Terranigma - Dolucky no Puzzle (PRC443)


Source 1: Game: Dolucky no Puzzle Tour '94 (Super Famicom) - Final Battle

Source 2: Terranigma (SNES) - Flight

Source 1:

I'm feeling some Dance Music this time.

This is Dolucky no Puzzle Tour '94, which is a hybrid between Puzzle Bobble and Columns. It's also been compared to Tetris, but that's probably because they all have the same format/idea. In this case, you have to have 5 matching blocks for the blocks to disappear. The grey blocks can only be removed, if they are next to 5 coloured ones, and they will vanish alongside the grey blocks. If any blocks reach the bottom of the screen, it's game over. It doesn't matter where you place the blocks, they just have to be next to each other. As you progress in each level, it gets faster and harder, as do with any Puzzle Games. Admittedly i've not played this, but then again not many might, as it's a Japan Exclusive. I haven't even heard of the Soundtrack either, until fairly recently. It was one tune that stuck out, which made me submit this source. That's the Final Battle music. I mean i listen to rave music, especially VGM tunes in that style, and i will say this is the first i know off, that features a fully looping breakbeat. It's even perfectly in sync, and it's a pretty good break (Even with it's Lo-Fi sample rate). But it's not the break that draws me in (Although it plays a part), but rather the composition itself. I kept on listening to it even when it was over, because it's such a good tune. It's very groovy, and surprisingly well produced, for a 2 minute piece. It's also the only rave tune in the game, as the rest of the soundtrack is Primarily Funk Rock and Jazz Fusion, which i kind of find amusing, as it's a complete 180 from the rest of the soundtrack.

I should also mention, Dolucky is the name of the mascot for the games company Zoom Inc (Not not the infamous video company, we all used during COVID), and was featured in plenty of other games, such as a soccer styled game and a baseball game. The last game they've made is from 2010, however no information has arisen to whether they are still active or not, but they do have a good library of games, so they are prolific in that regard. There's nothing else to really say, because this game is a more obscure one, and only me has learnt of the OST recently, and felt it was too good not to remix. Hope you do this one justice!"


Game: Dolucky no Puzzle Tour '94 (Super Famicom)

Source: Final Battle

So here's the video:

And here's my own custom MIDI: 


Source 2:

"So, I've tried a remix of this track before and just did not get the results I wanted. Maybe this will get me in gear and actually do a full on remix of this track. Anyways, the game has appeared twice before on PRC and several times on OCR. The game is none other than Terranigma and the track is Flight.


And the MIDI for ease of remixing







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