaps benefit from a bit of variation in parts. Sure when the section changes the drums do, but i was thinking in terms of claps and snares, and other percussion. Taste is personal, so some might like it, but i think there is potential. As a track though, this is definately fire, the melody being played on that synth does make it catchy. All in all, this is some great stuff, well done!

AlchemicJay - I'm only 4 entries in, and i'm nowhere near halfway, this is definately harder than expecting lol. ORC is not a compo that i was expecting to make an appearance, but ok. Those are some high energy drums, reminds me of the Hard Trance genre. Now this is an original right? I do like the drums, i'm not sure if you remastered this or remixed it. I have a hutch this is just an old project being shared, which sure i'm ok with that, but it would have been nice to hear music you are making currently. I guess this is just me. I do like this track though, the melody is very top notch, has a slight 90's feel, and the strings (While artificial), do make it a bit eerie. The drums can be out of time in parts, and some parts are a bit too...intense. I mean the description you've written is kind of on the money, i do think there is a lot of mixing potential here, it definately sounds a little hard on the ears in parts. However though i do like a bit of history, and unlike the stuff i made when i started, this is miles better, because you actually knew what arranging was, instead of just looping bars nonstop. This is dope stuff, well done! 

Coloradoweeks - 6 minute Colorado? That might just be the longest entry you've ever made to date. There seems to be a few Final Fantasy remixes in this. I was not expecting a Linndrum sound, but i am all for it! I'm not sure the original contains vocals or not, i'll admit i don't know this source very well, but so far what i am hearing is awesome! The vocals are wonderful as always, especially the harmonisation, and the chords are super 80's! Love the fills to the chorus, that's definately satisfying. I also love the different chord changes in each section, it just screams professionally produced song. In terms of critique, there isn't really much, if anything barely any at all. I suppose you could tone some of the layers a bit, to make the vocals not on top of the instruments, but really i'm creating problems, because this is just seriously good, and for 6 minutes too! Even the solo is killer, which again i don't know enough of the original to make a point if there is even one or not. This was just wonderful stuff, so wonderful that after a very long thinking process, i picked this for the 2nd spot. Well done!

Souperion - I am familiar with this source, so were on my territory now lol. This is a sick orchestral arrangement. Loving those strings, feels very authentic. I don't think i've seen you in ages, so welcome back! This is a very nice ethnic sound, that goes great with the mysterious original. The track itself is great, the flute work is lovely, and the drums pack enough energy, without being obtrusive. Even the atmosphere is just there. In terms of critique i don't think i can really find much. I do think the cymbal rise is a bit overused, i feel like we don't need it every 8 bars. Some of the string parts are a tad bit quiet, so they become more of a background element than a major element. I do love the atmosphere in this though it's extremely tight! All in all this is a lovely arrangement, definately worthy of a vote, despite me only being allowed to pick 3, well done! 

Hoboka - Just about everyone is more or less here lol. This one is a mashup, and sounds very latin inspired. Loving those trumpets, and those drum fills. There seems to be some vocals in this, which is interesting, but they are blended with the trumpets, so i don't know if it's just apart of the sound. The whole thing is very fun, and the melodies are fire. I do think the transition to the 2nd one, was a bit too sudden, but i don't hate it at all. The vocals whilst very interesting, they feel robotic. Some sounds in this could benefit from a little humanisation in my opinion. I also find it unusual for it to transition from a lively happy track, straight into a dark one, but it's not a big one. Still though the track has some really cool moments in this, even though there is potential! I was expecting maybe one or two tracks in this, but you went and did an almost DJ mix in this. I feel like each part could stand out, you are kind of using the same instruments for each "track" so the results sound like one track, than essentially various tracks. However you do specify this as a mashup, so this is me being a bit nitpicky. Still though this was a ton of fun! I loved the trumpets and drums, very catchy stuff! Well done!

xzpa (2nd Entry?) - Wait is this you APZX? Did you do a 2nd entry? If so that's very dope. I'm also stoked about this one, as my very first PRC entry i'd ever submitted, was an Outrun remix, so this one is definately gonna be good! Loving the bassline in this, and the 80's synths. Sounds just as 80's as the original. The clap sound is very tight, and the kick work is also very punchy! It also adds a lot more atmosphere compared to the original, so it sounds like were in space on a road somewhere. The melody is very great in this, although i think there is one or two notes that might be off? Or am i missing something. I do think the bassline in this one is a bit...intense, resulting a bit of a bass-boost sound (It's very noticeable at the end for me). However the lead melody in this is actually pretty...wonderful. There is a long middle section that is very serene and beautiful, and honestly my favourite part of the whole composition. It definately feels like were in the ocean. The whole thing was just lovely stuff man, this could have definately been on the top 3 list (I can only pick 3), well done!

