Batman - Psycho Section (PRC470)


Source: The Adventures of Batman And Robin (GEN) - Psycho Section

"So apparently you are allowed to reuse old sources for PRC, provided it wasn't used last year or this year. Well the source i think i might resend is the Batman one that was used for PRC394 of the 2019 season. Largely because there's only 1 remix and a bonus. (That bonus belonging to me. In my opinion i think i can do a better job of remixing that source for another bonus), nor is there any major remixes out on YouTube (None on OCR. Aside from the odd 8-bit remix, i don't think there is any remixes on YouTube either.), so i still think we should get this one a second chance, to encourage more remixes for it, especially since there isn't really any. If this is not allowed, let me know, i was just going by the new updated rules listed on the Gaires round page. 

The Game is called The Adventures of Batman and Robin and the track name is Psycho Section. This plays during the second half of the Mad Hatter stage, right after a mini boss fight with a animatronic cat. A lot of what i talked about in my original message, isn't the best description of why the soundtrack rocks, because i kept making comparisons to repetition, which's not. Looped based music, doesn't always equate to being repetitive. So i feel i need to do a new description.

The game was released in 1995, and is obviously based of the DC character and was composed by Jesper Kyd, during when he was working as a in-house composer for Zyrinx, a Danish Video Game company (This game however, was developed by Clockwork Tortoise). Unfortunately the company went bust in 1998 after their publishers had signed into liquidation, leaving Jesper Kyd to move to America. This is the Jesper Kyd people are familiar with, when he got contracted for 2 series - Hitman and Assassins Creed. This game (The Batman one) wasn't necessarily supposed to be a massive hit game based of the hit series. Or at least i don't think that it was. Instead it seems to be a focus to showcase the technical capabilities of the Sega Genesis. A lot of games were focused on making it or good. In this case the game was about showing what the system can do. Maybe you guys might not agree, but i think this is the case. The reason i say this is because the game is quite difficult. To some it's considered the hardest game on the Genesis. and the cartoony nature of the original series is not showcased in this at all (At least it's not as vibrant as the SNES one). However what they might not bring in terms of gameplay and overall graphics they make up for it in 2 departments. 3d visuals, and of course, the music.

The 3d visuals are quite spectacular and impressive for the time. Of course it's not real 3D, but they have used their magic to do a really close approximation to 3D, so some of the levels are really awesome in the sort of motion capture. 

And the music, well that's what were here for right? I know i waffle a lot, so i'll try and keep this brief. It's arguably the best Genesis soundtrack of all time, right up there with the likes of SOR, Sonic, Thunder Force etc. It's like a full on EBM, Industrial Techno feast for your ears. In this case, lots of thicc FM kicks, varying syncopated rhythms in both percussion and basslines. A very rock inspired lead melody, that is both simple and well executed, and a lot of different switches to keep us on our toes (The panning in this one is pretty insane. Jesper was known for his extreme love for the panning in these pieces) The 2nd half is a full climatic section featuring a synth riff that is nonstop, charging at full force. This is where it gets very looped based, but it's very satisfying. Especially when it goes through a build-up back to the catchy hook. The ending is a loud crash made up of different FM layers. It's deliberate, and not a problem with the OST. Your taste of music, may affect how you like this piece, but you must at least agree it's a pretty cool one nonetheless (I personally think it's awesome)

Hope people do this one justice, so we have enough remixes. Hopefully it might have a better turnout than the last round. Looking forward to seeing what you've done.

Game: The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Sega Genesis)

Source: Psycho Section

And course the MIDI. I ended up reusing the MIDI from last time, because i think it sounds good enough, that i don't need to redo it:"


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