Ape Escape 3 - The Big City (PRC454)

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Oct 01, 2022 APZX
  1. Technape Circuit

Techanpe Circuit - For hastily thrown together this is a pretty solid thing. Sure it could've had a more robust low end and more impactful drums. To be honest though? The sound stylings and choices here remind more of Crash Bandicoot than Mario. Fun overall though!

8 Minute of Me Going Ape (BONUS DO NOT VOTE) - Real monkey samples, eh? All right. Not the biggest fan of the distortion going on with some of the peaks, but whatever. Though I am definitely into the Jungley/DnB drums that kind of surge in & out of existence. I also really like that lead sound you've got. Kind of saxophoney, but not 100%.

Oct 03, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Metropolis Stroll
  2. Technape Circuit

After thinking long and hard, i think APZX should get the win. I mean i'm only voting on 2 entries lol.

APZX - More of that thick synth bass, that's similar to your Hide n Seek Forest entry. Really loving the cool brass synths in this, and the dynamic filters that you've included in it. I love the new synth additions as well, really makes it more vibrant than the original, as the original is just brass mostly. The main lead synth, is not my cup of tea, it can make it a big muddy, and blur out some of the mix, but it's not frequent, so that's good. I like the drum changes in this, and some of the new synth ideas to make it more atmospheric in parts. Mix is great, nothing wrong there. Ending is a bit fast, but i can see why you choose to do that. It's nice, but i feel it works better at half time. Still though, with all that being said, the whole thing is a unique idea, with lots of funky moments. Well done!

Souperion - Shame you didn't get to work on this fully. I know how difficult things are in life, what with being busy. I love the idea in this one, the synths are really cool and juicy. It's like a mix of lead synths and brass. The mix is incomplete by my senses, it can be a little powering the melodies, so much so the drums are overtaken. I feel like if you had more time on this, you could refine some of the synth choices a bit, and also maybe refine the bassline a little, to add a bit of low end to the party. It's a lovely idea for sure, even if incomplete and unmixed, and i had a lot of fun, so don't be discouraged. Well done!