Unknown Pseudoartist - Not familiar with this source, but i do like the creepy elements in this. It definately feels like an intro or menu screen to a horror game. The piano is very eerie, and the drum work is very tight and varied. I do like the atmospheric synths in this, the whole thing just feels like Metal with a hint of spookiness, even though there isn't really a super strong emphasis on guitars. I mean there is guitars, but the way it's being presented here, it's basically a background element. If i were to critique this, i do think the guitars are a little hollow for my liking, when the guitar drops, it ends up not matching to the level of intensity of the synths and piano, but this is just me. I do like how we go through different levels of intensity. One minute it's very hard hitting, next it's very atmospheric. The level of sound design in this is pretty epic, i love it! Saying that i do think sometimes when i am still into the intense metal section, you do a 180 back into some Dark Ambience, which i feel is too soon. Despite that though, the whole thick is epic and sick, and i love the amount of work in this, the atmosphere is just awesome. Worthy of a vote, even though i can only pick 3, Well done!

Bundeslang - The last Bundeslang entry. Really liking those eerie strings, it feels like were in something cold and empty. The bassline is very great, although it is mostly keeping to a static dynamic. I do notice you add things gradually, largely based of the source. So we start with the melody, then the bass, then the arp. That is nice, but i feel we could further, and make something more dynamic. Maybe add some choirs, some counterpoint here. I like what i am hearing don't get me wrong, it's just feels like were moving from one thing to the next, with little room for any creative expansion. I have a weird feeling it's speeding up, and i don't know if that's me or you really did speed it up. I do love the sounds here, you really are going through some pretty cool synth patches. Because this is such a short source, there is going to be a lot of looping in this, and whilst i don't mind it, unless there is a noticeable change, it can result in it being a bit repetitive to some. Still though i do like what you've done here, the synth work is very fire! And you do manage to provide me with some really cool stuff throughout, so it was definately a lot of fun! Well done!

Sadorf - I do like the synths here, lots of really cool arps! Don't know the source here, but for all we know this could be an original. The piano work is super 90's i love it. The melody is a little shrill not gonna lie, but i do like the oldschool feel, i'm definately back in the club in the 90's raving my ass off. The vibe is pretty perfect, and the melody and chords are really great. Some of the sounds i would have swapped, because they're a little hard on the ears, and i would have done a bit more refinement to make the mix punch a bit more. Sometimes a bit of mild sidechain can go a long way, even for a 90's style. Still though it was a lot of fun, and i will give it points for nostalgia. This was a great vibe, well done!

Wassup Thunder - Ah yes i remember Freedom Planet well. That is one lovely string section, very funky despite it coming from a place from an Orchestra. I was not gonna be surprised with the Eurobeat stuff, it's your signature now for a long time. I will miss my regulars, even though we don't know each other in reality, i somehow felt a bit of a bond despite that. In terms of the track it's definately fire, i love the melody work, the guitar work (Despite it being more of a background thing), is also very tight, and the strings also work super well in this, which i didn't think it would! The hi-hats can get a bit loud in parts, but it's mostly when there is a drum fill. In terms of general critique, i don't think there is much to say, although i will say some melody parts seem to be a little off key wise, however i think that is the original composition talking, and not the remix. One could argue it is busy, and a break is needed, however this OST isn't known for being too calm (Hell it's modelled after Sonic the Hedgehog lol) All in all this was some seriously fire stuff! Amazing sounds, lots of lovely melody ideas. And definately a lot of fun, well done!

Silverpool64 - Ooh a mashup, i haven't seen you in ages man, so this should be interesting. Really liking the synths here, it's quite optimistic in some of the sounds. I do like how it isn't just one track to the next, but you take the signature parts of each one, and add it into a bit of a full on medley. I will say this can result in a fair bit of dissonance, because the bassline is mostly kept to one riff, whilst the melodies are going through in completely random directions. I'd also say some of the synths are a bit on the bass heavy side, so it can result in something a bit...boomy to a result. However the mashup in itself is very dope! I love the various ideas here, and the ending was quite satisfying. Definately a lot of fun, well done!

