Selling My PRC Track (TheVideoGamer)

posted in PRC460 on Jan 28, 2023


I didn't want to not do the Tyrian tune, because it sounds pretty great. Kind of spooky and ominous. However i didn't end up getting the time to do a proper remix for this, because one i'm busy, and two i needed to find the right idea for it. As with a lot of things, it was basically i had no time. This track just takes the 30 seconds (Pretty short tune now that i look back), and builds up on it with new additions, including some synth string chords, a melody on a lead synth, a bassline and a techno drum beat. It's nothing too fancy, it is a little something, just so Hleet doesn't feel left out, and i can at least say i had a go with the Tyrian tune. All in all, hope you enjoy!



I've literally never heard this track, until extremely recently. It was a tune, that immediately hit me on first listen, and i knew then it had to be submitted as a PRC source. Nobody's remixed it, nobody's probably even heard of it, but man it goes hard. Yeah i do love my rave music, but this was something different, especially since it's the first i know off, that consists of a fully looping breakbeat. Breakbeats in video games, often end up not in sync, because of RAM issues and the like, so the fact that this loops perfectly in sync, got my attention. Yes the sample rate is low, like all SNES games, but i feel the lo-fi nature combined with the rich acid stuff, is rife for creativity. And that's what i did. For the remix, i channelled my inner 1992 Warehouse Rave experiences, and made a remix that would be fitting for the modern day club, and the 90's club. I also just wanted to wild really lol. I didn't put a huge amount of effort into it, because i wanted to have a go at the other one, which was also really good! I couldn't do just this one, nor could they work as both. So i ended up separating them into a bonus, and a remix. Like the original, the biggest emphasis is on the main synth riff, the 303 riff's and the breakbeat, which forms most of the tune. It's not a complex remix, and it does use more loop based ideas, however i was having a lot of fun, especially knowing this is a bonus, and it won't likely be voted on. Anyways, i've talked too much, enjoy!

How Good Are Your Ears

posted in OHC700 on Mar 10, 2022

I've hidden a famous melody inside an original composition. How well do you know it? As a reminder, you only need to win one of these challenges to claim your prize!