Advance Wars: Dual Strike (NDS) (PRC466)

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Jun 05, 2023 APZX
  1. Singularity
  2. Hachitronica
  3. And He's Here
    JH Sounds

And He's Here - I see what you did with the title. I absolutely love the lead on this. The drums are tasteful, and the overall presentation is quite pleasant. Now, for some quick game knowledge, Andy is kind of the general all arounder. He isn't amazing at anything in particular and his big thing is to heal his units and give them some buffs.

Singularity - Ooooh a bit grungy on the intro, and into some better sounding drums. Dat Bass. Almost reminds of the Delay Lama them vowels. I actually really like this one. And of all the themes in this game, this was not one I was expecting to hear. In a bit of an odd way this sorta reminds me a bit of Red Alert 2.

Hachitronica - Hachi is kinda broken in the game, but this rendition isn't. Its a lovely & pretty take on it, and really encapsulates the light hearted nature of the theme. I also really like how the when the drums come in, as dweeby as they are they just accentuate the light heartedness of everything and just drive the swing of the track along. It is almost like being at the beach one day and just chilling.

Jun 05, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. Hachitronica
  2. Singularity
  3. [BONUS DO NOT VOTE FOR] The Bolt Cometh

I voted for the bonus entry cuz I don't wanna vote for me.