Jorito - Another original (Actually i forgot to read the desc properly, it seems like it's somewhat of an accidental cover of a classic SHUMP)! I feel like we were missing a few of these. I love how you've restricted yourself to mostly the chiptune soundfont, resulting in something completely 8-bit. The melodies are very fire, and the different slides used in this really give it a full on guitar solo effect. I just really like it when people go all out on chiptune, it makes the NES more capable than people think it is. In terms of critique i really couldn't find much here, if anything barely, this one is extremely strong! I mean more stronger drums if i were to be nitpicky, just because i feel the DPCM doesn't get used as much as i think it should. But despite that the melodies are awesome, and the whole thing is very catchy and i feel like it's a proper send off for PRC, as you say. It's just lovely stuff, so lovely that after a long thinking process, i chose you for the first place vote, well done!

Treyt - More chiptune! Nice of you to drop by mate, this is some lovely melodies in this piece. I do love the drum groves, and the cool third usage in this. Even if you hate tracker music, you make this track exceptionally well. I do think some of the note choices were not deliberate, so it results in this slight dissonance that is probably not what you were after, but you did use a tracker, so i'll give you a little bit of a pass on that one. It is a short piece, at only 1 minute and 13 seconds long, so i needed to relistening a few times to get the jist of it. Sure 1 minute pieces are prevalent in OHC all the time, but this compo is different, in that we have at least 2 weeks, so the time scale is a bit different. But to be fair i'm not biased against short pieces anyways, i just feel like this one is a bit of a loosely define chiptune, with less focus on a single recognisable melody so to speak. It's definately though a lot of fun, and i love how you went out of your comfort zone to make this. It's definately got a lot of catchiness to it, despite my small critiques. Great stuff, well done!

Yami - Ooh this is some oldschool trance stuff, i'm definately into it! Not familiar with the sources, but then again i don't play much of these types of games. However i do love the build-ups here, each section just flows super nicely. The drums are tight and punchy, and the different synths that plague my ears are also wonderful. It just feels like i'm in the rave back in the early 2000's. It's kind of bright and sparkly too, but i think this was also in the original source. In terms of critique there isn't a lot, but one thing that does stick out to me, is that i think this is a little too compressed for my liking. The drums are great, but i wouldn't complain if you went for harder hitting drums, trance could do with more that lol. The breakdown is awesome, the melodies translate so well to the synths it really got me hype! Tone down a bit of the compression (So it doesn't sound as brick walled. Sidechain is important for this piece don't get me wrong, it doesn't need to be too intense though). The rest of the stuff is lovely though, very catchy! Definately worthy of a vote (Despite me only being allowed to pick 3), well done!

TheVodouQueen - I remember this round very fondly, largely because i submitted the builder source, which still bangs to this day. I love the ethnic sounds in this, it definately feels like were in Japan, like were a Samurai or something. Nice to have some collaborators, it really brings the whole thing together. The melodies in this one are lovely, it definately just feels like were in some kind of badass movie. It has that lovely blend of electronic and cinematic, it's great, In terms of critique, there isn't really much, but i would probably dedicate more time to adding some more Rise of the Robots in there. I mean there is already the builder source in this, but it's mostly to me a background element, and not a major element of the track. The vocal work is lovely though, really adds that movie aesthetic. There were some moments that felt slightly thin, maybe i could have added one or two more percussive elements to make it pop more, however that one is quite a small nitpick. All in all this one a wonderful journey, that kind of told a story, and had a lovely array of East Asian styled sounds mixed with some really cool synth work, well done!

Evktalo - Another minute. I suppose not everyone has the capacity to make a full 5 minute piece, and that's ok. Not sure what this source is again, but it reminds me of Sonic 2006 for some reason. The synths are really great, it has that blend of cinematic strings, and chiptune like trance melodies. The 2nd half really goes to town on the melody, with some really cool pitch bends, and some nice modulations. Because it's a short one, it does make it more harder to review, because it ends abruptly, and the real meat in my opinion comes in at 30 seconds in. I also think it's a bit quiet for the waveform, i could have build it up, added some pad chords, some drums, and just go to town on the remix. It feels like a sketch as such (Hope your not offended by that). The arp and the melody also use the same synth, so it's not a huge section difference. But those chords are lovely, and the way you made the solo melody was actually pretty awesome. It's just a lovely track with lovely potential. Well done!

HarlemHeat360 - Emotional piano and strings. Again i'll concede i don't play much Final Fantasy, i grew up on mostly things like Sonic and the like. This is a very pretty piece, with a lovely soft piano, and a really beautiful string section. I do think there should be more emphasis on phrasing here. At the end of each melody, there isn't any slowdown or any release, it just jumps straight into the next melody without any precaution. The developments in the middle are wonderful though, that choir is so pretty! Maybe i am a sucker the melodic things who knows, but it was a lovely addition. I just love how beautiful it is. The strings could a little more humanised, mostly in articulations, not so much in the sound, but that's just me. This is just one lovely piece though, definately has that soft angelic emotional vibe. Really enjoyed it, in fact it was enough for me (After thinking for some time) to place you 3rd. Well done!

