Melty Blood + Mega Man Zero 4 (PRC439)


Source 1: Melty Blood - Blood Drain (PC)

Source 2: Mega Man Zero 4 - Straight Ahead (GBA)

Source 1: Wassup Thunder

I've never actually played the game this song comes from, but my source is Blood Drain from Melty Blood. This is most amusing, because I'm not really into Japanese Anime or similar styled games, but I sure can appreciate impressive music where I find it! I learned about this song when someone asked me to remix the tune for a project of theirs, and I got captivated by the beautiful composition, it's got an impressive blend of intensity, elegance, and a playful tinge. I'm certain everyone will find something inspiring to play with in this! Also, the song features vocals on the melody, but the midi translates the vocal line pretty well, so unless studionimbus wants to amaze us again with his Japanese 😁, it should be easily put to an instrumental!

Source 2: Souperion

"Straight Ahead" accompanies a mad dash to the control room of an orbital superweapon aiming at the last bastion of humanity. I wasn't too fond of the soundfont of Mega Man Zero 4, but it had a few great pieces like this one. Have at it.



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