Hemophiliac - Alright last one of the main submission, before we move onto some 2nd entries. Looks like you also did a Final Fantasy piece, and i am hearing a very strong sounding piano. This is convincing enough that it could be a live performance. I don't know this piece well enough, but it has a lovely set of chords and melodies. Sometimes i do think you use a bit too much pedal, in cases where i wouldn't, and sometimes the dynamics feel quite sudden, but that might be deliberate of the piece, so it's a very minor one (Maybe even weird). Still though it's nice to hear a solo piano piece, especially one done so well, even if i don't agree with the pedal usage. This is just lovely stuff, well done!

BRKPNT (2nd Entry) - Some really thick basslines here, definately has that vibe of the first entry, but with a bit more emphasis on a electro type backing. So similar but not that similar. I do like the synth sounds, kind of unique and weird, i thought of French House but then you bring in the arps, so not really the same. I have to say, and i understand taste is personal, and i still love this, but i think i prefer your first entry. In this one, the synths don't seem as unified, and can sometimes lean to hard on the effects, so instead of it being chords and melody, it's more like a clustered of synths, which results in me being less able to understand the melody as such, if you get me. The sidechain is tight in this, and that melody is very fire, even if i wouldn't really go for that synth. The track is quite catchy though, i do like the different ways to boost the groove, even if it's just as simple as adding a hi-hat. I do feel by the end i've heard everything, so you kind of finds ways to hold out for an additional minute (Although i say that kind of hypocritically as i made a 15 minute piece, that has a bit of copying and pasting lol). All ramblings aside, i love this, it definately feels like a lot of TLC was put into this. The groove is wonderful, the arrangement is great, whole thing was catchy, well done!

Jorito (2nd Entry) - More chiptunes! It's what VGM is all about right? I do love the smooth vibes of this, kind of going Bill Withers on us. That kick and snare just reminds me of the Sega Genesis. The melody is a little tinny for my liking, but the glides really make a wonderful addition to the melody. The arps are a bit nonstop, but i understand what you are going for. There is a lot of cool time signature changes here, and i do like some of the chords here! Wait, i recognise this, hang on this is just a different arrangement of what you've submitted earlier, that's why i was a little confused! Truthfully i prefer your first entry, it has a bit more of an emotional weight to it, where as this is a bit more focused on the groove. The track itself is also great, but i just feel like the melodies are more refined in your first entry. However i cannot deny this was a ton of fun, and i do admire the work put into this it was great, well done!

AlchemicJay (2nd Entry) - Alright, last one of the compo. I am beyond pooped from reviewing all of these lol. I had to do like 8 at a time, otherwise i'd be burned out, especially for PRC, where i end up with a few things to say, based on how much time you get, and the professional quality of some of you guys. Anyways onto the last entry. I do like the drums in this, it reminds me of trap, even though it's not. It is kind of emulating an 808. I do love the tremolo effect on the filtering synths. So this one is a bit on the recent side from 2019. I do like the swell synths, and the cool mallet sounds in the back, it's half chill and half energetic. Some of the crash cymbals are a bit too loud for my liking, but i do like a lot of the sus chords in this, it really takes the melodies in a lot of places i wouldn't think it would be going. It's definately a laidback piece. I could have gone for a stronger kick, but that's just based on how intense the piano and bassline is in this piece. It's a pretty great piece though all things considered, i really like the transition to the end, although the cymbal was loud in that part. Still though, whole thing was lovely, lots of lovely synths, and above all it's just quite catchy, well done!

And that's all of them, thanks everyone for a wonderful PRC, hopefully i might see some of you in the future, if not then thanks for everything. I'm not gonna spam this with more text, it's already massive enough as it is, and i already wrote some of this in my entry notes, and on the OCR website. Thanks all and here's to the future! Peace!

Jan 10, 2024 TheVodouQueen
  1. Suspended on Silver Wings
  2. Dance of the Mistwood (Into the Thick of It)
  3. Annals of Neon (OutRun - Passing Breeze)

Because this is the last PRC...gonna have nothing but positives to say for everyone's work (no critiques on my part, this time). All of you should be proud of what you've done here, just giving this compo the lovely, wonderful send-off it deserves! I personally am reluctant / don't like having to pick my Top 3 on vote because of it being the last one, however I guess it's in the spirit of it all. But I *will* say that I appreciate and enjoyed everyone's stuff in equal measure. :)

PRC will be missed, for sure... I had learned a lot in my short-time participating in both this and MnP... ♥


1.) BRKPNT - "Vecanti (Super Valis IV)":

Absolutely love the deep-synth used for your lead melody. Very moody, and paired with the thumping bass kick, leads to some fantastic feels to get up and move!

Drum groove is on point, yet simple; love the piano-like build-up. Went out of my way to find the source material for this remix, and I must say the interpretation of it and creativeness in changing it to this Italio dance beat is unique and I really did not expect the source to be so different from what you did with it.

Very well-produced, both with the mixing and mastering!

2.) APZX - "Departing for the Unknown":

Ah, I recognized the source material, "Flight" from Terranigma almost off the bat! As usual, your stylings are a delight to hear and enjoy, AP. :) Love this take on it, and the beginning build-up was ace.

Wow, the bendy synth for your main melody is so playful. Cannot put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it feels like something that would be played at a carnival funhouse, almost. Despite the dance groove you've employed, this feels more like an adventurous trip than anything, so very reflective of the title given. :D

Was a lil' disappointed with the fade-out ending, but this was a jam. Thank you for sharing it with us.

3.) JH Sounds - "Sly Land":

Man, another gem I remember from Tales of Symphonia. Lovely, bubbly synths! Kind of makes me feel like I'm supposed to be floating on clouds, and has a very Kirby 64-feel to the sound design. I dig it.

It *feels* more straight-laced, with no real genre-hook or definition, but this just goes to show not every original song or remix needs that. Thoroughly enjoying this village vibe.

That acoustic guitar towards the end was like a chef's kiss. Great job!

4.) AlchemicJay - "A Past Rekindled":

The timing between your instruments is so wild!--makes me wonder if that was intentional. If it was, props! I am not familiar with the song and can't pinpoint the source, but it feels like it was meant for something crazy and chaotic...maybe a level theme or a boss theme???

The bell-synth has a lovely tone to it, a bit loud, but the actual sound itself is nice. :D Good choice there!

The weird Chinese organ...thing...was honestly the most interesting thing about this entire song. I dunno why, but it reminded me of some of the levels in the SoulBlazer series of games, and ActRaiser. Just had that goofy SNES-feel that's kind of nostalgic in its own right. Good stuff!

* 5.) ColoradoWeeks - "Suspended on Silver Wings":

Wow...this is actually really good. An unexpected switch-up on the original genre, from one of the songs actually sung by the Gullwings / Yuna in the game! (Unfortunately, had to look it up because albeit I own X-2 on the PS2, I never could get into it or I never had the chance to experience either game properly.) But the real late-80s / early-90s feel a la girl groups like TLC and Bananarama is *so good*. And as usual, your voice gives it life. :) It's very Sade Adu...and she's one of my favorite female singing artists of all time.

This feels so authentic to the inspirations it clearly takes from, and I'm honestly finding it difficult to have the correct words to express how good it is. Just another priceless gem amongst these diamonds giving PRC a beautiful send-off.

It's beautiful--all I can say to it! Thanks so much for sharing it, and I'm glad you've still got your groove, girl! :D Impressive--as always. ♥ (PSST--sub this bad boy to OCR...)

* 6.) Souperion - "Dance of the Mistwood (Into the Thick of It)": and mysticism in tone... I am very, very glad and happy you've kept going and expanding on your craft, Soup, and after such a long time of not hearing your work outside of the Christmas albums...I can instantly tell you've just gotten better and better, like an aged fine wine. Source is also so beautiful and recognizable, and instills fond memories of me playing Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana back when I was a kid.

I love every bit of instrumentation here. As usual, you put so much thought and loving detail all throughout whatever you remix...and it's always been an inspiration to me with my own work. I know you've said in the past that you and your brother were always kind of afraid and unsure to submit your work to OCR to get posted, but...believe me when I say I think you're both there, and have been there already for years now...

Definitely encourage you to try and submit this, but only if you feel like it. Many others should get to hear this one, be it via YouTube or Spotify or SoundCloud--what have you. It's lush, it's real, and it's a keeper. Thank you for sharing this. Again, so happy to once again get to hear your work. ♥

7.) HoboKa - "SMRPG Jazz Battle Mashup!":

HAHA...! Hobo, you never cease to amaze me!!! Always loved the goofy AF battle themes of SMRPG, and this is such a great way to send-off both PRC and do something for the re-release of such a wonderful, treasured game (that REALLY deserved a re-release / upgrade!) Like Soup, really glad to hear you're still kicking around, and expanding on your repertoire of skills and arrangement techniques. :D Still has your lovely, wacky style, and the real samba jazz bend to these sources works *SO WELL*... Jesus.... xD

Enjoyed this one from start to finish... I know we don't talk to each other anymore, but I just want to say I'm proud of you. From where you were when we first met and you pulled me into the compo crowd at OCR and NewGrounds, till now--you've made exceptional leaps and bounds in your work ethic and ability to make some pretty banging remixes, and you even finally proved to yourself you *CAN* submit something to the big Js and get a post or two or three in!

TL;DR--I feel ya when you say you, "haven't really felt like [you] fit in at OCR"...half the time, I don't either. But with all your past struggles in those regards, you've stepped beyond them and achieved a lot. This remix proves that. :3 This was a refreshing take on a lot of great sources, and I loved it. Thank you for sharing. Hope to see you around the block, sometime. :)

* 8.) XZPA - "Annals of Neon":

This is right up my alley; the 80s synths, the wide drums, with still that sort of 16/32-bit design and vibe. This truly sounds like it's a straight upgrade from OutRun's original "Passing Breeze", but with so much more presence and such an intricate eye to the details...

That interlude with the nature sounds and rain and city noises like children laughing? Bliss--purely and simply. The fact its evoking feelings of actually driving through the city streets, enjoying the beachfront views and neon lights on your way to the finish line... Not gonna lie, makes me jealous, but in a good way! And the fact that change-up in and out of that slow-down section was seamless? Even better.

Yeah, it'll sound like a 1:1 cover to a lot of people, because of how close to the cuff this remix is to the original source...but I'd venture and dare to say that it's a remix in its own right. It's the polish and detailing. I am a huge fan and lover of that kind of thing, where it isn't *JUST* about the subject material used, but *HOW* it's used...and what in and around that makes me substantially different from its roots. The ambiance and flow doesn't disrupt the memory and feel of OutRun, but at the same time, brings such a color and vibrancy (as you say) to what we've already got and recognize. And I appreciate that, wholeheartedly. :)

9.) Unknown Pseudoartist - "Echoes of Ancient Civilizations":

Whoa...was not expecting heavy metal drums with double-pedals and hardcore grunge guitar!!! Neat! I remember this one from Tales of Phantasia, and what you've done with it here is a very unique twist I wasn't expecting, but was fucking awesome! It kind of reminds me of some other remixes I've heard from FFVI, particularly for the "Magitek Lab" and "Floating Continent", and some for Chrono Trigger's "Ruined World - 2300 AD", that goes and takes us on such a wild, creepy, eerie...headbanging metal-filled ride.

And I'm loving it.

What sells me the most is less the metal, and more the chords and sounds behind it. Really makes you feel like you've stepped into a world completely foreign and strange and out of your element, yet somehow familiar all the same. I believe this is the first time I've ever heard your work, but this was da' bomb. Thanks for sharing! :D (P.S.: also enjoyed reading your insert. Very philosophical and thought-provoking. :) ) I wish you the best of luck in your future music endeavors, and I hope someday you find that audience who understands and appreciate your talents, ideas and hard work.

10.) Bundeslang - "I Will Return":

Haha, I remember the Godzilla "Saturn" (NES) round! There's some irony to be had in the title... Will defo miss the compo, big man, and I don't think any one of us can stress enough how much of a life-changer it's been to participate in them, and admiration of your dedication with keeping it alive for 20+ years.

This is pretty 1:1 to the source material and feels like a (pretty damned cool) upgrade to the original, with some fresh and funky synths. I do like the additions to it, like that low-tone arp that starts playing around in the background at about the midpoint, acting as an addition to the countermelody. I also like how it gets more and more active and turning almost into a dance tribute by the 3/4 - end of the song. The full disco vibe is cool! Very experimental, and almost like a flower bud blooming over the course of the song. Love the ending.

My hope is that rather than "returning", you'll stick around. ;) You do need a much needed break, and I think this is as good a time as any to move beyond the past, but to think back on it fondly. Thank you, again, for all the years you've been hosting PRC. I know I've only been around the sphere for a short-time, but I'm sure for others it feels like an eternity. A good one, at that. I've learned a lot from these compos, and I'm glad for them. Cheers, and here's to another 20+ years of banging remixes and good health. :)

11.) Sadorf - "The Beginning. . .":

Instantly recognize this one--loved Top Gear on the SNES! Like the OutRun remix, this is just chalk full of nostalgia, and I am loving both the synth runs and the piano chords. Very plucky, very fun, and the additions you made to it doesn't make it feel like a cover to me. Sure, it's pretty 1:1, but you've done some real funky stuff to the melody and harmony, and it's got me grooving.

Again, don't think I've heard of your work before this, but this fucking rocks. It's got that Eurobeat undertone and drive, with plenty of Eurodance love. And the drum and percs are perfect. Simple, but perfect. :)

Not much more to be said--this is solid, and very fun! (Honestly, tempted to download this bad boy because it'd be fun to have on in the place of songs in an actual racing game!) I'm glad I got to listen to this; you've captured the feel of the source and the game to a T. Thanks so much for sharing, and happy PRC send-off! :D

12.) Wassup Thunder - "Aileron Cat Captain":

Hello again, old friend! I am glad you and Soup and TVG are still hanging around. ♥ And like Soup, glad that you still have your style intact, but obviously, more refined and crazy than before! I never got to play the Freedom Planet games, but I can tell you have a love and passion for them, since it got you into wanting to remix in the first place, so I am glad in a way this swansong moment has allowed you to go back and explore your roots and do some mad shit with them! :D

Playful and colorful, I'm loving the synths on this one. As usual, your selection and palette of synths is astounding! They definitely stand out to me more in this remix than the drums and driving bass, and that chugging guitar is like the icing on the cake. You were always real inventive with how you utilized Rock elements in your remixes, even if they were more traditional like this, or of a Eurobeat-style, and it's always been cool and admirable.

I can also tell you were just having big fun with this one, so props to that whilst making quite a banger along the way! Like the others I had gotten to meet and hang out with in compo, I hope I'll get to chat and see ya'll around, and that the end of PRC isn't the end of the friendships made along the way. :)

13.) Silverpool64 - "Petal Overworld Buoy Fortress Acropolis Ruin Zone":

That' hell of a name, LOL! Loving the chiptune vibe! Kind of ends a bit abruptly, but I appreciate all the sources you've seamlessly interwoven into each other, (well done, there!)

This definitely felt way more like a vibe than anything, but it was a really fun listen! Most of the sources I recognized, which was interesting, and this kept my focus and interest throughout!

Cute and a chilled experience, I appreciate it! Thanks for sharing! :D

14.) Jorito - "Memoires":

More chiptune goodness. ♥ Actually another one I had to go off and listen to the source of, but this NES soundchip version of yours is very nostalgic, in a sense--and enjoyable, simply because of the difference in soundfont. Glad you and Trey had some fun in the lil' Tracker Battle shenanigans, and some cool shit came out for it, in the end. :)

Feels very proper for the send-off of what's essentially two decades in the making. I can almost envision that sort of...riding off into the sunset, with some in-game dialogue telling you your kill score and completion time, and the eponymous "Thanks for Playing!" or "Congratulations! / Well Done!" afterwards. I appreciate this for what it is, as well as a fun exercise to just do.

Hope the fond memories of PRC treat you well, and good luck in your endeavors.

15.) TheVideoGamer - "Farewell Song":

Hey, buddy! :) Kind of writing this in the midst of just...vibing out and enjoying what you've done here, in a way I think it's sort of...*meant* to be enjoyed. As a relaxing experience to out to, and be you. And in saying that, this remix is VERY *you*, in all the positive and loving extensions of saying that. :D

I don't think the piece needs an explanation or deep-dive out of me--it speaks for itself, loud and clearly, and I think some of the irony is, out of *all* the 'farewell'-dedicated remixes and songs I've listened to (up to this point, as I'm writing these up in order), this I think is the most...accurate, in its rawest felt form, (and yes, I listened to all 15 or so minutes of this! Was never bored, and I can feel the love and care put into this.)

Like I've said for others, I hope that the end of PRC (and by extension, MnP) isn't the end for YOU, and I see you around. I very much miss shooting the breeze with many of you that I met in my short time being involved in the OCR compo scene, and I'd hope this wouldn't result in being the last. I, too, wish you a fond 'farewell', if even only in this moment and (hopefully) not forever. Hope life has been treating you well, and I know the loss of MnP has been great on you, Bund and Hobo, but I want to say, "thank you". Not only because it helped to direct me to honing my skills in making music, but because you all were such a positive influence, and very caring and always trying to inspire us.

So...thank you... I hope to see you all again, soon. :)

16.) Treyt - "Monster Hunter World End Credits Theme (...but on a NES Cartridge)":

LOL @ that title.

Love Monster Hunter World. ♥

Sorry you hate Trackers. xD

Glad it was educational, (it's also a cool listen). :)

17.) Yami - "Voyages":

Fucking *love* Chrono Cross and both versions of "Voyage". :D Gonna be frank--this kind of blew me away. I DEFO was NOT expecting "Voyage" to sock me square in the fucking jaw with such awesomeness. D: You've always amazed me with your EDM tracks, (think I mentioned it before during GSM1!) And, although I've heard plenty of Electronica takes on many a Chrono Trigger & Cross source, I'd have to say this is one of the prettiest I've heard, bar none.

Yeah, it's more on the 1:1 / simple-side, so nothing too out there and extravagant (and the style is very standardized 2000s Trance), but damn...I'd be lying if I said I *wasn't* bobbing my head and shoulders while writing this up! Lovely source, awesome fucking take on it. You have my props and respect, good sir.

I very much hope you can dance past your writer's block sooner rather than later. Your work has always been fab, and you should keep at it! Remember what we said to you during GSM1. ;) Good luck out there! ♥

18.) Evktalo / Eino Keskitalo - "Music To Squish Bugs By":

Man... Well, shit. :( Guess I gotta go squish bugs, now. :P xD

I've got a few friends heavily into Earth Defense Force, seems like a very fun game to play! I know this is a WIP, and as such, it's pretty short, but I love the synth & melody, and the sort of marching beat / horns in behind the very chiptune-y leads. It makes for a nice contrast, and keeps my attention. Love the synth pitch bends.

Hope you continue to work on it! This sounds very promising. :D

19.) HarlemHeat360 / H36T - "Reaching You":

Haha, as usual, your remixes are very pretty! ^_^ Recognized the source off the bat, and it's a very heartwarming, yet simultaneously forlorn and melancholic song. Right smack dab in the middle of your wheelhouse, and it shows! I've heard some of your stuff on your YT channel, and I think this one definitely has a shot to maybe sub to OCR.

Love the vox choir. :3 It adds an extra layer to the song and piano that fits so well.

Want to take the time and opportunity here to say thank you for tagging me on the Final PRC thread in the forums, and calling this to my attention. It feels good to be back, even briefly, and I'm glad to see so many familiar faces here, at that. :) Wish you luck with your PC issues (I saw they got fixed for the most part!) and hope your holidays were good. ♥

20.) Hemophiliac - "Avenger of Doma":

Love "Cyan's Theme". ♥ It's actually one of my favorite songs from FFVI. It describes a man and his trials and tribulations in so many ways, and so much more than actual dialogue does, and the game was always good for doing that with every single character and their own themes. :D

Never heard a pure piano version of this, but it's so...flowy, and emotive. I think, in the short span of time you had to do it, you very much did a good job to encapsulate the breadth of characterization that is Cyan Garamonde. Every time I hear this song, for some reason, it makes me feel like I want to cry. I guess that just shows how much weight and depth it carries...

I am glad I got to hear this, and I very much did enjoy it. Your piano takes on songs and sources has always been a thrill and a treat to listen to, and this one is no different. :) See ya around.

21.) BRKPNT - "Clouds" AKA: "Forgot My Phone on the Clouds (VIP)":

...I think I can hear mine ringing in Heaven right now... xD

I do love the synth melody that kind of sounds like those old Nokia ringtones of the before-fore times, haha...and it does have the feeling of being unnaturally...*elevated* in some way. Plucky, with lots of ear-candy--I like it. :D

If this is any indication of your other work, I'd thoroughly enjoy it on my Spotify. ♥ Gonna defo keep you in mind, and if that Anniversary edition of your EP gets released on there, I'll be sure to swoop it up and add it to my collection. :) Good luck with your career! Your future sounds bright! ;)

22.) Jorito - "Memoires Neotron":

When Chiptune gets cranked to 11. xD

I can hear the granular shifts and changes in bit quality, etc...compared to your original take, so it makes this even *more* authentic because of being ran through actual hardware. Sadly, I don't have a lot of skills or knowledge when it comes to Trackers and actual programming music into the cartridge hardware of old school games, but I always appreciate hearing it from people who do!

Still a fun listen. :) And indeed, onto new adventures!

23.) AlchemicJay - "Sundrops":

Always amazing when the title of a song kind of weirdly accurately reflects the feeling you get when you listen to it... Appreciating these latter songs being originals, rather than remixes to something. ♥ Your synths are very expressive, and for some reason that low-end bass-like 'weoum' sound just feels nice to hear. Unsure why. xD

Like I said to BRKPNT, if this is reflective of your work as a whole, would not mind at all adding it to my Spotify or something, if that's an available option. Thoroughly enjoyed this one from you (way more than "A Past Rekindled"!)

Keep up the great work! Hope to hear more of yours (and BRKPNT's) in the future! :D